Thursday, November 27, 2008

Workin' Dawgs / One Wedding, One Funeral

Many of the characters in these two entries are available for download.


Lot Strickland.3 - Shane, Robin, KeyWon, with dogs King, Trixie, Gilligan, Skipper, Professor and Ginger

Last Visit: Six White Horses - Shane reminisced about his life with Roz. He described for us her accomplishments around the house and her eagerness to become a grandmother. She purchased two dogs, and fixed up the yard and dug a pond on their property. She then submitted all her hard work to the Garden Club and won the wishing well. She also passed to the Great Sim Beyond, leaving Shane in a lurch for a whole round living in the mansion by himself with the two dogs. This week, Shane and Roz's daughter Robin has arrived home from University with her fiancee KeyWon Bostic in tow.

Robin and KeyWon last seen graduating from University.

KeyWon's family tree.
KeyWon is a Fortune Sim with a LTW to have six pets reach the top of their career. Thus, all the dogs.

Robins' family tree. Errr...that is KeyWon BOSTIC...not Strickland. I was tired when I made this, I reckon.
Robin is a Family Sim and her LTW is to
graduate 3 kids from University.

Robin and KeyWon at Four Winds Shopping

ASimWen: Hiya Robin. What's shakin?

Robin: *smiles benignly* Excuse me honey? Who are you?

ASimWen: I am sorry. You don't know me. I am ASimWen. I knew your mother and dad. We talked quite often.

Robin: Mah dear sweet momma. Gawd rest her soul. I sure miss her. And Key didn't even get a chance to meet her. Well. If you were a friend of momma's then you are a friend of mine, and you are very welcome in our home. If you can find room to sit. Key has all these dogs here...

KeyWon: Hey, your sweet momma started the dog biz. I am just following up. If these critters are gonna be around, we need to make sure they earn their way.

ASimWen: You have beautiful dogs, KeyWon.

KeyWon: Ain't what they look like that matters. It is all about performance. Each one of these pups is gonna work right to the top. I guarantee it.

ASimWen: So they are 'workin' dawgs' huh?

KeyWon: Yep. I will see it through until they are all successful. Then we will start on our family, right hon?

Robin: *sigh* Yes, Key. *thinks inwardly that she would like to start a family NOW.*

Shane gives Robin and KeyWon the contents of his backpack

Robin: Well, daddy is gone too, you know.

ASimWen: Start at the beginning. When you arrived home from college.

Robin: Me and KeyWon wanted to get married right away. Daddy was all down in the dumps about momma, and he said he wasn't feeling well himself. So Key and I decided to turn the living room into a wedding chapel.

KeyWon: *chuckles* Yeah, this place is big enough to hold a convention!

The lovely Bride Robin Trimble and the handsome Groom, KeyWon Bostic


Group Shot

Alexis Trimble, sister to the Bride

Kelly Trimble, sister to the Bride

Jenny Trimble, sister to the Bride

Sheri (Trimble) Strickland, sister to the Bride, and Shane Trimble, father to the Bride

Jim-Bob Strickland, husband to Sheri, and brother in law to the Bride

Andre Bostic, father to the Groom

Yasika Bostic, mother to the Groom

Java Jan (Bostic) Capehart, sister to the Groom

KeyKel Bostic, twin brother to the Groom

Zeon Bostic, brother to the Groom

Raleigh Bostic, brother to the Groom

Cake time!

Robin: Right in the middle of the wedding festivities, momma's dog Trixie decided to have her pups.

KeyKel: Yeah, she had four of them! That fit nicely into my plan to train six dogs to the top of thier career. I named them Skipper, Gilligan, Professor, and Ginger.

ASimWen: Uhhh...ok. By the way, do you watch TVLand?

KeyKel: I'm sorry? *Blinks, confused* Ah, no. I am way too busy training the dogs to have time to watch TV.

Shane trains King

Robin: Daddy was able to help you some before he passed to the Sweet Hereafter....

KeyKel: Yes, he was a big help with King and Trixie, I must say. I have to give credit to him for those two reaching the top of their careers. Any way, he couldn't help any more than that.

Robin: *Sob!*

Shane passes...with Roz looking on

Robin: OH my, I miss daddy so. *dabs eyes* *sniff* Anyway, the puppies grew up a little while after daddy passed.

