Saturday, November 22, 2008

This Will Buy Pampers! / The Greatest What??


Lot: Strickland 1A: Barry-James, Mackenzie, Jim-Bob, Sheri and Benny

Last Visit: Jim-Bob filled us in on his brother's escapades before he left for college. Apparently Michael-Douglas Strickland was a real 'ladies man' and didn't have trouble with the girls. Barry-James and Mackenzie aged to elderhood.

Jim-Bob's family tree
Jim-Bob is a Knowledge Sim and wants to be a Criminal Mastermind

Sheri's family tree
Sheri is a Family Sim who wants to be a Captain Hero

Jim-Bob here. Last time I told you about Mike, the things he did before he left the house for college. I promised you then that when you visited next time it would be all about me and Sheri. And one thing I am not, is a liar. So here we go. We got married right away, right in the living room. Yes indeedy. Here is the wedding guest list:


Alexis Trimble, sister to the bride

Shane Trimble, father to the bride, and Jenny Trimble, sister to the bride

Shawn-Michael Strickland, brother to the groom

Madelyn Strickland, Aunt to the Groom, and twin sister to the groom's mother

Barry-James Strickland, father to the groom and Bulldog Strickland, Uncle to the groom

Rocco Trimble, brother to the bride and Kelly Trimble, sister to the bride

Mackenzie Strickland, mother to the groom

Michael-Douglas (Lady Killer) Strickland, brother to the groom

Robin Trimble, sister to the bride (before her makeover, ICK!)

Shawn-Michael enjoys a spin on the dance-o-sphere while Bulldog watches

The butler enjoys some cake. This is the first time I have ever seen the butler sit down to eat with the family

He actually carried on a conversation with the family. Err...they talked AT him. heh

Robin remembers the days when he USED to have hair

Err better watch that gyration old might break a hip!

Anyway the wedding party was a blast, everything went off without a hitch, and boy was Sheri glad of that. Mom had a conversation with us the next morning at the breakfast table....

How glad she was that Sheri had joined our family, and that she wondered when we were gonna make her a grandma. I was like "Geeze mom! We just got married, don't even have a job yet!" But that didn't deter her line of questioning any. Mom (family Sim) was ready to be a grandma. Dad just sat there and shook his head.

No sooner than mom brought up the subject of grandbabies, Sheri was running to the bathroom to toss her cookies. (Risky struck early in the week). Ah well. I did get a job...since Sheri was expecting, mom got me in where she works. SHHHHhhh! Don't tell Sheri I went into crime like mom. It pays pretty well, that will buy a lot of Pampers!

Sheri earns her Arts and Crafts hobby plaque.

While she was pregnant, Sheri learned to arrange snapdragons. She took up flower arranging instead of knitting baby booties. I thought all women did that when they were pregnant? Knit? Sheri had to be different.

She would get awfully tried too and fall asleep in her food at the table! That is when I would insist that she go to bed and get some rest.

Me and dad took up something more manly; we got us a couple of work benches and learned to build robots.

Barry-James earns The Zone. Notice the Sentry Bot hovering in the corner that was just built!

We did pretty well at it. Dad actually built some useful items. Like a robot that would fly outside and shock the ne're do wells that would come along and try to steal the paper!

NOT Kennedy Cox. This is a townie who is a vamp/werewolf. He was also seen in this entry titled Minor 2. He was a co-worker that came home in the carpool with (a different )Robin.

Sheri went into labor in the garage when she was arranging flowers. Dad tried to get a good take on everything. I am like DAD......she is in labor for gosh sakes. Call the doctor!

Our boy Jacob-Allen was born. He is a redhead like his mother.

I did really well at work, and in no time worked up to the same status as mom. I became a Criminal Mastermind! Wow...Sheri wants to get a job in law enforcement when she goes back to work after havin' Jacob-Allen. So I don't know what I will do. I may quit the crime biz and move on to something else. I don't wanna clash with my wife out in the field. That would be embarrassing!

And there's my boy all most all grown up! Man! Maybe we will have another one! Sheri is already talkin' about it!

Oh Benny? Well, he went and got a job, keeps him busy. In between shifts him and Jacon-Allen have a grand old time.

And this is where I leave you. See you next time.

