Saturday, March 28, 2009

Grrrillled Cheeeeese! and I'd Freakin' Hit That

Grrrillled Cheeeeese!

Vonfirmath and Java Jan's house is available for download as No. 4 Robbins Street.

Lot: Capehart.4 - Vonfirmath, Java Jan, Java Joe and Mocha

Last Visit: Meaness - This entry was submitted by only child in the house, Java Joe. Who turned out to be very mean indeed with only one nice point or two. He commented on his parent's affinity to changing jobs quite often, and how they tended to work on their hobbies when not at work. He himself enjoyed knocking over snowmen and hitting playmates in the head with a football. Let's see what went on in the house this week.

Java Jan's family tree

Vonfirmath's family tree

Hey. Joe here.
Stop with that "Java Joe" crap, will ya? Thanks. I have been whooshed off to college by mom and dad. Yeah. Here I mmmmmm! Boy I would like to eat a grilled chees sandwich right about now. Ehhhh? Ya mean no lunch until I do this??? Oh all right. Pfft. Here is the next grand installament of Life With The Capeharts.

This is me right before my birthday playin' with one of dad's toy robots he built. It looks like I am havin' fun with it but really I am figuring out how I can make it sneak over and pinch mom's butt. Never did figure that out.

The babysitter liked playing with it. Now that was just too weird! Bein' that mom and dad never bought a TV set, and I was always on the computer when the babysitter was around, I guess there was nothin' else for her to do than to play with my toys. But I got to where I didn't wanna play with toys anymore anyhow.

Aspiration: Romance

Editor: Game glitch. I think I will keep it. I did give Java Joe Grilled Cheese as a second aspiration.

Man oh man do I love grilled cheese sandwiches! *mouth waters* Oh all right, back to it. Well, it was right after my birthday that we all found out that dad had knocked mom up again.

I am like, MOM, what can you expect with you paradin' around all the time in that outfit? Don't you think Dad will notice somethin'? She just gave me a "Don't Talk To Me Like That Young Man" look when I said that. Well bein' pregnant kinda put a damper on mom gettin' her fitness plaque anytime soon.

Heat stroke

In fact she had ZERO tolerance for jogging. That is somethin' she liked to do every evening. She had to quit while she was preganant with Mocha. Can you believe it, mom named the kid after coffee, like she did me. *rolls eyes*

Tandem noses

Since mom spent lots of time feelin' sick because of Mocha, I had to make nicey nicey with the headmaster when he came over to check out our diggs. Both mom and dad had this idea that things would be easier on me in college if I attended the Timo Robbins Private School. I must have done pretty well.... *buffs nails on shirt* because I got in with no problem. Boy I sure pulled the wool over that guy's eyes!

I kinda had to go to the Timo Robbins Private School and not the Prosperity Falls Private School 'cuz it is named after my great-grandpa. The Robbins family push alot of money into that school, I guess.

Here is mom and Mocha. Mom said that both me and Mocha take after the Robbins side as far as our coloring goes.

Dad kept up with tinkering on his workbench. He kept trying to get me to come out so he could show me a few things, but I always had somethin' else to do. *mmMM! Grrrillled Cheeeeese!*

Mocha had a birthday, and right after that I decided I would leave for college. I really didn't wanna be around a toddler that much. But I did show him the robot before I left.

He thought that was the best thing ever. Maybe he can figure out how to make it pinch mom's butt.

Mom and dad said goodbye to me when the taxi came to take me to school. Like I don't know why neither one of them wanted to drive me. But they didn't seem unhappy waving goodbye. Maybe they were glad to see me go. *shrug*

Anyway that is it. Now I'm gonna go eat me a grilled cheese sandwich. Where is that lunch lady??


Mocha is born without brain, just like Java Joe was. The game keeps trying to pick up some mesh I obviously don't have for the kids in this house.

Java Jan reaches the top of another career

Vonfirmath gets his hobby plaque

Java Jan manages hers

Accomplishments this round: One new sim - Mocha. Hobby plaques for Java Jan and Vonfirmath, and TOC for Java Jan.


LOT: Strickland.5 - Family name Jeffress - Carla, Tyler, Kyle, Dorali, Fallen and Elexa plus dogs Zeus and Melissa

Last Visit: - Ham and Cheese - Carla and Tyler allowed ASimWen into their house for a visit. Carla was concerned at first thinking ASimWen was a little crazy, but Tyler allowed her in anyway thinking it might be fun. They showed ASim their dogs and talked about their children Kyle and Dorali. Carla reminded ASim that she wants to graduate three kids from college, and Tyler interjected that he wanted to be Chief of Staff.

