Sunday, December 28, 2008

Little Birthday Parties and Kitten Daddy


Lot: 101 Sweetheart Lane - Family Name Strickland - Bulldog, Madelyn, Rebecca, Randy, Rachel, Royce, Lia, Keykel and Sally

Last Visit: Two More Fly The Coop - Elijah and Erin left for University, with all hormones in check. Madelyn and Rebecca both lost their jobs, Madelyn was glad about it, she is a family Sim and was ready to stay home. Rebecca was upset as she wanted the scholarship money for University. She got the job right back and was successful the second time around. Bulldog reached the top of his career in education. Let's see what happened this week.

Lia and KeyKel was last seen graduating from University.

Lia's family tree. She is a Knowledge Sim with an LTW to become a Mad Scientist.

KeyKel's family tree. He is a Popularity Sim with and LTW to become Mayor.

Bulldog: I told you all last time I wrote that entry that next time I did this I would be writing about a wedding, and I ain't no liar. My girl Lia returned home from college and drug her beau home with her, that bein' KeyKel Bostic. Well all I can say is the boy has mighty peculiar lookin' eyes, bothers me a might to look at 'em. (KeyKel has the yellow Robbins eyes, from his mother Yasika). But he has high aspirations. He is wantin' to take the Mayoral office in Prosperity Falls. Our current Mayor, Doris Strickland passed away here a few weeks ago and now the interim Mayor is in office, that bein' Ivy Copur. KeyKel has gone to the courthouse to file the papers as a candidate for Mayor. Now he just has to campaign and wait for the election. (really, the job hasn't come up for him yet, heh)

First off, my oldest ones at home, Randy and Rebecca left for University.

(Editor - needed room in the was pure chaos. As you can see, Mommie (Madelyn) is complaining about mess in the background)

Bulldog - They couldn't wait for their sister's wedding. Had to go right then. They had to turn right around and come back for the ceremony.

Wedding Pics
(Apparently the Bostics didn't get their wedding invitations. Only one showed up. heh)

Erin Strickalnd, Melissa Wheeler and Felecia Strickland - Sisters of the Bride

KeyWon Bostic - Brother to the Groom

Mackenzie Strickland - Sister to the Bride's mother, Elijah and Randy Strickland - Brothers to the Bride

Not paying much attention to the ceremony.....

Umph! Gobble gobble!

Bulldog - Durin' the wedding party, we thought we would double everything up and have a birthday party too. Rachel and Rocye blew out the candles!

Rachel was the first one to blow out the candles. And my gawd if she doesn't want the same thing Erin and Elijah wanted....

Rachel Strickland
Aspiration - Romance
LTW - To Become a Professional Party Guest

She wants lots of romance in her life! Me and mommie had fits.

Royce was next with the birthday cake. He was excited.

Royce Strickland
Aspiration - Knowledge
LTW - To Become a World Class Ballet Dancer

Me and Mommie can live with this. Although, I didn't know Royce was interested in the ballet. He must have kept it in the closet, I reckon. Me and Mommie will be at his first performance, that is for sure.

That KeyKel is quite a man. He exercises constantly. Says he's gotta look good for his public image nowadays.

Lia got a job in education just like me. I am proud as Punch. But it wasn't long after that that Lia discovered she was pregnant. Me and Mommie were excited, it has been a while since there were any Strickland babies in the house.

Lia and KeyKel also started a garden in the back yard. Says they want to feed nothing but the freshest vegetables to the baby that was comin'. Sounds like they know what they are doing.

As a surprise for Mommie, they won this beautiful wishing well for the yard due to their superior gardening. I think that thing is magical, I do.

Rachel wasted no time makin' a wish into the thing, and low and behold she suddenly had a beau to keep her occupied. It wasn't like Erin and Elijah havin' to go out and find a boyfriend or girlfriend. I don't know if I like the thing or not. But Mommie does, and that is all that matters.

Sally Bostic

KeyKel and Lia had a fine little girl named Sally. Well, me and Mommie had 7 girls so it ain't no suprise that KeyKel an' Lia are starting out with a girl. Mommie was there for the birth and she said it was all smooth sailing.

Just like others before him in this house, Royce went out and got a job. Wants to help out with his college expenses as much as possile. And lo and behold, he was promoted right to the top in his job. I ain't surprised about that either. All my kids are go-getters! Every single one of them.

When Rachel and Royce left for University, I knew I had nothin' to look forward to but watchin' Sally grow up. The twins will probably never look back at me and Mommie. Lia is the only one that has come home, the rest of them are busy with their own lives in their homes. Sometimes me and Mommie go visiting and see the new grand children that have come along. There are getting to be so many. Hard to remember all their names. *shakes head* That is our legacy I reckon. Just like Chevy and Kirstee's.

Now there is just us here. Me, Mommie, Lia, Keykel and Sally. It is little birthday parties nowadays.

Sally is a beauty. Has her daddy's peculiar yellow eyes. I don't find it hard to gaze upon her face though. She is the prettiest grandbaby I have seen in might a while.

