Sunday, April 05, 2009

Short and Sweet

Mich Robbins

Lot: Robbins.3 - Mich, Wendy, Salen, and cats Sweets and Cleopatra, plus various kittens.

Last Visit - Here Kitty Kitty! Mich continued his quest to implant 20 kittens with spying devices and sending them off to the pound, where they would be adopted by humans. There was a daughter, Saleen born to him and Wendy. Also, Mich and Wendy discovered they liked to tinker.

Mich's family tree. Mich is a family Sim who wants to raise 20 puppies or kittens. His wife Wendy is a YA.

Veronica (Capehart) Cox

Wendy: I am sure you will be happy with him Veronica. Sunny has very unusual markings should you ever want to breed him.

Jati: I see that Wendy is selling one of the cats with the spy chip implanted. This cat is going to the Cox home.

Brax: Yes father. It helps a great deal when the human spouses fit like a puzzle peice into the Mission!

Veronica: Oh my what a pretty kitty you are! You will fit in well with Mr. Cox and myself.

Sunny: Puuuuurrrrrr!

Mich: Egads! What is that smell???? Wendy! What is that!

Wendy: I am sorry Mich! I have been so busy today with the new kitten I haven't had a chance to clean the litter boxes!

Tandem cat pooping

Mich: New kitten! Cleopatra and Sweets only produced one?

Wendy: There was only one, Mich. A male whom I named Snowball.

Mich: I will have to breed the cats again right away Wendy.

Mich: There you go Snowball. You have your identification device.

Saleen: And the space ship goes ..... Varoom! Varoom!

Mich: That is a big girl! Blow out each and every candle.

Mich finishes the car he and Wendy have been working on, then runs off to catch his ride. He still does not have his plaque in tinkering.

Sweets: Ooohh! Pretty!

Kitten time again
Apparently Bunny thinks the food is bad news!

Wendy: There are three more new kittens, Mich. One male, and two females. I named them Rover, Betty and Bunny.

Mich: It matters not what they are named, Wendy. Just as long as they get the indentification device. We shall keep them until they are old enough to be on their own, then I will send them off. Err speaking of sending the cats off..where is Sunny?

Wendy: I sold him to Veronica Cox. With a little one on the way, she and her husband were thinking they would like to have a pet in the house as well.

Mich: This is excellent news Wendy! Excellent news! (rubs hands together).

Mich: Now that Snowball is grown, it is time to send him on his way. He is ready!

Linda Barthelet buys Snowball

Mich: You will be very happy with Snowball, Ms. Barthelet. He has been raised in an atmosphere full of love.

Linda: I am sure he will be wonderful, Mr. Robbins. Thank you very much.

Jati: It seems that Mich is carrying on with the Mission, although he knows not why.

Brax: He is a great Anotothian, indeed.

Saleen all grown up

During this play, Mich received a bad chance card resulting in $25,000 being taken from the bank account. Being they only had $21,000 there, they went broke. So they sold off the silver car and all the produce out of their back packs, and netted $14,000. The car sold for $5,000, meaning the family received $9,000 for a bunch of tomatos, apples, lemons and oranges. I wish it was like that in real life. *giggle*

Accomplishments this round: TOC Mich - top of Gamer Career.


Lot: McClelland.2 - Andrew, Sarah and cats Rainy and Asta.

Last Visit: Niles's Girls Marry - This entry was narrated by Asta the Cat. Asta related the marriage of Andrew and Sarah, and how she came to live in the house. She was a stray that was looking for a home, and Sarah was good enough to take her in. Sarah had thought to mate Asta with Sake, but that didn't work out, so she adopted Rainy, one of Mich Robbinses' cats. The last entry ended with Rainy and Asta have a successful mating.

Andrew and Sarah's house is available for download.

Andrew's family tree. Andrew is a fortune Sim with the want to become a Hall of Famer. Criminal Mastermind - Accomplished.

Sarah's family tree. Sarah is a knowledge Sim with the want to become The Hand Of Posiedon. Mad Scientist - Accomplished.

Risky Woo-Hoo has not been kind to this couple. It seems like it will rain babies in particular households, and others get zero babies. These two are now half way through their adult life, and no children. However as you can tell by looking at the opening picture, the telescope loved them.

Sarah inherits a few thousand from the death of her mother Doris.

Leave me alone, this is a private moment.

Shortly after the cash infusion for Sarah, Asta had her kittens, three of them from Rainy. Sarah immediately got on the telephone and called the animal enforcement officer to come and get them Sarah: I was just too distraught over losing my mother to think about taking care of kittens.

Andrew, thinking: Sarah and I have been married a while now and we have yet to have a little one. I hope she is not upset about this. I wonder if there is something wrong with my swimmers??