Carla and Tyler's family tree. Carla was adopted by Chevy and Kirstee Strickland, and Tyler is a YA. Last round Tyler wanted to be Chief of Staff. This round his LTW changed to Media Magnate. *sigh* Strange things are happening with the LTW's in my game. Carla still wants to graduate 3 kids from college.

ASimWen: Hiya Carla. How's the group?

Carla: We are great, ASimWen. You remember, I want to graduate three kids from college, it is my dream! We finally have enough children to realize my life time want. I had bad morning sickness though.

ASimWen: Yes, Carla, I remember. You were able to add a second story to your house last time I talked to you. So you have plenty of bedroom space for the little ones now.

Carla: Yep. And our dogs Melissa and Zeus had another litter of puppies.

Carla: Melissa had two pups...we named them Spic-'n-Span.

ASimWen: Spic-'n-Span? Sounds like a cleaning duo!

Carla: Well, we are in the middle of spring cleaning. It was the only thing I could think of.

ASimWen: Errr...didn't Tyler name the last batch of pups Ham-'n-Cheese because he was eating a sandwich at the time?

Carla: eh, yeah.

Carla: And just like last time, Tyler called the Animal Control people to come get them right away and take them to the animal shelter. *sigh* We can't keep puppies.

ASimWen: Perhaps you should consider getting your pets 'fixed.'

Carla: We don't have to worry about that SimWen.

Zeus ran away, Melissa kept picking fights with him. So far he hasn't come home.

Carla: Plus, Melissa seemed to get more attention than he did. She was constantly under foot trying to get us to pet her, and she was always on our beds sleeping. She is a trouble maker!

Dorali has a birthday

Dorali: But Mom, Melissa is so cute..! I just wuv her rolly polly widdle tummy!

Carla: Yes, well, let us hope Zeus comes home soon. Mr. Strickland gave Zeus to us and I don't want Mr. Strickland (Bubbs - AKA Mr. Knowledge) thinking we haven't taken good care of him.

Anyway, enough about dogs, ASimWen. It was just a little while after Zeus left that I had the twins.

More girls.... *sigh*

Yes, *enthusiastically* Tyler and I had twin girls! We named them Elexa and Fallen. Their brithdate is really close to Kyle's.....

This LTW makes sense!
Aspiration: Pleasure
LTW: To Become a Celebrity Chef

ASimWen: So you and Tyler have four children now.

Carla: Yes, I am so happy. I hope we have more!

ASimWen: Err...are you pregnant now? Are you expecting?

Carla: No, sadly I am not.

*muttering* Tyler: Thank God.

ASimWen: The girls are really beautiful, Carla.

Carla: Thank you, ASim. It is time for the girls to go down for a nap. I will see you next time.

ASimWen: See you next week, Carla.


This is how Carla and Tyler's garden looked when I opened the lot. When I left it last time, the plants were full grown. After one sim day, they reappeared, and started the growing process over again.

Dorali gayly waves to Kyle as he leaves for Uni. Yes, Carla is on her way to meeting her LTW. HAHA!

Dorali discovers her hobby whilst Melissa howls along with the music.

Fallen discovers hers as well.

Accomplishments this round: Two new Sims: Elexa and Fallen

Friday, March 20, 2009

Let's Talk About It Over Tea


Lot: Strickland.4 - Jeannie, Remington, Felecia, Benjamin, Tony, Tonya, Kari, Demeter and Dameon

Last Visit: The Failure - Felecia Strickland graduated from University and moved in with her sister and husband, Jeannie and Remington Toyonaga. Felecia did not have a fiancee, so she spent her time helping Jeannie and Remington with training the dog Demeter for it's job, and helping out with baby Tony. She couldn't find a job in her chosen field of medical, so she went into science with Jeannie. (Gah! Knowledge Sims!) Eventually she met the man of her dreams, Benjamin Long, fellow Knowledge Sim. Alien X made sure that everyone knew the cheesecake was no longer working in Prosperity Falls.

Jeannie's family tree

Remington's family tree

Felecia's family tree

ASimWen: Hiya Felecia! Errr....should I come back later???

Felecia: No, ASimWen, I will be ok in a few seconds. I think I am pregnant. GAWD. What is dad going to say? (Bulldog Strickland)

ASimWen: I am sure he will be happy about getting another grandchild. Um, the question is, how is the baby daddy gonna take the news?

