Saturday, May 09, 2009

University, wk17.b, Part II

Here we go again. *sigh*

Actually, Uni isn't so bad. It is when you have 44 to play through that makes it hard. Let's see, we graduated out two last time we were here and this time we are bringin' in a couple of new ones. Let's see how much we can lower the population by graduating Sims out.

Alrighty, let's get started. First on the play list........

Greek House Crumplebottom - Malvina Robbins Sammy McClelland, and Conrad Dallas.

This is the last semester for Sammy and Malvina, so I really did try to have them accomplish something tangible, rather than just playing them through to get them out of Uni. The first thing I had Sammy do was invite everyone over from Sim State Dorms so he could possibly get some more members in, and maybe find the one that would take over the Greek house when he and Malvina left.

Ehhh? Why are Rebbecca Strickland and Opal Raymond makin' the dust fly? I don't remember them not getting along on the first part of this update. Hmmm...I will have to check everyone's memories to see. On the other hand, it could be that Rebecca is just mean like many of her sibs from the Bulldog Strickland house.

Sammy rolled a want to make friends with Malvina's half brother Xenio, so Malvina got on the horn and called him over to the Greek house. Notice on the wall, Quavi Robbins, Malvina's dad watching over.....and is Xenio's great uncle. The other portrait is Yasika Robbins, Quavi's sister.

These two couldn't stay offa each other. Rebecca and Opal were constantly going at it during their Greek House visit.

And, Xenio thinks his visit here was pretty good on this day, despite all the fisticuffs going on, so he leaves a present for Sammy.

Ah, a $4,000 piano. Yeah, Xenio's daddy Xuan must be doing alright for Xenio to give away pianos to friends. The Greek House already has one of these stowed in the attic, so Sammy deftly slips it into his backpack since he earned it by have a great outing with Xenio.

How fast does three days fly in Uni when you are doing nothing but partying and getting people to join the Greek House? Pretty fast. It is time for Malvina and Sammy to graduate, and to bring in the next person to keep things going.

Derrr...Conrad Dallas? What ever possessed Sammy???? A TOWNIE????? Well, Sammy has never been known as the sharpest pencil in the box.

Sammy McClelland and Malvina Robbins

I had made an announcement on the last entry from the hood at the home of Violet and Marty McClelland that I did not know if I would keep playing the Falls, let alone blog it. But after seeing Malvina's crooked little smile here in this picture, I know I cannot quit. She is amazing. Even though my personal life will be filled with school during my prime Simming time, I will play as I get chances on the weekends an such.

I call this the lounge lizard outfit because of the reptile print. Ha! Sammy is so hokey, I just might leave him in it.

Ehhh, I don't think so Malvina. As soon as you get moved in back in the Falls you are goin' shoppin'

Small Dorm - Lori Strickland and Xenio Robbins

When I opened this lot, the Evil Cow was in the dorm tormenting the lunch lady. I was afraid he would flirt with Lori and tear up things between her and Xenio, so I had Xenio call his good friend the Llama over.

Ya want a sure fire way to get rid of the cow and KEEP him away for a few days? Simply have the Llama fight him, and he will go and stay gone. At least he does in my game.

It's about time Xenio! You JUST made it into the Secret Society before graduation! Huh? Graduation? Didn't Xenio just arrive at Uni in Part I? Well yeah, but it is time for his fiancee Lori to graduate, he accelerated through so he could graduate with her.

Lori gets her gold in gardening. She graduated with a backpack full of delicious produce.

And the graduation picture. Nice looking couple. No bolts though. Oh well.

Xenio is just as serious as his dad Xuan, so this shirt fits him. Hehehe

Lori waves gaily at him as he prepares to board the Big Yellow Taxi back to Prosperity Falls.

And Lori's transformation. Eh, she will be shopping too when she gets back to the Falls. Maybe she will go with Malvina.

Oh yes. These two got engaged before graduation.

Landgraab House - Mary Strickland, Heath Delarosa, Malcom Landgraab, and Opal Raymond

Being that Opal Raymond and Malcom got engaged in Part I, I found it fitting that Opal should move to the same dorm where Malcom was. So she packs it up in the Sim State Dorm, and makes her way here to stand in the flower beds looking thrilled.

