Friday, November 28, 2008

University, wk 17.A


Hi everybody. It is time to do a University update. I have always dreaded them because it just seemed like the finished product was a plate of scrambled eggs to try to read. I think after 3 years of writing for Prosperity Falls, I might have hit on a plan. Heh.

I made a spreadsheet listing each location I am playing in University, kinda like the spreadsheet I keep for Prosperity Falls. I list each person who lives in each location. I then pair up the Sims I plan to marry off with the same color text, so I don't get confused during play. I have the spreadsheet up while I am playing. I can't tell you how many times I have had a Sim flirt with the wrong person. Haha! I will write a short peice about each location, in the order of the playlist. Let's see how it goes!

Sammy McClelland and Malvina Robbins

Ah ok. These two were here when the play began, they are more or less just partying their time away until it is time to graduate. There is nothing really pressing in the storyline for them that I need to accelerate them through school, so they are just biding their time. They have one year left to graduation, or, they will graduate by the end of this round. Malvina is the daughter of Joy Robbins and her lover, Quavi Robbins. Sammy is the son of Terrance and Maris (Strickland) McClelland.

Sammy is strummin' the guitar during one of their many parties. I find parties a great way to pass the time, and for the students to network. Now that Freetime has introduced hobby plaques, they can work toward their plaques in Music and Dance with all the instrument playing.

Hahaha this picture cracks me up. I don't use the aspiration reward glasses very often, but I thought I would. This is Malvina telling a joke to...hmmm..who is this good looking hunk??? It is none other then Xen, son of Xuan. :) You last saw him as a teen in The Greatest What?

He patiently listens to Malvina ramble. LOL

Here is a fun couple that was invited to the party. This is Narcissus Capehart and his childhood sweetheart Betsy Ross Strickland. I had not yet played their house this round, but they found each other at this party and fell in love. You last saw them in Such A Free Spirit.

Jon-Luc Capehart and Lori Strickland

Lori is a transfer in. She was living at 111 Second Street with her brother Lincoln. But being that a new person moved in there, I moved her out for room, and also for the fact that her lifetime mate has not made it to Uni yet. Jon-Luc graduated.

Lori is a Pleasure Sim and constantly rolls wants to date, ask Sim out on date...ect. So I sent her to the wishing well this day to fulfill her primal needs. hehe

Ah, ok. Goopy it is for a an afternoon filled with cheap fun. lol

Here is another errr...gentleman....she got from the wishing well. Why oh why did I pick someone to be her mate that is taking so long to get to Uni??? Lori has one year to go before graduation.

Here is Jon-Luc Capehart, who will be moving to the Capehart Homstead. He is going to marry someone very unpopular with the Capehart Clan....

Errr, yeah. Carmen Patch the bug lady. Well, they have three bolts. They are both family Sims. The storyline is that she deals with chemicals...and you long time fans know that the snowleopards left their home lands because they were chased out by toxins. I plan to use Carmen to create some discontent between Jon-Luc and his family. Sort of like a Romeo/Juliet type thing. Here Jon-Luc took her on a date to Aspirational Laboratories, the club house for the Science hobby. Here she met....

A Carmen Patch look alike. Hmm..I wonder if she is a long lost relative?? hehe

Jon-Luc and Lori had parties too. Here Lori invited her brother Lincoln over, where he made himself busy kissing his new found love, and sister to Jon-Luc, Lovelle Capehart. You will see her arrival in this entry.

Who is this walk by the Small Dorm? Why it is none other than Anias Benoit from Prosperity Quays. I received permission from Minty to put her in my game. I think she has interesting genetics. Now I just have to wait for the right citizen from Prosperity Falls to find her.

