Sunday, April 19, 2009

Charred / Fini !


Lot: Strickland - Family name Wheeler - Melissa, Taylor and David
Last Visit - This Is How Guys Pee - In our last visit with Melissa and Taylor we witnessed a grand Strickland wedding, and the birth of David. Violet (Strickland) McClelland thought as a wanna be lawyer that she was qualified to deliver David, but David came before Violet had a chance to prove her baby delivery prowess. Daddy Taylor taught little David how to walk and use the potty..thus This Is How Guys Pee. We ended the visit with Melissa calling mom and dad Strickland Madelyn and Bulldog, with the news that she and Taylor were expecting another child.

Melissa is available for download. Age - Teen

(Editor - Yes, Melissa was pregnant when I left this lot in round 16. However, she seemed to have lost the pregnancy before the round 17 began. There was no pregnancy in progress when I entered the lot. To prove this, I brought up the Tombstone of L&D to see the pregnancy options, and the only one available was 'simulate genetic merger with....' meaning there was no bun in the oven).

Melissa's family tree. Melissa is a Popularity Sim with the want to become a Captain Hero. Accomplished. Now she wants to become a General. Husband Taylor is a townie, so no family tree for him.

Bzzzzt! Bzzzzt!

Melissa: OMG! OMG! Samuel Dalton, I see your bones! Are you dead?

Samuel: Melissa Wheeler. You invited me home from work with you for a little visit. When I get here, you ask me to fix your trash compactor. That nearly killed me, all so you can save a simoleon or two. I think I will take my leave. See you later, tater.

Melissa: Are you sure you don't want to stay for supper?? err? We are having char broiled chicken, charred tomato and broccoli salad and charred corn on the cob. And it is David's birthday.

Samuel: I think not. Good day.

Melissa: Hey big guy David, let's blow out the candles!

Eh, he has his daddy's nose! Oh well!

Hi Mr. Jitmakusol! Lemme give you a tour of our house!

5 Sim minutes later...........

Jitmakusol: You have a fine son Mrs. Wheeler, he will fit right in at the Timo Robbins Private School. *growl*.

Melissa: Why thank you Mr. Jitmakusol. We really appreciate your visit here today. David will be there first thing in the morning.

Korick Bostic comes home on the bus with David.

Melissa: Arlighty then. I am now a Captain Hero, defender of the Universe. Er, I mean, defender of the citizens of Prosperity Falls.

Melissa: Isn't this a little below a Captain Hero???

Scally Capehart: Hey Melissa. Is this where the next meeting for the Captain Heros of Proseprity Falls meets?

Melissa: Yup, just go inside and get yourself some punch. For tonight's meeting we will be viewing a video titled: "Kryptonite: What To Do When Someone Ties You Up and Lays Kryptonite On Your Chest."

Scally Capehart: That was one heckuva Captain Hero meeting earlier today. I am gonna leave Melissa a gift to show my appreciation.

Eh, a telescope. I think this house was one of the few lots in the Falls that didn't have one of these. Not like we need another telescope in this hood!

Melissa: 'Cha-ching!' - I just made a BFF of Service Sim number 5! Now my life is complete!

Amy Jones: Ok Mr. Wheeler, I have fixed your computer!

And the telescope stands alone in the back yard

Taylor reaches his LTW

Accomplishments this round - LTW for Melissa - Captain Hero and LTW for Taylor - Mad Scientist.


Lot: McClelland/Capehart - Family Name McClelland - Violet, Marty and Darrien

Last Visit: Hello Generation Six! Yes, the first born of generation six makes himself known in the Falls, but not before his parents Marty McClelland and Violet Capehart marry. Violet is the first born of generation 5, and her son is first born of generation six in the Falls. As you can see, Violet is not in the picture above. No, I did not violate the Prosperity rules and kill her off. Read on.

Marty's family tree. Marty is a Pop Sim with a want to Become The Law. Accomplished. Now he wants to become a General.

Violet's family three. Violet wanted to become the Law. She didn't make it. As you can clearly see, she has passed to the Sim Great Beyond. I didn' t put her in harm's way, I simply did not take action when I saw her doing something dangerous.

This was a 'hands off' play....I simply observed the silly Sims trying to keep themselves alive. Violet lived from 7:02 am Monday to 1:23 pm Tuesday. See how it unfolded....

Marty begins his day stretching before he gets on the exercycle. His and Voilet's hobby want is fitness, so they purchased this last round. I like it because the Sims get high fun from it and will use it autonomously.

As you can see, Violet has her fitness clothes on. Apparently it hasn't been long since she has exercised. She starts her Monday morning out with a game of billiards. is baby Darrien toddling down the hallway looking for his toys. Everything seems to be going well.

Violet has left for work, and Marty is enjoying billards now before he leaves for work. The nanny disapproves.

Violet comes home with a promotion, the nanny leaves.

She goes right to bed, leaving little Darrien out of his crib. He is tired and wants to sleep as well.

Marty eventually came home and went to bed as well, leaving Darrien on the floor. When Darrien screamed loud enough, Marty got out of bed and put little Darrien in his crib so he could sleep too.

Violet gets out of bed, and shows me her pregnancy. Uh-oh. I forgot this happened last play. She became pregnant on the 'end of week' woohoo.

