Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Vacation, Part II

This is Part II of Quavi and Daphne's Vacation to Twikki Island.

Daphne: Well, here we are back in old cold Prosperity Falls. Quavi! Get on the computer and order some photo reprints so we can put an album together of our vacation!

Quavi: Yes, I will do that. Now.

A week later....the photo album is delivered. Quavi and Daphne look through it.

Quavi : Now there is the life. Yessirreee!

Daphne: I remember sitting in the hot springs at the ruins. Oh my, how that did comfort my cold tired bones. I wish we had something like that here in the Falls.

Daphne: Aww..there is the kiss we shared at the water falls.

Quavi: Ah yes, the mutual sharing of affection on public display.

Daphne: I had so much fun that day!

Quavi: I suppose I did as well, Daphne. I suppose I did too.

Quavi: Heh. There is where we met that old doctor.

Daphne: Quavi. He wasn't a real doctor. He was an island witch doctor. Really.

Daphne: He seemed to be really thankful when you fixed his microwave, television and dishwasher.

Quavi: Yep, takes a man to fix the electronics. He was also thankful that you fixed his bathtub.

Daphne: That was a very nice present he gave us. But I really don't know what we can do with a doll that has pins stuck in it's head.

Quavi: I am sure we will find a use for it! It surely meant something to him. *Quavi thinks it is of no use really at all.* Remember how he made us lunch?

Daphne: He really did do so much more for us than he needed to. The macaroni and cheese was delicious!

Quavi: Afterword, he wanted to hula with us.

Quavi: Heh. I never thought I would dance like that.

Daphne: You danced wonderfully, dear.

Quavi: Back at the hotel, this native islander was trying to teach you something...ahhh...

Daphne: It is called a gesture. I think I got it down. He was very kind and patient with me.

Daphne: You finally got down how to build a sandcastle.

Quavi: Heh. Some kind of fortress!

Quavi: And all your beach combing finally resulted in a nice necklace and earring set.

Daphne: Ah yes, but not until after this unpleasant find! Quavi, why is this picture in our album?

Quavi: Because it happened on our vacation! We have all the pictures, both good and bad!

Daphne: Thank you for the vacation, Quavi. I love you.

Quavi: Your'e welcome Daphne. Anytime.

Later that night....

Quavi: Yes, yes, she is asleep. Come on over love, I need to see you.

Joy: Oh Quavi...I missed you so whilst you were gone to Twikki Island.

Quavi: I missed you too Joy. I wish it could have been you at my side.

Accomplishments this round.....Ahhhh....just a nice vacation. :)

The Vacation, Part I

TITLE: The Vacation, Part I

Lot: Robbins.1 - Quavi and Daphne Robbins

Last Visit: The Human Condition - We learned that Quavi has developed the human emotion of love, and thus, his...aaahhh..'equipment' ceased to operate filling wombs. Although, he did not seem really concerned about it being that he had donated huge numbers of troops to the Mission. Xuan let the cat out of the bag and stated that he wanted nothing to do with training new troops for the Mission, and that he wanted to move out of the house he shares with Joy. Zaed threatened him with attention from the King. Let us proceed.

This week it is only Quavi and Daphne in the house.

Daphne: Quavi, sure to pick a good vacation destination. What does SimGoogle say? What have you found? I want to be sure to choose a proper wardrobe...get my hair fixed...

Quavi: Errr...this snow mountain get away looks good. *Whoosh!* I can just see myself snowboarding! Skiing, warming myself in front of the fireplace in the lodge....pretty girls dressed in tight sweaters...errrr I mean....ahhhh......pretty girls bringing my dinner. Yeah.

Daphne: I don't think so Quavi. Off to Twikki Island it is. Let's leave all this cold snow behind.

Quavi: Yes, Daphne. *grumble*

Alien Chatter:

Zaed: Quavi! Where go you?

Quavi: Zaed, my human wife wanted a 'get away.' What that means, I do not know. She speaks of the children all 'flying the coop', says we are now 'empty nesters' and that now the best time to take a vacation.

Zaed: Vacation? What is this thing?

Quavi: Apparently it is an extended break from work. One goes to a strange land, eats strange food and sees 'the sites'. One takes lots of photographs and spends alot of simoleons.