Mary Strickland, Heath Delarosa, Michael-Douglas Strickland and Sandy McClelland

As I mentioned before, I find University a great time to work the kids toward hobby plaques. They are usually skilled out as teens so I don't have to worry anymore about that. Mary is set to marry Heath Delarosa, adpoted son of the florist in Bluewater, Florence Delarosa. I haven't decided yet if I am going to put those two there or not. I really have no desire to work that flower shop, and I also don't like the layout of the house itself. There are also two Servos living there helping Florence run the business. Being that the Servos contribute no points to the Challange, I feel I can X that location off my playlist if I do not move Mary and Heath there.

Heath: The fish I caught was THIS big!

Heh. Here is Michael-Douglas getting nabbed to the Secret Society . He looks none too happy.

This is Sandy McClelland, Michael-Douglas's fiancee getting a hobby plaque in..Music and Dance.
Mary and Heath have 3 semesters to go to graduation, and Michal-Douglas and Sandy have one.

Rocco Trimble and Jessica Robbins

Rocco Trimble is the alien son of Shane Trimble, and here he is bein' real goofy before he placed his call to go back to Prosperity Falls. He and Jessica Robbins, daughter of Quavi and Daphne Robbins, graduated this round, leaving this lot empty.

Ah here we go. All grown up. Not a bad looking set of clothes.

And here is the beautiful Jessica Robbins. I wonder what the kids will look like...with Rocco's alien attributes (and huges schnoze) and Jessica's delicate features. Interesting! They moved into an expensive apartment in Prosperity Falls, yet to be played this round.

Nacarlos Robbins, Jenny Trimble, Nacarlius Robbins and Kelly Trimble.

This lot was tough to play for two reasons. Firstly, I hate the house I put them in. Gah. Why did I do it? Oh I know why. Because it didn't have a wishing well, and my personal goal is to put a wishing well on every lot in University. The last resident that used it was Bulldog Strickland, and he is an elder now. Anyway, secondly, it was hard to play because this was two sets of twins. Twin brothers, and twin alien sisters. Easy to get confused who is supposed to kiss who, ect.

You have seen these folks a lot in the last few entries of Prosperity Falls attending various weddings of their relatives, and friends from University. That last one being the wedding of Zaine and Florentilla Robbins in One Wedding, One Funeral. They are currently placed on lots in Prosperity Falls, yet to be played this round.

Jenny Trimble all growed up...she is engaged to....

Nacarlos Robbins, a very serious Family Sim with sharp features. Again, I am finding the genetics interesting. I know the kids will probably get the googly alien eyes. hehe

Kelly Trimble, who is engaged to.....

Mr. Aspirational Failure, Nacarlius Robbins. Nacarlos and Nacarlius are twin sons of Quavi and Daphne Robbins, and Kelly and Jenny are twin alien daughters of Shane Trimble.

Lincoln Strickland, Lovelle Capehart, Erin Strickland and Brax Robbins

Here we have two newcomers to University. Lovelle Capehart and Brax Robbins joined Lincoln Strickland and Erin Strickland in a nice rental brick rancher.

This is Brax Robbins, son of Leader of the Anatothian Mission Jati Robbins and his wife Samarah. Brax looks none too thrilled. But this is before he knew the love of his life resided here....Erin Strickland. Yes, it is another Robbins marrying a Strickland arrangement. I think I like those genetics coming together.

Uh, no. This isn't her. This is the other newcomer, Lovelle Capehart. Right away I knew this hurt my eyes. She went right ot the mirror to get a make over. Well, after a while I gave her one. I couldn't stand this.

Eh, no. I still didn't go with this look. My daughter Holly told me Lovelle still looked bad. And she was right. I didn't get a final picture of her, but I did manage to get a look that downplayed the huge Maxis mouth introduced into the Capehart family by Calista the Gardner way back in Generation 1. Of course, it is going to get a shot in the arm with Jon-Luc marrying Carmen Patch. lol

OMG! This is Lincoln looking absolutely savage! What is he upset about?

OOps the break up symbol...between Lincoln and Erin Strickland?? What gives? Well, Lincoln and Erin are both Romance Sims, and enjoyed sharing a bed on dark cold nights. Yeah, even though they are not set up to be lifetime mates....yeah. It happens. Why are they breaking up?

