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Lot: Cozy Co-Op - Family Name Ternynck - Claire, Reed and dogs Cheese and Fah-Zaih

Last Visit: Minor Times Two - Claire moved into a small house all by herself as she had no plans to marry. Her life time want is to earn $100,000. She promptly adopted a female puppy named Cheese. She reached 'The Zone' in Music and Dance, and reached the top of her career in Entertainment and Education. At the end of the round, she adopted a playmate for Cheese, a dog named Marcus. The hope was to breed the two.

Claire is a Fortune Sim with a life time want to earn $100,000. (accomplished) I had thought to run her through a bunch of different jobs to do it..the long way I know...but what else was there for me to do with her? I didn't intend for her to get married. But you know how Sims are. *smile* Her new life time want is to become a Space Pirate. There is no family tree for Reed, Claire met him in Uni.

ASimWen draws the Disaster card for this lot: Number 250. Pass the Painting.

King: What are we doing in this house Wilbur?

Queen: Well, we are going to have the subject paint multiple pictures of herself, then trick others in Prosperity Falls to buy it and hang it in their homes.

King: And this will help us to learn what ..... about the earthlings???

Queen: Well, about how self centered they are. Yeah.

King: I see. I see she is painting. Very good.

Queen: Well the pictures are done. She has painted a total of 6 of them. Now she will buy a small business and keep selling items from the store until all of the paintings are sold. Aww! )(*(*%%&*!!! (Lots of alien cussing)

King: What is the matter, my love?

Queen: It seems the flux capacitor hic-upped. Time has suddenly moved forward by two days.

King: Dont' tell me....

Queen: Nah, no worries. My finger slipped on the time travel button. Sorry.

King: So what does this mean?

Queen: It means we didn't get any pictures of her working the store. (It means ASimWen had so much fun running the store she forgot to take any pictures).

King: *Sigh* Okay. So all the paintings have been sold. What now?

Queen: We will just have to check each home in Prosperity Falls from now on to see if the portrait is present.

King: Ahhh. Okay. What else is Claire doing? Might as well spy. We still have some time to spend here.

Queen: Claire sold the store she sold the paintings out of, and reached her life time want. She is now perm plat.

Apparently the dog Cheese is getting scolded for something....she cannot mate with the other dog Marcus as it appears they are related. Claire has called in a new dog and has sent Marcus to the dog pound.

Claire has invited the disagreeable boy Reed Tenynck from University to her house.

King: Why is he disagreeable?

Queen: He mercilessly teases the chef in the dorm. But that doesn't matter to Claire. She has a three bolt attraction to Tenynck.

King: I'd say they are having LOTS of fun. *waggles eyebrows*

Queen: Did you hear that? Chimes.

King: It means they were successful at creating a fetus.

King: The canine professor is dying.

Queen: She is not dying. She is teaching the dog Cheese how to play dead, for her job in show business.

It looks like the lessons were successful. Cheese is now a Star.

And Claire has reached the top of her career as well. Very good!

King: This has given me an idea for the next house we will visit....

Queen: What is that?

King: The death of the dog...

Queen: The dog didn't die.

King: But what if..........

Accomplishments this round: Claire succeeded in passing her portrait six times. She also reached TOC in Criminal, and obtained a hobby plaque in Arts and Crafts.

The Next Lot.....

Woody Strickland and his sister Diane


Last Visit: Minor Times Two - Adopted siblings Woody and Diane Strickland graduated from college and moved into this little home to pursue their life's dreams. Woody ended up marrying his gardener love from University (Robin) and proceeded to date her over and over, as his lifetime want was to have 50 Dream Dates. Diane's life time want was to woo-hoo 20 different Sims. And she nearly made it too. Diane gave birth to two children Zakel and Reyven, and Robin and Woody had a son named Royal.

No family trees are shown for this lot this round.

ASimWen draws the next Disaster Card. Number 82, Death By Fire.

King: I will choose the topic of study for this house.

Queen: And so?

King: Death.

Queen: You are going to kill off the earthlings? That was never the Mission!

King: We are not on the Mission any more. We are observers. *ahem* It seems the woman Diane is in love with many. (Editor - Let's pick up where we left off last entry and count the loves...but being that there is no one living in the house now as I write this blog entry I have no memories to check or in game picture album to check. So I am wingin' it here).

It appears she has fixed herself up and is leaving for town.

Queen: Yes, she has purchased a store it seems.

Queen: Wait. Who is this?

King: It seems the business establishment is being rated even before Diane has had her first customer.

Queen: Did you see that! Diane had public woo-hoo with Professor Tyson Gothier in the clothes changing booth! She did it again! And again!

And it appears that after she woo-hoos the victim...errr...her love, she gives them a new set of clothes. This is errr...a boy from University.

Townie Paul Denning

Townie Somebody

Townie Sandy Bruty

Townie Armando Wheeler

LTW Accomplished!

King: Now she is returning home, it seems she is happy as a Sim can be.

Queen: Indeed.

Queen: Woody has reached a milestone in his life, as well. It appears he is really attached to his wife Robin....

They tend to autonomously cuddle under the clouds alot. Yes indeed, that cloud looks like a bathtub.....

My goodness, they can't keep their hands off each other!

King: That is the way it is with a three bolt attraction, my love.

King: It is the boy's birthday. Royal's. His mother appears at her son's birthday party in her underware?

Queen: She has just finished a date with her husband Woody and woo hoo took place.

Uh huh. Thank you Risky.

