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By Jove, He's Got It !/ Best Of The Best


Lot Bostic 14 - Raleigh, Heather, Korick and dogs Queenie and Jester

Last Visit: Niles's Girls Marry - Raleigh and Heather exchanged nuptials after graduating from University in their brand new spacious home that was bought with Uni booty from their backpack. (University can be quite lucrative.) This entry was narrated by Raleigh, grandson of Timo Robbins, founder of the Mission on earth. Raleigh lamented the fact that he and his siblings really didn't retain much about the Mission except for the fact they are supposed to have many children. He said he wanted children with Heather anyway, regardless of the Mission, and had made sure the house had plenty of bedrooms. Heather reached two TOC's and was now perm plat. At the end of the entry, Raleigh was still chasing his preferred career, Athletic.

Raleigh is available for download. Age: teen.

Raleigh's family tree. Raleigh is a Popularity Sim with the want to become a Hall of Famer. At beginning of the round: Hand of Posideon

Heather's family Tree. Heather is a Knowledge Sim with the want to become a Criminal Mastermind, (accomplished) Head of the SCIA, (accomplished) and City Planner.

Heather inherits simoleons from her mother's death.

Editor: Risky Woo-Hoo is installed in my game for population control purposes. I would click 'try for baby' every time. With Risky installed, by simply clicking 'woohoo' there is a chance the Sim will get pregnant anyway, although the chances are lower than the other option. The citizens of the Falls get two woo-hoos a week. At the beginning of the week on Monday night, and again at the end of the week on Saturday or Sunday night. Heather was left pregnant last round due to the scheduled end of week woo hoo.

Raliegh here. As far as the Mission goes, I know even less than I did before but I know one thing for sure, and that is Heather and I have started fulfilling my part in it. We had a boy named Korick.

Heather is the most gorgeous thing I have ever laid eyes on, and she is a beautiful mother to Korick. During her maternity leave from the SCIA, she read every book she could get her hands on about being a parent and she decorated the nursery. You would think that royalty was going to be sleeping there, the way she made it look. Ah, I guess in her eyes, our boy Korick is a little prince!

When Korick was finally born, it was apparent his DNA took after Heather's side of the family. Her mother Doris was a Capehart, from the snowleopard family who settled in Prosperity Falls decades ago. I do not know how this fits in the with the Mission from my side of the family, but for sure I have not heard one peep from Jati or Brax concerning this. I did catch wind that my cousin Xuan Robbins has something going on there, something maybe what is going on here just isn't that important.

I guess I oughta be relieved they leave me alone. I hear that life can be kinda tuff on those involved in the heart of the Mission.

At any rate. Heather decided to go back to work, and we had to hire a nanny. I am wondering if she had a drinking problem. I was late leaving for work a couple of times because I had to ensure Korick had had his bottle and had a dry diaper before I could leave. That nanny would hit the bar first thing when she entered the house. But Korick was always fine when Heather and I would arrive home from work and the nanny seemed to have her wits about her. I could never catch the nanny outright drunk.

I know the nanny was alright, because eventually Korick grew up in one peice to have a couple of birthdays. My family came over for the later one, when Korick grew to child. This is my sister Java Jan Capehart and I am talking to my brother Zeon. My brother KeyWon is back there on the comptuer. But that was a little later.

I mentioned last time I thought my dogs Queenie and Jester were expecting pups, and they were. Queenie gave birth to a male and a female, Shannon and Robbi. I didn't keep the pups around because of the baby, so I sent them right off to the animal shelter. I am thinking of getting Queenie fixed so this doesn't happen again.

Korick grew to child, healthy and well adjusted. I felt like we had reached a milestone with him, he was no longer a baby. That drew my mind back to the Mission, I guess once you have had information like that placed in your brain you don't forget it. I started thinking maybe Heather and I should start trying for another child, but Mother Nature isn't with us, so far. I hope that Korick's birth wasn't just a fluke. I do not understand how some of them in the Mission just seem to fill up their home with children, while others of us struggle.

True to his ancestry, Korick loved playing in the snow. The boy was continually crawling out the door the dogs would push open and he would start flailing his arms in the snow makin' it fly! We would let him play a few minutes before he got too cold, then Heather would gently tug him back inside go get warmed up.

When he was in the house Korick played with his blocks and his drawing pads. Hmm...if I were officially reporting this to the Mission, I would say he was diliglently working on his mechanical skills, and his drafting skill, with some science thrown in when he was working the logic puzzle. HA! That all might be true for the Mission, but when I see him at his table, I see a little boy simply playing.

Xuan: By jove, I think Raliegh's got it! Good man!

Raleigh: Eh????? Ah well......I am hearing things.

