Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Mission Is Completed

The core members of the Mission approach the small house on the edge of town..nothing noticeable about it. All are wondering why the King called this meeting out of the blue..... Zaine Robbins, son of Quavi Robbins, Xuan Robbins, son of Zaed Robbins, Jati Robbins, son of Zaed and current leader of the Mission, and Brax Robbins, son of Jati, future leader of the Mission. Xuan thought he might know why the sudden meeting, but decided to try and play it cool. After all, he had completed a secret mission of his own on the side with Alien X.


King: I just love Earth food~!

The King attempts to finish off his plate before the meeting began. But to no avail, the meeting invitees filed in and took places at the table and waited expectantly for him to begin things.

It was a solemn atmosphere as Brax was the last one to take his seat. Xuan's eyes were downcast. Even though he had a feeling he was about to get what he had wanted his whole life, somehow he did not feel pleased.

King: I hear you Xuan. There is no use trying to hide it. The flux capacitor is in full operations, and I know you are responsible.

Xuan: *Sigh*

King: Welcome, welcome everybody to this emergency meeting. There is so much to discuss, I thought it pertinent that we meet in person in this....errrr......unnoticed shack on the side of town so we wouldn't have to use telepathy. We can speak aloud.

(Editor...this is really the house the King lives in in the hood. It is totally unplayed....I did not want time to pass on a Robbins lot by having the meeting there).

To get started, if you haven't heard already, or not aware, the flux capacitor is once again operating normally, at full capacity. Anotothians can once again travel to different planets, and use it for all the other things it does.

Xuan: Like transferring gifts.

King: It is so.

Brax: Was the flux capacitor used when Timo and Kamika came to earth?

Jati and Brax

King: Yes, it was their mode of transportation, and Infinity Nevermore and Ruby used it as well.

Ruby and Infinity in unison: (telepathically to all) We are here! But in University!

King: Yes, you have been fine soldiers in this Mission ladies, I will iterate on your future here in a few moments. *hem* now as I was saying.

It seems that the flux capacitor just magically started operating again....but that is not the case. There was a particular event that restored it.

Jati: What would that be could the machinery just fix itself? What happened?

King: Well Jati, since your brother here, Xuan, had developed the ability to close his mind to you, you have no idea.

Jati glares at Xuan, Xuan hangs his head.

King: Luckily Wilbur was able to zero in on unusual telepathic waves on earth...using errrr....a satellite....yeah....a satellite......and find out what was going on.

Zaine and Xuan

Zaine: Is it true Xuan? Are you responsible for fixing the .... flux capacitor?

Xuan's eyes dart around the table, and he heaves an audible sigh thinking Alien X would start screaming in his head, but she was silent. He realized at that moment he was free of her.

Xuan: Yes, I suppose it is true. Something I did, in a round about way fixed it.

King: The podium is yours Xuan. No one can explain it like you. Tell them.

Ruby: Yes tell us Xuan! Tell us!

Xuan: Well, it started with Alien X...

Jati: Alien X! I knew it! I knew you were connected with Alien X somehow. Please do tell!

Xuan: Yeah well. Alien X had been contacting me off and on for a while. Really it was getting to be a pain. Because it appeared I was the only one that could hear her.

Brax: Alien X is a she?

Jati. Figures. Now even intergalactic women are contacting him. Pfft.

Xuan: *puffs up with pride* What can I say... I am the Greatest...

Ruby: Get offa yourself Xuan! Just tell the story!


Zaine: Wait wait wait...before you go on, lemme go get a soda...this is gonna be good!

Xuan: *sigh* Ok. We met in the park...well actually she tricked me into going there. I thought I was meeting...errrr.....someone else.

Ruby: No doubt one of your girlfriends.

Xuan: (ignores) We did have a conversation there. She told me she wanted to have my babies. *forks drop on plates in disbelief* Errr, yeah. She said all the men had left her planet and there was no way for keep the population going. So she asked me.

Jati: Why you, brother? Why not any of the rest of us? And what does that have to do with the flux capacitor?

Xuan: Well, she is the one who broke the flux capacitor. She was using it as a bargaining chip to get me to....errr...woo hoo with her. And why me? She stated it was because she wanted her children to have my extraordinary mental abilities.