Queen: Indeed.

King: The girl Zakel is a charming one.

Queen: Her father is Benjamin Long, husband to Felecia (Strickland) Long.

King: I can see how the males will mate with many on Earth.

Queen: Come on now, love. You pursued it in the Mission with the human Xuan.

King: *sigh* I did find out they will do it on their own without any help from us. Xuan will be no different now than he was before we pulled the plug. What a waste of our was.

Queen: It appears Diane is irritated about something....

My failed attempt at a death by fire

Queen: She is upset because the nanny is not in the house caring for the children.

King: Let's do something else. Oh I know. We will use the cook stove. Time to do it.

Queen: Yes, it appears this fire isn't going anywhere.

King: Ahhh... *rubs hands together* Here we go.

Queen: You are enjoying this entirely too much.

King: I spent years being a goody two shoes on earth. Time to have some fun. *hrumph*

King: It appears all the adults in the house are involved with the fire.

Queen: It is sad two of the children are as well. The third child is sleeping through it.

Queen: The girl Zakel has passed out.

King: Yes, but the flames don't reach her. They stay back.

King: Look! Zakel has woken up, and the super lover Diane is close to the flames!

Queen: *sigh*

King: All the adults are now close to the flames! It looks like the child's table should burn....

King: Whaaa? The child's table doesn't burn. But the pregnant Sim is tired. I supposed dancing around flames makes them tired.

Queen: They are on the edge of death constantly, and no one dies!

King: *Sigh* Just another failure on my part with earth........

Queen: Do not despair dear. It looks like things are moving along. The boy Royal is standing in the ashes of the kitchen counter...wondering how he can get to the telephone on the wall behind the burning adults...

King: Diane goes up in flames...right beside the telephone. HA! The experiment is a success!

Queen: Zakel has once again passed out in the flames, and Royal is still trying to get to the telephone to call the emergency squad.

King: It looks like he isn't being successful!

The Grim Reaper has arrived while the house still burns. Zakel has woken, and runs as fast as she can away from the inferno!

Queen: The children are going to be orphans. The only other adults in the house are on fire too!

King: The emergency squad is on the way, the boy Royal finally called.

King: OH this is glorious! Check that my love! Not all the children are going to be orphans! One is going to be dead!

Queen: tsk tsk my love. *shakes head*

King: Hey, Zakel wanted to get involved. She was constantly falling asleep in the fire! Hum. But the child's play table never burned....see it is still there.

Queen: The pregnant Sim is gone.

And the child is nearly gone...........

King: The child disappears while the Grim Reaper finishes taking Diane.....

King: It is done.

Queen: Are you happy now? The boy Royal weeps for his dead parents and his aunt.

King: They are only humans, a dime a dozen. But hey, he still has his play table.

Queen: The emergency squad finally arrives as Royal cleans up his aunt's ashes.

King: And Grim finishes taking the rest of the Sims to Sim heaven. Interesting. Royal still cleans, all the while thinking about the dead ones.

King: Who is this???

Queen: It is the social worker. She has come to take the two remaning children still alive to the orphanage. This is Revyn, daughter of Diane and Goopy Gilsboro. She slept in bed through the fire. Royal will go to the orphanage as well.

King: It is done. What a delightful scene! It was more interesing...than... *yawn* watching a girl paint.........

Accomplishments this round - LTW for Diane, 20 Sim Woo-hoos. I was 24 into Woodys' want of 50 Dream Dates. Hobby plaque for Woody.

Editor - I didn't mean for all the adults to die...let alone one of the children. Just one would have sufficed. We all must remember I am not used to killing off Sims. This was not a well controled or well thought out fire. But that is what these disaster cards are for, right? To make us do things we ordinairly wouldn't do. I tried to kill off the nanny but bungled that. So I just decided to do it this way, it was a sure thing. I should have moved the telephone to a different place in the house so the fire department could have been called earlier.

I do plan to move someone else into this house and maybe adopt the kids back. I kinda wanna see that child ghost. Heh.

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SirenPrincess said...

The death by fire was awesome! I've killed off sim parents before to create real orphans in game. I usually lock the adults I want dead in a room with a stove and lock the kids out. That almost always works.

FYI, if you have a nanny still on the lot, you can actually keep playing as the kids only. I did that in my Abandoned Babes challenge. It's really neat to see.

I would love to see you continue to play this house by adopting the kids back.

Bubbs said...

I thought she wasn't having kids...haha!

Oops, looks like there is a fire on the lot! Oh my, you sure did kill off a bunch at this house! Those poor little orphans! *snicker*

Francesca Dean, Feature Editor said...

Ha! that's the most creative excuse for lack of pictures I've read! So many times I have neglected to take pictures, too :-)

The Pass the Painting is hilarious. Never seen that ros before.

ruby said...

oh wow Wen! Death by fire, so not your usual forte. Even tho you botched the first try, you did a hum dinger of a job the second time.
I hate death by fire, it takes SO long for them to die and the fire to go out.
Well done on both of the cards!

Kerry said...

Whoa, I didn't even know children could die or be ghosts! I haven't killed off any sims except by boolpropped old age, for placeholders. You are a ruthless sim goddess.

ASimWen said...

To Kerry: I didn't know either. Her hunger was full, so therefore the social worker didn't show up before she died to pick her up for parental neglect. I was really surprised to see her go. Very interesting.

Rachel said...

Wow...the Death by Fire post just about broke my heart. I don't think I have that one as an option in PP. Man alive...