It was time for Korick to have another birthday, and my family piled into the house. I guess mom and dad are feelin' like they don't have that much time left, so they have been attending many of the family functions that have been going on in the neighborhood. All my brothers attended, and Java Jan was here as well.

Korick is a fine young man, and before Heather and I know it, he will be leaving for University. Seems like we just graduated from there ourselves.

Like any boy, he likes spending time with the dogs, espcially Queenie. They seem to get along well. Queenie follows Korick around like he is the bomb. Haha! I wonder how that would fit in with the Mission?

This is the only headmaster I have that isn't a werewolf. I would really like to turn him too. hehe

Heather and I got Korick into private school right away, the same one we attended as children. We know he will get a solid education that will prepare him for college. Ah well, until next time.


This is different angle shot of Korick's birthday. Is it only Pop Sims that stand there and give that silly wave during a birthday? I have had that happen several times.

Heather is quite full of herself and constantly whips out the mirror to check out her look.

I love this shot. This is Yasika (Robbins) Bostic with her four sons: Starting from left to right, Raleigh, Zeon, KeyWon then KeyKel. I remember when all these strapping men were just lil' rugrats running around.

Next to the acutal members of the Robbins family, I think Raleigh is the next in line when it comes to handsome points.

SnowLeopard, courtesy of Wikipedia

Accomplishments this round: TOC Heather: SCIA. Now she is chasing her third TOC - City Planner. TOC Raleigh - Hand of Posideon. The athletic job fimally came up on the computer, now he will probably go perm plat next round.


Lot: Capehart.5 - Family name Cox - Veronica (Capehart), Kennedy, Jarrod and cat Sunny

Last Visit: Just Flowers....and More? - Veronica had just returned from University when she was promplty bestowed with the business Just Flowers And More from her older sister Valentine who decided she really just wanted to stay home and be a mom instead. Veronica decided to work this business as she wants 5 top level business as her life time want. As a Sims are want to do, she sort of went her own way and fell head over heals in love with Kennedy Cox...who she married in a grand wedding in her (very small) home. The flower shop did make it to level ten by the end of the week, she revealed to Kennedy that they were going to have a baby.

Veronica's family tree. Veronica is a Pop Sim with an LTW to own 5 top level businesses. Accomplished. Now she wants to become a General in the Army. Kennedy is a Fortune Sim and wants to become a Hall of Famer.

Editor: I had great fun with the Werewolf Kennedy in this play. *wink*

Veronica is available for download. Age: Young Adult.

Kennedy: Here I am working Just Flowers and More while my pregnant wife Veronica stays home and off her feet. My oh my but this business is "Best of the Best!"

In Reality: Kennedy: This 'lil biz is a real money maker! It has to be open every day! No layin' around the house for anybody!

Apple Baere

Kennedy: With you bein' a plant person and all Ms. Baere I am sure any of our fine plants would benefit from your green thumb. Why, these snapdragons would be wonderful in your garden.

In Reality: Kennedy: Just buy a couple of them would ya already! Come on, you have the simoleons!

Kennedy: Ah yes Mr. (Armando) Cox. It will be just a moment..the register seems to be jammed...

In Reality: Kennedy: Dagnabbit peice of junk! &*$T%!!!!! Where is the cashier when you need him? I think I need help....!

Thank you for coming in to help out Lilith!

Lilith: No problem Kennedy. I come to work every day anyway. Anything to help my daughter.

In Reality: Kennedy: It is about time you showed up for work you lazy vampire! I bet you would rather be out feasting on the townies than working tonight!

In Reality: Lilith: OMG what is my daughter thinking letting this hairy smelly monster run her flower shop?


Apple Beare: Mr. Cox, I just don't know.....these snaps have already been cut and are in you think they will transfer easily to my garden?

Kennedy: Oh sure they will Ms. Beare. Your green thumb will take care of everything.

In Reality: Kennedy: Just buy them already!! HOOOowwwLLL! For gosh sakes!

Secret Shopper

Kennedy: RAWR!!!! How can I *growl* help you this evening? GROWL!!!!

Secret Shopper: OMG you scared the heebie jeebies outta me!

Lillith: In Reality: What a dumb a** you are Kennedy!

Secret Shopper: This job doesn't pay me enough to get the crap scared outta me. All I wanna do is a newspaper review!

*tinkle tinkle*

Lillith: That's it, I am calling in Veronica. Kennedy, you are scaring the guests!

Kennedy: But...but.....

Lilith: No buts. Go sit in the break room Kennedy. Now.

Veronica: I am sorry sir. I am sooo....

Secret Shopper: Madame. There is nothing you can say or do that will save the embarrassment I have suffered this evening in your very public establishment. I am a highly respected journalist, and this as severely damaged my reputation. That employee you have working here is insufferable. I will do my utmost to finish this review, then I will take my leave and decide at home how I am going to handle this.