So, since Conrad Dallas has moved out of the same dorm to move into the Greek House, and Opal has moved out to live with Malcom, that leaves Sim State Dorm with a population of 4 Sims. A little more manageable for me.

Everything starts out with everyone being pretty amicable, enjoying breakfast together. Is this breakfast?? Mac-n-cheese and chili. Who knows. That lunch lady makes any kind of food at any time. Yes, that is Pescado's lot debugger sitting on the floor at the end of the table. I usually keep that out of my shots.

Now, Opal was nagging Malcom to take her to Games of Glory, where gaming is King.....

Opal had burning desire to win a gaming competition. So being the good man he is, Malcom took her. In reality, I had never sent my Simmies to Games of Glory before, so since Opal had spun the want, I sent them. They could have just as easily done this at the dorm, but I thought why not, since I had never seen the inside of the place either.

OPAL WINS! *the crowd cheers*

It is right about this time that Malcom's brother Richie shows up at Games of Glory, eyeballing his brother's finacee.

Malcom decides to do the right thing and introduce his brother and fiancee. Judging from the look on Opal's face, she isn't highly impressed with Richie.

Then it was on to a rousing game of "Don't Wake The Llama" with his brother and Royce Strickland.

Richie: "Dude, why don't you face it, man. You suck!"

Malcom: "Shaddup Richie. I can stack just one more on there....."

Malcom shrieks like a woman when the Llama 'wakes up'.

Richie: "Heh. Told ya. YOU SUCK!" looks like Royce's hand somehow turned into a claw during game play.....

Back at the dorm, Heath Delarosa works diligently in the garden. I love the pretty gardening pictures. Heath's hobby is nature, so this is a great way for him to rack up hobby points plus get some great produce.

Opal infects everone here with the Slap Dance just as she did at Sim State Dorm. ..Ahhh..time for me to take a nappie noodle.... ZZZzzzt.........zzz.....SNORE!

*ASimWen jerks wake to that awful sound...........*

Whaa??? What happened????? My happy pretty couple are no longer happy! And looky there...Heath is sleeping just like I was. Must be alla that hard work in the garden.

Oww! No! Stoppit! Don't be slappin' each other! I checked relationships....hmmm...sure enuff...see Candice Ng standing there? All of a sudden Malcom and her are in crush. Two bolts. She must have come along and hit on him while everybody was slap dancing. Hrumph!

Grovel...grovel.... "Puh-leeese.....Opal....I don't like her, I really don't. It was a lip malfunction, really it was!"

Heath: "SNORE...."

Heath: "SNORE....snore...... ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz......."

Mary Strickland! Stop flirting with Ramen right now! You don't want to end up like Malcom and Opal do you? Your man is...err...sitting right there in front of you....


GAWD! When will it end? Now Opal his heart farting all over Heath. This dorm is a real soap opera, I tell ya! Opal and Heath have three bolts!!! She follows him around like a lost puppy. If he goes out to work in the garden, she is right there along side him coyly smelling the flowers. pfft.

Well we close this very active lot with Heath getting his gold in gardening. Mary also sewed her wedding dress and made herself some more clothes to wear back in the Falls. Very good!

111 Second Street - Lincoln Strickland, Lovelle Capehart, Erin Strickland and Brax Robbins

We open this lot with the kids having a party. Those kids at the Sim State Dorm must be really popular...first an invite to the Greek house, and now 111 Second Street. That is Randy Strickland and Raya Robbins snogging there in the background, and in the foreground is Randy's sister Erin. Who is in line to marry the next leader of the Mission, Brax Robbins. Errr....Raya Robbins's cousin. Ah it is so difficult to keep the family tree branches from getting tangled in my head.

There was no fisticuffs going on here between Rebecca and Opal like at the Greek house, but Opal did get everyone started on slap dancing. *sigh*

Ok here is where I wanna point out that if there is a party going on, naturally the Evil Cow is gonna show up. I am going to test my theory I mentioned before. If you wanna get rid of the Cow easily and painlessly, influence the Llama to fight him/her.