Becuase Brax was flirting with Erin. Haha! I loved it, this was great fun to play. But at any rate, it all turned out well.

Dont' worry about it Lincoln.......things will be ok....

Lincoln and Lovelle found their way to the woo-hoo bed, and all is forgiven. He once again has a nice female body to warm his nights. And he doesn't mind the big Maxis mouth, so I don't either.

And here is Brax and Erin together. I am sure this will be great news back at the Mission. The future Leader of the Mission has had is first woohoo! Getting in practice for his lot in life....multiplying as much as possible to spread the Anatothian DNA. hehe

Lincoln and Erin have two semesters to go to graduation, and Lovelle and Brax have three.

Ruby Strickland, Sacha Strickland, Alexis Trimble and Elijah Strickland

One newcomer on this lot, Sacha Strickland, son of Martin and Joslyn Strickland from the Strickland Homestead. He will be returning to the Strickland Homestead with his fiancee in tow...

Ruby Strickland. She was very pleased to receive his proposal of engagment.

This is Elijah Strickland and Alexis Trimble. Elijah is very mean and serious to be a Strickland. These two are engaged as well

Elijah loves to stargaze on his own. However, he got his hobby plaque for Science whilst watching the Weather Station. Everyone in this house has 3 semesters to go to graduation.

Pinky Baere and Decotah Strickland

One newcomer to this lot, Deoctah Strickland. He is Sacha Strickland's younger brother.

He has the Strickland good looks, but picked up a wide nose from the Caperhart genetics line. His mother is Joslyn (Capehart) daughter of Tryce and Michelle. Michelle brought a wide nose to the Capeharts.

Right away he began schmoozing Pinkie to get on her good side. Apparently she is full of herself. When Decotah admired her, she said OF COURSE I am great! Well, she does want to become a Rock God, so I suppose that fits.

She isn't so bad, she let him know that she really admired his brown custom hair. Awww.

Movin' right along. One thing I want to point out here, is both kids exhibit the beginning custom skins I chose for the originating four families. Decotah has, appropriately, the Strickland skintone, and Pinking exhibits the Robbins skintone. Her mother is Lynn, daughter of Zaed.

Believe it or not, both of these guys are working on thier hobby plaques. Decotah is working on fitness by doing yoga, and Pinkie is working on sports by watching the sports channel.

I included this picture because the Unsavory Charlatan is thinking about Decotah when Decotah went downtown to shop for clothes. If you remember, Decotah had his wallet picked by the Charlatan when he took Briah Bostic out on a date to Skateland. I wonder if the Charlatan is thinking he can get Decotah's wallet again???

All dressed up in your best I see, Decotah! That can only mean on thing.

Um, yeah. Of course. These two will go on to a blissful life in Prosperity Falls. I haven't fully decided where they will live. Probably in the Kevin and Lynn Baere house. They have four semesters to go to graduation.

Braelen Bostic, Briah Bostic, Jason McClelland and Molly Capehart

Ah looky, it is Anias Benoit again, reading the newspaper at the dorm. :)

This lot was all newcomers.

Braelen Bostic from the Bostic Homestead

His twin Briah....getting abducted into the Secret Society. 8-)

Jason McClelland pictured with Narcissus Capehart. Narcissus was an error putting him here. He immediately moved out to be placed in a different lot.

And Molly Capehart, Lovelle Capehart's twin sister.

I had a lot of fun playing this lot, thus I have a few more pictures than I usually take.

First of all, Jason had a bad growing up. I can't imagine why. I checked back on his memories to find something, but there was nothing there to indicate this. Unfortunately he had his asp. failure right in front of mean spirited Briah Bostic....

I had thought to try to hook these two up, but after seeing this, and a negative bolt between them, I don't think so. So I went to my spreadsheet and put their names in black lettering indicating they are not hooked up to anyone.

Braelen's mate is not in University yet, so he is bidin' his time. Here he gets his hobby plaque in Science.

