Sunday, November 29, 2009

It Seems Natural


Lot:  Robbins - Xenio, Lori and Tiki  (apartment)

Last Visit - New lot.  Xenio and Lori were last seen graduating from University, back in May of this year.  Wow that isn't as bad as Nacarlius and Nacarlos....not writing their first neighborhood entry for a year..haha.... Xenio and Lori have zero bolts.  But that doesn't stop them from procreating. Heh.  Gosh it must be late...I am writing silly things here. we go.

 Lori's family tree.  Wow, looks a little scrunched.  Xenio's tree (below) turned out a lot better.  Anyway, this is one of those family trees that make you scratch your head and say... "Wait a minute...."  Lori's parents share the same guy as grandfather.  Giovanni Capehart is Karin Capehart's grandfather, and he is Justice Strickland's Great Grandfather.   See, Trevaus and Tomas Capehart are brothers.  Trevaus died young in an electrifying accident in the Robbins Homestead.    Lori is a Pleasure Sim with an LTW to become a Celebrity Chef, accomplished.  Now she wants to become a Game Designer.

I learned how to make a family tree, finally. You can clearly see each family branch here.  Xenio has genes from all four of the starting families in Prosperity Falls.  His great grandfather is also Giovanni Capehart.  Eh, Tomas is incorretly labeled here, that should say TRYCE.  Tryce is brothers with Tomas and Trevaus .  That is how Xenio has the same grandpa as Lori.   Anyway.  His dad is Xuan Robbins.  Looking at all Xuan's kids here....the ones he actually fathered have names that start with "X".  The only two not pictured here are the ones he had with Alien X.  No room.  They are after Xandi and Xiola.    Xenio is a Fortune Sim with an LTW to earn $100,000.  Hasn't met that yet.

King:  Alright.  Let's see how Xuan's offspring fares....

Queen:  What you really want to know is if he has any gifts.

King.  That is so.

 Xenio:  Hiya Infinity.  Downtown?  Sure....I can be there in about an hour.  Hey I have some big news....yeah...I am gonna get married!  Yeah!  I will tell ya more about it when I see you.

Fini:  You hear that Ruby...I am meeting up with Xenio.

Ruby:  Xenio?  Is Xuan gonna be there too?  

Fini:  Yes.  I wanted to put together an excuse to see Xuan, after what happened at the dorm a few days ago....yanno, just wanted to touch base with him to make sure ....

King:  No need to do that Infinity.  The mission is over.

Ruby and Infinity *in unison* - What????

King:  As far as Anatoth is concerned, you are earth can marry whomever you like.

Ruby:  You mean we don't have to be Xuan's baby factory?

King;  That is right.   Look.  It is out of my benevolence that I speak with you at all.  It is just unfortunate that you two can still pick up my thought patterns on earth.  Wilbur!  What will become of that?

Queen:  Well, since Ruby and Infinity were born on Anatoth, I can't erase their Anotothian abilities unless they are on the home planet...and well...we know that is impossible now.  The flux capacitor cannot transport them back....

*Ruby and Infinity mentally look at each other; this opens up all kinds of possibilities....*

King:  Now don't go thinking....

Ruby:  Who us???  Thinking?  *snicker*

King:  *Ahem*  Let's get on with it.  What is going on? Now don't you get out of control, Infinity!  I warn you...

Infinity:  I am and earthling now.  What can you do??? Hahahah!  *Ruby doubles over in laughter*

King:  Put nothing past me....I warn you....

Infinity:  Ruby!  Xenio doesn't even notice me!  

Ruby:  He isn't the one we are interested in anyway!  Is HE there????  OH yes!!  Yes!  He is right there behind, you, Fini! 

Xuan:  Hey Xenio...nice to see you my boy......

Xenio: Hiya dad.  Long time no see!  Man, it has been too long, I am sure glad to be home.  And with Lori.

Xuan:  You have a good woman in Lori.  I am glad to see you two together....

Jati:  It was planned.....

Xuan:  Huh?

King:  What has gone awry, Wilbur???  They are using telephathy!

Queen:  They don't realize it, my liege.  They think they are having daydreams...the capacitor doesn't show they are really connecting on a conscious level...and they cannot hear us.

King: None the less...

Queen:  Residual only..I assure you.

Xenio:  Dad, Lori and I are getting married at the apartment.  Please come.

Xuan:  I wouldn't miss it son.  Mom will be thrilled, her first one marrying off.

Xenio:  Ok.  See you then.  Gee it is getting to get home and get ready for the wedding.

Ruby:  Is that it?

Infinity:  Yes, I guess so.  I didn't get a chance to talk to either one of them....  *sigh*

King:  *Smirk*

Ruby and Infinity shoot a mental glance at the King.  

King:  I told you...HA!