The Llama just happened to be there already at the party. Erin took it upon herself to use some of her influence points to ask the Llama to fight the cow.

POKE! POKE! Well, that wasn't enough. They just parted ways with double minus signs over their heads. So the Llama was asked again.

Uh-huh. Has anyone ever seen the cow win??? At any rate the cow left and didn't show up again for the rest of my time on this lot.

Hooray for the Llama! You da man! You da man!

At any rate, alot happened on this lot but it would have drug out this entry to much. I had 27 pictures. What it boiled down to was Rebecca and Quartell from Sim State Dorms actually fell in love while they were on this lot out of my control. If you remember in Uni Part I, I couldn't get them to pay attention to each other, much less get in crush. One bolt. No bolts. Negative bolt. One bolt. They were very fickle.

I had Lincoln influence Rebecca to kiss Quartell, but instead she shook his hand, and this message popped up:

??? LOL I couldn't help myself, I clicked YES. We will see what happens. I had somebody else influence again, and I got the message about wanting to pass on a friend's phone number.

But later on when I wasn't looking, they kissed. I heard the tinkly heart noises...quickly raced around the lot to see where it came from, and Quartell and Rebecca were standing there with hearts over their heads like they just made out. I snuck a peak at Quartell's panel, and he and Rebecca right now have zero bolts, but they are in love. We will see what happens when I get to their lot.

Well, graduation day finally came for them. Yes, they were all raced through school. Ha. If I get within a year and half of graduation, I will race them through. But I did bungle this one though...

Here is their graduation picture. Ya know I usually put them in their Secret Society outifts??? Well, they didn't make it into Secret Society. ??? How did that happen? Either that, or the wardrobe simply didn't have their SS outfits in it. Who knows, crazy things are happening in my game.

Oh yes. See how Rebecca and Brax are in their formals? Yes, I did manage this......


Everyone is now engaged, and ready to be wed back in the Falls.

Grow up pictures:

Lovelle Capehart....outfit isn't bad, but you lost your hair. You will get that back.

Lincoln Strickland...Woah now buddy. Nobody is allowed to wear a puffy vest in Prosperity Falls. You will go shopping with Malvina Robbins and your twin sister Lori Strickland.

Brax Robbins grow up picture. Yes, he and Erin grew up in their formals. Brax is very handsome, like all the Robbins men. I am tempted tho to take him to mirror and change those eyebrows so he doesn't look perpetually surprised. His cousin Xenio Robbins is the same way.

And Erin's grow up picture. Ohh... I like this gown. Very ethnic looking. It is amazing how much stuff I don't know I have in my game until the game shows it to me. hehe

I would like to mention here that I took a break from playing Uni and I went back to the neighborhood to place new graduates on lots with telephones. Only one couple made it to an already established house....Lincoln Strickland and his fiancee Lovelle Capehart moved in with Lincoln's parents, Justice and Karin Strickland. The other four couples went into apartments. Can you believe I have had AL since it came out, and I have not had the opportunity to play with apartments? That is because it takes so long to get through a round in the Falls.

Tech Dorm - Ruby Strickland, Sacha Strickland, Alexis Trimble and Elijah Strickland

We open this lot with meanie Alexis Trimble influencing her nemesis Virginia Jitmakusol to do her term paper. If you remember in Part 1, these two came to fisticuffs quite often, then would sit together in the common room of the dorm and watch sports on TV together. How long did being nice last???

Not very. They started poking each other the next day, and I quickly found Alexis something else to do.

I didn't realize it until now, but this dorm is where the Secret Society Fight Club lives, so really Alexis and Virginia fit right in. I am thinking they were trying to gain admittance to the Club. HA~!



