Saturday, March 28, 2009

Grrrillled Cheeeeese! and I'd Freakin' Hit That

Grrrillled Cheeeeese!

Vonfirmath and Java Jan's house is available for download as No. 4 Robbins Street.

Lot: Capehart.4 - Vonfirmath, Java Jan, Java Joe and Mocha

Last Visit: Meaness - This entry was submitted by only child in the house, Java Joe. Who turned out to be very mean indeed with only one nice point or two. He commented on his parent's affinity to changing jobs quite often, and how they tended to work on their hobbies when not at work. He himself enjoyed knocking over snowmen and hitting playmates in the head with a football. Let's see what went on in the house this week.

Java Jan's family tree

Vonfirmath's family tree

Hey. Joe here.
Stop with that "Java Joe" crap, will ya? Thanks. I have been whooshed off to college by mom and dad. Yeah. Here I mmmmmm! Boy I would like to eat a grilled chees sandwich right about now. Ehhhh? Ya mean no lunch until I do this??? Oh all right. Pfft. Here is the next grand installament of Life With The Capeharts.

This is me right before my birthday playin' with one of dad's toy robots he built. It looks like I am havin' fun with it but really I am figuring out how I can make it sneak over and pinch mom's butt. Never did figure that out.

The babysitter liked playing with it. Now that was just too weird! Bein' that mom and dad never bought a TV set, and I was always on the computer when the babysitter was around, I guess there was nothin' else for her to do than to play with my toys. But I got to where I didn't wanna play with toys anymore anyhow.

Aspiration: Romance

Editor: Game glitch. I think I will keep it. I did give Java Joe Grilled Cheese as a second aspiration.

Man oh man do I love grilled cheese sandwiches! *mouth waters* Oh all right, back to it. Well, it was right after my birthday that we all found out that dad had knocked mom up again.

I am like, MOM, what can you expect with you paradin' around all the time in that outfit? Don't you think Dad will notice somethin'? She just gave me a "Don't Talk To Me Like That Young Man" look when I said that. Well bein' pregnant kinda put a damper on mom gettin' her fitness plaque anytime soon.

Heat stroke

In fact she had ZERO tolerance for jogging. That is somethin' she liked to do every evening. She had to quit while she was preganant with Mocha. Can you believe it, mom named the kid after coffee, like she did me. *rolls eyes*

Tandem noses

Since mom spent lots of time feelin' sick because of Mocha, I had to make nicey nicey with the headmaster when he came over to check out our diggs. Both mom and dad had this idea that things would be easier on me in college if I attended the Timo Robbins Private School. I must have done pretty well.... *buffs nails on shirt* because I got in with no problem. Boy I sure pulled the wool over that guy's eyes!

I kinda had to go to the Timo Robbins Private School and not the Prosperity Falls Private School 'cuz it is named after my great-grandpa. The Robbins family push alot of money into that school, I guess.

Here is mom and Mocha. Mom said that both me and Mocha take after the Robbins side as far as our coloring goes.

Dad kept up with tinkering on his workbench. He kept trying to get me to come out so he could show me a few things, but I always had somethin' else to do. *mmMM! Grrrillled Cheeeeese!*

Mocha had a birthday, and right after that I decided I would leave for college. I really didn't wanna be around a toddler that much. But I did show him the robot before I left.

He thought that was the best thing ever. Maybe he can figure out how to make it pinch mom's butt.

Mom and dad said goodbye to me when the taxi came to take me to school. Like I don't know why neither one of them wanted to drive me. But they didn't seem unhappy waving goodbye. Maybe they were glad to see me go. *shrug*

Anyway that is it. Now I'm gonna go eat me a grilled cheese sandwich. Where is that lunch lady??


Mocha is born without brain, just like Java Joe was. The game keeps trying to pick up some mesh I obviously don't have for the kids in this house.

Java Jan reaches the top of another career

Vonfirmath gets his hobby plaque

Java Jan manages hers

Accomplishments this round: One new sim - Mocha. Hobby plaques for Java Jan and Vonfirmath, and TOC for Java Jan.


LOT: Strickland.5 - Family name Jeffress - Carla, Tyler, Kyle, Dorali, Fallen and Elexa plus dogs Zeus and Melissa

Last Visit: - Ham and Cheese - Carla and Tyler allowed ASimWen into their house for a visit. Carla was concerned at first thinking ASimWen was a little crazy, but Tyler allowed her in anyway thinking it might be fun. They showed ASim their dogs and talked about their children Kyle and Dorali. Carla reminded ASim that she wants to graduate three kids from college, and Tyler interjected that he wanted to be Chief of Staff.

Carla and Tyler's family tree. Carla was adopted by Chevy and Kirstee Strickland, and Tyler is a YA. Last round Tyler wanted to be Chief of Staff. This round his LTW changed to Media Magnate. *sigh* Strange things are happening with the LTW's in my game. Carla still wants to graduate 3 kids from college.

