Saturday, February 07, 2009

Plants Gone Wild


Lot: Robbins-Baer: Kevin, Lynn, Polar, Jonathan, Apple, Smokey, Bellflower, Maxx and Suzie

Last Visit: Kevin advised Lynn that he wanted no more children as he was the Captain Hero of Prosperity Falls, and had a big responsibility to the citizens of Prosperity Falls. Lynn decided to find a way to procreate without his involvement, and in turn, was able to twist her worn out beaten up DNA into plantsim DNA. Shortly after the transformation, she spored a plant-child named Jonathan. (without Kevin's help).

Download Xuan Robbins.

Kevin's family tree. Lynn met Kevin at Sim State University. Kevin is a family sim who's LTW was to become a Captain Hero. Accomplished. Now he wants to marry off 6 children. Uh-uh.

Lynn's family tree. Lynn is a knowledge Sim, and her first LTW was to become a Mad Scientist. Accomplished. Then she wanted to become a Space Pirate. Accomplished. Then she wanted to become a Media Magnate. Accomplished. Now she wants to become a Criminal Mastermind. Eh.

We are going for the 10 generation Plant Sim bonus here. Even though I am not scoring. Really. I also wanted some Plant Sim townies in the hood since PlantSim-ism is now a turn on or turn off for a Sim.

What is going on this week in the Beare house?

Zaed sighting number one.

Suzi and Maxx

Kevin: Lynn! Our dogs have learned to sleep standing up!

Lynn: Oh Kevin. You must be mistaken.....dogs don't sleep standing up.

Kevin: But...but.....

Lynn: No buts. GAWD.

Polar: Daddy you know today is my birthday, right? What did you get me?

Kevin: Honey I got you the bestest thing in the get a wish from the Wishing Well!
Polar: Really? Just like Pinkie used to get wishes, I get one too?

Kevin: Yes baby you are finally old enough. Right after you blow out your candles you can go take your wish.

Polar: Yippeee!

*smack slurp!*

Kevin: Now what is all this about Lynn?

Lynn: It is because you are the best husband in the world. Letting little Polar get a wish from the well for her birthday. You know honey I took a wish from the well today.

Kevin: And darling may I ask what you wished for?

Lynn: I wished for a son. A son for you.
Kevin: Lynn, I told you....

Lynn: I am pregnant again Kevin.

Kevin is silent with this news. He begins to contemplate how Lynn managed the little plantsim boy Jonathan, and now she tells him she is pregnant. He realizes he is fighting a losing battle.

Kevin: Well Lynn, let's just hope the baby is the son you wished for. Lynn smiles to herself. She knows it is a boy.

Lynn: One two.....oohhh...this is getting harder and harder with the child growing in my belly....

Polar: *yelling from the kitchen* Mom! Come is time for me to blow out my candles!

Polar Beare
Aspiration - Romance
LTW - To Become A Hall Of Famer

ASimWen quickly sends Polar to the mirror to get a makeover.

Polar: I wish for a closet full of beautiful clothes....a beautiful bedroom all to myself, and OH! My own bathroom! Yeah!

Polar: Well, you aren' t a closet full of clothes but you are a nice birthday present!

Polar is slated to marry Kyle Jeffres.

What's Your Name...thank you for my first kiss. hehe!

Jonathan: So What's Your Name....are you going to college?

What's Your Name: Yes, I plan to. I really like Polar. I think she is hawt.

Jonathan: I wish I could attend college. But when I grow up it will be right to adult. I will skip all the 'difficult' years.

What's Your Name: Man, sorry about that! Peace to you!

Jati: It looks like Lynn is fiddling with her DNA again....

Brax: It is unfortunate that she was turned into a vampire years ago...her DNA has been tainted ever since!

Jati: Then she tried PlantSim-ism.... *shakes head*

Brax: It seems that she is attempting to fulfill her part in the Mission to procreate as much as possible.

Jati: She no longer has a slot in the Mission! Her offspring is imperfect!

Xuan: Come on guys....let her think she does. I don't think there is anyone in the Mission who tries as hard as her!


Gulp gulp!

Ping! Pop! Pow!

Lynn: Ah. I am normal again. Now that I have become with child, there is no reason to continue sporing children as a plant sim. My generations of plantpeople will continue to thrive and prosper in Prosperity Falls! *evil laugh*

Jonathan: Automobile refers to all self-propelled vehicles, technically; in actual usage, it refers to all classes of four-wheeled, self-propelled vehicles used for personal transportation, including pickup trucks, SUVs, MPVs as well as cars. These emissions from these vehicles choke plants. Meh.

Jonathan Beare
Aspiration: Romance
LTW: To Woo-Hoo 20 Sims
(ain't gonna happen)

Jonathan: I am a grown plantsim! Just like that! Now I can have my own plant baby!

*Polar jumps with surprise* Gawd Jonathan! You are as handsome as any Robbins man...

Lynn: Yes, he looks much like my father, Zaed Robbins. (Zaed sighting number two).

Jonathan: There you are Apple! What a pretty girl you are! (editor - no plantsim hair!)

Adult Zaed...what do you think? Did Jonathan pick up genetics from him?

Jonathan: Uh-huh! Uh-Huh! *nods head*

Kevin: I am happy you are no longer a Plantsim Lynn. But I love you no matter what you look like. I hope we have a happy healthy boy!

Kevin: Now that we are having another child Lynn, that will mean an expansion on the house....another college fund to set up.

Lynn: No problem Kevin. All that is taken care of. *Lynn realizes she didn't think of any of that.... must get the financials set up immediatley.*

Smokey Beare

Polar: Oh What's Your are the hawtest guy ever....err...the only guy I have ever dated.

