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University, wk17.b, Part I

This entry finishes up University for round 17, and as always, each lot is blogged in the order of my play list for Uni. :) This entry will be written in two parts, each part is one semester of play on each lot. I actually played one semester and wrote this entry, (Part I) then went back to the hood (those entries you have read already), then came back to Uni to play Part II and get it blogged....this will finish Uni for round 17.

I started Part II with 44 Sims....yeah.....ouch....might as well get started....

Greek House Crumplebottom - Sammy McClelland and Malvina Robbins

Yep, Sammy and Malvina finally graduated and whisked off to a grand life together in Prosperity Falls. But before they graduated, here is the exciting things they did with their time in the last year of school at Sim State:

The Greek house keeps it's garden going, even in the winter. As you can see, the kids have built a green house. I love the great veggies that come from it. Malvina earns her gold badge in gardening. That came in really hand for....

Sammy. He drank his way to maxed skills by drinking eggplant juice. He was lacking 13 skill points to have maxed skills. Why does he need that? He is not a knowledge Sim. Well, he is fortune and wants to earn $100,000 for his LTW. Having maxed skills just makes it tons easier to reach the top of all careers to earn all the bonuses.

Woah! Who is this goofy looking guy that Malvina is playing slug with? ??? Why, that is none other than her brother, "Sharp Eye" Quartell. Malivna managed to get three of her sibs into the Greek House....Quartell, Raya and Xenio. She just invited them over....asked them to pledge....put out plenty of food, and they stayed on the lot long enough to get in. Easy-peasy.

The Small Dorm - Lori Strickland and Xenio Robbins

Xenio is a new comer to the dorm, and to Uni. Son of Joy (Capehart) Robbins and Xuan Robbins. Eh Xenio...we don't go for the lumberjack look around here....

Yup, these two are destined but there is very little chemistry. In fact, none. I have very few of those in the Falls. But it happens, just as in real life people have no attraction but spend their entire lives together for what ever reason. Xenio ditched the flannels and got himself a skin tight "Mr. Perfect" shirt, different hair style. Ditched the glasses for contacts. Lori thinks he is alright.

They did manage to start liking each other a little bit. *smile*

The Landgraab House - Mary Strickland, Heath Delarosa, Michael-Douglas Strickland, Sandy McClelland, and Malcom (Thurston) Landgraab

I thought it only fitting that at least one of the Landgraab boys should stay in the dorm named after their family, so Malcom V it was. Eh, leave to a Landgraab to move into the dorm wearing a tux. heh Heath Delarosa gets an eyeball full of the newcomer. At any rate, Malcom's intended Meghanne Capehart didn't leave for Uni this round, it will be next round for her. So that means he has time to play around in Uni....................

Meghanne Capehart

Eh, yeah. This is Opal Raymond...I think is her name. She is the Bon Voyage Townie the matchmaker brought him as a teen. Yeah, yeah, I sent her to Uni. I don't do enough of that....I am tired of her coming home on the bus with the teens of Prosperity Falls. I have great plans for her, read on. They have three bolts.

Malcom gets into the SS right away...and as reported in the last Uni update, the two fighting SS members were at it again.

Here you can see the instigator warming up his fists in the background...buddy he is gettin' ready. He is after the guy on the far left talkin' to the chick in the hat.

And there they go. It never ends. *sigh*

With all the friends that Sandy McClelland had, I found it hard to believe she was just now getting her abduction. And right in time too.

Yup, Sandy and her beau Michael-Douglas sneak in a lil' lip action before I have the camera ready to take their graduation picture. Man oh man. As soon as I took this picture, the troublemaker swooped in....

Nasty ol' cow. This is the female. It had 'sweet talked' Michael-Douglas. Happened so fast I couldn't stop it. Sandy then proceeded to shove the cow, and the cow retaliated. Sandy managed to make the cow leave at that time. But now there is the problem...these two are supposed to be an item. They are engaged. But now Sandy is pretty much hatin' Michael-Douglas's guts.

I managed to get the two lovebirds...errr...ex lovebirds to pose for their picture, then I thought it best to get them home. So Michael-Douglas makes the first call.