Asta, after a hard days work: I wonder why my beloved Sarah doesn't pay attention to me anymore? Why won't anyone pick me up and cuddle me?

Andrew: Come on Rainy. It is not that hard to roll over. We are both cats, are we not? Don't you understand me? ROAR!!!!!!

Andrew: I am the almighty criminal. Rainy is an embarrassment to all cats everywhere. See, it can be done. Hmmm..but now I think I would like to be a famous sports player now.

Andrew: Darn darn darn. You would think there would be at least two or three jobs in sports in the paper. Don't the major league teams advertise here?

Asta: And I mated with that filthy feline. Gah Rainy! I will never get that close to you again!

Rainy: Sarah? Sarah? *sniff* Are u ded??????

Sarah: See Rainy this is how it is done. This is how you play dead! Don't worry hon you will get all the skills you need to promote in the show biz career!

Rainy: Is thiz how 2 do it? Sarah?

Sarah: Good boy Rainy! Good boy!

Asta: I must keep my composure. I wish I had never told Sake to leave. I have given Sarah one litter of kittens from Rainy, and if I can help anything at all, I will not have anymore from him. He is filthy, brainless and seems to soak up all Sarah's attention. Ah, the life of a queen. I must endure.

Andrew: Hum hum hum.....just collecting science points for my hobby plaque. These stars are so interesting to night! Wow! What was that!?!

I could have sworn I saw something................

GAAHH!!!! The light iz hurtz my eyezzzzzzz!!!

Sarah: Another promotion down. Hmmm...where is Andrew?????

Andrews: OMG! OMG! Where just happened?????? *chimes*

Andrew: *sigh* I wish I had never looked in that telescope.

Andrew: Wahhhahhh! you still love me even after the telescope sucked me up into the air and took me for a joy ride?

Sarah: Of course I do honey. Things will be okay.

Rainy: Hmmm... I wonder if theeze flowers taste good?

**Music queue**

Everybody was kung-fu fighting
Those cats were fast as lightning
In fact it was a little bit frightning
But they fought with expert timing!!!!

Asta: Rainy's days are numbered! You mark my words!!!!!!


Sarah gets her LTW

Asta reaches TOC pet career

Accomplishments - TOC for Sarah - Intelligence and Science, TOC for Andrew - Criminal. Hobby plaque Arts and Crafts for Sarah.

Jati: It seems our people got it right this time.......

Brax: Indeed.

Xuan: Pfft. Maybe things are turning around.....


Infinity-Nevermore said...

Mich! Saleen's rather cute. Good thing you'd planned for a rainy day with that produce.

Poor Andrew. Don't worry, you're in good company. I guess with all those people in the Falls, Risky is the best birth control around. Asta cracks me up. And Rainy, with the LOLcat language.

PS: Totally random, but my comment verification says "Moses." Weird...

sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

OMG that was hilarious! I totally LOL'd at the tandem cat pooping pic, and now that darn kung fu fighting song is stuck in my head...

ruby said...

ouch bad luck on the chance card. at least you had produce and the car to fall back on. LOL Ya it would be nice if RL was like that!
Saleen is cute. who is she slated to marry?
gj on the TOC!

Sarah is very beautiful in her TOC pic. She's lovely girl.
Heh I love the look on Andrew's face when he got back.
LOL Rainy is a bit .. off ...
omg too funny watch out Rainy, Asta has your days numbered!

Bubbs said...

Now the Robbins are using cats to help with the mission? Hmmm...

Aww, I feel so bad they don't have kids. At least he will now, too bad it doesn't answer about his swimmers.

ciyrose said...

YAY!!! I'm finally caught up! This was a great entry! Really funny as are most of them. So did Alien X really start fixing things already? lol

SirenPrincess said...

I really enjoyed seeing all of the cute kittens in the first update. The second update was funny. The kitty narrator still cracks me up. And I do like seeing when sims are unhappy and actually act it when a relative dies. Good job as always.

Minty said...

Sunny is such a pretty kitty, even if she is a spy. Loved the tandem pooping. Snowball is super cute, too. Saleen has hair growing out of her cheek!! LOL
You are the only person who could possibly get a reference to Kung Fu Fighting in their Prosperity Challenge *laughs*

Kerry said...

That was fun! Oh, poor Asta, upstaged by the stinky, stupid Rainy!

No, you've done it to me again! I was singing about Yoda all day, the last time! Help!

*goes off, humming Kung-Fu Fighting*

Rachel said...

I love the story line you cooked up for raising 20 pets. Great idea!

So funny to have a sim say, "We are both cats." I never really thought about that.
Alien kitten! I wonder if Sarah will get a baby too or just Andrew.