Infinity: Little did she know how easy it would really be to get you to do it...hahaha....

Ruby: Good one Fini!!!

Jati: So can I reason that you did do this....errr....deed since the flux capacitor is working?

*Xuan nods*

Jati: Children?

Xuan: There are two. A boy and a girl named Xana and Xander.

Zaine: As dad would say, your seed is powerful! Two of them at once!

Xuan: Nothing powerful about it. She ate cheesecake. *waves his hand, as if waving the comment away* But let's get on with what happened. She told me in the park that day that if I donated my, er, seed to her that she would fix the flux capacitor. How could I say no? *mummers are heard around the table, in ascent.* I thought that if I did this, then this would fix a whole lot of problems in the Mission.

The King and Jati
Yes, Jati has a change of clothes. His ride for work came, and he changed. Ha.

King: Xuan that was huge. You should have brought that to Jati immediately! Why did you withhold the information?

Xuan: She told me not to report it! That it would spoil everything. I wanted everything to work out, and I thought I could handle it so I kept it to myself.

Brax: Tell us about the cheesecake!

Xuan: It turns out the cheesecake was never bad, and never stopped working. *Gasps are heard around the table* Alien X used the flux capacitor to brainwash everyone into thinking it was bad.

Jati: Aha! Mind control! Of course!

Xuan: Yeah...except for me. I knew it would work. After all, I have Xandi and Xiola.

Jati: My liege, how is it that we were all controlled by our own flux capacitor?

King: Alien X turned it against us buy profiling it to target anyone with any mental capability at all....

Jati: Except Xuan.

King: Yes.

Xuan: *Clears throat* Anyway, the deed was done...the kids were born, and now the flux capacitor is fixed. End of story.

Jati: Where is X now?

Xuan shrugs. All eyes look to the King.

King: X is still on earth, and has been rendered powerless. When she restored the flux capacitor to it's former condition, Wilbur immediately closed the loop hole that allowed X access to it in the first place that resulted in the first X trick, when she turned back time. X is now stranded here, powerless to return to her planet, or communicate with us in any way shape or form.

Xuan: Ahhh...what does this mean for Xana and Xander?

King: Dunno. You are their father. Figure it out.

Xuan: What do you mean?

King: Ok. I might was well get to the gist.

King: Here it is. The Mission on earth is being withdrawn. All full blooded Anotothians through out the galaxy are being recalled immediately to report to General Mildred for new orders. First on the list, to rid Anatoth of all Lochoshian males.

Everyone immediately fell silent, and glanced around the table at each other, confused.

Jati: Errr...does this mean we are leaving earth?

King: The only full blooded Anotothains here are Ruby and Infinity.

Ruby and Infinity: *in unison* WOOT!

King: Now, don't get excited ladies. You are full blooded, sure...but your dna has morphed since you came here. Your system would never withstand the Anotothian atmosphere.......I am afraid the changes are permanent.

Ruby: My liege, didn't Wilbur change the DNA of Timo and Kamika so they could withstand the earth atmosphere? Why can't she do it for us?

Brax: Now wait a minute! I am next in line to command the Mission earth! I have been groomed for it all my life! What of that?

King: As you all know, the older an Anatothian gets on earth, the more he/she is liable to lose all memory of the Mission. With the females, it happens almost immediately upon adulthood. With the males, it takes a little longer. Over the next few days, that process will be sped up, and you will gradually lose all memory of the Mission. Wilbur will use the flux capacitor to seek out and erase the hard drives of any and all computers that contain sensitive Mission information. Anything written out on hard copy will be destroyed.

Ruby: I don't wanna forget! I am Anotothian! I wanna go home!

Infinity: Isn't there some way, my leige? Any way at all?

King: Ladies. It is all for your own protection. Wilbur can change an Anotothian to live on earth, but the process cannot be assimilated to change an altered Anotothian to return to Anatoth. Either you live here as an earthling, none the wiser, or die trying to return. It is your choice.

Ruby and Infinity mentally look at one another.

Ruby, I wanna live, even if I am an earthling.

Ruby: Me too, Fini. It is settled. Will we still have Xuan's babies??

Xuan: HAHAHA!!!! You wish!

King: That is totally up to earthlings.....

