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Lot: Strickland.1 - Bubbs (AKA Mr. Knowledge), Keith Bigfoot, and dogs Apollo and Pepper

Last Visit: Camping With Mr. Knowledge - Mr. Knowledge educated us on all the fun aspects of a mountain vacation, and incidentally how to show a chick a good time, even in a cold tent. While on vacation Mr. Knowledge met Keith Bigfoot, who followed him home from the mountains like a lost puppy. Back in the Falls, Keith continued to show Mr. Knowledge up because he wanted to be just like him. He built a house right beside Mr. Knowledges', got the same job Mr. Knowledge had. Despite all the hero worshipping from Keith, Mr. Knowledge managed to make it through the week, and left us with promises to teach us about his new hobby this week. Apparently, camping has become a thing of the past.

Online English to French translator used in this entry. I really do not know French. Please excuse any blunders. Thank you.

Bubbs' family tree. Bubbs is a Knowledge Sims whose original LTW was to become a Mad Scientist. Accomplished. Then he wanted to become Education Minister. Accomplished. New LTW: To become a Mad Scientist again. ASimWen says No.

ASimWen: Hey Mr. Knowledge. Long time no see. What's cookin'?

Mr. Knowledge: Well hello ASimWen. I am practicing my cooking.

ASimWen: MMMmmm! Smells good. Salmon?

Mr. Knowledge: You got it. It is my specialty. You see, I have recently taken up cooking as my hobby. I am cooking fish I caught on my vacation last week.

ASimWen: I am sure you will do wonderfully. So since you have taken up cooking as your hobby, I am sure you have lots to tell us.

Mr. Knowledge: I do. *stuffing a bite of salmon into his mouth* I plan to attempt to reach the dizzying echelons of the cooking world, and to be the envy of everyone on the block with my Baked Alaska.

Later after dinner.....

Ah well that was delicious Mr. Knowledge. *dabs corners of her mouth* Tell me what is next.

Mr. Knowledge: OH should put the leftovers away. Always. You never know when your bigfoot might be When you might want a quick bite of the finest food. You should always have something on hand. The next thing I am going to do is find a job in food.

ASimWen: Are you sure you wan to leave your job in education? You can reach so many more there with your great knowledge.

Mr. Knowledge: Here is a job as a drive through clerk at a fast food place. It is a start.

ASimWen: Yes. A good place to start. Well I guess since you have full cooking skills and all there won't be much for you to do, right?

Mr. Knowledge: Oh contraire, madamoiselle! Il y a l'abondance pour faire! I go to work at my new job tomorrow. But for tonight I plan to take my chick out to a fine restaurant.

Joy: Oh Bubbs honey, ya'll are such a dear for bringin' me to this fine eating establishment.

Mr. Knowledge: See ASimWen, you should make sure you bring your chick to a place she will like.

ASimWen: Erm. I see you are wearing appropriate attire...for a circus maybe.

*Mr Knowledge glances down* Thatdoesn'tmatter as long as you are with your chick. If you are being a fun date what you wear doesn't matter.

Mr. Knowledge: You should discern what your date wants to eat, and order that.

ASimWen: Uh-huh. What happened?

Mr. Knowledge: Eh, well. Anything is good at a fine restaurant like this. Eat up, Joy!

After dinner..........

ASimWen: Ah I see dinner was a success!

Mr. Knowledge: Erm yeah. Excuse us.

The next morning:

Mr. Knowledge: Oh my Joy, my Joy! *kiss kiss* She left me a love note.

ASimWen: It must have not mattered that she was served the wrong food at the restaurant last night.

Mr. Knowledge: I told you. What you eat at a fine establishment like that doesn't matter. The food is always good, and the company will be excellent. The point is to develop enthusiasm in cuisine when you eat out.

ASimWen. I see. So Mr. Knowledge. What are you going to do today to reach your goal as Best Chef In Prosperity Falls?

Mr. Knowledge: I am going to study. Hard.

Editor - Notice the souvenirs on the shelf behind Mr. Knowledge. He bought these on his mountain vacation.

Mr. Knowledge: I will study this cookbook until I have to leave for work. Wish me luck.

ASimWen: Err....are you sure you are concentrating on the cookbook?

Mr. Knowledge: Joy sure is hawt. Erm.. Yes..! Of course I am! Sure I am!