Last but not least...goofy looking Gilligan. hehe

Robin: I decided to go ahead and get a job in Law Enforcement. I have worked my way pretty far in the ranks. I will take some time off work when I get pregnant with our first child. Which I hope will be soon..............

KeyWon: Don't worry hon, we will start our family soon enough. Hey ASimWen, here is how far the dogs have gotten so far:

Trixie was the first to reach top of her career....

Then King. That is two down, four to go.

Professor learns quickly, but only when he feels like training. He has a mind of his own.

King was easy to train. He would train any time, any where. Her learned how to play dead in the bathroom.

Professor was constantly challenging the other dogs when he wasn't training. Gilligan wasn't much of a challenge for him. Ginger has all the skills she needs to promote to the top, and Skipper isn't far behind. Robin, our family isn't far off.

Shane rests beside Roz at the pond

Robin: I hope so Key, I hope so.

ASimWen: Well, it sounds like things are moving smoothly here. I will see you all next week, then.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS this round: TOC for Robin - Law Enforcement, platinum headstone for Shane, hobby plaque for Robin - Arts and Crafts.

Robin feverishly makes toys...looking for that gold badge so she can make the water wiggler. It is tiresome bathing so many dogs!


Ummm, yeah, we can see why you are COLD.


Ros realizes she is now in the Sweet Hereafter

She is present as Shane joins her there.

Shane manages to haunt right at the end of the week, checkin' out his bed, of course.


Lot: Robbins.1 - Quavi, Daphne, Zaine, Florentilla, Yanar and Yasmeen

Last Visit: The Vacation, Part 1 and Part 2 - Quavi and Daphne Robbins became 'empty nesters' as the last of their seven children left for university. Daphne decided it was time to get away from the cold snowy Prosperity Falls winter and head to the beach for a warm tropical vacation. There, she and Quavi learned to hula, met the crazy old witch doctor, and learned to build sandcastles. All too soon, the vacation ended and they were home again.

Florentilla and Zaine last seen graduating from University.

Zaine's family tree. He is a Fortune Sim with a lifetime want to earn $100,000.

Florentilla's family tree. She is also a Fortune Sim, with a lifetime want to become a Business Tycoon. She and Zaine are a natural 3 bolt couple.

Florentilla: Zaine. What a crazy time it has been since we got married.

Zaine: *Sighs* Eh, yeah.

Florentilla: Remember how we got married? Right away right here in the house?

Zaine: Yeah..........


Florentilla: *Dreamy sigh* Oh it was so wonderful...the house was all decorated, I had on a beautiful gown, you were all dressed up in your very best. All our family was here to see me marry the most wonderful man...

Zaine: It was nice, wasn't it?


(Editor - I didn't get single shots of EVERBODY that attended the wedding, there were so many. I have included these group shots as well).

Daphne (Strickland) Robbins, mother to the Groom

Xuan Robbins, cousin to the Groom, and Quavi Robbins, father to the Groom

Jessica Robbins, sister to the Groom

Narcarlius Robbbins, (have yet ANOTHER aspirational failure) brother to the Groom. This makes the third one so far since he has reached YA....they are all due to a relative dying. This one was because of the death of his Aunt Roz Trimble)

Joan (Robbins) sister to the Groom

Mich Robbins brother to the Groom (with the Groom)

Jati Robbins, cousin to the Groom, and current leader of the Mission

Nacarlos Robbins, brother to the Groom

Aazia (Robbins) Landgrabb, sister to the Groom

Malcom Landgrabb, husand to Aazia, brother in law to the Groom

Claire Capehart - Adopted sister to the Bride. Sorry honey don't know why you are wearing that wedding gown. You will never wed!

Shawn-Michael Strickland, husband to Joan Robbins, brother in law to the Groom

Alexis Trimble, fiancee to Nacarlos Robbins

Markey Capehart, brother to the Bride

Karen (Strickland) Capehart, sister in law to the Bride

Kelly Trimble, fiancee to Nacarlius Robbins

Roxanna Capehart, mother (sort of) to the Bride

The Messenger, Ruby

The Enforcer, Infinity Nevermore

Ruby: Hum ta-dum-ta tatah! MMmm! lalalaaaaaa.....