While he is moving out, she starts squalling. Dang it wasn't his fault. It wasn't like he was cheating on you or anything.

Mmm I think she is going to go shopping at Four Winds Shopping as soon as she gets home. Yeah. GAWD.

111 2nd Street - Lincoln Strickland, Lovelle Capehart, Erin Strickland and Brax Robbins

Oh who is this stoppin' by for a jog stretch? He looks mighty different without his lumber jack clothes and sunglasses. This is Xenio Robbins, son of Xuan Robbins and Joy (Capehart) Robbins, and future mate to Lori Strickland, as seen above in the Small Dorm entry.

As seen in the prior Universty entry, there was alot of jealousy and face slappin' going on here at the home of the future leader of the Mission, Brax Robbins and kissin' cousins Erin and Lincoln Strickland. And it hasn't stopped.

Here Lincoln Strickland chats it up with his former lover Erin Strickland whilst her beau Brax Robbins looks on. Apparently Lincoln is over being green-eyed with jealously and is ready to let bygones be bygones with Erin.

Brax immediately swoops in to show everyone his claim....Erin is his and nobody else's.

Brax: Your'e darn straight. Erin is the mother to the next generation to the Mission...her womb is mine!

Apparently Lovelle, Lincoln's intended and now main squeeze, can't let it go as easily as Brax can. Everytime she got a chance she was slappin' Erin around for sleeping with her fiancee even before she set foot on the lot, or even knew Lincoln, for that matter. Those two had many cat fights.

Tech Dorm 7 Rooms - Ruby Strickland, Sacha Strickland, Alexis Trimble and Elijah Strickland

There was love here....errr........lust here......

This is the first time Ruby and Sacha woo-hoo'd? Really? I was surprised to get the first woo hoo vid.

This was the scene as soon as I opened this lot. All the girls are swooning over Elijah upon coming back from final exam. Not unusual. I looked the other way for just a second, and the green girl Alexis (his finacee) is sockin' it to the girl in the beige trenchcoat. That is Virginia Jitmakusol...(not related to the werewolf headmaster Korey Jitmakusol). Virginia is one of Xuan Robbinse's past lovers. But that is no matter. I thought...why is Alexis slappin' Virginia 'round??

She plays the mean prank on the cheerleader...ya know...hey you got somethin' on your clothes *bam* right in the kisser!!!!! Then she laughs her fool head off. I never noticed she was like I check it out.

Eh, she's got the typical alien extreme personality. Extreme on both ends. She must not like anybody....err..besides her fiancee Elijah. Let's take a look at his stats.

He is sitting close by playing chess oblivious to his finacee's amusements. Um, he isn't nice either. But typical of a Strickland, he is super neat. Oh looky, so is Alexis. Well, they are going to be a fun couple to play back in the hood. Hey, they won't have any friends, but the house will be clean. No butler needed there. They are both Scorpios. No wonder they get along with each other.

See? Elijah has no time for amusing jokes. I thought he was gonna join the Fight Club at the Secret Society. They guy he is talkin' to is one of 'em that fights.

This just goes to show ya.....Alexis just wants to act tuff. She and Virginia have made up and sat in front of the TV every after noon barkin' at the football game. They actually worked their relationship up over zero. heh

And Sacha gets his gold in robotics...and has reached the lofty heights of being 'in the zone.' Will he be makin' any Servos? NO. But he will make a few sentry bots and give them away.

138 Almond Rd - Decota Strickland and Pinkie Baer

Lots of goal reaching went on here.

Pinkie became a real couch potato and continuously watched the Sports Channel and reached 'the zone' in sports.

Decota, in the trench coat, hit the wishing well a couple of times to make friends......

And reached his LTW - 20 best friends. He shall now and forever more be boring to play. His new LTW is to become a Media Magnate.