ASimWen: Your ride to work is here, Mr. Knowledge. See ya later.

HI HO! HI HO! It's off to work I go..........


Mr. Knowledge: It's Joy. She is calling to tell me how much fun she had at the restaurant last night.

ASimWen: Oh yeah? When are you going to see her again?

Mr. Knowledge: I am planning a dinner party in a few days. She will be there. In the mean while, back to studying. But not before I have a drink at the nectar bar. Again, I can add to my enthusiasm using it. Plus, haven' a snort after work calms me down.

ASimWen: Yeah a drink after a hard day is good for the soul. Working in fast food is a very stressful job.

Mr. Knowledge: You got that right ASimWen.

Mr. Knowledge: See there? I have reached the third level of enthusiasm for cuisine. Oh I hear the phone ringing.

Mr. Knowledge: Yes! Yes! Oh yes! Lemme get that magazine! I can read that and increase my interest/enthusiasm in cuisine.

THE NEXT DAY........

Mr. Knowledge: 'Tis a fine day to be going to work, for sure.

ASimWen: We have been seein' you go to work. What about Keith?

Mr. Knowledge. He wants to be a space pirate. So he quit working at the flower shop and is now working in Adventure.

Mr. Knowledge: I am movin' right on up. I am a waiter now! I am getting closer and closer to the kitchen all the time.

ASimWen: I see Keith is moving up as well.

Mr. Knowledge: Woah! Down boy down! I know you are happy about getting promoted! Me too! Let's celebrate by getting ready for the dinner party.

Mr. Knowledge: Hiya babe. Glad you could make it. Let's go inside and put the finishing touches on dinner. Oh hey guy. Nice to meet you. You can come to my dinner party too, ok?

ASimWen: Stuffed rainbow trout! What a treat. *smacking lips*

Mr. Knowledge: Yes, yes. This will be delicious. I am making it with my special lemon and dill stuffing.

ASimWen: It will be a big hit, I am sure. Here comes some more guests.

Joy: An' oh got so cold in that tent on the mountain when my honey-bear here took me on a real mountain vacation. Why it was like winter time!


ASimWen: I guess your dinner party was a big success. I see you are back to studying.

Mr. Knowledge: That is correct. I am now up to level 5 enthusiasm for cuisine. I am takin' it all the way to the top! According to this book, I can enter cooking contests for money and noteriatey. I will do so!

Mr. Knowledge: Oh OH! I am now a member of a secret cuisine club! Yippee! Thank you for letting me into your club, Chef Warren Owens! I will be there tonight after work.

Mr. Knowledge: I think I will watch the cooking channel for a while. I am tired of reading.

Mr Knowledge: It is almost time for me to leave for work. Ahhh.....I can just smell my next culinary wonder. I will go to that club house tongiht and show everyone my cooking prowess!

Ha! I have made it into the kitchen! They are starting to realize what a superior cook I am and what a benefit I can be to the restaurant!

Ahhhh....the secret club house. I will now astound my peers with my mad cooking skills. I will show them! I will show them all! Muwahahahahahaha!!!!

ASimWen: Why it is Betsy Ross Strickland all the way from University paying the secret club a visit. I understand she has entered the cooking contest, as well as Raleigh Bostic. Are you up for the competition, Mr. Knowledge?

Mr. Knowledge: You betcha. I am gonna make a culinary delight that is very popular in Prosperity Falls.

ASimWen: And what that might be, may I ask?

Mr. Knowledge: Two words. Cheese Cake.

ASimWen: I think that is one word.

Judge: La tarte au fromage blanc est riche, lisse, crémeuse. Magnifique!

Judge: M. Raleigh Bostic, votre Alaska Cuite au four est cuite au four à pefection; la glace est agréable et fraîche avec la meringue ferme.

Judge: La tarte au fromage blanc est différente, où comme le reste des concurrents sont tous entrés dans le même plat. J'admire M. Knowledge pour oser être différent. Donc je crois que je lui donnerai le prix.

WooHoo! I win! I win! Who da man??? Huh? WHO DA MAN!? Check it out! I have the blue ribbon!

Mr. Knowledge: See, my cheesecake is so good that others wanted to taste it.

ASimWen: I had all the faith in the world for you, Mr. Knowledge. Congratulations.