Xuan: Hang it up Ruby, you can't sing a note.

Ruby: Shaddup Xaun. *clears throat* Rock-A-Bye the treetop.....

Xuan: Very funny, nit-wit. You wait. I will keep you bloated up so big the only thing that will fit you is a circus a tent which you will wear for the rest of your will FORGET what your toenails look like.

Xen: Dad?

Infinity: That is ok, I will polish her toenails, and she can do mine.

Jati: Enough! Everyone! Do not forget there are more and more Anotothians that can hear your squabbles.

Quavi: My beautiful Daphne kept her shape through seven children.....
oh but what a sacrifice any female should want to make!

Infinity plays chess with Malcom Landgrabb. Hm. I remember her playing lots of chess here.

Infinity Nevermore: Why Mr. Landgrabb, I believe it is check mate.

Nacarlius: Oh my poor little flour baby...oh my little one. *kiss kiss* Here let daddy take care of things...there there.....

Jati: I am concerned for Nacarlius.

Quavi: Aye. It seems he is weak of spirit when it comes to human domestic and family matters.

Jati: It is his human side fighting to be the dominate force in his life. This is something that must be faced and eliminated.

Quavi: Perhaps when he finally weds and impregnates Kelly Trimble, these symptoms of parental inadequacy will subside.

Jati: We can only hope.

Florentilla: Gah! I am soooo tired. Oh my goodness. I am so ready to get some shut eye.

King: Xaun! My boy, give us the news.

Xuan: What. *sullen*

King: The womb! There is a new womb in the Mission.

Xuan: *sigh* She carries one. One fetus.

Zaine: My Florentilla, my green impregnated already??? *mentally glares at Xuan*

Xuan: Hey man! It wasn't me. Don't forget I don't have a willing appetite for green goddesses. The father YOU!

King: Xuan, are you saying that now you can determine parentage of an unborn fetus??

Xuan: Heck no. It is apparent to everyone who knows Zaine and Florentilla that those two are crazy about each other. Of course it is Zaine.

King: At any rate. There is no multiple birth. *sigh* I am afraid Alien X is quietly working behind the scenes to prevent them. If only I could get my hands on him!


Quavi: Ah! Another Anotothian is on it's way to be educated!

Zaine: Dad! What do you mean? *wink wink* My wife Florentilla is merely beginning to show her pregnancy!

Quavi: Errr, yes of course. I am so happy you and Florentilla are giving your mother and I another grandchild!

Florentilla: Oh Zaine, I am so blissfully happy here in this house...with you...

Zaine: It seemed like the time would never come, my love

(Editor - *GAG* Those darn 3 bolt Sims..........)

Florentilla: *SCREEEEEEECH!* Get this thing the heck outta me! Zaine Robbins you are lower than a snake's belly in the winter time!!!!!!!

Zaine: love.....

(Editor - That is more like it!)

Quavi: The time is here! Another is about to be born into greatness!


Quavi: Ah-ha! I am nearly finished with this exact replica of Anatoth! This will make an excellent learning tool for Yanar.

Quavi: And so boy - Timo and Kamika came from the planet Anatoth to spread Anatothian DNA into earthen society. You are of Anatothian descent. You possess adequate DNA to pass along to your children. Your future wife, Naslie Capehart, will be more than happy to give you children. Do you have any questions so far?

Yanar: Goo!

Quavi: *whisper whisper whisper* And that is how I contributed more Anatothians to the Mission than my brother Zaed Robbins, the leader of the Mission at the time.

Zaine and Florentilla leave for work, not knowing what scene they will find when they return home.

Quavi: Oh Daphne you are gonna pay for that one~! *laughs*

Quavi: Another bull's eye! You are too good, Daphne! I will never throw a water balloon as well as you! You have some arm!

Quavi: time has come. Just like Zaed's did. I have to tell you something Daphne...oh don't cry...please. Daphne, I love you! I really do. Daphne....?

Daphne: Quavi...please...don't go. Quavi, I need you forever and ever....what will I do?

Oh Quavi. *sob*

Who should come on the lot right at this moment to witness his father's passing but Mr. Aspirational Failure himself, Nacarlius Robbins. There he goes again, number 4. Good thing I am not playing for points.

Florentilla realizes she is pregnant again.