Odd Pics Out:

The vampire/werewolf/servo, Capable Capehart, came sauntering by the house one night trying to stalk like a vamp and walk like a werewolf at the same time. Hilarious!

ACCOMPLISHMENTS this round: Hobby plaques for Sheri, Jim-Bob and Barry-James, TOC for Jim-Bob, and one new Sim, Jacob-Allen.


Lot: Strickland Farm - Cara, Kolton, Xen, and cats Jinn and Princess

Last Visit - Kolton filled us in on his doubts that he is Xen's father. Adopted daughter Mary was having trouble coping with the death of her grandparents Fraiser and Camryn, and snuck out of the house several times, only to be brought home by Prosperity Falls' Finest. We also found out that Xen has the same telepathic abilites as his REAL father, Xuan Robbins.

Cara's family tree. Cara and Kolton met in Uni. She is a Romance Sim with a LTW to become a Celebrity Chef - achieved.

Kolton's family tree. Kolton is a Pleasure Sim with an LTW to have 50 first dates - achieved. Notice the "AWOL" over Fraiser Strickland - his character file became trashed when the game threw up an error when Fraiser's ghost attempted to go back into it's grave at 6 am. It was so bad even his portrait disappeared, along with his tombstone.

It is I, Xen! The heir to .... errr...... what ever my father Xuan leaves! My father Xaun is the greatest Anotothian that walks upon this earth...

Xuan: My boy, my boy! *flushes with pride*

Ruby (Robbins): I just hope you will be as proud of our kids as you are Xen!

Xen: Dad, what does she mean by that?

Xuan: Well, ah....

Xen, what he means is you father Xuan will fulfill his part in the Mission by fathering more Anotothians! He is going to be the greatest dad ever!

Xuan: Infinity..... *warning tones*

Ruby (Robbins): Hahahaha! I wonder how you will explain this to all your millions of children, Xuan!

Jati: Of course, he will explain the Mission to them! It is written!

Xen talks to his mother about his grades

Xen: Boy mom is gonna be busy havin' all those babies, huh dad?

Xaun: *chokes*

Jati: Xen! Your father has told you nothing about the Mission?

Xen: Well, he told me a little. He told me he was the Greatest.

Jati raises a brow: Xuan, What say you?

Ruby (Robbins): No doubt that he is the greatest lover that ever was! Hahaha!

Xen cheats at chess with Tahani Capehart

And she catches him...this time.

Xuan rolls his eyes, closes his mind.

Anyhow, my dad is pretty great. Me and my brother Xenio will rule the world beside my father Xuan!

Jati: There is more to the Mission than that Xen. Our Mission is NOT to rule the world. It is to spread our DNA into the human society.

Alien X: Not if I have a say about it!

Jati: Who goes there? I demand you show yourself!

Alien X: Hahahaha! Some day, my friend, some day. For now...your wombs are cursed! Only one...only one.....

Kolton here. The best thing I could do for Xen was get him the best education possible. What father wouldn't wish that for his son? I invited the headmaster over for his visit, to see what kind of people we are.

Everything was going great. Dinner was good, Xen behaved himself....then the headmaster went 'wild' and turned into a...thing.....right when he was perpared to give me his decision on accepting Xen into his school.

Remember BJ Ryan was turned to the hairy side by Tanu Capehart.

It didn't matter, what was going on with Mr. Ryan. He invited Xen to be a pupil in his school. That is all that matters. I am doing the best darn job I can for Xen. I even gave him a birthday party.

I couldn't help but notice there was some kind of communication going on between Xen and Xuan Robbins. How did Robbins show up at Xen's party anyway???

Xuan: A little birdy invited me. hehe

All that turned out to be a disaster, I caught him hitting on my wife, and she seemed to like it.

A while back, I caught her flirting with Bubbs Strickland. That was a really rough spot in our marriage, but we worked our way through it. Now I have caught her again. I just don't feel as close to her as I used to. That special ingredient in our relationship is gone. She is no longer just mine. She belongs to whoever wants her.

Adopted daughter Mary and natural daughter Ruby

Xuan: And I might try for your daughters too! They find me irresistible!

Xen: Dad! Mary and Ruby! Ick!

Xuan: What Infinity said is true, Xen. I am SUPPOSED to father as many children as I can, to spread the gifts I have...

Xen: Gifts? Like what dad...

Xuan: Well, this talkin' with my mind thing.