And they go at it............. *sigh*

Being a Pop Sim, Sacha Capehart had a couple of parties. In this one, he invited over his brother Decota, and a couple of Sims from Pinenut Plaza. Here he and Decota play Slug. These two guys are from the Strickland homestead...yes, the Chevy and Kristee house. I am thinking I will have Decota be the heir, as he exhhibits the Strickland skintone, even though Sacha is the oldest. Sorry Sacha...yeah...discrimination. You need to take your gal and live at HER house...the Kolton and Joslyn Strickland house.

Something I wanna point out....this picture shows all four of the custom skintones I started this hood with. Sacha has the Capehart skintone, Decotah has the Strickland skintone, Pinki Baere (sitting, left) exhibits the Robbins skintone, and Briah Bostic (sitting, right) has the Bostic skintone. :)

Trevor Jeffress: I am so angry!!!

Ruby Strickland gets her hobby plaque in Sports..........

And she and Elijah (along with Leo the Gardener) start up a new spring garden...uhh...with the Secret Society Fight Club practicing.........

Alexis decided to wish from some friends being that she has that extreme alien personality and has a hard time making them. If she were trying to meet Secret Society people, this would have been a great wish. But she is already in the is really kinda wasted. Elijah is there to help Alexis out just in case she says something mean and chases any of them off.

HI Fini! *wavies*

And as we leave this lot...........................

Everyone here has one more semester to go to graduation. I would have went ahead and played them thru, but I was feeling fairly beaten up by all the shows the Fight Club was giving. Ha!

138 Almond Rd - Pinkie Baere and Decota Strickland

This couple continued to be soooo fascinating and exciting..... *yawn* Despite being a three bolt couple.

In Part I, Pinkie received her hobby plaque in sports, so we were shooting for Decota to get his in fitness.

Yoga, yoga, and more yoga. Maybe I should have gotten him one of those exercycles. But he didn't make it to the top. Pinkie thought she would try a little yoga as well, after all she already had her hobby plaque.

Ouch...that looks painful!

And she falls right on her face, literally.

So they tried jogging together. This didn't seem to move Decota's hobby meter any, but it did fulfill Pinkie's wish to 'get in shape.'

I don't know if any of you who read this are old enough to remember fitness guru from the 60's, Jack LaLane, he had an exercise show on TV. This Sim Decota reminds me of him with his exercise garb. And nowadays you can see Jack LaLane and his wife doing infomercials for a juicer on TV. How old is that guy?? He has to be in his 80's.

And none too soon....

I wake up to find that Decota and Pinkie have gone to their final exam, and are now seniors! Ha!

Pinenut Plaza - Braelen Bostic, Briah Bostic, Buffy Landgraab, Jason McClelland and Molly Capehart

I will call this the 'witchy' entry 'cause it is all about Jason McClelland, the Infalliby Good Warlock. Well, just about all about him. I resolved to finally get a full fledged witch, and play around with the spells.

OOOhhh nice one Jason! I think this is one of my favorites. Oh see there down in the right hand corner? It looks like Buffy Landgraab and Braelen Bostic were puttin' on the lip locks with each other whilst Jason cast his magic.... 'tis a good sign when they interact without me helpin' 'em.

I also thought to push the realtionship between Braelen's sister Briah with the cow, Johnathan Mendoza. Hmmm....he never shows up in her phone book so I have to use the teleporter to bring him to the lot. Isn't that funny, I have been preaching how to get rid of the cow this whole Uni update, and now I can never get him to come to this lot where I want him. At any rate, Briah and Johnathan had a great date here....

Then later the same day Johnathan called Briah and invited her downtown where they got a little changing booth woo-hoo. heh I hurried up and ended the date when I saw Crumplebottom makin' her way into the store, so she wasn't able to spoil anything.

This was impomptu.... I think Briah likes Johnathan. But they went to one bolt. They used to have two. So I dont' know how much I am gonna pursue this realtionship. Briah purchased the outfit she had tried on, and went back to the dorm.

Braelen: Hmmm...what is this book? What is this funny writing?

Braelen: Wowzer! This (&*^&%@@@## book attacked me! OUCH!!!!

I think I need stitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK so I was confused when my good warlock spun a want to cast an evil spell. So I check out his personality. Heh. He has only one nice point. So really, he should be an evil warlock. But he has been studying the path of light for a while, so I am not going back now. I did think to make him nice though.

