Thursday, January 01, 2009

Xaun Meets The Deliciously Dangerous Stranger

I accidentally took a pic of the loading screen. Heh. Kind of exciting.


Lot: Alien Way Robbins.3 - Xuan, Joy, Quartell, Raya, Xenio, Ruby, Xandi and Xiola

Last Visit: Xuan Robbins, This Is Your Life - This entry is worth revisiting, after all it was written last Feburary. It contains the video of the birth of Xandi and Xiola, Xuan's twin alien daughters. I had a lot of fun making that video, and enjoy watching it still. At any rate - besides the birth of Xuan's twins, last visit there was a meeting of the minds between the big players in the Mission discussing Xuan's visit to Anatoth, and his part in the Mission. Xaun attempted to quit the Mission, but the King had other ideas. Malvina left for University, Ruby and Xenio grew to teen. Let's see what mischief Xuan gets into this week.

Xuan and Joy are available for download.

Xuan's family tree. Xuan is a Romance Sim, his original LTW was to woo-hoo with 20 different Sims. Accomplished in University. Secondly, he wanted to become a Celebrity Chef. Accomplished. New want: To Become a Professional Party Guest. I don't think so. He needs to make money to support all his children.

Joy's family tree. Joy is a Romance Sim who's original LTW was to woo-hoo 20 different Sims. Accomplished in University. New want: To Become A Celebrity Chef. Won't happen.

*Xuan humming* Rock a bye baby...... Aw, such a sweet pretty little girl...yes you are. You are daddy's girl aren't you? Don't you ever forget. Daddy will be here for you for ever and ever. *kiss*

Ruby: Getting soft, aren't you Xuan?

Xuan: Get outta my head when I am having daddy time. It is none of your business or anybody else's. This is between me and my girls.

Ruby: Awww...Daddy Xuan...D-A-D-D-Y X-U-A-N!

Voice: Soft, he is!

Xuan and Ruby: HUH???

Fini: What was that? Err...who was that?


Xuan: I'da know. *worried*

Voice: Me, it is!

Xuan: Who are ya! Where are ya! Show yourself *now*!

Voice: This time, not! Not now, the time is!

Xuan: You are speaking in riddles!

Voice: In enough time, know you will. See you, I will. Hide. *poof!*


Ruby: "The set of rational numbers contains all numbers that can be written as fractions, or quotients of integers. Integers are also rational numbers since they can be represented as fractions. All decimals that repeat or terminate belong to the set of rational numbers." I don't get it.

Xenio: Come on Ruby. It isn't that hard. It's just algebra.

Quartell: Yeah. I had that class last year. I got an "A".

Raya: Just fake it Ruby. That's what I do. *wink* I can usually get somebody to do my homework for me. TeeHee!

Xenio: Raya, Sammy McClelland is in college now. He's not around to help ya. Who is doing your home work now? Never mind, I don't want to know. Don't let dad find out you don't do your own work.

Ruby: *Whine* Pfft. I just don't get it. *shoves notebook away* I need me a homework sugar daddy. Fini how long do we have to keep up this farce?

Fini: Ruby we still have to go through University, then after that.....we will be grown up. At least until then.

Ruby: GAH. This is so hard.
I want my job on Anatoth back.

Voice: See it, you won't.

Fini: There it is again, Ruby. That Voice!

Voice: HAHAHAAHA! Goodbye!

Fini: It sounds vaguely familiar.........

Joy: Woah! What is happening.....?

Xuan: Hey old lady.

Joy: So where is YOUR birthday?

Xuan: ????? Jati! Where is my birthday?

Jati: Don't you remember Xuan.....your life is a young man.....the rest of us will age, you will not.

Xuan: Jati, I don't want this. OH but I can leave Joy... let me go pack my things, and Xandi and Xiola's. They will go with me.

Jati: Xuan you were warned not to leave Joy. She is one of us. Additionally, you can run your part in the Mission from here just as well as anywhere else. Now that Joy has aged she will not care much if you seek out other wombs. You will not have to be so secretive about it.

Xuan: That just seems wrong. I have always tried to make sure my ladies had no knowledge of each other.

Jati: Keep feelings out of it. It is the Mission.