Zaed: Sounds like a very human tradition. Quavi, whilst you are away, take note of the lay of the land. Report back. I wish to see if there are Anotothians elsewhere.

Quavi: Yes, Zaed.

Hotel Clerk: Hello Mr. Robbins! Enjoy your 5 day 4 night stay at Potterhouse Bungalows on Twikki Island. Just pick up the phone for room service. We do have a tour guide that will assist you with any side trips you might want to take.

Quavi: Ahhh...thank you. Do you have a telescope?

Hotel Clerk: Uh, no. But we do have a mighty fine swing set in the front lot that seems to be a big attraction. (Editor: I swear by the all Mighty Sim King, I am gonna remove that thing!!!)

Daphne: Quavi! Forget about stargazing for once. Let's go look at the ocean!

Quavi: I am going to build a mighty fortress. Yes!

Daphne: Quavi. I see you must be serious about it. You didn't even change into your swimming trunks before coming to the beach.

Quavi: Yes, well... *ahem* How can I carry my building tools and my camera? To take these....errrr...snapshots? *Quavi snaps a picture*

Quavi: Now that is what I am talking about!

Daphne: Very fine dear. We need a picture of a gorgeous island native. Let's go see the pirate ship I have heard so much about.

Quavi: Yes dear.

Quavi's legs shake as he 'walks the plank.'

Quavi: Ahhh......I see the Davey Jones's locker down below, Daphne. I believe I have seen enough.....

Tourist pretending to be the Captain: Avast ye swab, go aloft and reef the mainsail! Mese'f will man the wheel!

Daphne: But I am having so much fun driving!

Quavi: Land Ho! errr....I mean.....I see the souvenir stand. Time to go.

Quavi: I can always use another watch. *sigh*

Daphne: And then, we went on the pirate ship and played a while...then we took a helicopter ride around the island....

Zaed: Quavi! How goes it?

Quavi: Well, I am spending lots of simoleons. Eating alot of strange food. Seeing a lot of strange lands.

Zaed: Have you encountered any Anotothians?

Quavi: No, but I have met the ghost of a pirate ship, and I got to climb up really high to the crows nest.

Zaed: That is enough, Quavi. Take a rest.

Quavi: this is the life.....

Daphne: Quavi, rub this lotion on me.....

*Quavi snores*

Quavi: Eee! Ouch! Hot hot hot!

Daphne: Quavi, let's go to the old ruins.

Quavi: *Sigh* Eating again, Daphne?

Daphne: Oh yes, I can't pass up Pineapple Surprise.

Quavi: Alright. Let's go look around.

Daphne thinking: This is so much fun having time alone with my husband. We are taking lots of pictures to share with the kids when we go back to Prosperity Falls.

Quavi thinking: Boy, I could really get into this photography thing! I sure enjoy taking lots of pictures which we will share with the kids when we get back to Prosperity Falls!

I wish I may I wish I might.......oh Quavi! This waterfall is beautiful!

Quavi: Yes, my love, it is magnificent. Wait, there is a villager who will take a picture in front of it of us together!


Daphne: Oh Quavi! How sweet!

Quavi and Daphne spent several days at Twikki Island. They took all the tours available, ate lots of food, and yes, they did get an opportunity to swing on the swing set. All too soon, it was time to go home.

Daphne: I wish it was not time to go back yet. I am so enjoying the nice warm weather.

Quavi: Ah yes, we must get back. There are patients for you to see....troops for me to order around... (Editor...don't forget....Daphne is a Chief of Staff, and Quavi is a General in the Army)


Sunday, January 06, 2008

High Aspirations / Six White Horses


Lot: The Strickland Farm - Kolton, Cara, Mary, Ruby, Xen and the cats Princess and Ginn

Last Visit: Xen - The last visit to the Kolton Strickland home brought us lots of tragedy, starting with a drastic drop in the population at the beginning of the week, farmer Fraiser Strickland and his wife Camryn both passed away at the same time. It was hard on the pleasure seeking son Kolton. Even the cats Ginn and Princess found it hard to deal with. Then, Kolton decided to have a party to lift everyone's spirits. At this party Kolton caught his wife Cara sneeking a kiss with Bubbs Strickland, AKA Mr. Knowledge. Ginn and Princess continued to fight, Cara got abducted. Somehow she felt a burning desire to date Xuan Robbins after the abduction, and they met downtown at the Crypt-o Night Club, where they woo-hoo'd in the photobooth. She became pregnant, and gave birth Xuan's son, Xen.