I saw in the Prima guide where he could make Magically Spiced Sugar.


Hey-a! How are ya!

Woah! 10 nice lasted two hours. He wanted to hug Buffy Landgraab after this. But she was busy doing her yoga.

Yup, she got her hobby plaque. :)

Molly Capehart wasn't really motivated to do anything at all this round, so she made two sentry bots. One for the dorm, and one to take home.

Richie Landgraab again! You are becoming a blog hog! Well, it is because he is a Family Sim after all, and he came to check on his sister Buffy there playing pool.

ALRIGHT! Jason is now a full fledged warlock. He just needs to brush up his magic to the top and he is good to go!

And we end this lot with Jason casting a spell for the spectral assistant. What a gas!

PS - IF you remember, (or not) Briah Bostic and Jason McClelland were originally supposed to be a couple, but had negative bolts when Jason first came to Uni. In fact, Briah did nothing but make fun of Jason when he first got there. I found that Molly and Jason had one bolt, so I thought to get them together. But so far there is been no great interactions between those two. Briah is now a junior, and I got the pop up asking if I wanted to change her aspiration. So she is now a Family Sim, with a like for witchiness. She and Jason now have two bolts. So should she take on the Cow Johnathon Mendoza who she developed a second bolt for (he is a Family Sim too) or should she and Jason be a couple? hehehe! Hard to decide!

10 Peanut Street - Narcissus Capehart, Betsy Ross Strickland, Xen Strickland and Clara Barton Strickland

Here we are with the couple that just can't notice each other, although I think they would make wonderful looking children. This is Xen, son of the great Xuan Robbins, and Clara Barton Strickland. I decided to push the relationship.

Finally, the are in crush. Eventually, it developed to love. But no chemistry. She is knowledge, and he is pleasure. Perhaps this will change when I get a chance to change their aspirations.

And like his daddy, Xen has a penchant for looking at himself in the mirror.

Betsy Ross gets 10 best friends...........

This is a lame picture I know, it shows Xen and Clara falling in crush. But see there to the left? That is the only picture I have with Narcissus in it this play. HA!

Everybody here has 6 semesters to go.

124 Almond Road - Yazibell McClelland and Richie Landgraab

I opened this lot with these two having the same want. To get in shape. So they hop on the workout machines placed here long ago by eeehhhh......Kirstee Bostic. :) In Sim life, that was several decades ago...they are probably worth nothing. Err...lemme go see what the resale value is on them. ..... Not bad. The benchpress can be sold for $560, and the treadmill for $900. Hum.

WooHoo! Lookin' good girl!

As the Sims in my game are want to do, Yazibell decides to have a party. Can anyone name these Prosperity Falls peeps?

And naturally, the party ring leader is.........

Yazibell: Really Yomi, I don't think those football players are robots. They might be playing badly, but they are real Sims.

Infinity Nevermore: I believe this is Check Mate.....Xenio! (This seems to be Fini's favorite thing to do in my game. Really.)

And where is Ruby.....?

Of course.

Ruby: I am waiting.

ASimWen: Who are you wating for, Ruby?

Ruby: You know who. *conspiratal giggle*

ASimWen: I know it wasn't Richie you were waiting on.

Ruby: Well, Richie isn't my first choice, ya know.

ASimWen: I seem to remember a certain date.......from the wishing well......

Ruby: Yes, Yes, well I was yanked out of the comfort of the Robbins home for that date...I had no control over it.

ASimWen: Well what if you can't ya know....with know who....

Ruby: Shut your mouth! Of course it will work!

And we end this lot with Yazibell getting 10 best important to a Pop Sim.

126 Almond Road - Ketrina McClelland and Royce Strickland

Wow Royce seems like he is not the shy boy next door anymore! When I opened this lot he and Ketrina were hot at it! Ha!

There were a couple of great goals reached here on this lot.

With only one person residing in the greek house right now, I thought it best to get everyone for the remainder of this round that wasn't already in. Only one person to schmooze when the greek house members come over to give the Sim the once over. Royce gets an easy in with Conrad Dallas.