Voice: Hellllloooo?????? Womb, have I.


Jati: Who is that.

Xuan: *nervous* Ah, I have been hearing this voice for the past several days. I ahhh...really...have no idea.

Jati: Xuan! You didn't report it?

Voice: *sing song voice* Wombs wombs wombs...

Xuan: Ahhh......

Voice: Meet we will Xuan. For you! My womb......

Jati: Sounds like you have an offer on the table Xuan. *snicker*


Xuan: Here you go fishies. Eat up.

Voice: Hellloooo????

Xuan: Go away. Who ever you are.

Voice: Meet me.....

Xuan: Gah. No. Here you go Bandit, lunch for you too. Joy! Why haven't the kids been feeding the pets?

Joy: I don't know Xuan. They have been studying a lot getting ready for University.

Xuan: I will get Xandi and Xiola to take this over. Pfft.

Voice: Meet me....

Xuan: I said no!

*Telephone rings*

Xuan: Hello? Oh hey...ah? Right now? Eh? Oh really.... will? Ok, I will see you. *hangs up* Joy I am going down to the club for a while.....

Joy: Be careful hon.

Xuan: *thinking* This is gonna be fantastic. I haven't woo-hoo'd her in a while.....

Voice: Meet me.... see me......

Xuan: Go away. I don't even know who you are. Leave me alone.

Ohhh lala...I smell her inside already.....waiting for me..... Here I come babe!

Cara: Hello Xuan. Long time no see.

Xuan: Cara, you are looking as hawt as ever.

Cara: You aren't looking so bad yourself. Xuan I have missed you so.

Xuan: It's that jealous husband of yours Cara. He is stalking me...steals stuff out of my yard. It looks real bad to the rest of the people who live with me.

Cara: Don't worry about him darling. He is harmless. Really. *pauses, flirts* Xuan, let's get out of here and go to the Lost In Love Hedge Maze. I promise you lots of fun. *wink*

Xuan: See you there. *smile*

A FEW MINUTES LATER.............

Xuan - *thinking* Where is Cara? Surely she didn't bail on me. Hmmmm...

Voice: Is not here...Cara.

Xuan: Go away! *alien cussing*

Voice: Home, Cara is.

Xuan: *suspicious* What are you talking about?

Voice: Behind you, I am.

Xuan's head swivels to the direction from whence he came. He sees an odd looking being. purple icy looking skin, and obviously a female being. His eyes narrow.

Voice: Me is Cara.

Xuan: You...are Cara. Explain.

Voice: Just today. Me is Cara. In town *smile*

Xuan: Just today? You were Cara, while the real Cara was home? Do I know you? *Xuan searches his mind to ensure no one is listening*

Voice: Hear us not Xuan. Just me and you.

Xuan: How are you Cara?

Voice: X. I am also X.

Xuan feels as though he was hit by a lightening bolt. He reels backwards. You are Alien X?

Voice nods, smiles. - Like you, I do. Womb, have I.

Xuan: Your womb? You think I want it??? You are ludicrous. Look...look at you. You are not one of us!

Voice: Womb...Joy's womb. Liked it, you did. Alien, she is. Like me.

Xuan: Joy from Anatoth. She is my people. She...she..... *Xuan realizes what a blunder he has made, and hangs his head*

Voice. Xandi and Xiola. Babies, pretty.

Xuan: Yes, yes...they are...HEY...leave them out of this. They have nothing to do with you.

Voice: Babies, pretty. Make, I can. Works for you, cheescake. You, only. And me.

Xuan: Look...errrr.... X. Just fix the flux capacitor, okay? Then we can all go back to normal. Then I can get out of this Mission and live my life.

X: Fix it? I can. I broke it.

Xuan: I know you broke it. You ruined hundreds of lives on Earth.

X: Xuan, my womb. You take, then I fix.

Xuan feels sickness in the pit of his stomach. You mean to say if I fill your womb, then you will fix the flux capacitor????

X: Live your life, you can then. *smiles in an otherworldy way*

Xuan actually considers this proposal and realizes he can be the hero of the Mission, and look good in front of Jati, Ruby and Fini. - Erm. Let's see. are we compatible...ya know...ehhh....