Kolton here. My wife has suffered a personal loss...her friend Michelle Capehart has passed away. Even through this, she puts on a brave face and cuddles Xen like he is priceless. It seems like many we know are dying all around us. A few months ago it was my parents Fraiser and Camryn, now friends and other family members are dying. My aunt Roz has passed. (editor - you will see this in the next entry). Despite all that, we keep our chins up and move along. What else can we do?

Our adopted daughter Mary dealt with it by sneaking out after Cara and I went to bed. I don't know how many times she did it before she was finally brought home by an officer of the law. I found it hard to punish her for it. I knew it was out of character for her to do something like this, and eventually she would stop. She did, after she called the Matchmaker for a date, as I had done so many times. But until then, Mary didn't know what to do with herself.


Xen had a birthday, and it made Cara smile. She doesn't smile much these days. By gosh, I look at that boy and I am still not sure....? Who his father is. Cara is so beautiful, I am lucky to have someone like her. She works hard and does a good job raising our kids. But I do wonder. But as I have said before, I will not turn my back on the little ones. I will raise him like there is no doubt in my mind I am his dad.

I have even ensured calls me Dad. He knows.

Alien chatter:

Xen: Yeah, I know alright!

Xuan: Hey boy, is that you?

Xen: Yeah, you betcha. Hahaha!

Jati: It appears Xen can talk in telepathy before he can even speak.

Xen: I easily think words, but because of my physical limitations at this age I cannot utter them aloud.

Xuan: *pumps fist* That's my boy! How great is my seed???

Xenio: I am here as well.

Xen: Ah! My brother!

Xenio: We must met face to face!

Xuan: My boys! My boys! *Xuan is giddy*

Zaed: Your gifts are passing along at full speed, Xuan. The King will be pleased.

Alien chatter dies out....

*Kolton blinks...momentairly confused* Ah...anyway. Mom's cats fight more than ever. They take turns winning. Ginn has ran away more times than I can count since Mom passed... but he does win the cat fights occaisonally.

Xen seems to love the kitties alot...

Xen: No I don't! I squeeze them to get them to shut up! I am tired of their growling and spitting!

Ruby Strickland
Aspiration: Popularity
LTW: To Become A Hall of Famer

Ruby has been a big help to us since she has grown up a little. She wants lots of friends..that is just alright! She took over quite a bit of the house work while Cara and I were working our jobs...tryin' to make it to the top. She would get rewarded with a party.

Mary, on the other hand, stayed down in the dumps, like I was saying earlier. I finally suggested she call the Matchmaker. Maybe that would help.

Heath DeLarosa was who the Matchmaker delivered. He is the adopted son of Florence DeLarosa, the lady in Bluewater who owns a flower shop. He aspires to knowledge, but he is adopted just as she is. The two get along really well! Who knows? Maybe he will go to University the same time she will! From this point on, she was a happy camper, and was able to get some studying done before she left for college. Four Winds Shopping.....

King: *grumble, gripe* Here I am trudging through the snow because Xuan is so wrapped up in his 'fatherliness' he can't bother to check up on the gossip.....

Ruby Strickland and Wendy Robbins

King: Zaed! The locals are talking again about Alien abductions. What is odd here, is that it is Wendy Robbins, your own daughter in law! What say you?

Zaed: Wendy knows nothing of our people visiting the earth, my Liege. She is behaving just as any earthling would and is discussing a matter that seems to be bothersome to the citizens of Prosperity Falls.

King: Alright then. Well enough.

Alien chatter dies out....

It is I! Xen! Yes, my name rhymes with the word "TEN" and sounds like it starts with a "Z"! That is me! I will rule the world beside my father Xuan! And my brother Xenio will be on the other side of my father. Between the three of us....we will rule it all!!!!! I was saying. *ahem* Mary was quite unhappy for a while until Heath DeLarosa came into her life. She was able to leave for college on a high note. She and Ruby took the same cab to school. *sigh* It seems like I just came home from University myself. Ah, those were the days.