Felecia: Ah. I am going to break it to him gently. I think I will take him on vacation and tell him there. I also have a reason to celebrate. I finally got my dream job!

ASimWen: Woah! Congratulations, Ms. Chief of Staff! So where are you going to go on vacation with your dream man?

Felecia: I think we are going to go to the Orient. I have never been there.

ASimWen: Well good luck Felecia!~ See you when you return.

Later on vacation.......

Felecia: Hiya Bennie....thanks for joining me on vacation. We are going to have so much fun..

Ben: Well it's my pleasure, Felecia. Hey, what you say we start off things with a nice relaxing massage?

Felecia: Oh that sounds great. My back is a little stiff.

Felecia: Mmmmm oh my goodness...this feels so good...... *snore*

Ben: This ramen is great.... *slurp smack*

Felecia: Oh yummy...this warms me up from the inside out!

Felecia and Ben play mahjong with some questionable company

Felecia throws a coin in the Spiritual Shrine of Odd Blessings in hopes it will bring her good fortune in breaking the news to Benjamin about the baby.

After a full day of sightseeing Felecia takes the evening meal in the hotel room whilst Ben showers. Then it hits her.

I know for sure I am pregnant! thought Felecia. Oh Ben! You are my baby's father, please do not disregard us. I am carrying your little one.....

The next day Felecia spent most of her time in the hotel room fighting the morning sickness. Ben took her tired state as jet lag and spent the day swimming in the hotel pool and using the sauna facilities. That evening, Felecia felt much better and suggested they leave the hotel and go take tea. Since she had spent so much time alone that day thinking everything over, she felt she knew exactly what to say to Ben.

When Felecia and Ben reached the Immortal Zen Garden to take tea Ben decided to have a little fun with the fountain whilst Felecia set up the tea table. Felecia observed the bubbles flowing over the rim of the fountain and knew that Ben would be a fun father to his child.

Felecia decided to cut to the chase, not to put it off any longer. She explained to Ben why she had been so tired on the vacation. She told him that she was going to have a baby.

Ben was surprised when he was hit with the news. His first immediate thought was the child Zakel he had with Felecia's Aunt Diane. Diane had not demanded anything from him, but he had been thoughtful in sending money her way every week in support of his daughter. And this was something he intended to keep doing. What would Felecia want?

Felecia assured him there was no one else....he had been her only love. Right then Ben knew he as in it deeper with Felecia than he had been with Diane. Diane had many lovers (romance sim) and was content to move on to the next man. Felecia was a different kind of woman.

Ben acknowledged to himself that Felecia was probably telling him the truth, and that he was the father of her child. At that moment he found her to be beautiful as her face flushed in a slight embarrassment. He assured her that their child would have everything all parents want for their children. He or she would want for nothing. He then suggested they go back to the hotel and dress for dinner . He was going to take her out to a fine meal, as the vacation was going to end the next day.

The meal was going along smoothly. They dined at the Flaming Dragon Hotel, the atmosphere was quiet and relaxed. The perfect setting for......

Felecia's heart pounded, as she knew it was now or never. Ben had seemed to take the news of the baby well; and had reassured her that he would take care of everything. She decided to press her luck and ask him to marry her. Well, she knew that was a little backward, wasn't the man supposed to ask the woman? However she came on this vacation prepared with a little bit of bling.

Ben seemed surprised at her proposal and smiled a silly school boy grin.

Much to Felecia's relief, Ben's eyes sparkled as the slipped the ring on his finger. And he agreed he would marry her and be a proper father to their child. He mentioned at the moment he didn't have a large cash flow as he was at the low end of his job, and he did send money to Diane every week for Zakel. Felecia smiled sweetly and said, "Welcome to my home, Ben. I too do not have much money. I share a house with my sister and her husband."

Felecia knew her sister Jeannie would welcome Ben as a member of the family. Her husband Remington, Felecia was not so sure of. But it was too late. Ben was on his way.

And so it was settled. The evening ended with a toast to the future. A bright future for everyone.

The airport shuttle arrived the next day to transport Ben and Felecia to the airport to catch their flight back to Prosperity Falls. Ben knew he had made the right decision the evening before when he agreed to marry Felecia. He was light on his feet as they exited the hotel.

Back home.....

ASimWen: Yes Felecia, your baby with Ben is making itself known.

Felecia: Yeah, she sure is.

ASimWen: You said 'she'. How do you know it is a girl?

Felecia: Why wouldn't it be? Of course it is a girl. Women's intuition. (And the fact that my game loves to spit out girls like there is no tomorrow).