Morning came, and all Violet's needs were high, except hunger. I did decide to empty her backpack, as if this was the day she died, I didn't want all that great produce and all those snaps to go to the grave with her. She even gave Marty her cell phone.

Marty leaves for work, and the nanny arrives. The pull to the exercycle was too much for Violet. Instead of eating, she hopped on there and commenced to peddling like there was no tomorrow. There is something wrong if a Sim will behave like this. I thought they were supposed to be smarter with the last EP????

1:23 pm she finally gets off the thing, and clutches her belly. Yeah, you should have gone to the fridge first thing this morning, Violet.

Hello Grimmie, havne't seen you in a while.

"Hmmm.... this is a early for Violet McClelland. I see you aren't supposed to pass for six more rounds. Oh well. Here you are, and here I am. Might as well go ahead and get the duty done."

"You realize you gave up your going away party and insurance money for your family, don't you? Death by exercycle...that is a new one. Hey is a new one....write it on the wall!!!!"

Now this is something I don't see much in the Falls. A non platinum urn.

I didn't completely NOT HELP her...she had snapdragons in the room with her. I really was surprised (but pleased) this happened so easily. Apparenlty her needs getting drained on the exercycle was more than what the snaps could keep up with.

Darrien acknowledges his mother's death.

Marty comes home from work that day, with his LTW promotion. He did not even notice Violet was gone, nor did he outwardly think about her. I had to check his memories to see if he even knew she died. Yes, the memory marker was there. I thought this behavior was very strange for a three bolt couple.

Marty tends to Darrien's birthday.

And what a handsome young man he is!

The place seems to be going to hell without Violet around.

Marty did not cry for his wife's passing, but he cries about cockroaches on the front sidewalk. GACK!!! I did directy Marty to clean it up.

Ummm where is nanny Tara? Apparently the nanny was working Violet's old work schedule. Hmmm. I don't have much experience with spouses dying, then having to change the nanny schedule. It is two hours before Marty comes home. Should I take the chance? NO. Darrien runs to the phone to call the nanny. She eventually gets there 20 minutes before Marty is due home. I would not let Darrien get taken by the social worker. Although, that would have fit in with the story line nicely.

More bad news. Marty is demoted. Not much is going right. I am still playing 'hands off' although I did install solar panels so there would be no bills to pay, and I did direct the home work to be done.

Heh. This is something I don't see much of either. I usually yank the Sims out of the tub and make them do something else to raise their fun. Why is he doing this when there is a billiards table and exercycle in the house?

Oh I spoke too soon. I would have let him die on there too if it came about that way. But he wasn't hungry to begin with when he got on there. He seemed to have some sense about the thing.

Homework time.

Marty is upset because he failed at this trick shot.

Apparently you don't have to approach someone and start talking to them to get a free TV. This guy just called Marty up and gave it away to him on the telephone. hehe

Awwww! Hello Violet. *sad* I have never seen a pregnant ghost before in my game. I have always managed to avoid that. I think I will bring her back if the family gets a genie lamp or a reaper phone. I can't leave her like this. Doesn't she look sad??

Come on now Marty! Dont' you know that machine can kill you? I am telling you, this machine has such a high fun factor Sims can't stay off it.

And we end this week with Darrien pulling an A at school.

Accomplishments this round: LTW for Marty - Law

Why did I do this? Well, for a variety of reasons. I have started noticing things in the game that usually spells impending doom for the hood, that not even backing up the game will fix. Missing icons, corrupted memories, lifte time wants changing, pregnancies disappearing......visiting Sims popping to different places on a couple of my lots. I think this hood is on borrowed time, honestly.

I checked the character folder, and there are 1,288 Sims in this hood. That is alot. I reached the maximum number of folders at Photobucket allowed in an album...200. I had to start using another user account I have with them. And, it takes six months to do one round. !!! There are now 37 playable lots in Prosperity Falls. Can you imagine, if Violet wasn't supposed to die naturally for 6 more rounds, that is 3 more years of play for me in this hood. I don't think so. I waited too late to start downsizing. It would take so long for the downsizing to have any affect at all.

I am getting ready to graduate out 42 Sims from University here in the next two or three Uni plays. How many more lots is that added to the hood? Yes, some of the Sims will end up in lots already established. Really, I already have enough lots I am really not interested in playing.

I have two more structured entries I am going to make for this hood. One will be the Uni round which is due to be played next. That will take me a while to play it. The next blog entry will answer many questions about the Mission, and tie that up. I don't want to leave anyone hangin'.

The main reason I did this? I not only work full time, but I am also a full time college student. I enrolled in classes at the local junior college so I can capture an associates in business adiministration. I don't talk bout this much with my simming friends, but I have not only been passed over for promotions at my job because I am not 'educated' but I have also been made to train the people who were promoted, to better prepare them for their new jobs. That just smacks of politics. I am sick of it.

This term is very easy for me. I go to school 4 nights a week 5:30 to 9:30. I tested out of one of my classes this six weeks, so I get to come home at 7:30. That is why I have still been able to Sim these last few weeks. Next term will be harder, I will have to sit through both classes. No simming time.

At any rate, after the next two entries, I honestly do not know if I will make any more. I still plan to play the Falls as long as I can, when ever I have time. Will I blog? I don't know. We will see.