Pinenut Plaza - Braelen Bostic, Buffy Landgraab, Briah Bostic, Jason McClelland, and Molly Capehart

There was one newcomer this play to the Pinenut Plaza, another Landgraab. This is Buffy, daughter of Malcom and Aazia (Robbins) Landgraab. I really like her looks. The strong features of the Landgraabs have melded nicely in with the fine features from the Robbinses. As a child, I thought she was a lost cause. In the last visit with the Landgraabs before Buffy left for university, she met up with Braelen Bostic at her birthday party. He called her a dog (almost) right to her face. He was promptly thrown out of the house by Malcom Senior.

Does he know who she is? He seems quite taken with her. These two get along great, and are a great match. I can't wait to see what their children look like.

Ummm....yeah. Lots of lip action. They are a nice fit.

At any rate when I first opened the lot this dormie continually picked on the lunch lady. I have no idea why. Other sims in the dorm kept calling him away from her, but he kept going back to her and picking on her. I couldn't figure it out. Okay witch experts. Tell me why my warlock back here witnessing this specatcle, who is studying the Path of Light, takes a hit to his errr..."witchiness" watching this. ???

And Molly gains a silver in robotics. YAY! More sentrybots will be in the hood. I love 'em.

10 Peanut Street - Narcissus Capehart, Betsy Ross Strickland, Xen Strickland, Clara Barton Strickland

As stated in the last Uni update, Xen Strickland and his intended Clara Barton Strickland didn't get along at all. So until Xen ends his sophomore year when he can change his aspiration (to hopefully knowledge to match Clara's), they are at least trying to keep a friendship going. Red hands? Yeah. Really lame. As much as I really like these two, they are giving me a hard time.

I am Xen! Son of the Greatest Lover! Xuan Robbins!

Xuan: Errr....Xen, tone it down some. This is a Uni update. We don't normally....

I am Xen!

Xuan: *Sigh*

What the heck are you talkin' about??? Says Betsy Ross to the SS cop.

124 Almond Road - Yazibell McClelland and Richie Landgraab

These two are newcomers to University.

Here is proud daddy Regis McClelland bringing his daughter to school. He is one of two male aliens in Prosperity Falls. All the rest have been girls. Yazibell's mother is Jenn (Robbins) McClelland.

Eh Yazibell, ya need a make over...BAAaaaad!

It didn't take Richie Landgraab long to decide he liked Yazibell. After all, they are childhood sweetharts. Richie is the son of Malcom and Aazia (Robbins) Landgraab.

It only took about a day.......

Will you?? Will you???

Who? Me? Are you talkin' to me?

Proposal accepted!

The Deal is sealed.

So one Landgraab out of three has taken the plunge and is officially off the dating market.

126 Almond Road - Ketrina McClelland and Royce Strickland

Ketrina is Yazibell's sister. She takes a whiff of the morning air at University. Errr...who is that standing beside her?

This is Royce Strickland, brother to meanie Elijah Strickland in the Tech Dorm (see above). Royce and Elijah's parents are Bulldog and Madalyn (Capehart) Strickland, parents to the second set of 10 kids in the Falls. Both Royce and Ketrina are newcomers to University too. As soon as Royce grew up...I had flashes of his cousin Bubbs Strickland (AKA Mr. Knowledge) Those genetics. tsk tsk.

What do you think? This is Mr. Knowledge as an adult. I say they look alot alike.

Things didn't move along as quickly for these two as some of the others this Uni round. They were both kissing virgins.

Royce took Ketrina on a date downtown...big spender. lol

No beddy-bye time for them....just lots of kissing and hugging. I like them as a couple. Ketrina needs a make over. *sigh*

Sim State Dormatory - Randy Strickland, Raya Robbins, Quartell Robbins, Rebecca Strickland, Opal Raymond, and Goth Boy. (Cant' recall his name. Conrad something, I think)

Okey doke. 6 newcomers to Uni. This lot was a doosey for me to play. Number one, I have never played this dorm before. Nope. In playing the Falls for 4 years, I have never had so many in Uni at once I had to press it into service. I always stayed away from it because it had 14 rooms and I was always sure my computer would buck and whine at keeping up with it. But it did great.

Being a first play in this dorm mean no snapdragons and no wishing well for my Sim's use. ARGH! Back to the stone ages! lol It was a riot! Another thing was two townie teens came to Uni. Which meant I had to keep an eye on their skills. Yeah, almost none. Fun.