Well, this is Kolton. Until next time. Ta-ta!

Accomplishments this week???? uh......


Lot: Strickland.3 - Family Name Trimble - Roz, Shane, Alexis and dogs King and Trixie

Last Visit: Alla Them Kids - Roz gives us her last narrative. She described how proud she was of Shane's green skinned babies, and how they left for University. She mentioned that she couldn't wait to become a granny. It is very apparent that she and Shane were very much in on....



Shane: Whooz zare?

ASimWen: It's me. ASimWen.

Shane: Oh, hey. How are ya?

ASimWen: I am fine. are you? Things have happened.

Shane: Oh...yeah. *seems crestfallen* I am getting along alright. Most days.

ASimWen: Roz used to invite me over every now and then to drink mint julep.

Shane: *chuckles* Yes, that was one of her favorite drinks. *sigh* I can't make it. I do have iced tea though.

ASimWen: Sweet southern iced tea?

Shane: What else is there?

ASimWen: Thanks. I'd love some. Alright, start from the beginning.

Shane: Well, it started with Rocco. He left for Univeristy way before any of us were ready. I mean, me and his mother. That left his twin Alexis to her own devices...

Her mother had fits...said young ladies didn't go out into the night doin' who knows what with whom-ever!. Alexis was lost without Rocco. She'd come sneakin' back in around 3 AM.

ASimWen: Who did she go out with? I mean, was it a bad crowd or anything?

Shane: Well, not was with a boy she had been seeing for a while.

His name is Elijah. Elijah Strickland. He is one of Bulldog's kids. They had been together for a long time. I tried to steer her in the right direction by helpin' her with her studies to get ready for college. You know, keep her otherwise occupied.

She seemed to be receptive to it. But I knew she missed Rocco.

One day Roz got the brightest idea. Yeah. It really helped. She got on the horn and ordered up a puppy. Not just one puppy, but two. A male named King...came from the litter of pups born at Martin and Joselyn's place....and a female Trixie, from the pound. That was a stroke of genius on Roz's part. Yeah, it was.

Roz thought the dogs were the absolute bomb. She hovered over 'em constantly, makin' sure they had everything the needed to be...well...just dogs. I couldn't say anything. I really believed she was more than ready to be a granny. She was practicin' on them dogs.

Soon Alexis was doin' the same thing her mother was doing. Those dogs didn't want for anything! No siree. Those two women kept them dogs living high and mighty, let me tell you. There was times when I had to cook supper.

Well now, Elijah did manage to nab onto Alexis time one night. These days his time with her wasn't like what it used to be. He asked her to go steady, and she said she would. Her mamma thought it was awfully sweet, besides the fact that Alexis and Elijah had spent time together up until 3 AM downtown. Alone.

Well, Roz's next project was to beautify the yard. She had a pond dug, flowers planted, and the grass trimmed. She invited the Garden Club to do an inspection. I was real proud of all her work.

Yep, she won the coveted Wishing Well award. She placed it in the back yard beside the pond. Looks mighty fine there.

In the mean time, King and Trixie grew up. That is King in the foreground. They get along least for the time being. King has his own puppies on the way now. But he is one tough and agressive dog!

He doesn't let any other dogs come into the yard without payin' the price. Anyway...

ASimWen: And then...?

Shane: Then it was her time.

My Roz is gone. To the "Sweet Hereafter" she used to say. So I can't be too sad. Alexis has left for Roz is buried under the weeping willow beside her pond.

Now it's just me and the dogs. And my ol' git-tar here. Ya know...


ASimWen joins in for a full chorus:


ASimWen: It was nice seeing you Shane. See you next week.

Shane: See you later Wen. Have a great day. *Softly strums the guitar, hum...then sings softly and beautifully...* Oh, she'll be driving six fine white horses when she comes..... *my Roz* Oh, she'll be driving six fine white horses when she comes.... *sniff* Oh, she'll be driving six white horses...." I*A tear slips down Shane's cheek, the strumming stops. ASimWen slips out the door, and is gone.*

Accomplishments: Plat headstone for Roz.