Xen: Is that why you had me?

Xuan: Errr....yeah. I sought your mother out. To have you.

Xen is silent....closes his mind. Xuan sighs.

Aspiration: Pleasure
LTW: 50 Dream Dates

*ASimWen bangs head on desk*

Xen: Dad, you can't...can't...with Ruby and Mary.

Xuan: Come on now son....we all have a part in the Mission. This isn't hard. In is really pretty ...... easy...... Xaun is not very convincing to Xen. It sounds very halfhearted.

Xen: Dad, you could go to court.....

Xen: You could end up going to jail! Ya know! For having more than one wife. Dad don't....

Xuan: Aw, naw, won't be no marryin' going on. I am married to Joy. Don't worry son, I won't go to jail. Jati runs everything so nothing like that will happen.

Xen: Dad, you really need to explain all this in detail to me....

Xuan: When you graduate from college, come home to me boy. And you will learn all about it. In the mean time, you need to find you a girl. Do you have one yet?

Xen: Nope dad, I don't. I just had my birthday.

Xuan: There's lots of them out there Xen, for the picking. Call the Prosperity Falls Matchmaker. She will find you somebody until....

Xen: What do you mean dad? Until?

Xuan: Xen, you already have your life's mate picked out for you. That is one of the things that Jati does.

Xen: Who is my future wife dad?

Xuan: Clara Barton Strickland. A little stuffy around the gills (Knowledge Sim) but she has a fine womb, my boy. She will give you children.

Clara Barton Strickland moving into Uni

Xen takes his father's advice and calls the Matchmaker..........

It is the newspaper girl Amy Jones. He has a two bolt attraction to her and manages a Dream Date on his first date with her.

Xen: Hey your'e right dad! This hangin' out with girls is pretty easy! And fun!

Xuan: Yes Xen it is. Be careful though that you don't go promisin' things you can't fulfill.

Xen: Gotcha. *smiles conspiratorially*

Kolton: My boy Xen left for college right on time. I have tried to raise him to be a fine upstanding fellow....

Accomplishments this round:

TOC for Cara - Celebrity Chef


Camryn, Kolton's mother and Xen's grandmother looks very sad.

This is our last look at Fraiser before his character file was trashed, and his grave desecrated.

Thanks for reading!


Bubbs said...

The Robbins are cursed? No! Alien X is WRONG! There is no curse!

ruby said...

Aw, I'm sorry you lost Frasier. at least you got one last photo of him.
LOL Oh that Xaun. He's teaching Xen rather well how to do his job in the mission. *snickers*
Hmmm. Jati set up Xen a pleasure sim with Clara Barton a knowledge sim? Golly geez. i wonder how well that set up will work?? *blinks*
Congrats w/ the TOC.
And catching Cara flirting.. well that sure explains the opening photo!

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Jacob-Allen is cute. And I love the name!
Kolton is really an upstanding guy, considering that there is no blond hair anywhere in his line and therefore there is no way Xen can be his. As much as Xuan is a bad husband, he isn't a bad father. Is he really going to try to seduce his son's sisters? No, there is no genetic relationship, but still... ick. Aww, don't get mad at me Xuan, it's the Mission. Somebody has to let him know...

Mrs. Stuffy said...

I gaffaed at the more then one wife conversation . . . . I live in Utah! You don't really get in trouble ;-) just move here!

ASimWen said...

To Infinity: Yeah, Xuan at least tries to take responsibility for his offspring...but he is pretty wild with his woo-hoo!

To Mrs. Stuffy: Hahaha Utah! I didn't think of that. Well, this is Prosperity Falls.. not the real world. Hehehe

Melissa said...

Fantastic per your usual. Xen looks like a darker skinned version of Xuan.

ASimWen said...

Melissa: Yeah! I was waiting for someone to make note of that. Indeed, he does as a teen. In real-life playing time, he is in Uni and grew to YA with a little bit of a stronger jaw line than Xuan has. But still devilishly good looking!

Kerry said...

Wow, Xen seems a little flummoxed by this whole Mission thing. I wonder if he will catch on? I guess at least the dating is coming easily to him.

Minty said...

Cara is just gorgeous. And I feel your pain on the 50 dream dates.

Rachel said...

Man I don't think Xen is going to mind walking in Xuan's shoes.