Raya Robbins - Half Sister to the Groom, Clara Barton  Strickland -  Half Sister to the Bride, and Malvina Robbins, Half Sister to the Groom

Xen Robbins, brother to the Groom

Karin Strickland - Mother to the Bride

Xuan Robbins - Father to the Groom

Joy Robbins - Mother to the Groom, Xiola - Half Sister to the Groom

Xandi - Half Sister to the Groom

Quartell - Half Brother to the Groom

Lincoln Strickland - Half Brother to the Bride

Justice Strickland - Step Father to the Bride (pictured with his wife Karin, and son Lincoln).

Mail Carrier Dagmar Bertino - Party Crasher (yes, she ran up two flights of stairs in the apartment building after delivering the mail to come to this party)

Nolan Zarubin (from Uni)- Party Crasher. Pictured with Xandi and Raya Robbins. I checked out who knew him, and apparently he was one of Lori's lovers from Uni. I remember now he was in the same dorm with Xenio and Lori

Xuan: Ah, Joy beepble nurice squat! ??? Whazzat???

King: It seems Xuan just spoke Anatothian....

Queen: Quite.

Another wedding particpant, Betsy Ross Strickland, half sister to the Bride is sitting at the computer.

King: Ah hah! Look at that! The Mrs. is showing us she has a fetus!

Queen: *giggle* And right in the middle of her wedding party...So what do you think? Does Xenio have any gifts?

King: He hasn't exhibited any yet.

Xen: To heck with the party. This is where it's at........

King: *sigh* There is Xen.....

Queen: Apparently. Well, that was a nice party.

King: Looks like Xen has some telepathy....mebee not really strong...

Queen: It seems it may be a strong as Xuan's. I will keep an eye out.

King: Xenio is drinking eggplant juice. Hmmm...

Queen: They both did. They were not skilled enough to reach their lofty goals in life.

Queen: It is a daughter, Tiki. She has the outward DNA of the Capehart clan.

King: Hrumph!

Queen: Another birthday down....

Jati: So Cousin Xenio. How is married life treating you?

Xenio: Real good Jati, real good. Me and Lori are expecting again.

Jati: Congratulations, buddy. There is nothing like a big family.

Xenio: It seems natural, Jati.


Lori reaches her LTW while pregnant with number two.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: One new sim, TIKI, and LTW TOC Celebrity Chef for Lori, perm plat.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Moon Flower

New Lot: Capehart - Lillith, Cole, Adam, Bree and Chance

Lillith, Cole, and Adam last seen: Such A Free Spirit. Lillith was living with her daughter Valentine and son in law Tanu Capehart. Her husband Manuel had passed away, and needing something to keep herself busy.  She decided to leave a vamperic legacy,  to create an entire army of vampires of her own blood by mating with unsuspecting elder Downtownies. She planned to marry them, then inherit all they had to give up when they died.


I have only posted a clickable thumbnail of Lilith's family tree, as I decided to do something different this time. (And because I am on vacation this week, and I have the time to do it...haha...) This family tree picture depicts all of Lilith's sibs, as well as all her ancestors and everyone after her. Yes, everyone. That means you will see all the the original Strickland 10, as well as their adopted sibs.  It looks like the first born fifth generation, Violet, is only generation four.  But Valentine's father, Manuel Capehart, is not pictured. He was adopted in as the only child of Janelle and Marsha Capehart, which added a generation.  You can check this out on Valentine's family tree at the link above, Such A Free Spirit. At any rate, the original picture was too big to post here, thus, the clickable thumbnail.  It will take  you to the Photobucket server to see the large picture, if you are interested. can see that Chevy and Kirstee (my fav couple in this hood) are great-great grandparents.  :)

We pick up Lillith and Cole in their new home. And of course, the King and Queen are spying on them.

King:  Ah, here we are at the Vampire's house.  Ha!  This should be interesting.  Let's see how she conducts a DNA experment!

Cole:  Adam  *patiently*  the word is daddy. D-A-D-D-Y.

Adam:  Dada.

Cole:  *sigh*  Well I guess that is close enough.  Hm.  Mom is still sleeping.  Nightfall is almost here, I have something special for her.  Adam, time to put you to bed.

Cole:  Good evening my darling.  Here is my present to you, love.  Time for us to be honest parents to Adam.

Lillith:  Oh Cole, this is wonderful.  I agree, it is time.  *and not only honest parents to Adam, but to more vampires...errr...children to come!*

Cole: I am so fortunate to have a young beautiful wife like you. I am just an old man. The day you came into my life changed everything for me. I no longer feel like I am just counting down my days until the end. You give me all of life to look forward to.

Lilith: And I shall be young forever, Cole. Let us retire to the bedroom, mon amour. Je vous implore aime la lune implore la nuit!

Cole: Oh Tish, I love it when you speak French! *roar*

*Music rings out loudly, and Lillith plays the keyboard with passion. Her voice rings clear.*

Another child is on the way....the army continues to grow...