Yanar grows to toddler

Daphne is abducted a second time in her life. Her husband Quavi was never abducted even once.

Zaine found the abduction hilarious, and Florentilla thought it awesome.

Labor begins!



Jati reaches TOC in Entertainment

Quavi was very generous in his will!

OUCH! Space age potty training

Zaine hits 'The Zone' for fitness

ACCOMPLISHMENTS this round: Plat head stone for Quavi, and top influence. For Zaine, TOC in Entertainment Hobby plaques for Quavi - Arts and Crafts. Zaine - Fitness. Daphne - Sports. Two new Sims - Yanar and Yasmeen

Thank you everybody!


SirenPrincess said...

Shane running around naked all the time was very interesting. I just about died when I saw the picture of him "giving a gift." That looked so bad in all the wrong ways, but it was certainly good for a laugh.

Bubbs said...

Wen is doing puppies!! YEAH! HAHA, love how Shane trains them in the nude...isn't he afraid they might attack his member? Guess not *snicker*

Aww, Roz was there when Shane passed? Waiting to greet him I suppose. :o)

I don't want to read them next update! NONONO!

Nice group there for the wedding. Yep, you can see the family resemblence there also.

Claire won't get married? AWWW! Poor girl just wants to wear her wedding gown...

Poor Nacarlius! He just can't handle all these deaths! :o(

Yanar sure is a Robbins! He will probably be another knock-out like his cousins and uncles. Poor guy is already told who to marry...*sigh*


Awww, he still loves Daphne. So sweeet...will he return?

A girl! Yasmeen!! Looks like her mama some.

sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Oh, you sure do write a sad death! Quavi :(( But on another note, I totally love Gilligan, hehe.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

No worries, Robin! You'll get your babies soon enough. Oh, poor Shane. You're going to meet Roz again soon. Streaking till the end.
Ah, I love the Ruby/Xuan banter; it's hilarious. Ha! I love how Zaine was getting all paranoid when Xuan noted her pregnancy. Quavi, you don't tell those things to a baby! I think Yasmeen will be so cute. My goodness. As annoyed as I was with him for running around with Joy, I cried when he died. He still loved his Daphne, after all these years. So sweet. Poor Nacarlius, life is hard. Suck it up.

Melissa said...

I laughed so hard when I saw Gilligan grown up. Very appropriate that he's goofy looking. Kinda looks like Gilligan, he does.

Minty said...

Why on earth was Shane running around naked so often?? I love the chest hair! That's awesome. And the bullseye shot with the water baloons is perfect timing :)

ASimWen said...

To Minty: Shane is an ex Uni Streaker. Once you make one of those playable, they never lose thier naked ways. Hehe
The chest hair is the skintone of the Stricklands. The four main families I started with all have a particular skintone. The Bostics started out with freckles, the Stricklands have the body hair, the Robbinses have the golden skintone, and the Capeharts brought the snowleopard skintone in. I did this to see the genetics play out. So yes, Jati and Zaine have Strickland blood in their past...early in the 'hood, Zaed and Quavi married Strickland girls, offspring of Kirstee and Chevy.

KeyKel60 said...

Yeah! One of my namesakes is finally an adult (Keywon)! Dogs eh? I would've gone for cats.. Self cleaning is good. :-) Nice to see he's happily married.


It's so hard to let those favorite sims go. He has been reincarnated in one of my 'hoods and shall find a new womb.

ruby said...

*grins* I love it. Yes Shane, that would be why you're cold
Aw what a shame he didnt haunt nekkid.. now that would have been funny!

*blinks at the opening photo* Where is Quavi? *whimpers*
Hey I made it to the wedding...
Wow that shot of Xuan and Quavi... They dont look very happy!
Hmmm... does aspiration failures count if they're not playable at the time? Gosh i hope not.
Wow, what am I wearing? I look like a diva in training. *giggles*
Hey I can too sing.. erm off key.. a bit.. Eeps, a tent. always preggers? erm, that means .. lots of woohoo with Xuan.. i can live with that.. *grins*
*sobs* bye Quavi
LOL I love that first picture of Daphne's abduction.

Rachel said...

I was hoping Shane would haunt naked too, oh well. :)

Not Quavi, you can't take him!!! No!!!!!!!!!