Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Such A Free Spirit


Lot: Visionary Villa - Capehart - Lillith, Her-New-Fiancee-Who's-Name-I-Didn't-Write-Down, Tanu, Valentine, Capable, Narcissus, Vermillion and Tigerlilly

Last Visit: The Vampire Looks For Love - Vampiress Lillith Strickland narrated how her husband Manual Capehart passed away, and how she had considered giving him the Gift of the Undead, but decided against it, as he would have been old forever. Lillith revealed that her daughter Violet was pregnant with her fourth child, and the she herself had gotten pregnant by one of two lovers. She professed that she would move out of Violet's house before her child was born. Tanu wasa savaged by werewolf Kelsey McClelland and became a werewolf as well.

Tanu's family tree

Valentine's family tree

Headmaster: Peace? You want peace? Get a grip, boy. Nobody has real peace in this world. Especially me. Stop playing footsie with me....

Headmaster: Why yes, it is very important to have lots of friends to get into private school, Narcissus. The more friends you have *in the right places* can make life an easy street to travel. It is commonly referred to as *the good ol' boys system....*

Mah o mah. Valentine Capehart here. Mah darlin' husband Tanu jest couldn't hep himself. Why thet servo Capable tole' Tanu thet he would like tuh be a werewolf, jest like him. Mah Tanu obliged. Now Capable is a vampire/werewolf. Ah jest cannot imagine!

Editor: Haha! I am sorry! I just couldn't help it! Just had to do it!

Mah momma Lillith tole' us that she was gonna git married again, as this nahce man frum Sim City had gotten her pregnant. Why, mah daddy's grave isn't even cool yet, an' mamma let this happen! Ah never! *fans self* Mah goodness, we will be th' talk-o-the town now. It don't matter 'bout mamma's peculiar ways, this man said it don't matter tuh him either. He loves her jest the way she is. Ah reckon thet is all that matters, really. It is jest so odd..

Me an' Tanu had a third daughter, we named her Tigerlilly after th' beautiful orange flower. She has th' firey red hair to match her name!

It was right about th' tahm thet Tigerlilly was born, mamma started showin'...obviously in th' family way. She an' her beau had not yet taken any decisions 'bout makin' mamma an honest woman an' thet raght there was makin' fer a maghty uncomfortable atmosphere in th' house.

In th' mean tahm, Narcissus was pinin' after thet Strickland girl - Betsy Ross. Mah oh mah, Ah sure love her name. Betsy Ross. Ah bet she is named after th' famous woman thet sewed the first flag for the young America.

Mah boy Narcissus was known to treat thet girl raght....lahk a real gentleman. A little birdie tole' me they are makin' secret vows ter be together for-evah! In thet respect, ah have to question Narcissus' intentions. A fifteen year ol' boy cain't know what he wants in lahf, let alone what girl he wants to marry! Although Betsy sure is a becomin' girl. Yes ma'am.

Mamma did stay on at th' house long enough tuh birth her boy, whom she named Adam. She sez he is th' first in lahn of many children she is gonna have. Ah said, MAMMA. Forevemore! Exaclty whut do ya mean by thet? The first of many??? Well, mah mamma has this crazy idea that she is gonna have a chile' named by the letters of the alphabet. An she will jest keep marryin' mortals ter get them. Old mortals. Then the strangest thing was, she says alla the children will be Undead lahk her once they graduate from college. Ah shore am glad Ah won't be alive to see all thet.

Capable pitched rahgt in an' wuz heppin' tuh take care of th' two babies. What a help he wuz, indeed! Sumtahms Ah don' know whut Ah would do without him!

Tigerlilly shore loves her daddy Tanu. An' his wolfy looks don' bother her at all! She loves her daddy no matter whut he looks lahk. Ah know Tanu shore loves his little princess.

Twasn't long before it was tahm fer my kids to grow up. Mah oh mah how tahm flies! Here is Narcissus heppin' his little uncle grow up! Well. How odd that really does seem to utter! An' mah Vermillion was about to age too. No more babies in this house. At least not from me an' Tanu.

Adam shorely is a handsome young feller!

Vermillion Capehart
Aspiration: Knowlege
LTW: To Become Chief of Staff

Vermillion grew up ter be a becomin' young lady. Ah see she took up after the family tradition, and loves to dance in front of the stereo. Ah shore lahk thet.

Narcissus gave his younger sister a present of a cell phone. As a birthday present. He was about to leave fer college, an' wanted his sissy to have something tuh remember him by. She was glad to receive it.

