Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just Flowers...........and More???

Title: Just Flowers.......And More???

Lot: Family name Cox - Veronica (Capehart) and Kennedy Cox

Last Visit: You last saw Veronica in Univesity, Week 16 where she had found love with Romance Sim Michael-Douglas Strickland. However, that was not to last because as was also revealed, Michael-Douglas became engaged to Sandy McClelland. Here we join Veronica in the Falls, and her quest to have 5 top rated businesses. Veronica worked two business to the 10th level whilst in Uni. She stuffed her backpack with Uni simoleons and headed home to Prosperity Falls where she continued her quest to be a tough business owner.

Veronica's family tree

Mr. Humble: Iyaya......I need a better job. Delivering computers is hard work and the pay is barely enough to pay for my internet access....

Hi Valentine. Yeah, I got a new place. No, I'm not busy....yeah, you and Tanu can come over. Huh? Oh yeah, things are goin' great. Just great. OK, see you in about 30 minutes or so.

Valentine: Veronica, you know my lifelong dream was to own a flower shop. Me and Tanu bought Just Flowers and More, and we ran it for a while. Ya know mom helped out by arranging flowers for it. But I have decided that I would rather not be a business owner. Therefore I am deeding the business to you, if you want it.

Veronica: Do I want it? Of course I want it! Thank you Valentine! Thank you!

Later at the shop.....

Man I just don't get this. GAH. I need help....I have a gold badge in sales, cashiering, and stocking. I know nothing about arranging flowers. I need help!

Yes! I need employees...I need flower arrangers! NOW!

The Vampiress Lilith Capehart answers Veronica's plea for help

Veronica: Mom thanks for helping out. I don't know how I would get this place going without you!

Lillith: No problem honey. I love arranging flowers, it might might as well benefit you, my daughter. I also have a friend who has a gold badge in flower arranging....

Keith: I am Keith Bigfoot. I can do everything.

Veronica: Thank you Mr. Bigfoot. Thank you very much. Oh? You are expensive to pay! But you are so worth it! Please get started right away arranging some snapdragons.

Veronica: Thank you Ketrina McClelland for coming to work at Just Flowers And More!

Ketrina: S'okay Ms. Capehart. I need a good after school job.

So, Veronica opens her shop employing a vampire, a bigfoot, and an alien.

Secret Shopper: Hmmm...hmmm....

Editor: At one point my game took a pause.....then I found out was 8 pm and 3 people were in the shop who were werewolves...and all turned at the same time....

Tanu Capehart, Jodi-Ann McClelland and her husband Kelsey McClelland all turned while Gertrude Capehart looks on...

Poor Gertrude nearly has a heart attack witnessing the spectacle.

Kelsey applaud's his wife successful transformation to a werewolf, and Gertrude is STILL trying to get over it. Hahahaha!

Despite the werewolf activity, Veronica gets an award.

Veronica: Gee thank you Suzie Miller for this award. I am sure it will help my business increase!

Veronica: Welcome aboard to Just Flowers and More, Sebestian Sartor!

Sebestian: Er, thanks I guess. My dad made me get this job.

Veronica: Ketrina, here is how restocking is done.

Ketrina: Thank you for all this training, Ms. Capehart. It might help me when I sell all those 20 puppies or kitties I want to raise.

Veronica: Hello Lovelle Capehart! Nice to have you!

Lovelle: Thanks Ms. Capehart. I really needed this job. (where is her CC hair???)

Lovelle: Really, Mrs. (Kyanne) Capehart, these flowers will make you feel a whole lots better every day. And they were arranged by a bigfoot!

Kyanne: Oh oh! I just gotta have 'em! Thank you, thank you!

Veronica: Hi Scally (Capehart)! Long time no see! Wow, I see you have your eye on these lovely snapdragons. These flowers will fit in any decor, and only take up one tile of space. They also sport a pink mist that when inhaled, fills up most needs so you have more time for other things!

Scally: Sounds just like what is needed at my house! Give 'em to me!

Townie: Thank you for your help miss. My this is a fine establishment!

Lovelle: Thank you. I am glad you like it! Can I show you some of these snapdragons? (That customer appreciation star put the business over the top...)

Veronica: Ho hum! My business is now a level 10. I am soooo tired!

Narrator: What in the world were you doing while your employees were industriously working for you????

Narrator: Oh I see. You were in the break room talking to Regis McClelland!

Veronica: Now that Just Flowers and More is a level 10, I am gonna scale back on the number of employees, and promote my mom to be the manager. (Veronica says goodbye to Keith Bigfoot, and Sebestian. She keeps Lovelle and Ketrina, and promotes Lillith to Manager).

Back home....

Narrator: Michael-Douglas Strickland! What are you doing here?

Michael: Like, dude....Veronica called me up to come over. I think she's got sumthin' in mind...

Narrator: Aren't you engaged to be married???

Michael: Well yeah....but ya know....a little fun on the side....won't hurt nothin'.


Michael: Come 'ere baby! Give daddy a little lovin! *squeeze* Haven't seen ya in a while!

Kennedy Cox appears on the lot, like magic. He repeatedly came into Just Flowers and More, and spent hours and hours browsing. Never bought anything. I thought that was a little wierd. Here he is hangin' out in front of Veronica's house. Veronica greets him.


Wait a minute..... checkin'.... only two bolt couple..... hmmm??? I figured it was Sim Karma..... Veronica just chose her mate. And Michael-Douglas doesn't pay and mind the fact that the girl he just finished making out with is now making out with somebody else a minute later. Veronica immediately sends Michael-Douglas on his way.

Aspiration: Fortune
LTW: To Become A Hall of Famer

*ASimWen Checks Kennedy's stats*....he has a gold badge in flower making. Coulda helped out at Just Flowers and More!

Kennedy changes in front of Florentilla Capehart. She didn't have the 'heart attack' reaction most Sims have.

Veronica: Oh Kennedy honey....I like werewolves. I really do. It's okay.

Kennedy: *sniff* Okay. I really like you too. Let's go to Four Winds Shopping and have some coffee.

Veronica: Omg...then the old gypsy brought a lamp on campus! Yes can you believe it...well no. Nobody checked the thing out. I mean, I have heard you can do some really crazy stuff with those. I was afraid to touch it...

Kennedy: *ROARR*

Kennedy: I know this is quick...but...will you marry me, Veronica Capehart?

Veronica: *GASP!* This is so sudden..err..yes! Yes I will marry you!

ASimWen: Gee, this isn't what I had in mind for her at all......

ASimWen: *SIGH...*

Veronica: How does this shirt look on me Kennedy? Do these pants make me look fat?

Kennedy: Anything looks good on you, Veronica. *Roarr!*

Back at home.........


Heather (Strickland) Bostic and Heather (Strickland) McClelland (probably cousins, but invited as dorm mates to the bride)

Andrew McClelland and Raliegh Bostic, husands to Sarah and Heather

Valentine Capehart, sister to the Bride

Tanu Capehart, brother in law to the bride

Violet Capehart, neice to the bride

The Gardener

Party crasher, Brax Robbins (heir to the Mission)

Party crasher, Joan Robbins


Veronica: *sigh* I love Kennedy so much.

Kennedy: Hahaha Veronica! You are so much fun!

Veronica: Kennedy, we are going to have a baby.

Kennedy: Great Veronica! I am ready to be a father.

Veronica: I still want to run two more businesses Kennedy. Can we fit a baby in?

Kennedy: Absolutely. I will be there all the way for you!

And so we end this first visit with Veronica and Kennedy. Not what I had planned for her....but she decided otherwise.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Let's see. One new Sim - Kennedy Cox. :-)