I will see you all next time. Be good, ya hear?


Mackenzie doesn't want to miss a thing at the wedding.

The Garden Club lady showed up in cammos. Huh. I can't get my playable elders to change into work outfits, but the NPC's do.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS this round: Nata. lol

On to the next lot.................


Lot: McClelland - family name McClelland - Terrance, Maris, Nicholaus and Theresa. Cats Belle, Doodle and Sunny.

Last Visit: Lots of Cat-titude - We found out that Sammy was a chick magnet with the Robbins girls. Both Malvina and Raya were constantly coming by the house to get a glimpse of him. Sammy's sister Sandy couldn't understand this as Sammy, in her opinion, was very lazy and preferred wearing his pajamas rather than a tshirt and jeans any day. Terrance and Maris aged to elderhood, and Terrance then took it upon himself to try and mate the family cat Belle with Sake. Three kittens were produced. Sake and two of the kittens were sent off to the animal shelter, and a new cat, Sunny was brought in to mate with the remaining male, Doodle. Sandy and Sammy left for University.

Nicholaus and Theresa was last seen graduating from University.

Nicholaus's family tree. Nicholaus is a family Sim with a want to have 6 grandchildren. No family tree was made for Theresa. She is actually a teen clerk that Nicholaus met in Prosperity Falls.

Nicholaus here. Eh, I have never done this before, I mean, this journal thing. I guess my sister Sandy had a turn last time, she did it from University. Well, she is so wrapped up in that now I guess I will do it.

I brought my beautiful bride Theresa home from University. We got married right away in the back yard by the pond.

Wedding Pics

Who Came To The Wedding?

Jay Miguel - College buddy of Nicholaus's
(The bartender is over his shoulder, for some reason she changed to formal and watched the wedding rather than tend the bar)

Sandy McClelland - Sister to the Groom

Sammy McClelland - brother to the groom

KeyWon Bostic - college buddy to bride and groom

Florentilla (Capehart) Robbins - college buddy to the Bride and Groom

Zaine Robbins - College buddy to the Bride and Groom and husband to Florentilla

Veronica (Capehart) Cox - College buddy to the Bride and Groom

Kennedy Cox - husband to Veronica

The gardener

Vermillion Capehart - Party Crasher

Some Townie guy - Party Crasher

Maris (Strickland) McClelland - Mother to the Groom

Terrance McClelland - Father to the Groom

Group Pics


After the wedding, Theresa and I settled into married bliss, at mom and dad's house. *sigh*.
Dad carried on is quest to get cats to mate. I think he wants a hundred of them. Actually, he succeeded in getting Doodle and Sunny to have kittens.

Sunny grows to kitten

Dad built them a nice little habitat in the back yard, and that really helped alot.

At first they would fight, but being that they had no one but each other to play with, pretty soon they started getting along. They had four kittens, which dad sent right off to the animal shelter. I don't know why he mates them, then does that. Oh well, that is dad.

While Belle's son Doddle was busy with Sunny and bein' a kitten-daddy, Belle got a job in show biz. Again, thanks to dad. Dad said since she wasn't going to produce anymore kittens she needed to earn her keep.

Something happened to me that I really don't want to talk about. But I don't think I will ever look through the telescope again. Ever.

(editor - There was no alien baby from this abduction because Sunny was pregnant with enough kittens to fill up all the available slots.)

Jati: My leige! There has been yet another visit from our people, and no Anatothian being was given.

King: This is getting worse and worse all the time Jati. Not only do we no longer have multiple births, the abductions are not resulting in pregnancies! And, our people are starting to pick up elderly women who cannot have children under any circumstances!

Jati: Aye. How can Alien X control who our people pick up???

King: I will get with Isabel.

Jati: Who is Isabel?

King: He is the air traffic controler who helps to co-ordinate the visits. I will start there to see if anything is amiss.

Xuan: Really, you are blowing this all out of proportion...maybe they just choose a telescope. Any old telescope. And maybe the egg simply isn't splitting to make's all biology, you know.

Jati and King mentally glare at Xuan.

Jati: There is truely a great problem, Xuan. It is Alien X.

Alien X: *maniacal laughter* ... HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! So you will know soon! You will know!

Jati: Who goes there? Speak now!

Xuan: Erm. Okay. There is an Alien X. Eh.....

I am doing well with my job in the military. I never thought I would be a soldier. Theresa wants to be Chief of Staff, and she was lucky enough to get on at the hospital, Prosperity Falls General. She is now a specialist.

Well, I guess that is everything that happened this week.

I decided to take it easy and take the pets for walks. Theresa and I have not been blessed with a child. (Crazy Risky Woo-Hoo). So for now it is me and the cats. And Theresa. See you next time.


Nicholaus was doing all the star gazing to get his Free Time plaque for Science. Here Carmen Patch's cousin drops in to give him some encouragement.

Theresa and Nicholaus visit downtown to buy their wedding duds, where Nicholas has an aspirational failure. I don't know what is causing all these failures in my game. heh

Accomplishments this round: Ummmm....again....Nada. heh