Th' naght that Narcissus left fer college, we was all out biddin' him good bye...when Ah swore Ah sensed daddy nearbah....Ah was so flabbergasted...Ah nearly swooned. Mamma was out there too, and she said she felt his presence as well. Ah know mah Aunt Mercedes haunts quite a bit, but Ah had always assumed it wuz because she was unhappy because she never had children. Ah hate tuh think thet daddy is not at rest!

Thet was when mamma moved out of the house with Adam and her new beau, Adam's daddy. Ah know not where they went, but Ah am shore Ah will see her again soon.

It wuz tahm fer my little Tigerlilly to grow up some. Violet came fer th' party, as well as mamma's friend Mr. Bigfoot.

Mah Tigerlilly is shorely a free spirit. Mah goodness....all the children me an' Tanu brought into this worl' shore puts a glow in my heart.

Tanu is developin' a taste fer bitin' folks and such. Ah wish he wouldn't do thet. Here he turned the headmaster BJ Ryan to th' werewolf sahd. Mr Ryan had come to Tigerlilly's birthday party. Oh mah. Well, frum what Ah understand, Mr. Jitmakusol was also turned by Kelsey McClelland. Thet makes 2 werewolf headmasters in Prosperity Falls now. Jest call us th' Hairy Nation. *giggles*

After Tanu turned Mr. Ryan, they got into the hot tub lahk nothin' ever happened. Ah guess Mr. Ryan isn't too concerned thet now he will turn into a werewolf ever tahm he does a school visit.

Well, Ah guess thet is ever' thing thet happened here this week. Ah will see you next tham. It will be me an' Tanu's birthday. Buh bye!

Odd Pics Out:

Have you ever seen two stranger folk breakin' bread together? One werewolf/vampire Servo, and a Bigfoot! Ha!

Valentine reaches the top of the Music and Dance hobby

Capable doing night fishing, reaches top of Nature hobby. He has more fish than I have ever had a sim collect, including 5 golden trouts.

I also decided to let him have a job since the Capeharts have a butler that takes care of everything. His vampirism seemed to come and go. Here it doesn't bother him.


Ricky Cormier - Mercedes Capehart's husband, uncle to Valentine Capehart

While Lillith was on a font lawn date with her beau, her dead husband Manuel decided to see what his wife was doing.....

Here she notices him crossing the street

She watches him with a wary eye

Now Lillith's beau sees him too. But Manuel just sauntered on. I suspect he is not sad that Lillith found another.

Accomplishments: Hobby plaques for Valentine and Capable. Two new Sims - Adam and Tigerlilly.

Thank you very much for reading!


Anonymous said...

Your combined servos/vampires/etc are just priceless!
And mah oh mah what problems I have with Valentine's accent! :)


sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Oh what an awesome family! hehe. I love the thought of a vampire/servo and bigfoot eating dinner together, now that would be a fun Thanksgiving dinner!

Bubbs said...

Aren't these two related in some way?? Huh??? Kissing cousins?? Hmmm....

How many werewolves are in this hood now? Werewolf servo? Interesting combination there.

Why is daddy haunting? Could it be he isn't happy his bride had someone else's baby...

Taylor said...

Hi! Im new commenting but not to your blog. I decided I should start sharing my thoughts. A+ update. Love the odd pics out section.

ASimWen said...

Hi Taylor! Welcome to the Falls!

SirenPrincess said...

Valentine and Veronica are two of my favorites sims in your hood. I love their freckles! This whole family has great genes. I love the custom eyes colors and the red hair.

The ghost haunting while Narcissus left for college was really interesting. It was like he came out to say goodbye. Really touching.

Kerry said...

Capable really keeps busy--a fishing, werewolf/vampire servo--and it sounds like there are going to be an awful lot of vampires around, if Lillith has her way!

Oh, a plague of werewolf headmasters on your houses! LOL! I wonder what future families will think if they change right in the middle of the evaluation visit?

ruby said...

golly Wen, a vampire/werewolf/servo? Nice!!! You come up with some great combos.
Love the picture of Capable and Big Foot.
So you're going to do that alphabet challenge with Lillith? I love it. And all old fathers huh. too funny and a nice touch. one way to get rid of the elder crowd.

Melissa said...

Loved seeing ole Ricky haunting. He just graduated from Uni in my prosperity 'hood. He's becoming quite the lothario - just got his second girl pregnant. I hadn't planned on him having any kids, but with Risky installed well ... you know. LOL

Rachel said...

Wow a werewolf/vampire Servo! I'm impressed. And another head master werewolf! You know I've been wanting to get a werewolf but with as fast as it's spending in Prosperity Falls, I just don't know now.