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Lot: Alien Way 3 - Family name Robbins - Nacarlius, Kelly and Zantrez

Last Visit: New lot. Kelly and Nacarlius were last seen graduating from University.

Kelly is a Fortune Sim with an LTW to become a Business Tycoon. Accomplished. Now she wants to earn 100,000.

Like his daddy Quavi, Nacarlius is a Family Sim. His want is to Marry off Six Kids. Ya know I can't hardly say no to Family Sims, and a Robbins at that.

ASimWen neglects to pull a Disaster Card....she was more interested in building a new lot, and got right to playing.

What is going on here?

Queen: I thought you were handling that...

King: is a Robbins lot. Let's just listen in.

Queen: There was a chancey situation on the Jessica Robbins lot with her infidelity. Let's see if her brother Nacarlius follows suite. Also, this is the lot of one of our offspring, Kelly Trimble through the human Shane Trimble.

Another one of my great brick ranchers.

Nacarlius: *wolf whistles* Hey about you and me?

Kelly: Humm.... I thought you would never ask! Oh and by the way, this is a very nice house you had built for us.

Nacarlius: Well, it has lots of room for a big family... HUH? I didn't know I wanted a big family.... *scratches head*

Kelly: Let's go inside and get started on that family right away! (Both Nacarlius and Kelly had the want to woo-hoo immediately)

Both received inheritances due to the deaths of their fathers, Quavi Robbins and Shane Trimble. The couple realized $12,000 in inheritance cash. No chimes.

After woo-hoo, the welcome wagon shows up. Nacarlius innocently chats with his wife and Joy Robbins over grilled cheese sandwiches. Little does he know that Joy was his father's mistress and had three children with her, Malvina, Quartell and Raya.

Nacarlius: Yes, Joy, we are going to hold the wedding right here at the house, immediate family only.

Right before the wedding was scheduled to begin the next day.....

The pregnancy made itself known while Nacarlius was taking a bubble bath.


Sister to the bride, Sheri (Trimble) Strickland and her husband Jim-Bob Strickland

Brother to the Groom Zaine Robbins and his wife Florentilla (Capehart) Robbins

Daphne Robbins, mother to the Groom

Brother to the Groom - Nacarlos, and his fiancee Jenny Trimble, twin sister to the Bride

Sister to the Bride Robin (Trimble) Bostic, and her husband Key-Won Bostic

Sister to the Groom Jessica (Robbins) Trimble and her husband Rocco Trimble, brother to the Bride.

And last but not least, Alexis Trimble Sister to the Bride, and her fiancee Elijah Strickland

Dang, but those Robbins men are so good looking!

And the women they choose to marry are .... uh..... let's just not say it out loud, m'kay?

ASimWen: Zaine! Stop getting the hots for Alexis! She is spoken for, and besides you are married.

Zaine: Who was zat? Errr???? I love green goddesses.....can't.... help..... myself........

The party was a roof raiser naturally.

Kelly as able to get a job right away in her chosen field of business as a President. Hmm...didn't know you could start out at the top right out of college. Arriving home from her first day at work, the pregnancy pops.

Co-Worker: I think you are gonna have a little dude.

Kelly: You think so? A little boy?

Co-Worker: Like, yeah. My sister back in Quahog says you can tell by the size and shape of the baby bump whether or not it is gonna be a dude or a dudette. Hey if it is a dude, give me a raise, ok?

Kelly brings home yet another co-worker and lays the schmooze on him. He later returns to leave a thank you for the good time gift. Not like she and Nacarlius are hurting for money or skills, but it is just fun to get free stuff.

OH a telescope??? Hmmm..Nacarlius DOES want to marry off 6 kids...and my game does love abductions...this gives ASimWen an evil idea....

Being that Nacarlius's life time want was not job related, he just chose the first high paying job on the computer, which happened to be Athletics. Now notice something here...there is a GUY sitting in the bus!!!!

So I go inside to have a closer look. Looks like Nacarlius gets a couple of people to carpool with in the bus. Have you ever noticed this before???? And look, there is a bunch of packages in the back of the bus!

And it came to pass.........

Kelly went perm plat on her second day of work....