Veronica: In Reality: Kiss my butt mister. Kennedy is my husband and I love him very much. There isn't anything you can do that will take that away!

Townie: That werewolf you have working here stinks...he growled at me, and drooled on my new shoes. I am never shopping here again!

Wendy Robbins

Wendy: Oh the horror!!!!!! I can't watch!

Huh? After he got the pee scared out of him he still gave a good review???

Veronica: I am wondering if Kennedy should come to work at the flower shop anymore. We could probably take it easy now. We won't have to be open every day. It is time to go home.

BACK AT HOME...........the rest of the story.............

Sunny: That Veronica is so nice.....for teaching me this.

(Editor: I became very lazy with pictures and such for the rest of the entry...I had so much fun with the flower shop the first Sim day I played the lot, that I just sort of fast forwarded through the rest of the week. HA!)

Somewhere along the line their son Jarrod was born. Kennedy took more notice of him and cared for him more than Veronica did.

Then it was time for his birthday........

What a cute kid!

This happened so fast during the grow up movie I nearly missed it....Kennedy gives his little boy a kiss.

So does Jarrod have the ski jump nose and long chin?

During this birthday party, where all the Capeharts were invited, Tanu Capehart (Veronica's brother in law) turns into a werewolf in the back yard, and his son Narcissus freaks out. Tanu's wife Valentine seemed to take it in stride. Vermillion didn't seem to care.

Inside the house, Kennedy turns. This is the first time I have ever seen Veronica get upset about it.

Kennedy has a discussion about the great family reunion they are having with his mother in law Lilith, and his brother in law werewolf Tanu Capehart. The gentleman in green is Cole Ying, Lilith's lover and father of her son Adam.

Later in the week Kennedy's dream job finally comes up in athletics. He is now a Coach.

The Coxs' have a quiet evening at home when it is time for Jarrod to age to child.

So? Does he have the Kennedy Cox/Ben Long look about him???

Accomplishments this round: TOC for Veronica, 5 Top Level Businesses. Now she wants to be a General in the Army. Hobby Plaque Music and dance for Veronica, hobby plaque in sports for Kennedy.


Infinity-Nevermore said...

I love snow leopard kids! Raliegh has really matured. I can remember when he was a teen and thought he was the best thing since sliced bread. If he's using himself as an example on how things get drilled into you, I see his point well.
I see why you had so much fun at the shop. The experience looks like it was hilarious. And I can see them actually thinking those things behind their demeanors... especially Lilith. That small smile of hers says it all. From personal experience, I can tell you that Jarrod should not have the nose. However, I see the chin coming.

Bubbs said...

Poor Heather was left pregnant F-O-R-E-V-E-R!!! *SNICKER* Yeah, the snow leopard skin showed back up.

Only one litter for Queenie? *sniff* Poor dog should be allowed more than one litter.

Love the Snow Leopard Picture. :)

Love the Kennedy 'In reality' posts. *snicker* That sounds just like him.

Yes, I think Jarrod might have his dad's nose/chin...

SirenPrincess said...

The werewolf running the shop bit was so funny. I've never played with werwolves before, but that was really interesting.

Congratulations on the 5 level 10 businesses. I really hate the businesses, even though they make so much money. Kudos for accomplishing that.

Kerry said...

Oh, a new snowleopard baby! How cute!

Those werewolves were funny--I think the reviewer was just terrified and wanted to give them a good review so they wouldn't follow him home. He didn't really mean it!

jungfrun68 said...

I just love Veronica, I always did. However, her PJ's are a bit... revealing on her derrière parts... :)

sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Korick was the cutest toddler I have ever seen! Yay for snowleopards! :) And wow, 5 top level businesses, I am impressed! That one takes a lot of time! And patience, which I don't have.

ruby said...

aw its sad that Raliegh feels his efforts for the mission aren't important!
*perks* apparently someone is listening... *pokes Xuan*
I agree, I think Raliegh is very handsome.. maybe Ruby needs to have one of his kids... o.O it was just a thought LOL

I loved how you did the store, what they said vs what they wanted to say, that was great!
of course the reporter piddling himself was priceless!
And better yet she still managed to get her LTW! WTG Wen

ciyrose said...

Exciting and fun as always. The top 5 businesses is one a sim I have wants, and I'm not sure she is going to get it, but I guess we will see.

Yay for the snow leopard skin. It's so fun to see it come in and out.

Taylor said...

this chapter was entertaining as always. I am currently making a prosperity phalanges blog, and I always look through you for inspiration.

Minty said...

I love your form of birth control!

Rachel said...

You sure have a strict woohooing schedule there.

A werewolf working a shop, that's an interesting decision. :)

Chrissy Brown said...

Heather is beautiful and Korick is absolutely adorable! :)