Sunday, December 06, 2009

The Very Last Two

Ok.  I admit it.  It is the end of round 17, and I just kinda breezed through these two lots.  Thus, the title of this entry, The Very Last Two.  Enjoy the end of round will never see it again.

New Lot:  Sammy McClelland and Malvina Robbins - living in an apartment.

Last Seen:  Graduating from University.

Malvina is available for download as a toddler.

Malvina's family tree.  As you can see, she and Sammy are only engaged.  Yup, I played this lot so fast I didn't bother marrying them. Haha.....Malvina has Capehart and Robbins genes.  Anyway, her LTW was to become a Space Pirate.  Accomplished.  Then to become a Game Designer.  Accomplished.  Now she wants to become a Mad Scientist.  The only thing about Apartments is that unless you get an apartment on the top floor that has access to a roof patio, you have no place to keep the larger career rewards.  

Sammy's famly tree.  Sammy's LTW was to become The Law.  Accomplished.  Then he wanted to be a Media Magnate.  Accomplished.  Now he wants to become Mayor.  

Let us proceed with the short story of Sammy and Malvina.  :)  The King and Queen are even silent on this one as it is a real yawner.

Sammy and Malvina show up at the apartment building to rent their home.  Eh, Malvina has no fashion sense at all.  Before they even had a chance to inspect their new diggs, I sent them right downtown to buy some clothes.  Eh, yeah..Sammy has no clue.....birdwatching....

Down at Four Winds Shopping, Malvina finds a suitable outfit, looks good on her, and she also got her hair done.  Time to get rid of the brown knit cap she had worn all of her teen and young adult life.  She actually looks pretty nice for the daughter of an alien. 

The time here was filled in by working Sammy and Malvina up in their jobs, and working on hobby plaques.  Sammy managed ...


to get his hobby plaques in Nature and Gaming.

Tandem bug hunting.....working on the Nature hobby plaque.  Malvina didn't manage any hobby plaques.  She spent time on the phone making friends.

Malvina managed Education first, despite it not being her LTW.  It came up on the computer first.  So they have that nice bookcase.

There you go.  She is now perm plat.

Sammy is The Law...... Don't have the pic of his promotion to Media Magnate.

And now Malvina is top Game Designer....!  Very good!  I played this lot in about RL 3 hours.  T'was fun....just breezing thru.  Buy this time I have my eye on the prize...the end of round 17.  I reached Saturday and realized I hadn't married Sammy and Malvina off because I was concentrating on their careers and hobby plaques.  I decided to do it next time I play them.  OR maybe I will just let them live in sin. HAHAHA!~  They were not even allowed to woohoo for the baby risk.

On to the next lot.....

Lot:  Michael-Douglas Strickland and Sandy McClelland, apartments.

Last Seen - Graduating from University.

Sandy's family tree.  She is a fortune Sim and her LTW was to become The Law, accomplished.  Next, she wanted to  become a Business Tycoon, accomplished.  Now she wants to become City Planner and is currently working as a Master Architect.  Her family tree is the same as Sammy's, (first entry).  They are twins.

Michael-Douglas is a Romance Sim  with an LTW to become a Rock God.  Accomplished, and currently working as the same.  His new LTW is Woo-Hoo 20 different Sims.  I don't think so.  I draw the line there....

I played this the same way I did Sammy and Malvina.  Just sort of breezed through.  But one thing I want to point out.  On their last day at University, Michael-Douglas was kissed by the Cow which enraged his fiancee, Sandy.  So they graduated with Sandy being mad and upset, and now here they are back in the Falls.  The Cow now seems to be really angry with Sandy, as she continually stole their paper.

Did you ever notice that when the newspaper is picked up to be stolen it disappears???

I sent Sandy and Michael-Douglas down town to Four Winds Shopping to get some new clothes.  While there, Sandy rolled the want to do the Secret Handshake with Markey Capehart.   Hey, what ever it takes to get you in a good mood again!

Back home, the lost Best Friend status while enjoying chili.  This was rough, Sandy was really MAD.  I don't  think I blame her...look at the picutres on the wall right past her....oh wait.  Let's get a closer look.

*Ahem*.  Yeah.  Michael hung up photo booth pics of not only him and her, but also of himself with Veronica Capehart.

In fact, she is so mad she won't sleep with him.  She sleeps in the guest room.  In the mean time....

She promotes to The Law, and goes perm plat.

Ummm,....should we say.... STALKER.... much???

'Round about Thursday, they started looking each other again.   Although I was rather enjoying the Stalking Cow.

In fact things are going so well, Sandy helps Michael-Douglas skill.  And it pays off.

Yay for Michael-Douglas!

And round 17 is finished~! These two couples will now and forever more be boring to play~