Let's get started on this lot....alone...........

Let's start with the siblings. This is Rebecca Strickland, sister to...........

Randy Strickland. They are siblings to Royce and Elijah, see above. heh

Brother and sister Raya and Quartell Robbins. Their parents are Quavi and Joy (Capehart) Robbins. Yeah, he really shows the alien atributes from his mother, but Raya picked up the beauty from the Robbinses. Fitting for a Romance Sim. I didn't like her much as a teen, but I absolutely fell in love with her in Uni.

This is a BonVoyage teen you all know and love.... (At least those of you who have BV). She is the teen that wears light blue vacation vest and beige capris that often comes home with your teens on the bus. Malcom V (Thurston) Landgraab bought her from the matchmaker as a date. GAH! Now not only was she coming home on the bus with my kids, she was sneaking in as dates with the matchmaker. I decided it was karma...she wanted to be played really bad. So I sent her to Uni to see how things went.

This is Goth Boy. Oh I just remembered his name. Conrad Dallas. GAWD he looks goofy here. Hehehe I haven't bothered changing his look. I dont' want to start liking him, but you never know. I sent him as he was a habitual visitor at the Baer House, via the wishing well for Polar. I really didn't mind him as a teen, he looked very different in the hood compared to the rest of them. I thought sending him would stir up a little conflict with Polar and her intended. hehehe!

Everyone ran right into the dorm and began slap dancing. Thanks alot to Opal, the BV teen. Now that is all the people in the dorm wanna do. They roll wants for it. HA~!

Back from their fist day of classes. Hmmm...Conrad has the hots for Raya. I don't think so. Her intended is standing right beside ya Conrad! Stay away from her! Looks like Rebecca and Quartell are amicable...they are intended as well.

The SS cops show up for Opal the very first night. Well, that didn't surprise me as she knows so many of the kids in Uni right now. Uh...always came home on the bus with them back in the hood.

It was during her abduction that I got a close look at her. Hmmm.... I decided I really liked her genetics. Pretty! I couldn't wait to get her back to the dorm and fix her up. Lots of potential here.

Ah. Here she is on a date with an exciteable Malcom Landgraab V. MMmmm....! I really like these to together! She is a fortune Sim with a want to become a Criminal Mastermind. !!!! That is the same stats as Malcom's father, Malcom IV Sr. So...Malcom V is also fortune with a want to earn a measley $100,000. I say go for it... I like them togehter. As YA's, they developed 3 bolts.

Isn't she gorgeous..........

Malcom whips out a jeweler's lens.....Yep! It is a real rock...........

And the second Landgraab has taken the plunge. Sorry for Malcom's intended....Meghanne Capehart. (See beginning of entry 1). She now has no current beau. There are 8 girls like that currently in the one lined up for them. *sigh* My game spits out girls like there is no tomorrow.

I also fell in love with Randy Strickland and Raya Robbins as a couple. To begin with, the odds were stacked against them. He is Family, she is Romance. Normally those two aspirations mix like oil and water. I thought I would have to change one of them, but I don't think I will.

*Ahem* Yeah....she is all over him all the time. They behave like three bolters, but actually have two bolts. She never rolls wants to see other guys...but just general romance wants like 'so many loves.' Being that Randy is Family, he will be more than happy to keep Raya in woo-hoo heaven.

Ahhhh...nice and classy. All dressed up in formals. I love it.

They are a classy couple. I like them.

Alright are hooked for life to Randy. Now stop thinking about getting more loves.

Quartell, get over it. Your sister Raya is gonna marry the guy....OH wait. are you jealous becuase you are having a hard time with your intended???

Yeah. He and Rebecca are havin' such a hard time I didn't get any good pics of them. Their bolt attraction kept changing. None. One. Negative one. One. GAWD. There is one thing that Rebecca really liked about Quartell though.

Um yeah. I was playing around with Pescado's lot debugger from MATY and accidentally turned Quartell into a werewolf. Poor guy.....