ASimWen: So how are things going with Ben?

Felecia: Great. He moved in yesterday. He is fitting right in.

Jeannie: Ben has been a great help in training Dameon. That mutt has got to earn his keep. He and Demeter do not get along, no puppies. Anybody who lives here has to work, even the dogs.

ASimWen: So Jeannie, we haven't talked in a while. How's things with you?

Jeannie: Great. A birthday party is starting in a few minutes. Mom and dad are coming. It is a double birthday party for Tony and Tonya. Ah. I hear the doorbell.

Madalyn: Daddy, be nice now.

Bulldog: I can't help it Mommie. I thought we raised alla our younguns to respect the institution of marriage and family, in that order. Neither one of these two respected that. It pains my heart when I think of it.

Madalyn: But think of this. Both of our girls have men that are living up to the responsibility of their children and supporting them. At least they aren't being left high and dry. *Thinking of Diane Strickland...what a layabout with so many men, and popping babies out like there is no tomorrow*

I suppose Mommie. Okay, I will try to keep my trap shut.

Jeannie: Hi dad, hi mom.

Bulldog: Jeannie are things? That man of yours takin' care of bizness?

Madalyn: Shhht! Daddy!

Bulldog: *Ahem* I mean, you and the kids look great, Jeannie. House looks good too.

Tony: Mom! Dad! It is time to blow out the candles~!!!!

Everyone sings Happy Birthday to the kids

Aspiration: Family
LTW: To Raise 20 puppies or kittens

Tonya Toyonaga, green girl in green pj's

The evening proceeded with lots of partying and merrymaking, and Bulldog managed to keep his disappointment to himself regarding the marital status of Felecia, and the fact that both of the daughters in this house were pregnant before marriage.

A few days later.............

BEN LONG....... Gah! Why did I ever do it???????

Ben: Errr..... because you and I were hawt for each other????


Ben: Felecia. We have been engaged for a long time now What you say we have a wedding here at the house? Make us both honest parents to Kari?

Felecia: I thought you would never suggest it Ben!

Soon after the birth of Kari, the wedding commenced........


Madalyn (Capehart) Strickland, Mother to the Bride

Bulldog Strickland, Father to the Bride
Elijah Strickland, brother to the Bride

Randy Strickland - Brother To The Bride

Royce Strickland, Brother To The Bride

Brother Randy again, and Tony Toyonaga, Brother in law To The Bride

Lia (Strickland) Bostic and Rebecca Strickland, Sisters To The Bride

Rachel Strickland, Sister To The Bride and Tony Toyonaga, Nephew to the Bride

Melissa (Strickland) Wheeler, Sister To The Bride

Erin Strickland, Sister to the Bride and Felecia (Strickland) Toyonaga, Sister to the Bride. Felecia is in the back, to the left. I didn't get a good picture of her.

Tonya Toyonaga: Green girl in a green dress, Step-Niece to the Bride

Mmmm the cake is good! Tonya patiently waits to get a peice.

Two Strickland brothers Randy and Elijah, share an inside joke about someone.

Melissa rubs her revealed in the last update from her house, she has a second bun in the oven.

Felecia not only learns the chest pound greeting from her mother during this party, but also perfects the bow greeting she was exposed to in the Orient. She gained two memories of learning greetings.

Several of the Stricklands sat down to watch TV. Yes, it is a harmless hack.

The fish tank is a big point of interest during this wedding party

Bulldog: So Tony, what are you going to do with your life?

Tony: Well Gramps, I think I want to be a veterinarian. I want to raise and take care of animals.

Bulldog: Uh-huh. Make sure you marry your fiancee first before you have sex.

Tony turns ten shades of red. Gramps I don't even have a girlfriend yet. I am only sixteen!

Bulldog: Just givin' you a peice of advice boy. Good things come to people who are patient.

And so the wedding party ended, a roof raiser.

ASimWen: Well Felecia, it looks like things are rolling right along for you and Ben. Errr...Kari is playing in the dog food.

Felecia: Yes indeed. See you next week ASim.


The first promotion Felecia gets under the medical career field was a String Me promotion....errr...when was the last time she ever SAW Tanu????? This shows me that a Sim can get a String Me promotion off someone that is already their good friend, and haven't seen them in a long time.

Jeannie reaches TOC

Demeter reaches TOC

Hobby plaque for Felecia

Accomplishments this round: Two new Sims - Ben and Kari. TOC for Felecia, Medical. TOC for Jeannie, Science. Hobby plaque for Felecia.