X: Yes, yes...we fit. Made sure, I did. Biology good.

Xuan: Let's sit down and talk this over.

Xuan: X, why me? Why do you want me? There are lots of .. of....errr...womb takers out there.

X: Explorer, am I. Scientist. On my planet all females it is. Gone, all the males. Offspring, cannot make.

Xuan: No men? What happened?

X: Anatoth...all went......left us all the males did.

Xuan: They all went to Anatoth? *Thinks how he has been told all his life Anatoth was disintegrating*

X: Anatothian man you are the best. Of the mind powers.

Xuan: Wait, wait. I thought Anatoth was disappearing. Blinking out of the sky. Why would your men go there?

X: Anatoth is there still. Disappearing not. Plenty of people around. *X leans in and speaks quietly* Your people conqure worlds. Warriors you are. A warring planet. Earth, you want to take over. But according to plan it is not going. Earthen DNA mixes not with Anatothian DNA. It is stronger.

On Anatoth, they plan to desert you.....

Xuan is boggled. He can't believe his ears. Soooo....okay. If you fix the flux capacitor, what will happen?

X: Shut down the Mission, the King will. Disappointed, he is. Want you, I do. Over achiever.

Xuan puffs up. Yes, all my children are over achievers...and some of them have my gifts...errr.... *suspicious* You want my gifts, right? You want to mix MY DNA with you can have super offspring!

X: I do yes. Trick your world I will not, ask you I do.

Xuan: You have tricked us by spoiling the cheesecake. You have tricked us by breaking the flux capacitor. You are full of trickery.

X: Sorry I am, you I wanted. When womb is full, I will fix everything, to the way it was. *Xuan looks doubtful*

X: Pay you I will.

Xuan: I have never accepted money to have a womb. Ever. And I won't start now. If you promise to make everything back to the way it was, I will fill up your womb. Then you leave me and the earth alone. Deal?

X: Deal. We meet again soon.


Joy: Xuan! Come on! Xandi and Xiola want to blow out their candles!

What beautiful girls.......


Goodbye Xenio

Goodbye Quartell

Goodbye Raya...errr...Raya????



And last but not least........................


Ruby: *Sigh* Four more years....just four more years.............


Has Xuan made a pact with the devil????? Stay tuned.....



CarlaluvsSims said...

CAN NOT wait to see what's going to happen next!
Ruby needs a "homework sugar daddy". She's great.
Thanks for the wonderful update, Wen!

Robert said...

Wow. that was totally unexpected. Alien X is a woman? Things are getting very interesting.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Anatoth isn't disappearing? They want to take over Earth? Alien X wants Xuan babies? This was definitely unexpected. When do we get to see more than her back? Gah, nothing but questions, sorry! But this is very interesting.

ruby said...

ah the plot thickens! So they lied... they're not saving their species, they're conquering.. interesting... and suddenly X sounds like a mix of yoda and smeagol.. yet looks some how like something from Star Trek... Xuan is Capt Kirk, if it has the right 'parts' he'll fill it *snickers*
4 more years .. wait .. omg.. if that was all a lie, then Ruby & Fini knew that it was lies... and yet they're going along with this? o.O i am even more confused than before LOL

ASimWen said...

HAHA...ya'll are askin' more questions than I can answer. heh I don't know if Ruby and Fini knew about it or not...or if X is really the one lying. We will have to wait and see if she carries thru and fixes the flux capacitor. heh

Bubbs said...

Awww, Xuan is so cute with his daughters.

Ruby needs a homework sugar daddy? HAHAHA!!

Joy is an elder!! She is such a cougar now!

Voice: Meet we will Xuan. For you! My womb......
Hmmm, did the voice come here just for Xuan?

Oh no, Alien X tricked Xuan! She/he is blackmailing him! Fill my womb and all will be fixed? Hmmm, should Xuan trust her? I don't think he should...I don't think Alien X should be trusted!!!

THe girls are beautiful!!!

Kerry said...

Oh, I wouldn't trust her very far. Xuan has always kind of been the weakest link--perhaps she's aware of that? However, the plot is definitely thickening!

Minty said...

Wow! What an update. Great work, Wen.