Briah is now a free woman, and started doing some pretty skanky things. Here she gets her hobby plaque in Gaming.

Here she pulls the evil cow's trick and flirts with him...haha...and all of a sudden there is a crush there. Hmmm..I have never had anyone marry the cow. This could be interesting..? Do you think she should hook up with him?

Briah takes a lesson from Lori Strickland and hits the wishing well for a date. Oh looky, it is Joe Graham from the Garden Club. What is it with the well this round? It keeps giving my chicks old men.

Instead of working on a hobby plaque, I had Jason start working on his magic. I am finding this to be quite entertaining. And what is more entertaining, is the reaction others have to the cauldron...

Molly: Hmmm...I wonder what this is...what's in here?

Hmmm lemme get a little closer....breathe in the aroma....

Oh I think I'm gonna barf! GAAHHhhh!

Hm. Turned out there was an attraction between Molly and Jason. Only a one bolter, but I grabbed it because Jason is a Family Sim and will eventually start wanting those type things they eventually do. So back to my spreadsheet I went, and hooked those two up. I also went to my marriage list and moved things around.

Molly's hobby is tinkering. So she spent a great deal of time on the robot bench building stuff.

But strangely, what seems to be the norm, she got her hobby plaque whilst doing something else that is not directly doing the hobby. Every one in this house has 6 semesters to graduation.

Narcissus Capehart, Betsy Ross Strickland, Xen Strickland and Clara Barton Strickland

This is Clara Barton Strickland after her makeover. I thought (in my warped way) this makeover would be more attracive to her future mate, Xen Strickland. Here is what she looked like before the make over.

Xen Strickland, son of Xuan Robbins.

And Betsy Ross Strickland with future mate Narcissus Capehart. They get along very well. Indeed.

Here is proof. 8-) These two are childhood sweetharts, you last saw them together in Such a Free Spirit.

Xen and Clara Barton are a different story. They have zero bolts, and avoid talking to each other. Here is Xen having lunch with three girls. Malvina Robbins, Mary Strickland, and Clara. I think I will probably have Xen reroll his aspiration. I don't like his LTW anyway... 50 dream dates. Yeah right.

Narcissus received his induction into the Secret Society, as did many of the students this round.

And here is Jason cheating at chess with Clara. I felt sorry for him while playing his lot because he grew up badly and all. After I saw this, I didn't feel so bad for him. lol

Everyone here has seven semesters to go to graduation. That is all the lots! My goodness!

Here are som odd pictures I found interesting:


This is a massive tree fire at the home of Lincoln Strickland. It is the weeping willow. I had never seen this catch fire. I thought for sure something on the ground would catch fire too, but no. It went out like usual, and everyuone stampeded the bathroom wanting to shower all at the same time.

These two Secret Society members constantly fight in my game. Catch them on the same lot outside of SS, and they go at it. Here on this vist, I think it was Decotah's induction, they fight.

They fight again on the corner of the lot as the limo is pulling away to take Decotah home.

Ummm...just who are you cheering to? The munchiebot??? I guess I would cheer someone as well who's lot in life was to willingly be the one to make all the pizza runs.

Ummmm...again...just who are you talking to??? Sorry, can't pin this on a munchiebot. There's nobody else around....

And that is it for this Uni update.

Have a great time, and Sim On!


Bubbs said...

What a fun Uni update! Love how you keep up with all these. :)

The future of the hood is right here in this update, hope they do the right thing.... *snicker*

ruby said...

LOL I love that vacant stare of Xen's.
Gosh lots of love and lust happening ..
Anias is a cutie. I look forward to her joining the hood permanently.
golly yes, rocco & jessica... interesting combo. Jessica is too pretty for Rocco. sheesh
Poor Nacarlius .. i hope he snaps out of it soon... and dang i just had a thought, twins married to twins.. if this was RL the twins those two couples would have.. whew.. hmmm what are your chances of twins??
Haha, i loved the drama .. Brax is handsome
A mean & serious Strickland? *pokes Elijah* are you really a Strickland??
oh yes, hook up Briah w/ the cow! i love it
as always love the odd pictures

Melissa said...