ASimWen: Hiya Carla. How's the group?

Carla: We are great, ASimWen. You remember, I want to graduate three kids from college, it is my dream! We finally have enough children to realize my life time want. I had bad morning sickness though.

ASimWen: Yes, Carla, I remember. You were able to add a second story to your house last time I talked to you. So you have plenty of bedroom space for the little ones now.

Carla: Yep. And our dogs Melissa and Zeus had another litter of puppies.

Carla: Melissa had two pups...we named them Spic-'n-Span.

ASimWen: Spic-'n-Span? Sounds like a cleaning duo!

Carla: Well, we are in the middle of spring cleaning. It was the only thing I could think of.

ASimWen: Errr...didn't Tyler name the last batch of pups Ham-'n-Cheese because he was eating a sandwich at the time?

Carla: eh, yeah.

Carla: And just like last time, Tyler called the Animal Control people to come get them right away and take them to the animal shelter. *sigh* We can't keep puppies.

ASimWen: Perhaps you should consider getting your pets 'fixed.'

Carla: We don't have to worry about that SimWen.

Zeus ran away, Melissa kept picking fights with him. So far he hasn't come home.

Carla: Plus, Melissa seemed to get more attention than he did. She was constantly under foot trying to get us to pet her, and she was always on our beds sleeping. She is a trouble maker!

Dorali has a birthday

Dorali: But Mom, Melissa is so cute..! I just wuv her rolly polly widdle tummy!

Carla: Yes, well, let us hope Zeus comes home soon. Mr. Strickland gave Zeus to us and I don't want Mr. Strickland (Bubbs - AKA Mr. Knowledge) thinking we haven't taken good care of him.

Anyway, enough about dogs, ASimWen. It was just a little while after Zeus left that I had the twins.

More girls.... *sigh*

Yes, *enthusiastically* Tyler and I had twin girls! We named them Elexa and Fallen. Their brithdate is really close to Kyle's.....

This LTW makes sense!
Aspiration: Pleasure
LTW: To Become a Celebrity Chef

ASimWen: So you and Tyler have four children now.

Carla: Yes, I am so happy. I hope we have more!

ASimWen: Err...are you pregnant now? Are you expecting?

Carla: No, sadly I am not.

*muttering* Tyler: Thank God.

ASimWen: The girls are really beautiful, Carla.

Carla: Thank you, ASim. It is time for the girls to go down for a nap. I will see you next time.

ASimWen: See you next week, Carla.


This is how Carla and Tyler's garden looked when I opened the lot. When I left it last time, the plants were full grown. After one sim day, they reappeared, and started the growing process over again.

Dorali gayly waves to Kyle as he leaves for Uni. Yes, Carla is on her way to meeting her LTW. HAHA!

Dorali discovers her hobby whilst Melissa howls along with the music.

Fallen discovers hers as well.

Accomplishments this round: Two new Sims: Elexa and Fallen


Anonymous said...

Grilled cheese! Way to run with the game glitch. Let us just hope the game stays together long enough for you to finish!

ruby said...

*grins* I forgot how much i love Vonfirmath. *stares at him for a little while longer*
Oh right, the story...
Aw Java Joe doesn't like his name? Pfft coffee goes well with the Grrrillled Cheeeeese! *giggles*
Joe is awful cute. I hope Mocha takes after her parents, then she's bound to be a beauty too

love the puppies' names
Carla enough kids already! Sheesh
I wonder what is goin on w/ your LTWs .. I hope not many more change on you!
I love Kyle's shirt! Too funny

great job with the families as always

Bubbs said...

What a great update!

Java Jan loves those coffee names. Poor Java Joe just doesn't appreciate his name. GRILLED CHEESE BABY!!!

Awww, brainless Mocha...I hate when that happens.

Carla and Tyleer's kids are darling!!!

SirenPrincess said...

I'm always so happy to see an update from you.

I wonder what's causing the weird LTW wonkiness. I've heard of some people having problems with them reseting after installing a new EP, but to my knowledge, no commonality or cause has been determined.

I do think the garden weirdness is from the installation of AL. All of my gardens reset as well. It sucks if you were just about to have good crops, too.

Melissa said...

I've missed reading the Falls during my 4 month hiatus. I had some catching up to do, but I loved it!

problematic said...

I just love very single one of these chapters...I seriously laughed out loud when I read the bit about spic and span....Completely hilarious.

Anonymous said...

It's cool how you're able to work the glitch! And still keep everything funny!

Rachel said...

That's a tough call, do you keep a glitched Grilled Cheese LTW or risk getting something worse from a romance sim?

Twins? I'm guessing they weren't intentional since Carla wanted to graduate 3 from college and now she has 4.

Great job on both!

Chrissy Brown said...

The part where Mocha doesn't have a brain is hilarious and Vonfiramath and Java Jan's family trees are huge