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A New Dog In The House, Dancing With The Sims, As The Diary Says


LOT: Landgraab IV - Malcom, Aazia, Malcom V (Thurston), Richie, Buffy and dogs Snap and Tiny

Last Visit: Being In Love - It appeared that everyone in the Landgraab mansion was in love this round, with the exception of the littlest one, the genetically challenged Buffy. Let's see what happened this week.

Aazia's family tree

Malcom's family tree

Dang Malcom stop it! I mean it! I'm gonna tell mom, she'll punish you real good!

Malcom (Thurston): Mamma's boy! Mamma's boy! You wont' tell mom nothin' because here comes your ride. 'Member? Member you an' me are sneakin' out tonight with our girlfriends? Huh? Who knows about that? Not mom! Malcom a delivers an extra hard noogie to end the teasing to poor Richie. Hahahaha! Whimp!

At least my girlfriend's parents have a decent car. Look at that hunk of junk your girlfriend is driving!

Malcom: Hey, the wheels don't matter. What counts is what is between the seat and the steering wheel. See ya 'round...WUSS!!!!!!

Malcom sneaks out with a townie girl he received from the matchmaker....

And Richie sneaks out with Yazibel McClelland, his future mate. Heh. Can't wait to see how the Landgraab brow bone mixes with Yazibel's alien features. ;)

Malcom: Ah, life is grand. I am at the top of my career, I have a beautiful wife, and three lovely....errrrr....two good looking boys and a daughter. I have this marvelous home and a butler to serve my every need. can't get any better than this. *sip* *smack!*

Richie: Psst! Malcom. Be quiet! Dad is up. He will hear us come in.

Malcom: Shaddup Richie. If I depended on you for everything I would be....errr...I would be like you! *shudder*

The next day.......

Headmaster Korey Jitmakusol: Naturally, there will be a skiing trip to Aspen for the advanced students. Then for the less skilled students there will be a trip to Malibu Beach instead.

Aazia: Headmaster, all that sounds wonderful. Our daughter Buffy will naturally go on both trips. She is an excellent skier in snow and a champion swimmer. Why, just look at all the trophies she has won.....

Malcom: Just name the price Jitmakusol. *whips out checkbook*

Headmaster: I don't understand...

Malcom: Listen. I wouldn't talk to you like this if my daughter was in this room. Luckily she is upstairs out of earshot. She is playing in a bedroom that is every little girl's dream. Anything can be bought Jitmakusol. My girl...well. She needs to be accepted in this school. That is all. For your job, Headmaster, you will make sure there is a spot for her the term coming up, do you understand?

Headmaster: Understood. I will take my leave. *Receives check from Landgraab for a six figure amount, stuffs it in his jacket pocket* Ahhhh......


Aazia: Malcom, I think there is something wrong with Jitmakusol. Open the door, maybe he will go outside to do that...

Malcom: Yes, love.

A few days later.........

Buffy: *singing gleefully....* "Woo hoo...see that that scene..DIG IT! The Dancing Queen.....!"

Daddy! Today is my birthday. Did you get me something nice?

Of course pumpkin. You got two puppies! Snap and Tiny!

Ohh thank you daddy! Thank you!

Richie invites his friend over, Braelen Bostic who is in University.

And then, and could see right up her dress....hahaha! Oh lordy. heh. Hey it is my little sister's birthday today. You want to stay for some cake?

Err, sure. Why not?


Remember this is the tot Buffy

And this is what she aged to as a child. Now you know why her daddy wanted to pay the Headmaster to make sure she got into his school. She is genetically challenged.....(where are those nice Robbins genes her brothers got?) Let's check her out as a teen.....

Ummm..I wish...I wish....for a nice boyfriend. Yeah!


Braelen: Errrr no, no cake. Huh? No, no, I am tied up. I have an exam to study for. *steps off to the side* Psst! Richie! Why didn't you tell me your sister was such a dog?? Ouch! What was that for???? Okay, okay I get it. I'll see you later bud. Eh? Oh. Erm *clearing throat speaks loudly* It was nice to meet you Buffy. See you again sometime.

Malcom: Listen here Bostic. You see this uniform? This gives me powers beyond your wildest dreams. I suggest you leave my little girl alone and be on your merry way. Kapiche?

Braelen: Kapiche! I'll just let myself out the door. Braelen makes a hasty exit.

And so ends the birthday party. Poor Buffy received no boyfriend, but her party was a success.


Richie: Well, tonight me, Malcom and Buffy all leave for University.

Aazia: I am so proud of you and your brother and sister. Especially since you are attending Sim State, me and your father's alma mater.

Malcom Jr: (sitting at the table) Where else would we propose to go mother? Every Landgraab since the beginning of Bluewater has attended classes at Sim State.

