Friday, May 15, 2009

And Da Winnah Is.........

A strange beam of light emits from the grounds of the mansion of Alien X...........

King: Verrry strange. Very strange indeed. The atmosphere has changed.....what is that light?

Yes, Wilbur. What? Just now? Put General Mildred on the horn! NOW! General Mildred, what is going on?

General Mildred: Giggledy pop, kerchow mea meeple! Blurbby boo, che maaki.

King: Damn this translator. *bangs cell phone on building* Say again, Mildred?

General Mildred: Withdraw! Immediate withdraw, my liege!

King: Withdraw! What has happened we should withdraw from earth?

General Mildred: Remember the exodus of the Lochonian males from their planet to Anatoth? (*eluded to in the entry Xuan Meets the Deliciously Dangerous Stranger)

King: Yesss......couldn't get rid of em'....tiny bastards. Had to watch my feet for fear of squishing them.

General Mildred: A plot has been revealed that the females of Lochosha are fanning out to various planets within 100 million light years to reap Anotothian males to take their place...sir! Alien X on earth! It is a She! She is after Anotothians!

We need all avaliable Anotothians of PURE BLOOD to return to Anatoth immediately to avoid being hijacked by the Lochonian females....and to round up the Lochonian males and get them back on their home planet. Sir!

King: *scratches jaw* Eh, it is true not all is going well on Earth. Seems the earthen DNA is slowly filtering the Anotothian DNA....watering it down. Alright! Immediate withdraw! There will be a meeting on the morrow! Put Wilbur back on.

Wilbur! Tell me about the flux capacitor!

Wilbur: It has been restored to complete functionality. It was miraculous! It is as if nothing ever happened to it...............

Seven days earlier.............

Xuan spends an extra few minutes with Alien X after a great Woo-Hoo.

Xuan: You were wonderful, X. Maybe the best I have ever had....

X: Great lover, I am not. You, great.

Xuan: You don't know what you are saying. For never errrr....woo-hooing like this...ever....ehhh..yeah, you were pretty good.

X: Fetus? Is there?

Xuan: Yes, you have a fetus.

X: The babe will be born, then fix it, will I. The flux capacitor.

Xuan's mind boggles. That will be a while!

: Worry not. 3 days, is all it takes!

Xuan: Three days???? Not nine months?

X: Produce quickly, we do.

Ahhh..that was one great woo-hoo! X is great....! And besides, the flux capacitor will be fixed, and I can get out of this Mission...and live my life!

Alien X eats cheesecake. Long time readers.....Have you figured out yet who she is? Okay, here are a few more pictures. On with the story....

The next day:

Xuan: X. You have two fetuses. Two babies will be born!

X: It was the cheesecake!

Xuan: Cheesecake! So it works again!

X: Always worked, for me. And you. And now for everybody!

Xuan: How did you do it X? I mean, with the cheesecake and all.

X: Mind Flux capacitor, I used.

Xuan: You mean you brainwashed people?

X: I did. But not you! No! Just made them think bad, it was!

X: See, good it is! Cheesecake~!

Xuan: Mmmm can't wait to try it! *Zingle!*

X: Heard that, I did! You too Xuan! *blush*

Xuan is momentarily confused, then realizes he flirted with X in the Anotothain language.

Two more days pass....

Xuan's children are born.....Xana and Xander, a boy and a girl.

Gratuitous baby picture with the new baby toys.



X: The time has come....the flux capacitor will be fixed, per my agreement with the Anotothian. The new little warriors are perfect and do indeed contain the DNA of their father's mental capabilities! What havoc we will create! The worlds we will conqure!

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt! Zap!

Whooosh! Bam!


X: And now my children and I will leave this planet......and we will return to Lochosha in triumph! My time on Earth is done.........

To X's surprise, she was still on earth after the flux capacitor was restored to full capacity. She raced into her home to find the twins playing calmly in the nursery....

X: Why are we still here????? What has happened....?

Wilbur: X! You have closed off the portal to your planet, my dear. The flux capacitor does not work there, only Anatoth. And, it will only transport those who's hearts are pure and willing.

X: I am stuck here...on this planet....

Wilbur: It seems so. Might as well make yourself at home and get a job. Toodles! *pop*

Next Up... "The Meeting"

Have you figured it out yet? Who is Alien X????

A big thank you to Rachel's Prosperity Point for such a great picture of ASimWen, on the right.



Bubbs said...

you can't end the falls like this!!! we need to know how the times grow up! Do they have the mind power like their family?

Ang said...

GASP!!! I thought maybe that was ASimWen's protege! ;-) this the end?? What about Fini and Ruby???

ASimWen said...

Don't worry...there will be more! The prospeirty challenge is over, but the Falls is still here. :)

craterdweller said...

Great story Wen :) Amazing that you finished it weeks before the launch of the Sims3.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Ahhh, very interesting! I'm proud to say I figured it out right after the toddlers' separate pics. I'm shocked, and on the other hand, not surprised at all. What a funny twist!

sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

LOL Awesome! We should have known! ;)

Kerry said...

ASimWen, manipulator of minds, schemer extraordinaire!


Great job!

ruby said...

Ugh my original comment got eaten!
*kicks blogger*
lemme see if I remember what I said. *ponders*
Well 1st, I love the kids, they're adorable!
2nd, poetic justice that X has to stay on Earth.
3rd, I thought X looked familiar but I totally did not guess it was you, erm Wen. erm ASimWen. *giggles*
Well done Wen!

M.McMillan said...

Awesome story and good pictures

Rachel said...

Love it! As soon as I saw X's face I knew it was your simself (the fact that I played her lot last week helped). Cheesecake twins are a classic move.