Sunday, November 29, 2009

It Seems Natural


Lot:  Robbins - Xenio, Lori and Tiki  (apartment)

Last Visit - New lot.  Xenio and Lori were last seen graduating from University, back in May of this year.  Wow that isn't as bad as Nacarlius and Nacarlos....not writing their first neighborhood entry for a year..haha.... Xenio and Lori have zero bolts.  But that doesn't stop them from procreating. Heh.  Gosh it must be late...I am writing silly things here. we go.

 Lori's family tree.  Wow, looks a little scrunched.  Xenio's tree (below) turned out a lot better.  Anyway, this is one of those family trees that make you scratch your head and say... "Wait a minute...."  Lori's parents share the same guy as grandfather.  Giovanni Capehart is Karin Capehart's grandfather, and he is Justice Strickland's Great Grandfather.   See, Trevaus and Tomas Capehart are brothers.  Trevaus died young in an electrifying accident in the Robbins Homestead.    Lori is a Pleasure Sim with an LTW to become a Celebrity Chef, accomplished.  Now she wants to become a Game Designer.

I learned how to make a family tree, finally. You can clearly see each family branch here.  Xenio has genes from all four of the starting families in Prosperity Falls.  His great grandfather is also Giovanni Capehart.  Eh, Tomas is incorretly labeled here, that should say TRYCE.  Tryce is brothers with Tomas and Trevaus .  That is how Xenio has the same grandpa as Lori.   Anyway.  His dad is Xuan Robbins.  Looking at all Xuan's kids here....the ones he actually fathered have names that start with "X".  The only two not pictured here are the ones he had with Alien X.  No room.  They are after Xandi and Xiola.    Xenio is a Fortune Sim with an LTW to earn $100,000.  Hasn't met that yet.

King:  Alright.  Let's see how Xuan's offspring fares....

Queen:  What you really want to know is if he has any gifts.

King.  That is so.

 Xenio:  Hiya Infinity.  Downtown?  Sure....I can be there in about an hour.  Hey I have some big news....yeah...I am gonna get married!  Yeah!  I will tell ya more about it when I see you.

Fini:  You hear that Ruby...I am meeting up with Xenio.

Ruby:  Xenio?  Is Xuan gonna be there too?  

Fini:  Yes.  I wanted to put together an excuse to see Xuan, after what happened at the dorm a few days ago....yanno, just wanted to touch base with him to make sure ....

King:  No need to do that Infinity.  The mission is over.

Ruby and Infinity *in unison* - What????

King:  As far as Anatoth is concerned, you are earth can marry whomever you like.

Ruby:  You mean we don't have to be Xuan's baby factory?

King;  That is right.   Look.  It is out of my benevolence that I speak with you at all.  It is just unfortunate that you two can still pick up my thought patterns on earth.  Wilbur!  What will become of that?

Queen:  Well, since Ruby and Infinity were born on Anatoth, I can't erase their Anotothian abilities unless they are on the home planet...and well...we know that is impossible now.  The flux capacitor cannot transport them back....

*Ruby and Infinity mentally look at each other; this opens up all kinds of possibilities....*

King:  Now don't go thinking....

Ruby:  Who us???  Thinking?  *snicker*

King:  *Ahem*  Let's get on with it.  What is going on? Now don't you get out of control, Infinity!  I warn you...

Infinity:  I am and earthling now.  What can you do??? Hahahah!  *Ruby doubles over in laughter*

King:  Put nothing past me....I warn you....

Infinity:  Ruby!  Xenio doesn't even notice me!  

Ruby:  He isn't the one we are interested in anyway!  Is HE there????  OH yes!!  Yes!  He is right there behind, you, Fini! 

Xuan:  Hey Xenio...nice to see you my boy......

Xenio: Hiya dad.  Long time no see!  Man, it has been too long, I am sure glad to be home.  And with Lori.

Xuan:  You have a good woman in Lori.  I am glad to see you two together....

Jati:  It was planned.....

Xuan:  Huh?

King:  What has gone awry, Wilbur???  They are using telephathy!