ASimWen: Looks like you are moving right along.

Mr. Knowledge: Yes, I am almost ready for another cooking contest. I think I will try making the Baked Alaska. I am now up to level 8 in my enthusiasm.

Mr. Knowledge: Woot! I win again!

ASimWen: Yeah, against Santa Cookies and an appetizer platter.

Mr. Knowledge: It doesn't matter what the other entries were. I win, I win I win!!!!

Ramin Centowski: Mr. Knowledge. What is your best recipe for eggs benedict? I must know!

Mr. Knowledge: Ah well. All it take is many hours of study for the art; and actually cooking. My best recipe for eggs benedict? You must come to my home and let me prepare them for you. Then we will discuss.

Ramin Centowski: I would be honored!

ASimWen: After many hours of study; after entering cooking contests and blogging about your cooking adventures, you are finally to the top; you are the best in the business, in all of Prosperity Falls!

Mr. Knowledge: I am get greatest. You are correct! I da man!

Thank you Chef Warren Owens! Even though I beat your butt twice in cooking contests in your own secret club. You still honor me!~

ASimWen: This calls for something special. A party!

Mr. Knowledge: I think I will invite my chick over. Who best to celebrate with? I have just the thing!

ASimWen: Be still my heart! Mr. Knowledge is actually engaged to be married? Prosperity Falls' confirmed geeky bachelor?

Mr. Knowledge: Everything I have accomplished in my life, Joy has always been at my side for every bit of it. I want to spend the rest of my life with her. I think she is wonderful.

ASimWen: You two deserve each other. I know you will be happy together.

ASimWen: Ahhh....I think this is true love. *smile*


Mr. Knowledge: I could have used this to advance my enthusiasm. This is why it is beneficial to have a job in Culinary if at all possible when a Sim wants to be at that top of the Cuisine Hobby. I chose not to use it.

ASimWen: Ah I see. Well. You showed us how to to it without the Culinary career reward. Indeedy.

ASimWen: Despite all the money and noteriety you have received in this field of work. you have remained an honorable Sim. And have been well rewarded for it.

ASimWen: Executive chef! Good job!

Mr. Knowledge: T'was easy. *buffing nails*

Erm...isn't this guy DEAD????

ASimWen: Nice going Keith, now you will be much easier to keep happy! Won't have to worry about those Bigfoot temper tantrums.

Gypsy: Here you guys go. If ya wanna make any wishes or anything. Good luck!

Mr. Knowledge: This is it for me this week ASimWen. I won't make it to celebrity chef until next time you see me.

ASimWen: I understand you have something special planned for us next time.

Mr. Knowledge: You betcha. You have to wait until I see you again to find out what it is.

ASimWen: Until then. See you.

Mr. Knowledge's vacation mementos and cooking awards.

Pepper ages.

Accomplishments this round: Hobby plaque for Bubbs. Does TOC for bigfoot count for anything? Heh.


Bubbs said...

Mr Knowledge taught us to cook tonight! And it looks like Keith is finally his own BigFoot! Woot!!

Will Bubbs teach us the fine arts of exercise next? I noticed he has a nice belly going on there...but then again most good chefs you see sort of do.

CarlaluvsSims said...

Thanks for the update! Bubbs definitely needs an exercise plan and new clothes. I'm sure Joy will get him straightened out. A bachelor, no more!

Veil said...

Re Marquez Bostic: Will Bubbs be going on an outing in the great beyond??? Too funny!

Kerry said...

Bubbs brings his own, um, brand of enthusiasm to everything, doesn't he? Fun update!

Infinity-Nevermore said...

I love Mr. Knowledge. And I knew that eventually he'd marry Joy again, like he did last time. Fun update! Will he be doing something new next time?

ASimWen said...


I am thinking he might show us how to throw a great wedding party. Something like that. ;)

ruby said...

okay thats is just creepy... then again he is Mr Knowledge, perhaps he may enjoy an outing in purgatory with Marquez...
ya next week, I too think it will be something to do with a wedding... although he should heed his own words and eat more asain if it truly helps sims lose weight.
Ah well Joy love him as is so why lose it i reckon..

Rachel said...

Mr. Knowledge is highly amusing. He did great on his cooking enthusiasm. I wonder if he will actually marry Joy.