He was really confused about his tranformation, couldn't remember being savaged by one of the many werewolves in the Falls that turned him into this creature. He immediately rolled a want to be cured. Being the benevolent player I am, I let him immediately call the gypsy to purchase the cure from her. I think he looked like a really cool werewolf though. *sniff*

Rebecca, being a Knowledge Sim, immediately rolled a want for him to be a werewolf again. She rolled wants to turn into one herself. heh

And there was a party....thrown by Quartell... who should come to it....

Ruby Robbins and Ketrina McClelland

Eh, Ruby Robbins came. Hmmm....this is the first of a couple of parties she attended this Uni round. She was good here....but wait to you see what she did at the second party...heh

And that ends this Lot. Phew!

25 Peanut Street - Ruby Robbins and Polar Baere

Xuan: Here it is Ruby. This is the building you and I will.........

Ruby: We'll what? We'll what? Just spit it out Robbins.

Xuan: I will come over and give you your first woo-hoo! You are mine!

Ruby: The King says not until you give me a house and begin supporting me. So stay away.

Xuan: Just think of it Ruby. here.........

Ruby: Hrumph!

Xuan: OMG....she is not bad at all!!!!

Ruby: I heard that Xuan Robbins. *puffs out chest* Hey I think I like these. *snicker* Growin' up on Earth ain't bad at all!

Xuan: You stay away from other guys Ruby. It is only me. So the King says.

Ruby: Since when do you do what the king says?

King: SINCE NOW RUBY! *thunder*

Xuan: *Snicker*

Yes, Ruby has finally made it to Uni. I really did think to room her with Infinity, but decided against putting those two together because Xuan would be making conjugal visits between the two. Really dont' want to mess up their friendship.

So she is rooming with Polar Baere, daughter of Xuan's sister Lynn and her husband Kevin. The first thing they did was go to University Shopps and get a change of clothes.

Ruby why are you acting like you have never met Raya before? You grew up in the same house with here. GAWD.

Off to the SS...the cops came for her the first night.

Polar hooked back up with her teen love, Conrad Dallas, alias Goth Boy. They have two bolts, I believe, but they aren't really turning me on as a 'great' couple. I will play them a bit longer and see how I feel after Polar's man comes to Uni. If they don't meld for me, then Conrad, it will be.

15 Peanut Street - Infinity Nevermore and Rachel Strickland

Here is Regis McClelland again, dropping off The Enforcer....errr...his adopted daughter at University. This is actually his third trip to Univeristy. He also dropped off his daughter Ketrina, as well as Yazibell.

Infinity: I see what you mean Ruby! I like 'em too!


And Infinity takes a nice long whiff of University air....while her roomie....

Rachel Strickland looks stoic. Where are her pretty long tresses??? Off to get a makeover.

So Matthew. I hear you guys come and get students and take them away in handcuffs....I have been here one night already and you guys haven't come for me.

Ruby: See I told ya! I told ya! Handcuffs are da bomb!

Infinity: YES!!!!! I am in like flynn!!!!! This University thang isn't bad Ruby!

Party time....

Infinity's adopted sisters Ketrina and Yazibell get into the swing of things by slap dancing. *sigh* I should never have sent Opal Raymond to everyone is slap dancing. No wait. I like Opal and Malcom V together. *must remember that*

Ruby and Infinity have a little fun before Infinity talks business.

Infinity: Remember we have to keep our grades up so we don't get expelled Ruby. The sooner we leave Uni the sooner we become Xuan's baby factory.

Ruby: Oh puh-lese Infinity. I will just find me a homework sugardaddy and I won't have to worry about it. Hey maybe I can fix things so I stay in Uni forever!

Ruby: I'm not gonna do any homework Fini! I had enough of that in high school! I will use 'influence' to get my work done.

Fini: I don't hear this...I don't hear this... LALALALALALA!!!!! Ruby, you are risking so much! What about exam time? You have to know the material to pass!

Ruby: Fini! We have telepathy! Just ..... ya know.... will ya???

And so on. Ruby was as fiesty as ever.

Alright! Get down! Errr... I mean ...... YEEHAW!!!!!

And the party wraps up with..........................

Xuan: Ruby! Get OUT of the Love Tub with Professor Carlson! It is only ME!