Malcom Sr: That's my boys! Sticking to family tradition. Here's to my wonderful family. *raises glass in toast* May the Landgraabs live long and keep prospering. Cheers. *Everyone drinks up*.

GOODBYE Malcom Jr..(Thurston) sporting more of a many look with some beard stubble and a different 'do.

GOODBYE Richie...looking more wussy than ever, thinkin' about mamma on the way out the door. After all, he is 'mamma's boy....' That is a Family Sim for you.

Goodbye Buffy....oh...wanna see her close up????

Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW: To Become Head Of The SCIA

I wonder how Braelen Bostic will accept her in University? Will he even recognize her?
Stay tuned!

Accomplishments this round: TOC Aazia - Education

NEXT LOT........


Lot: The Gentleman's Club - Markey, Kyanne, Meghanne and Naslie

Last Visit: The Snowleopards Reproduce - Kyanne and Markey became the proud parents of twins Naslie and Meghanne. Markey felt since he was now a father, that being a Criminal Mastermand probably wasn't a good influence for his girls, so he began searching for a job in Oceanography. Kyanne lost her job and decided to stay home for a while.

Note: I realized when I started to do the picture edit work for the Landgraab house that I have made family trees for a whole round now. I can now just pull the one from the entry before and edit it. YAY!

Kyanne's family tree. Knowledge - LTW to become Chief of Staff. Accomplished. Become a Mad Scientist. Accomplished. Erm...don't have the game up right this sec..have no idea what she wants to do now. Her hobby is science.

Markey's family tree. Knowledge - LTW to become a Criminal Mastermind. Accomplished. Now he wants to become the Hand of Posiedon. Workin' on it. Hobby - fitness.

TOM: Welcome to Dancing With The Sims!!!!!!

*applause, intro music*

TOM: Here we are in the living room of Kyanne and Markey Capehart dancing with their daughters Naslie and Meghanne. These two are long time dancers and have appeared in many living rooms across Prosperity Falls. As you can see,they are indoctrinating their daughters into the Ways Of Dance. Tell me Markey, how are things going?

Markey: Great Tom just great. Kyanne and I have been training Meghanne and Naslie for this event for months now, and our family is really proud to see us doing this tonight.

TOM: Kyanne, how do you feel about the show tonight?

Kyanne: Well Tom, I wish my parents Camryn and Fraiser were here today to see the kids dance. But I am sure they are watching from heaven. Hello mom! Hello dad! *waves*

TOM: Alright everybody! Let's get ready for the Kid's Ballroom Dancing segment! *applause*

TOM: First up is Naslie and Meghanne with their rendition of 'Thriller'. Let's see what the judges have to say.

Carrie Ann: Oh what pretty little girls. *ahem* Girls your movements were just a little off, not bad, but you have a lot of room for improvement. Really make use of the room the dance floor gives you, and you should be fine. I give you an 8.

Len: *british accent, sounds indignant* Oh my god. I have never seen anything irrational in all my life! You two are out there pretending like you can dance! If Michael Jackson were dead, he would be turning over in his grave. *Boos are heard* I can't even score this. Alright. I give you a 5 because you were brave enough to show yourselves on national TV. You get a 5 for effort. *BOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!*

Bruno: What can I say? I love you darlings! I simply love you. Thriller has always been a favorite of mine and to see a snowleopard renditon of it has made my dancing career complete. *wipes tear* With great respect, I happily give you a 10!!!! *wild applause*
TOM: That gives the girls a total of 23. Very good! Next is the line dancing exhibition.

Here Naslie and Meghanne are joined by Zerek Robbins for this number. Theycall it "Stompin' Out Homework." Zerek is son of Jati Robbins, head of the Mission on earth. Zerek enjoys dancing in front of the stereo every day after school and had a big part in coming up with the choreography for this dance. *wild applause*

TOM: And here is the freestyle exhibition. Naslie and Meghanne are joined by their cousins Tigerlillly and Tahani Capehart. It looks like each child is having a free for all and having a lot of fun doing it.

Well everybody, we here at Dancing With The Sims hope you have had a great evening and plan to join us agani next week. Until then, keep reaching for the Stars!!!!! *wild applaus, theme music fades to black*

Whew! I am glad that is over. Gah, I am tired.

Markey: Could be that ride you had the other night. You know that isn't the first time that has happened here...................

Kyanne: Ohh...I feel sick...............

Markey: Kyanne you need to feel better. It is time for the girls' birthday party.

Aspiration: Knowledge

Aspiration: Knowledge

Kyanne: I think I am going to go lay down a while...

Markey: You go ahead. I will clean up.


Well howdy Morgan-Rose! Long time no see!