Look right between them. Who should come right at that moment to steal the paper, but Ashley Pitts from Urele-Oresha-Cham. Do I smell a frat house war here? LOL

And these two wanted to get in shape as well. Go at it, I say!

Lookin' good! Her want to get in shape has been fulfilled. As was Royce's.

Uh-huh...Ketrina got her ride in the back of the great big limousine.

And we leave this lot with Xuan Robbins calling up his niece Ketrina and offering to take her to Bluewater for an outing.

Ketrina: Uncle Xuan, thank you for bringing me to Club Dante. Who are all these other women that rode down here in the taxi with us?

Xuan: Errr...ahhh.....

Ruby: Just spit it out Robbins! They are your old girlfriends from your college days! Leave it up to you to take your niece out on the town with all your past conquests!

Xuan: Shaddup Ruby.

Sim State University / Greek House Crumplebottom - Conrad Dallas, Randy Strickland, Raya Robbins, Rebecca Strickland, and Quartell Robbins.

Okey doke. Here we are at Sim State University where Rebecca Strickland has passed out from exhaustion from her experience of gaining admittance to the Greek House Crumplebottom. See Mr. Dallas standing there in his GH uniform. Rebecca's brother Randy looks on. Everyone decided here and now that living in the Greek House would be better than living at the dorm and eating dorm food.

As each person finished their term paper, they called the taxi and moved to The Greek House Crumplebottom to join Conrad Dallas there. See Raya and Rebecca headin' out.

The first thing Rebecca did upon arriving at the greek house was harvest these mouthwatering apples that Malvina and Sammy left behind, then she proceeded to the greenhouse and cleaned up all the weeds. Turns out the green house was full of eggplants to better help the skill-less Conrad Dallas along.

Secret Society Abductions....

Conrad Dallas. I love the expression of the SS member here. I didn't realize they looked so goofy when they did this.

And Rebecca Strickland.

A-ha. See there in the SS jacket? That is Polar Baere. If you remember, she and Conrad Dallas were a 'maybe' item in the first part of this update. When I opened the lot, there she was at the mahong table. She stayed the whole three days I was here and only got up a couple of times.....

The last day she did get up to eat, and Conrad managed to corner her and congratulate her on her admittance to the Greek House.

Then she took care of necessary business, and decided to do homework. After the homework was done, she decided to leave. Finally.

Ah Greek House life. Here Quartell is playing mahong with Polar and the Llama. Who is there in the corner waiting for a poker player?????

Non other than Johnathan Mendoza. GAWD. He would never show up at Briah's dorm, but he is everywhere else.

*Sigh* No influeincing going on here. I guess the Llama knew what was coming and just decided to do it on his own. Johnathan left, being beaten handily, and never came back.

Conrad harvests the eggplants, and chugs a few glasses down to get some easy skill points.

Everyone here is now a sophomore!

25 Peanut Street / 111 Second Street - Ruby Robbins, Polar Beare and Kyle Jeffress

Ruby and company moved from the house they began their college life in to occupy the lot that Linclon Strickland, Lovelle Capehart, Erin Strickland and Brax Robbins just graduated from. It is chock full of snapdragons and has a wishing well. Yeah, I whimped out and decided to take the easy way out.

Here is their arrival on the lot . There in the background you see new arrival, Kyle Jeffress, son of townies Carla and Tyler Jeffress.

Kyle immediately starts thinkin' that Polar Beare is hot. That is good, because they are matched up. They have two bolts.

Uh-huh. They couldn't stay offa each other. ;)

Honestly, by the time I got to this lot, I was pretty much ready for this Uni play to be over. I didn't take many pictures. The first thing I really did was have Ruby call Xuan Robbins over to the house and realized, to my horror, this:

He hardly knows her! Despite growing up in his house!!!! lol I have so much dialogue between the two here in this blog I really never bothered to develop the relationship in the game. So she started working on calling him every day and yakking to develop the their personal score. So that is where that stands.

At any rate I leave this lot with Kyle catching fire flies, with nothing better to do.

