Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cheap Dates


Lot: Trimble - Prosperity Falls Manor - Rocco, Jessica and Daisey

Last Visit: This is a new lot in round 17. Rocco and Jessica were last seen graduating from University here.

Haha believe it or not this is the first real play I have had with Apartments. It was ok....I had trouble keeping up with what apartment level I was playing on. eh.

Rocco is a Knowledge Sim with a want to become a Space Pirate. He is the child of Uni YA Shane Trimble, who had married Roz Strickland.

Jessica is a Fortune Sim with a want to become a Business Tycoon.

ASimWen pulls the next Disaster Card. Number 182. Go on a cheap matchmaker date.

Hum.....I had a pictures of Rocco and Jessica moving into their apartment, but they are lost due to a reinstall of my OS...I ended up with two My Documents confusing was that. So hard telling where the pictures are...what drive...what directory.....oh well.

King: Here we are at the Trimble/Robbins house. *sigh*

Queen: Now don't start reminiscing. You are the one that erased their memories.

King: Yeah.......oh what if I controlled them..ya know...instead of just observing.

Queen: Hurmph!

: Look, the painting. From the Claire Ternynck house. Pass the Painting. Apparently either Rocco or Jessica had visited Claire's business and purchased. (ASimWen - I don't remember either one of them going there, but I guess they did).

And they are proudly displaying the picture of this woman they don't even know in their home! is time for their nuptials.


Brother to the Bride - Nacarlos Robbins (in break down due to his father dying, probably)

Sister to the Groom - Jenny Trimble, and fiancee to Nacarlos Robbins

Brother to the Bride - Nacarlius Robbins and his fiancee Kelly Trimble who is sister to the Groom

(Starting from the back)
Mother to the Bride, Daphne Robbins
Cousin to the Bride, Brax Robbins
Twin Sister to the Bride, Joan Robbins

Joan's husband Shawn-Michael Strickland

Erin Strickland, fiancee to Brax Robbins and Xuan Robbins, cousin to the Bride

Brother to the Bride Zaine Robbins and his wife Florentilla (Capehart).

Party crasher Landlord Clarence Mellon

Ever the busy Fortune Sim, Jessica takes a call during her wedding

Rocco prepares to give Jessica a bite of wedding cake while the others dance.

Uhh...looks like she didn't take the idea of cake being smashed into her mouth kindly.

Queen: Ah the wedding is over, and Jessica is looking for a job already.

King: I don't think she is looking for a job. I think she was bored by the party. Look, she even took time out during the festivities to take a bath. She is doing something else.

Queen: What do you think?

King: She is a Robbins after all. She is perusing the singles ads.

The Queen nods wisely.

King: She is with child. It is her husband's, not a lover's.

Queen: Wait...I think she is calling for her lover........

She is making arrangements to meet him immediately! She works fast!

King: It is the old matchmaker woman. She is going to conjure him up! *rubs hands together* We should see some excitement here now!

Matchmaker: Ms. Trimble. I see you are with child. However, I bring you Mr. Cole Raymond who will respect your huge belly from another man. He won't mind, he is glad just to have a date. What can you expect for $39?

Jessica: You are kinda cute!

Cole: Why thank you ma'am, I always aim to please the ladies. Why, I'll just slip my jacket off and we'll go inside and sit ourselves in the hot tub....

Jessica: Oh you rascal you! *tickles Cole* Honey I can't get in the hot tub. I have my child to consider.

Cole: Welllll....darlin'.......let's remove ourselves to the patio on top of the building...away from everyone and everything, and we will then get down to business!

Jessica: *giggle*

A little while later after a bunch of flirting and kissing:

Jessica: Cole husband is due home from work. You should go now.

If I had had more time, I could have gotten a dream date out of it. These two are a one bolt couple.

King: *sigh* I truely think it runs in the Robbinses' blood...

Queen: Infidelity. Indeed.

King: He has left her a customary thank you for the good time gift.

Queen: Perhaps he is hoping she will cook him a meal next time.....

King: It was none to soon. The child Daisey is born.

Queen: And the father is promoting in his job so he can support his family!

I normally don't post multiple job promotion pics, but Rocco is just so goofy looking I just had to. lol

Queen: The child is inqusitive!

King: Nah, she is just clueless.

Accomplishments this round: Succeeded with the disaster card, have a cheap matchamker date. Otherwise, One new Sim, Daisey. Jessica is working on her hobby plaque for Art. Both she and Rocco got jobs in their chosen fields. Rocco is currently a warhead disarmer in the Adventure field, and Jessica is President in the Business field.

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Bubbs said...

Doesn't look like too bad a start for these two. Wonder how many more kids they will have? The queen is looking for something from this group, I wonder why....

Kerry said...

LOL--I've had a lot worse dates, and paid a lot more for them--that worked out surprisingly well!

ciyrose said...

YAY, Falls updates. I love the new format, very fun. Nice work with the cheap date, I typically don't have that much luck on dates unless they already are friends.

SirenPrincess said...

I can't believe you got a 1 bolt match out of a cheap date. I'd have thought you'd get negative bolts. That's good to know.

ruby said...

yay everyone showed up for the nuptials.
LOL at her taking a phone call like that. *pokes Jessica*
wow, that truly is a cheap date. LOL She really is a Robbins, man only a §36 date and got that far, i'm impressed
a bbq? a cheap bbq? I hope it cost at least §36 so she got her money back. *snickers*
*waves to Daisey*
hehe ya Rocco is pretty goofy looking.. rather entertaining!
LOL that look on Daisey’s face is amusing!

Rachel said...

A $39 date LOL! Daisy is a cutie. I can hardly wait to see what she looks like as she gets older.