Sunday, May 24, 2009

Breaking Bread Together


Lot: Robbins.3 - Family Name Strickland - Shawn-Michael, Joan, Tavoria and Bronson

Joan as a teen- ager is available for download.

Since the Prosperity Challenge and the Anotothian Mission is over, I had to come up with an idea to keep the neighborhood interesting. Each lot in Prosperity Falls will draw a random slip. It matters not what they draw...major..minor...a short story will be written about will be included in the story. It will be written from the viewpoint of the King and Queen of Anatoth. Let's get on with it.

Last Visit: Shawn-Michael and Joan threw a big wedding bash at their new home inviting the wedding loving Robbinses and the Stricklands. Shawn-Michael was raked over the coals by Zaed who wanted to ensure that Shawn-Michael was a fit husband for Joan. Joan and Shawn both worked on their fitness intrest, and a beautiful daughter Tavoria was born. Both parents were sure that she looked like their side of the family. In fact, the Robbins DNA runs on both sides, from way back. If you check out the family trees, you see Robbinses on both sides.

The house is available for download.

Joan is a Knowledge Sim with the want to become Chief of Staff. Accomplished. Then she wanted to become a Game Desiner. Accomplished.

Shawn-Michael is a Popularity Sim with the want to become a Celebrity Chef. Accomplished.

King of Anatoth: Well Wilbur, this is the first observation of Earth since the Mission ended. What say you?

Wilbur: I think we should start with something easy...let's see...let's see how many times we can get the earth people to sit down at the table at the same time to supp. (number 51).

King: Very good Wilbur! Set the flux capacitor!


Joan inherits money from her father's passing, Quavi Robbins.

King: They are sleeping. When will they eat?

Queen: They must eat sometime.

King: 'Tis interesting...they just woohooed. The girl Joan now carries a fetus. It won't be long before she is so hungry she will run to the kitchen to prepare some food. MMMmm! Earth Food! *rubs belly*

Later that day:

King: *impatient* We have been watching all day and they haven't sat down to eat together. Are you sure the flux capacitor is working correctly?

Queen: Yes, it is. Give it time. Look there is a birthday party getting ready to commence. Perhaps it will happen now.

Left to right: Jessica Robbins, Michael-Douglas Strickland, Joan and Tavoria, and Sandy McClelland, fiancee to Michael Douglas.


King: The girl Tavoria looks very intense. She would have been a good one for the Mission. *sigh*

Queen: Do not fret over the failed mission on Earth. It was a waste of our time and resources. It was best to get out when we did. At least now Anatoth has been cleansed of all the Lochanian males.

King: *drums fingers, ignores the Queen* Okey doke. Eat people, eat!

Three hours go by...

Queen: Well, they didn't eat together. The party was a success, but the family did not sit together.

King: Fail.

King: The preganancy is beginning to show. Surely now.....

King: Alright. *rubs palms together* She is cooking. A big meal, it looks like.

Queen: Nope, appears it was only an after school snack for the children. See, Tavoria invited a playmate to come in the house after school.

King: Who is that? *squints eyes*

Queen: That is Jarrod Cox, son of Veronica and Kennedy Cox.

King: They are talking about aliens. Heh.

Queen: You need not worry about the earth children. They know nothing.

King: They are more receptive than you think.

Next day: (Wednesday.....this is when I actually drew the slip)

King: At last! They sit down to eat the first meal of the day as a family! The queen furiously takes notes.

( forward to Friday morning. This play was broken up beause of RL. I realized by Friday Joan hadn't progressed beyond her first bump, when she had gotten pregnant on Monday. I deleted her out of the house, saved, and reopened the lot. She appeared by the mailbox, bumped to second bump, then immediately gave birth. Another glitch. *sigh*)

The babe is being born!

King: 'Tis a male, they have named him Bronson. Ah! A strong name for the Sorry. He carries the DNA....

Queen. Aye, a sad thing it is.

King: Look! They have decided to grow their own food. And get into an exclusive food growing club! The Garden Club! The president of the club is approaching!

King: She means business. She is dressed in a war type uniform.

(Editor: I don't know why the garden club lady dresses like this.)

This is what I am used to seeing during an inspection...not this....

Huh? A dead plant....? That is what I get for using CC plants.

Gratuitous shot of the inside of the greenhouse.

Yay! They are in the club! I still get a gamer's thrill when the wishing well is plopped onto the lot!

King: They are in the food growing club. Perhaps they will eat more meals at the table now. Look it is time for the boy's birthday.

Queen: Oh no, he has the 'no brain' disease.....

King: Send Joan to the mirror immediately to fix this malady!

Cute Kid!

King: Well that is it. Our week is up here.

Queen: They ate together a total of 3 times in a seven day period.

King: So what does that mean?

Queen: Just that they don't eat together often, even with the help of the flux capacitor!

King: Ah. On to the next home..........


Good job Shawn-Michael! Finally!

And he also reached his hobby.

Great job Joan!

Accomplishments this round: One new Sim, Bronson. TOC for Joan in Medicine and Gaming. TOC for Shawn Michael: Celebrity Chef. Hobby plaque for Shawn Michael: Fitness. Hobby Plaque for Joan: Fitness.


ruby said...

LOL I love hearing your updates from the king & queen, its very entertaining.
Ah so you're gonna pull cards huh? Interesting!
Grats on the TOC & LTW & stuff
the kids are adorable

Taylor said...

Ooh I love the idea of card pulling.
I wish I could do yoga like Shawn-Michael!

I have just finished with my first update for my own prosperity challenge, and you have inspired me a lot.


Kerry said...

LOL--I think the King is still regretting having to end the mission. I look forward to seeing which card will affect the next family!

Mel said...

I'm so glad to see you haven't shelved the whole 'hood! I'm honestly surprised, with TS3 coming out soon, I haven't seen much for updates anywhere else.

I agree with Kerry, it looks like the King is not too happy! ;)

Rachel said...

I really enjoyed this way of telling the story. My sims almost never eat together either.