And little dude Zantrez was born. Uhh...

No daddy's ears....but did get dad's eyes. He inherited his mother's unfortunate non- nose. lol

Gratuitous baby picture of Zantrez sleeping in the baby swing. Awww!

Kelly: Nacarlius! I think I am preganant again!

Nacarlius: Great honey....we have plenty of room...OOOHh!!! What the *lots of alien cussing* is THAT????

Did you hear that Wilbur? He spoke the language.

Queen: I did indeed. What to do?

King: Nothing. See, the team is picking him up, to seed another.

Gahhh! Errrr?

Nacarlius screams like a girl during what is a common occurence in the Falls. And no, I don't have the 'more frequent' abductions hack in my game.

King: And thar he goes!!!! What a sight to see!

Queen: You are enjoying this far too much.


Queen: Kelly finds it humorous and the paperboy was frightened by the Anotothian space ship that appeared.

King: The next thing you know a story about the appearance will appear in Ripley's and leading UFO magazines.

Queen: Look! It is Alien X!

King: She...errr...sin't doing a very good job at remaining inconspicuous and blending in.

Queen: I almost feel sorry for the poor thing....

Zantrez actually fusses in the chair...I really couldn't tell if he was fussing or having fun. The sound effects coming from the chair were really loud. The facial expressions told me he didn't want to be in the chair, but he was banging away on the buttons. I thought he might be an ill humored Sim.

His father removes him from the chair and takes him to his birthday cake....acutally, he has 9 nice points.

Kelly: Nacarlius! What a wonderful idea to fix up the breakfast nook area as a play area for Zantrez.

Nacarlius: Yes, well, that way we don't have to have toys sacattered all over the house.

Nacarlius: No no isn't you. My errr...stomach is just a little upset....but good boy on the job you did in here!

Nacarlius: Oh! What is this? Nooboo?

And as we leave the lot for this play...Nacarlius has nighmares about the SimShrink! Have fun, everybody!

Accomplishments this round: 1 new Sim, Zantrez. Hobby plaque in Arts and Crafts for Nacarlius, and he is now a Coach in Athletics. Perm plat for Kelly.


Kari said...

I'm finally up to date with the Falls and I have to say I'm so impressed with what you've done, Wen and absolutely love your stories.


Robert said...

great job Wen. A sim can get up to a level 9 job right out of college, if it is in the track they went to college in, and you have to look on the computer.

ciyrose said...

Yay for the Falls! Yeah, I had a sim make president right out of college. I thought as long as it was a subject they studied they could do that....but maybe you have to look on the computer like Robert said....I just typically use the computer. lol

Bubbs said...

Look at those family trees!!

Woo-hoo! A new baby is on the way! What type of ride is that with people on the bus? The packages must be the uniforms.

Wow, just had a baby and another is coming? Oopsie, the UFO was here also! This will quickly be a packed house.

ruby said...

-swoons- Nacarlius is so handsome.
you do make some nice homes, Wen
is it just me or does Joy look like she has a stiff neck and is craning to glance at Nacarlius?
-blinks- I thought you said no chimes? well woot any how!
-snickers- ya dont say it, but we can and do think it .. woof! he is definitely marrying for love
LOL @ the reverse string me conversation there
ooooh yay, lets see if Nacarlius gets abducted -bounces-
okay those 'guys' are down right creepy! I've never looked on the bus before. Great now I need to go in and play someone in the athetics just to see.
grats on TOC / LTW! woot
wait you can tell if they have elf ears as infants? wow i dont remember that.
YAY! -bounces- I can't wait to see Nacarlius' spawn!
Welcome home Nacarlius! omg i just realized you have an infant, and two preggers. oh that is gonna be one busy house.
Heh, ya what Lynn said!

ASimWen said...

To Ruby: Yeah there wasn't any chimes on the first woo hoo but there was a second woo hoo was fruitful. heh

And no, you still can't tell about the ears when they are babies. I was speeding forward in my speech. I can't wait to see the Nacarlius baby either but hard telling when I will see that. Probably some time next year. lol

Rachel said...

I really need to use those infant items. I always forget I have them. You truly are lucky with the number of abductions. Zantrez's nose is however, unfortunate.