King: The woman is crazy.

Queen: She is a vampire, dear.

Cole: Your move, my moon flower.

Lillith: If I am a moon flower, then you are the dew that nourishes me....

King: GAG!

Queen: He nourishes her on more ways than one...hahaha!

King: He is certainly keeping her watered! *Both the King and Queen double over in hysterical laughter*

Lillith: Cole, our boy Adam is growing up!

Cole: A strapping young man he is Lillith. He gets his handsome looks from your side of the family.

Lillith: No Cole. He is as good looking as the Ying men.... *and will not have trouble attracting a nice daughter in law for me in order to carry on the legacy...*

Lillith: So there you see, young Adam, is how you play this game. It is all about strategic planning to outwit your opponent on the battlefield.

Adam: Yes mother. Check mate.

Lillith: Oh this is so rich! Yes, my boy! Yes! Check mate!

Lillith: Twins, Cole! Two of them. A boy and a girl. (Editor - Natural.) I shall name them Bree and Chance.

Cole: I am the most fortunate man alive, Lillith. In my later years I have fathered three beautiful and wonderful children.

Lillith: *When they reach teen-ager hood Cole, you will be dead. And then they will be vampires....*

Blogging: This is the story of my legacy. I am of the underworld...that of the living dead. My ambition is to born of my loins, an army of vampires to live in this town of Prosperity Falls, to give it a new face, so to speak. I am birthing 26 of them, each one named in succession of the alphabet. It will be up to each child to carry on my I plan not to live forever. When my time is done with the 26, then I shall buy the potion from the old matchmaker woman and finish my days as a human, doing what no one has ever done here before. I die with everlasting life.

Cole: Oh my darling wife, Je suis insatiable !

Lillith: Cole! You spoke French!

Cole: I have been taking lessons. For you.

King: *rolls eyes* How much worse can this get?

Queen: I agree. Let's move on.

King: Finally!


This is the craziest thing...check out the gawker as Adam gets off the schoolbus...

Are you coming in, or going out?

Chance has the skintone of the Stricklands...

Bree has the skintones of the Bostics. She shows a custom hair in her DNA profile, so that is why she has red eyebrows and black hair. I opted to leave her like that and see what hair she grows into.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: I started Lillith on her hobby of science, but did not finish that. Being an elder, there was no way Cole could reach his LTW of Become Chief of Staff. Being that I am no longer restricted by the Prosperity Rules,  the day medical came up on the computer, Cole was boolpropped into the medical field on the adult level. He is currently a general practitioner.  Two new Sims, Chance and Bree.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Marry off 6???

Alien Way.4 - Nacarlos and Jenny Robbins

New Lot: Nacarlos and Jenny were last seen graduating from University. OMG...a year ago! They graduated in real time November of 2008. GAWD. This hood is getting way to big. Or it could be that I took a few months off to go to school, then I have been playing TS3 some.

Nacarlos's LTW was to become Education Minister. LTW...

Crap! Family Sims.....

Jenny is a Fortune Sim with the want to own 5 top level businesses. that your hubby wants to marry off six, don't know when this is going to happen for you. But we will start it anyway.

I will say right now I had to replay the last thee lots blogged here, due to some careless deleting when I installed a new hard drive over the summer. Everything turned out basically the same...same kids born, same names, same pregnancies left in the loop. Except...ehhh...there was no big fire on the Woody and Diane Strickland lot, nope, couldn't kill all those people off again. No cheating Jessica Trimble against her husband Rocco. I think I don't like doing the disaster cards. So I will think of some other gimmick to play on these lots. So far the only thing I have come up with is using 'woo-hoo' instead of 'try for baby' twice a week, with the Risky mod. The only Sims that will be able to 'try for baby' are Family Sims who need it for their LTW. Big deal. I dunno, I am thinking of trying smaller less involved challenges on some of the lots...dunno..but then again, maybe I will pick up some storyline. :) Things have been coming to me. Keep your eyes and ears out!

Here we go! A new entry for Prosperity Falls in, well.....forever!

King: This one wants to be a business owner...bah.

Queen: You can't belittle them what they are doing now that the Mission has been scrapped.

King: At least Nacarlos seems to be carrying through multiplying....the visit went well.

Queen: Yes indeed. Let's look in.

Queen: Wait! What are you doing!

King: Looking in. Gonna play me some poker.

Queen: Be careful! You can't mess with the time continuum!

King: Continuum...simuum. Ok. I will become a fly on the wall. No poker for me.

King: Ahhh...look. Nacarlos is playing majhong with Landgrabb....and the Vampiress Lillith Strickland-Capehart.

Queen: There was a date with that woman...if I remember correctly.....

King: Oh please. If it wasn't for the loop hole in your equipment...