15 Peanut Street / Small Dorm - Infinity Nevermore, Rachel Strickland and Java Joe Capehart

Here is another newcomer this play, Java Joe Capehart, being dropped at University by his dad Vonfirmath.

Yes, this was another move. I moved Infinity and Rachel Strickland from the house they were in to this handy dandy dorm becuase there is snaps and a wishing well. This dorm was vacated by Lori Strickland and Xenio Robbins this play. As you can see, Java Joe is already thinkin' Rachel is hot. Good thing, they are set to be matched.

First up is to get the term papers done. My goodness, lookie at the profile Java Joe has! :) HA! That nose of Ricky Comier's keeps popping up everywhere! Ricky is Java Joe's grandfather.

I checked it out...nobody in this dorm knew Xuan Robbins. As you might have surmised by now, I have something special in store for him down the road....problem is nobody has the relationship with him that needs to be in place. So I brought a teleporter in....

Xuan: Hello Infinity.

Infinity: *clears throat* Hello Xuan. Nice to see you.

Xuan: So Infinity....we could get a little practice in...ya know....

Infinity: I think not, Xuan. I want to talk...

Ruby: WHAT!!! Xuan what are you doing there, before ME???

Xuan: *Snicker* You are upset, huh Ruby? That Infinity is gonna get a piece of Xuan before you?

Infinity: Actually Xuan, I want pearls, furs, and all the luxuries that I deserve...after all, I am going to be spitting out your children for the Mission.

Xuan: Yeah right Infinity. I can barely support the household I have now. Get over it.

Ruby: HAHAHA! Good one Fini!!!!

As my sims are want to do, a party took place....

It was thrown by Infinity, and naturally she would invite her two favorite people in the world, Xuan and Ruby.

Anyway the party was a rousing success, the cops were called in because of noise. :)

Oh yes, the first night there, this young man dropped off a piano. It must have been meant for Lori Strickland or Xenio Robbins. I let Infinity have it, she slipped it into her backpack.

And we close this lot...and this Uni play with Rachel Strickland thinking everything Java Joe does is wonderful. She applauds his drum playing prowess.

Yes, University is now completely done for round 17. Some stats:

I do 4 Uni plays a round. Parts 1 and 2 here represent the last two plays, or plays 3 and 4. When I started play 3 (AKA Part I), there were 25 Sims left in Uni from the first two plays in round 17. I added 19 making a total of 44 that I played through. 10 graduated out, leaving a balance of 34 Sims to start University in round 16. Not unless I find more to add to it before the play. HA~!

So, enjoy Prosperity Falls, I will play it as real life lets me. Have fun simming! - ASimWen


SirenPrincess said...

I love your blog because you show photos and talk about so many things I haven't had a chance to explore yet. I love it!

Bubbs said...

Why change Malvina outfit? It's so, um, original...

SLAPDANCE! Lip malfunction? Is that what you call that?

Do you think maybe Lovelle really wants that hair style? That is twice she changed to it...maybe she likes it. Ever think about that??

Are you going to bring the cow mascot into the hood??? That will be fun to see...

Ruby sure is enjoying Uni. So much, that it is funny to hear her comment to Xuan about past Uni conquests...haha!

ASimWen said...

From Kerry - Wow, I'm dizzy after those updates! Love the intrigue going on with Xuan and Ruby and Fini! I can't post on the blog because it's doing that thing where it is invisible to IE users, again--I had to import it into Word to read it. Glad to hear that you will be continuing on--and I hope school is going well.


Infinity-Nevermore said...

I'm glad to know it will be going on too. Ruby and I are just getting into the action! The whole argument around the snoring Heath was priceless.
Hey, I told you I was a Knowledge sim at heart. Of course I love chess. No matter how you spin it, I'm Knowledge. :)
Only Xuan would take all his old girlfriends out with his niece for an outing. LOL
I'm surprised Polar didn't die.
For serious? With all their interaction in-blog, I'd have thought they were best friends! I'm not too surprised that I don't know Xuan in-game.
Wait a minute... Are Rudy and Xuan practicing for after Uni at MY party? *giggle*
i love this neighborhood. It's hard to believe that the challenge is over... the story is nowhere near over yet!