Ruby: Xuan, you are fulla yourself. Go Away!


My game must be generating new SS members. I have no idea who this is.

The matchmaker must be gay. She is getting the hots for Romance Sim Raya Robbins.

On to Part II.............


SirenPrincess said...

Oh, I hate that stupid cow, too! It is so not fair to the poor sim she tries to flirt with. It's especially sad when it's a family sim that's really faithful. Oh well, adds to the drama, I suppose.

Bubbs said...

Wait one minute! Malcolm is at Uni and his intended isn't here yet. He did bring his blind date from the matchmaker??? And they are THREE BOLTS?!?!? Why are you pushing that under the rug with 'move on'???

Oops, looks like the Cow wants some action also. *snicker* Maybe you should let it join a house, you know to sacrifice it!

What is with your game and the fighting houses? Got to love the action!!

Oh my. I love the future Stricklands! No friends with the clean house!

Where did you find this Buffy? That isn't the Buffy we watched grow up...where is she?? What did you do to her?

I am Xen! Son of the Greatest Lover! Xuan Robbins!
Xen sure is a cutie!

Slap dancing is taking over the hood!! *Snicker*

Oh wait, so now it is ok to let Malcolm have his 3 bolt girl?? She is very nice looking once her hair is changed.

Ruby is suppose to wait for Xuan? I don't see Ruby being one to follow commands like that...

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Wow, this is a lot of Sims. You're usually not huge on the drama, but this is funny. Wow, I commented on Raya as a teen, but she is a knockout now! As usual, Ruby is a hoot. For you it's slap dancing, for me it was the sea chantey. "In like Flynn..." lol

ciyrose said...

Wow...that was lots of Uni to do. Good job on getting through everything. It's great to see Ruby and Infinitely in college.

Buffy really need grow up into her looks, very exotic.

Opal is rather pretty. I like her with Malcolm.

ciyrose said...

Err...I mean Infinity...

Oh and I really like Raya...she's pretty.

I feel for your with the slap dance. In my original prosperity I brought Lainey from the islands with me, so everyone wanted to do and did a lot of Hula dancing.

ruby said...

hey Quartell grew up pretty good. at least his profile *giggles*
Xenio cleaned up nicely! heh love the shirt
Malcom V .. a tux huh.. nice touch *snickers*
I love Sandy & Michael-Douglas together. Ack! spoke too soon. *shakes head*
Couple counseling, strawberry juice .. come on now, they're too perfect together to break up now!
Heh you show 'em Brax!
LOL the look on Lovelle's face is priceless!
woot gold badge. what? no servos? *giggles* ya i dont blame you.
grats on the LTW, shame he's gonna bore you now.
not a witch expert or anything but he has a minus saying he dropped a smidge from the light, i'm guessing it had to so w/ a spell he cast.
I'm with you, I love sentry bots!
o.O what is Xen wearing?! *laughs*
holy boop, Yazibell doesn't just need a makeover, she looks way taller than her dad in that shot.. like a freakin Amazon!
Ooooo nice make over! Yazibell looks great.
yes Ketrina needs a makeover and oh wow, yes Royce looks a lot like Bubbs!
Rebecca is pretty .. and Randy is looks quite dapper.
I was right, Quartell looks much better as an adult. still kinda scary, but better!
Raya is beautiful!
bwahahah Goth Boy is a freak!
Oh i love Randy and Raya together. they look so awesome
o.O why?!?! Oh you should have left him! He looks so trippy as a werewolf
/squeals .. its me.. erm Ruby! *waves to Ruby* where's Fini?
*blinks* wow .. okay so there's a change in tune. now Xuan's on board w/ erm... pollinating.. planting seeds.. whatever you wanna say ..
and OMG LOL *puffs out chest* now that was hilarious!
Fini! *cheers* LOL yes breasts are awesome.
ooooo thats the way Ruby, charm your way through college! and off to a great start with a professor! Yay!!
*snickers at Xuan* oh so now you care? pfft..

Rachel said...

I like Ruby's plan of not doing any homework. I've never been brave enough to try it.