Queen:  They don't realize it, my liege.  They think they are having daydreams...the capacitor doesn't show they are really connecting on a conscious level...and they cannot hear us.

King: None the less...

Queen:  Residual only..I assure you.

Xenio:  Dad, Lori and I are getting married at the apartment.  Please come.

Xuan:  I wouldn't miss it son.  Mom will be thrilled, her first one marrying off.

Xenio:  Ok.  See you then.  Gee it is getting to get home and get ready for the wedding.

Ruby:  Is that it?

Infinity:  Yes, I guess so.  I didn't get a chance to talk to either one of them....  *sigh*

King:  *Smirk*

Ruby and Infinity shoot a mental glance at the King.  

King:  I told you...HA!


Raya Robbins - Half Sister to the Groom, Clara Barton  Strickland -  Half Sister to the Bride, and Malvina Robbins, Half Sister to the Groom

Xen Robbins, brother to the Groom

Karin Strickland - Mother to the Bride

Xuan Robbins - Father to the Groom

Joy Robbins - Mother to the Groom, Xiola - Half Sister to the Groom

Xandi - Half Sister to the Groom

Quartell - Half Brother to the Groom

Lincoln Strickland - Half Brother to the Bride

Justice Strickland - Step Father to the Bride (pictured with his wife Karin, and son Lincoln).

Mail Carrier Dagmar Bertino - Party Crasher (yes, she ran up two flights of stairs in the apartment building after delivering the mail to come to this party)

Nolan Zarubin (from Uni)- Party Crasher. Pictured with Xandi and Raya Robbins. I checked out who knew him, and apparently he was one of Lori's lovers from Uni. I remember now he was in the same dorm with Xenio and Lori

Xuan: Ah, Joy beepble nurice squat! ??? Whazzat???

King: It seems Xuan just spoke Anatothian....

Queen: Quite.

Another wedding particpant, Betsy Ross Strickland, half sister to the Bride is sitting at the computer.

King: Ah hah! Look at that! The Mrs. is showing us she has a fetus!

Queen: *giggle* And right in the middle of her wedding party...So what do you think? Does Xenio have any gifts?

King: He hasn't exhibited any yet.

Xen: To heck with the party. This is where it's at........

King: *sigh* There is Xen.....

Queen: Apparently. Well, that was a nice party.

King: Looks like Xen has some telepathy....mebee not really strong...

Queen: It seems it may be a strong as Xuan's. I will keep an eye out.

King: Xenio is drinking eggplant juice. Hmmm...

Queen: They both did. They were not skilled enough to reach their lofty goals in life.

Queen: It is a daughter, Tiki. She has the outward DNA of the Capehart clan.

King: Hrumph!

Queen: Another birthday down....

Jati: So Cousin Xenio. How is married life treating you?

Xenio: Real good Jati, real good. Me and Lori are expecting again.

Jati: Congratulations, buddy. There is nothing like a big family.

Xenio: It seems natural, Jati.


Lori reaches her LTW while pregnant with number two.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: One new sim, TIKI, and LTW TOC Celebrity Chef for Lori, perm plat.


Robert said...

Great round, Wen. I love gate crashers at Weddings. It is always interesting to see who shows up for weddings.

ruby said...

*swoons at Xuan*
its just natural *giggles* Yes, yes it is.. i'm curious to see what path Fini & Ruby choose now that the mission has stranded them and love how defiant they are towards the king but really, she need tread lightly, he's still king!

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Tread lightly? Where's the fun in that? Go Fini and Ruby, go! LOL Anyway, Of course it's natural. That Robbins drive for big families is hard-wired into your systems. It's cool that they still have fragments of their former gifts.

M.McMillan said...

You make the greatest parties

Kerry said...

Quartell! I never see him without remembering that awesome photo of him peeking out of the trash can!

ciyrose said...

It's so awesome to see the snow leopard skin making it in. I love the genetics!!! So cute, and I LOVE the Robbins!

Rachel said...

Tiki is cute. I can hardly wait to see her grow.