Mrs. Stuffy said...

You are another one of those that have infinite wisdom with the ability to keep track of all this. . . honestly I would of been lost simyears ago- if my hood was this packed.
Wonderful update. Never a dull moment.

ASimWen said...

Mrs. Stuffy: On word... EXCEL. I have to keep a spreadsheet to keep track of everyone! ha! But thank you for the compliment. ;)

ciyrose said...

As always I LOVE the update! So much going on, so many uni sims....

I am so glad to hear you will keep playing as time allows. That darn life stuff can just get in the way something. ;) I hope school goes great for you!

Can't wait to see how to start to wrap up the stories here....there have been so many great ones.

ruby said...

ack! what is goin on w/ Rebbecca and Opal?! *shakes head* sheesh. can't take your sims anywhere *giggles*
/squeals I love the picture of Quavi!
oh nice, a piano. I take it Xenio will take over the house. nice bribe dude.
*blinks* okay i did NOT see that coming LOL Conrad huh... hmmm.
Sammy may not be bright, but he is purdy! *laughs* even in the lounge lizard suit! too funny
egads Malvina! what was she thinking when she transitioned? *snickersnorts*
Woot go Llama boy! kick booty!! *cheers him on*
oh nice job in the accelerated program Xenio! *winks*
Lori is beautiful, they're gonna make great kids together. DRAMAZ!! i loves it. wait if they have 3 bolts... maybe we need to change who Opal is gonna marry.. hmm?
whew. that was a busy time .. i couldn't stop reading to comment.
glad Rebecca and Quartell fell in love .. even w/o your help. heh.
omg the cow / llama thing worked. and LOL that Brax n Erin are running around the party in their panties.
sooo uh ... i hope that pop up doesn't end up messing w/ Quartell's schooling! that's pretty funny tho
oh wow. that picture. with all 4 original skintones. its funny how the genetics come around and around. i love it. now the question is, do they all have the right colored eyes to go with the skin?
Hi Fini! *waves*
Oy .. that really is a lot of fighting! sheesh
Jack LaLane?! LOL ya he does remind me of him, I cant believe he's still alive. wow!
so is that what its for? LOL ya i had Ashley make some but never used it. that would have come in handy a few times. heh.
wow, spectral assistant ?? I haven't seen that one yet. what does it do? *bounces* great now i need to play and find out!
Yay it is him, Xen! *giggles*
oh oh that's erm .. and Fini and Xenio and Ketrina .. okay the red head in the front is familiar and pretty but no name is coming to mind.
ut oh. who is Ruby waiting for.. *squeals* Richie!
LOL Oh classy move Xuan! *snicker snorts*
well now everything at least appears to be going smoothly, lots of cow but kicking and GH entries. nice!
welcome to the house Kyle and ooooooh .. so nice that the two are happy!
LOL OMG even in game Xuan has no time for Ruby. Too funny!
*squeals and waves at Vonfirmath*
oops.. Fini hadn't even met Xuan yet and she has to spit out his kids? o.O wow Wen, you're slipping! LOL okay so that is way funny to me.
you're racking up the pianos! nice
whew! i'm exhausted from your uni round, heh.
ooooh that was Rachel at the party, i should go up and change her name there .. nah. heheh
Xuan and Ruby show up to the party and i tell ya .. i wonder .. didn't Xuan adopt Ruby? i mean.. how can they.. yanno .. really..

ASimWen said...

To Ruby: Thank you for the nice long post. Yeah, Xuan and Ruby can...Xuan and Fini is called SIMPE. I went in there and figured out how to break the ties. :) They no longer show as related in the game. If I had played the Robbins lot correctly in the first place, I would have moved Ruby in as a townie instead of having him adopt her.

Rachel said...

Wowzers, a very long update. It took me several lunch breaks to read. Very funny that Ruby didn't have a high enough relationship with Xuan to invite him over and Fini didn't know him at all. Great update.