And here is your cohort in crime Lucas!

Accomplishments this round:

Hobby plaque in Science for Kyanne

Hobby plaque in fitness for Markey

TOC for Kyanne in Science.

See you next time!

NEXT LOT........


Lot: 123 Alien Way - McClelland - Regis, Jenn, Yazibel, Ketrina, Infinity Nevermore, Yomi and Yolanda

Last Visit: Two More For The Mission - Infinity makes a diary entry explaining her spot in the McClelland household. She relates how she and Ruby lost their jobs on Anatoth, and must now join the Mission on Earth. The King heartily agrees, and lays out an ingenious plan that allows Xuan to never have to look for wombs again.

Jenn's family tree. Jenn is a knowledge Sim, as is most of the Robbinses. She aspired to become a Mad Scientist...accomplished. The she wanted to become Education Minister. Accomplished. Now she wants to become a Criminal Mastermind.

Regis's family tree. Regis is a Knowledge Sim. LTW - to Max All Skills. Accomplished. Then, Criminal Mastermind, (Mayor) and now he wants to become Chief of Staff. Eh.

Infinity: *Furiously writing in diary:* The day has come that I have moved out of the McClelland household, and have moved to University. Jenn and Regis have raised me as their own, with no questions asked. I find it odd that they never once asked me about my background, or from whence I came. Jenn still has no memory of my first entrance into her life. All I can say is that my part in the Mission, of living in that house is over. I will probably never visit it again. I will stay my time in the University, then it will be on to the rest of my life on Earth.

Ruby: You make it sound so mundane, Fini. And final.

Infinity: Isn't it? Don't you miss Anatoth? Did you ever think that you would do this... with your life?

Ruby: Honestly no. I didn't. I thought I would just come down here, do my job with Xuan, then head back to Anatoth when it was done, move on to the next assignment.

Xuan: Now you are stuck here forever!!!!! HAHAHA! You have to put up with me for a long time!

Jati: It is unfortunate things have transpired this way. The flux capacitor is still...ehhh...incapacitated and working at only a small percentage of its total capability. Alien X has been strangely silent for a while. Honestly we know not where we stand. The King is working feverishly on Anatoth with Wilbur to untangle the mess.

An uncomfortable silence settles into the conversation.

Ruby: Xuan! You know something!

Damn Risky

Xuan: *Xuan stutters unintelligebly*

Jati: Ruby! Report please!

*Ruby probes Xuan's mind* There seems to be a black hole Jati. Where I cannot go....

Xuan: Exactly. I have personal thoughts. *Xuan smiles to himself. Maybe this thing with Alien X is not bad after all.............*

Jati: If you know something, brother, that would be beneficial to the Mission and to the flux capacitor, you must divulge it now!

Xuan is stoic.

Jati: Xuan. I know you have been receiving message from an unknown source. Have you realized where they are coming from? Is it Alien X?

Xuan mentally glances at all present in the conversation. Images of Ruby, Fini, and Jati materialize.....and that of his father, Zaed. His father looks angry, but then fades away.

Alien X: Tell not! Tell not!

Xuan: Why not? You have my seed.

Ruby: He is commuicating with someone not here, Jati. Right now.

Jati: *rumbles, sounding very much like Zaed* Xuan! Reveal immediately! Do not with hold information from the Mission!

*All mental eyes are on Xuan*

Xuan: *sweats* Meeting. We need to have a meeting.

Jati: Alright. On the morrow. Get your thoughts together, brother. I know you have alot to report.

Ruby and Infinity realizes the serious nature of this development and sit back, reveling in Xuan's nervous state.

Ruby: Oh boy. I can't wait for this...... *rubbing hands together*

Xuan: Shaddup Ruby. *sulks*

Infinity: *Diary* It seems that Xaun Robbins has a great development in the Mission to reveal. We will see. In the mean time, the McClelland family has changed. Jenn McClelland has added another to the family line. 'Tis a little girl named Yolanda. Alas, I am not there to befriend her. I am at University. The girl will grow up not knowing me.

Then, the boy Yomi had a birthday, and we had a grand party for it. I had alot of fun at this party.


Yomi was chosen to visit Anatoth. I have to wonder why. He has nothing to offer the Mission or Anatoth.

But that is naught for me to wonder about much less receive an answer to. At any rate, Yazibel, myself and Ketrina have all moved to University.

Goodbye Yazibel.....yes, yes, you are maxed skills. Very good.

Goodbye studied hard, and have maxed skills. Wonder woman!

Goodbye Ketrina. You look confused. It is only school, dear.

Infinity: And that is all. I will report again soon.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: One new Sim: Yolanda. Hobby plaque for Regis in Arts and Crafts.

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