What's Your Name: Polar I think you are swell too. Do you think we could do somewhere else to make out? There is a creepy witch over there watching us..........

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble.

Apple Beare
Aspiration: Romance
LTW: To Become A Hall Of Famer

Jonathan: Time for me to make my way in the world. I have grown to a man, and spored and raised the next generation of plant people. Goodbye, everyone! (Jonathan is now a down-townie).

Bellflower Beare

(Again, no plantsim hair! What is up with that?)

Lynn: Our little boy Smokey Beare is growing up so fast!

(editor - with a face only a mother could handsome Robbins man here! heh Must get that from his daddy!)

Polar: Awwight! I am off to University. To guys, guys, and more guys! Hehehe! I can hardly wait!

And so ends this round in the Beare house. Join us next time as Lynn and Kevin age to elder, and the plantsim pool grows.

Lynn's last want as I live the lot....I don't think so!

Odd Pics Out:

Captian Hero convention on the Beare front lawn.

Lynn reaches another LTW

Both Suzi and Maxx get a job, but only Maxx promotes.

Kevin now paints 'In The Zone'

Some of his paintings hang in the kitchen. Who are these people?

Accomplishments this round: TOC for Lynn, Media Magnate. One new sim: Smokey. Two new plantsims - Apple and Bellflower. Hobby plaque in crafts for Kevin.

Berry Nosey reporting! On the edge of town is a building that seemed to spring up over night in Prosperity Falls. It is most curious! It is reported one Mr. Xuan Robbins was observed snooping around the lot quietly visiting the inhabitant there in; and no one has reported seeing exactly who does indeed live there. Being that Mr. Robbins's name is connected with the strangest and most elusive family in Prosperity Falls, the Robbins clan, and being that Mr. Robbins as had contact with the UFO's that seems to fly over head at will, this is newsworthy.

Cosmic Castle downloadable from Parsimonious
Skintone for Alien X and head dress is also from Parsimonious.

Xuan! Come you me!

*Might as well get this's all for the Mission....*

Alien X: Now, procreate!
Xuan: is a few things we do sharing a kiss. *keeping eyes shut*
Alien X: *Sigh* Lead, you will. No knowledge, me

Xuan: Then we might dance a little.
Alien X: What is this? Before procreation?
Xuan: It is called Romance, my dear. That is what makes me the great Anotothian you say I am.

You are a beautiful being, X.
X: Beautiful? Me? I have a womb. That is all I need.
Xuan: Eh, okay. That was part of the Romance. Whispering 'sweet nothings' in your ear.
X: See, I do. Alright.

X: What is this? Demand, I do!
Xuan: Again, it is Romance. Love. It is a feeling.
X: 'Feel', I do not!
Xuan: You are in Earth's atmosphere. Perhaps you do. After all, you are with the Greatest Anotothian. It is my job to create love everywhere! It is time, X.

Nacarlos, Xuan's cousin, ...tracks him down....


Berry Nosey: I have see it with my own eyes folks. Xuan Robbins is here at this moment in this building. What is he doing? Who is he talking to? What deals are being made behind this door? Stay tuned!


ASimWen said...

From r_veil:

You played frat boy Kevin! I didn't think anyone ever did.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Poor Lynn, she always did try for the mission, but her DNA died when she became a vampire. This entry makes me miss Zaed. Wow. Why are all the plantsims Romance?
And finally Xuan and our Alien X procreate... I guess we'll see what happens.

ASimWen said...

It was a strange thing...I roll the aspirations...and I rolled three romance sims on that lot. I began to think the die was loaded. hehehe

Yes, I miss Zaed too. That townie in the beginning of the entry looks so much like him! I can see it now... I will find a way to marry him in. He appeared after I installed AL.

ASimWen said...

From Just Lynn:

Man this hood must have really loved Zaed....

Is Kevin gaining weight or is it just the angle of the picture (playing red hands).

What if Polar doesn't want to marry Kyle? What if she wants to marry the makeup boy??

Free the Plant Sims!!! Love the paintings. :)

WHA??? Did Xuan and Alien X do the unmentionable??? WHY DOES IT END THERE???

Kerry said...

"These emissions from these vehicles choke plants. Meh." Good for you, Jonathan!

I played Kevin Beare--he always gets fat. Oh, Xuan, the things you do for the Mission!

ruby said...

woot Zaed sighting! LOL who is he. gosh he really does look like him. *sighs*
lol at the dogs. they really do look like they're sleeping standing up
ack! what is with that hair? LOL *winces waiting for the makeover*
ah much better. Polar is adorable
LOL @ the conversation between Jonathan & What's Your Name
o.O wow, go Xuan sticking up for Lynn.
Jonathan looks handsome for a plantsim! Normally I dont like them much but he's cute and yes.. he resembles Zaed in a green tinted way
wow. Apple has normal hair! now thats something new
aw Smokey is adorable and LOL at his name
Another romance? holy boop thats three in this house in one week.
*waves bye to Jonathan and hello to Bellflower*
Eeps! Oh Smokey you are definitely a Beare.
oh pictures.. erm paintings! hmmm... Wen and mini-Wen.. Zaed... Apple w/ Bellflower
Ooo Berry Nosey caught Xaun in the ... well almost act! Woot I cant wait to see X's offspring .. golly I wonder does Nacarlos realize how close he really is.. dun dun dun....

ASimWen said...

To Ruby: You almost got the paintings right...Yes, that is me and mini daughter Holly younger than she is now. Now she would NEVER hug me like The next painting is not Zaed. *sigh* it is Quavi. I need to make some of Zaed and put them in the game....and yes the last one is the two plantsims Apple and Bellflower.

Minty said...

*snickers* Polar Beare.

Rachel said...

I really need to play some Plant sims. They grow up SO fast!