I agree with Ruby hook Briah up with the cow. Loved it, like I always do.

Robert said...

Another great update Wen. I was just wondering how you did your university updates. A semester at a time, or a school year at a time or what?

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Let's see, what can I remember... first, hook Briah up with the cow. They're lots of fun to play, as I can attest. Now I'm missing my cow mascot. Second, Seeing Elijah sitting there, even though there are some distinctions, gosh he reminds me of Chevy.
Other things: Clara Barton and Betsy Ross are beautiful. Really. The whole Lincoln and Erin thing had me seriously LOL-ing. And from the first lot, I so got the impression that Xen feels himself superior to his... what relation ARE Malvina and her siblings to Xen? Anyway you can feel the superiority oozing off him. It's funny. Thanks for an entertaining update Wen.

ASimWen said...

To Robert: I normally play them a semester at a time, 4 plays a round. However, I do use the college adjuster to accelerate some Sims though when let's say, someone's mate gets to Uni two semesters later...I will accelerate the one that is behind until they are even with their future mate so they can graduate together. I also accelerate some Sims through when I want to hurry up and get them back to the hood for storyline reasons.

ASimWen said...

To Fini: I guess Mary and Ruby would be Xen's half sisters. They have the same mother but different dads. And let's not forget Mary is adopted.
Clara Barton and Betsy Ross are beautiful. It seems like the Strickland ladies are as pretty as the Robbins men are handsome. That is why I like to hook them up.
I think that settles it....I will hook Briah up with the Cow. :) This will be fun and interesting!
Yes, Xen does have the superior attitude, but he has alot to learn. Unfortunately, Xuan has taken it upon himself to be Xen's mentor. We will see how that goes. Ya need to give Xuan kudos tho for wanting to take part in the Mission like that. ;)

ASimWen said...

Oh Fini, wait. I answered part of your question wrong.
The first three kids born in Xuan's house belong to Joy and Quavi, (Malvina, Raya and Quartell) so Xen is no relation. Then Xenio belongs to Xuan...and all children after that. (Don't forget Xuan had pretty little twin girls last round).

SirenPrincess said...

Wow, what a large update. Uni always is so intimidating, isn't it? You did a great job with all of those lots.

It was interesting to see Anais in the falls. I was so confused at first.

And I thought the cow mascot was always a girl. Am I wrong? She sure it a b*&%$ in my game. Constantly breaking up happy couples.

ASimWen said...

To SirenPrincess: I have two evil cows in my game. One guy, and one girl. The guy is Johnothan Mendoza. Boy do I know that name. I have no clue what he looks like. He breaks up happy folk too. I can't remember the chick's name. The girl is a blonde with the reallly short Maxis messy hair cut. Sometimes she takes a bath at the greek house...boy does she look dirty. LOL

Minty said...

Yay Anais made it in your update! Everyone, man and woman, seems to be attracted to her in my Prosperity so I won't be surprised to see her popping out some kidlets in the Falls some time soon. I love the reaction to the witches cauldrons but I can't believe how many lots you had to play of Uni!!

Kerry said...

Yes, somehow it's not loading right for me. I can see it for a moment, then it vanishes and there's just a white stripe down the page, with the links over on the right. I know it's still there, because I can click on the pictures and the link comes up. I have no idea what's going on--like I said, the old ones still work fine for me.

I have discovered that I can copy the page into a word file, though, and see it--which is what I'm doing. I can even control-click on the comments, and they come up. It's weird, I have no idea what's going on.

Anyway, super update, I look forward to the cow. Can she call him? My cow is unreachable--might want to give him a cell phone.

Tay said...

Kerry, thats exactly whats been happening to me! I was getting so fed up that I switched my browser. (from internet explorer to safari.) And it works fine now.