Zaine: What of the Anotothain abductions of earthlings?

King: That will probably continue, if only for our entertainment if nothing else. There really is no reason for us to do it.

Jati: I don't understand my liege. Why withdraw? We can continue to spread the DNA...and...

King: It is a done deal, Jati. The earthen DNA is stronger than the Anotothian DNA. The Mission here is a scrap.....

Xuan: What of our gifts? Telepathy...counting fetuses.......

King: Your gift of counting fetuses was revoked a couple of days ago. No earthling can do that. Your women will now have to go to a physician to have an ultrasound for detection. As for telepathy, you might still retain some of that. After all Xuan you were predisposed to it before you realized you could do it. It was a natural human thing you were born with. I think here on earth it is referred to as ESP. Look. You can't keep the gifts and not be in the Mission. End of story.

Xuan: You mean...we will be normal?

King: Yes, and Xuan. To make it clear....your body is once again aging. Xuan, you will become an old man.

Xuan: *Whew* All I have ever wanted was to be normal. Good riddance!

Jati: I....I...don't know what to say. How will we live our lives? What of that?

King: You will be earthlings. You will have your households with your wives and families. Hold down jobs. Your children will inherit what you leave behind when you die.

Jati and his son Brax.

Brax: I can do that. I have my lovely Erin. We can carry on.

Jati: That brings to mind the more planning? No...????

King: No. Here is something I can tell you. You will retain your basic personality. Xuan. You love women...that will continue. In a human sort of way. Jati, you are an educator...that will like having many will probably have lots of parties at the house.

And....we will still be around. Meaning, the Anotothains are so wrapped up now with earth, we could never let it go. Not really. I have plans in store for this blue planet......

Jati: What say you my liege?

King: Abductions, of course. Unusual occurances....that sort of thing.

Brax: You mean we will be ginuea pigs???

King: Err..not really..just...studied.

Xuan: And we will have no clue! Priceless!!!!!

King: This is the last time you will see me or talk to me. The minute you walk out this door, the memory loss will commence. And you will not know, or think it unusual. You will refer to a chance sighting of us as a "UFO". We will make the cult UFO magazines. "Mothman" types of stories. So. This is it. Meeting adjourned.

Xuan makes a hasty exit to answer a call that came in on his cell phone. The rest file out of the tiny house, somehow feeling lighter than air, not unhappy. Zaine tried in vain to think how his father Quavi would have reacted to this. Jati thought of his father Zaed. What would Zaed do? Jati couldn't think of a thing....wait.....what was it Zaed did???? Oh well.

Brax was actually happy.....

Later that day...........

Berry Nosey

Berry: Xuan. Thanks for meeting me. Are you ready to spill the beans now? Tell all?

Xuan: Sure....Berry.....what ever you want. *winks* Hey sure look like you could use a night out on the town. I am available tonight, what say I come pick you up around eight?

Berry: *sputters* What is the matter with you Robbins? Come on now. The cheesecake issue, flying saucers, the strange yellow eyes of your family, and you yourself had two girls, Xandi and Xiola!

Xuan: Xandi and Xiola were adopted, thank you. Please do not drag my daughters into your scheme. What do you want to know? I dont' know anything about flying saucers. Are you nuts? All I know about cheesecake is that is makes a delicious dessert! Are we going out or not?

Berry notices that Xuan has a clueless look in his eyes. He honestly doesn't know! What was she going to do now? Xuan was her link to the Robbins family. She would have to seek out another member and see if she could find out anything.

Berry: OH, you are being so stubborn, Robbins. And NO I don't want to go out with you. You must have laid with every woman in Prosperity Falls. No thank you Sir! I would probably catch something.

Xuan: You are so pretty when you are angry. Your cheeks flush in a cute kind of way. Are you sure you don't want to go out? Hmmm? Take your turn with Xuan?

Berry: Eh, no, but thank you. Hey, you have a good life, okay? See you around......

That ends the Anotothian Mission on Earth. Even though the prosperity challenge is over, and the mission is done, I still have lots of fun things in store for the Falls which I will play as RL gives me the time.

Thank you to all for sticking around and reading! Be sure to visit in the future to see what the King has in store for the hapless inhabitants of Earth!

- ASimWen


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