Queen: If it wasn't for me quickly pulling you back, your name might be Mr. Lillith Strickland Capehart right now. *snicker*

King: Pfft.

King: The werewolf Tanu Capehart is there. The Vampire used to live in the same house with him...he is her son in law.

Queen: I hear the Vampiress has an agenda.

King: Yes, along the same lines as the Mission. She wishes to spread her vampiric DNA throughout Prosperity Falls by having numerous children.

Queen: It will be interesting to see how it mixes with the Anotothian DNA.

Queen: SIR!~

King: No! It cannot be!

The Queen quickly checks the flux capacitor..all seems to be running efficently and smoothly....

King: Wilbur! Update!

Queen: All is well! It cannot be!

King: Alien X? Update?

Queen: X has been quiet. She is still incapacitated....surely it is not Robbins.

King: It would seem Zaed is back...somehow.....

Nacarlos: Hey Darren, come on in the house and meet the wife. I appreciate you stopping by to take a look at our operation.

Darren: No problem Nick. I am happy to lend my services to anyone in Prosperity Falls who is working to make it a prosperous town.

Nacarlos: Well, Jenny's dream is to own a profitable business. She is starting out at home with a good old fashioned poker parlor.

Darren: Smart woman. Low overhead.

Nacarlos: Yeah, but me, I want a family. Someday, I suppose. I can support my wife and any children we might have.

Darren: *thoughts* The Robbinses are getting along just fine....

King: It isn't Zaed Robbins. At least I don't think it is...

Queen: I have just completed a DNA scan. While there are isn't him......erm. He doesn't have the Anotothian eyes......

King: You don't sound sure of yourself.

Queen: His grave at Mission Control has a body in it.

King: And?? What else???

Queen: That is all! That is all I know at this point. *The Queen furiously makes notes*

King: Verrrrry intersting. Ah well. Let's move on. Take a note Wilbur. Let's keep an eye on this Darren character.

King: I see the field crew is working...

Queen: Yes, Nacarlos was on the list. He has been impregnated....he wants lots of children. At least six.

King: Keeping up with the Mission...I see.

Queen: I guess it is ingrained. They don't know to do anything else.

King: Jenny is giving Nacarlos comfort after his trip to Anatoth...

Queen: Yes, there is much human love there between those two.

Queen: Oh a wedding! It is about time Jenny make an honest man out of Nacarlos!

King: Looks like they invited half of Prosperity Falls!

Queen: They are related to half of Prosperity Falls.....

King: Aha! It looks like Jenny is carrying a fetus!

Queen: Yes indeed she is. Both she and Nacarlos are carrying little Anotothians....

King: We still multiply...incredible.

Queen: Once it is started....can't stop it. Reproducing is a natural function on Earth.

King: I will have an army! *puffs chest out with pride*

Queen: No dear. You are through on Earth....


(Some were invited, some were already there in the poker parlor, and joined the festivities.)

Daphne Strickland-Robbins - mother to the Groom, Elijah Strickland - Cousin to the Groom, and two party crashers.....Erin Strickland and Sarah Strickland-McClelland.

Nacarlius Robbins - Twin brother to the Groom, Kelly (Trimble) Robbins - twin sister to the Bride

Party crashers - Apple Baer and Jenn Robbins-McClelland

Jim-Bob Strickland, brother in law to the Bride

Zaine Robbins - brother to the Groom and his wife Florentilla

Rocco Trimble, brother to the Bride, and Jessica Robbins-Trimble, sister to the Groom

Sheri Trimble-Strickland, sister to the Bride (married to Jim-Bob)

KeyWon Strickland, brother in law to the Bride (married to Robin Trimble-Strickland, sister to the Bride) I don't think I got a picture of Robin, but she was at the wedding.

Party crasher Sam Strickland

Elijah might be a mean Sim, but he exhibits the "super neat" Strickland trait by cleaning up the wedding cake before the party is over...gotta get those dirty dishes into the dishwasher!

And so the party is over....another one done on Earth. Who is that?

*The Queen checks the "Whos Who on Earth" database in the flux capacitor.* That is Checo Remeriz. A nobody. Just coming to play poker.

King: He looks a tad burned.

King: Ah. Others have come to join him. Looks like Jim-Bob Strickland has come back to play some more cards...and look. There is Brax Robbins. He was at the last meeting....

Xuan: What meeting....huh?

Queen: Did you hear that....

King: I did indeed. His powers are strong....

*Ruby claps with glee* OH OH OH!!!!! I hear you Xuan!!!! I hear you!!!

King: Don't get excited Ruby...that was just...just....

Ruby: I don't care. I heard him.

Queen: And one's on the way..................


Nacarlos' abduction pic. You can't get great expressions like this in TS3! I love it!

TOC for Nacarlos - Education Minister. Top of hobby, Gaming, for Jenny. Yeah, all she did was play poker for seven days. haha