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Lot: Capehart.3 - Family Name Capehart - Doris, Justice, Karin, Clara Barton and Betsy Ross

Last Visit - Robot Love - Justice lamented the fact that Samantha the Servo was constantly hovering around him especially when he was about to show his wife Karin affection. He revealed that he and Samantha had a three bold attraction. Wanting to avoid a domestic conflict, Justice shipped Samantha off to the Florence DeLarosa house to live with Sam the Servo. The two oldest twins Lori and Lincoln left for University, leaving Betsy Ross and Clara Barton at home. Let's see what happened this week.

Justice's family tree

Karin's family tree

Justice: Mom was at it right up until the end. I mean, she was a mover and a shaker, besides shakin' her body. She ran Prosperity Falls on a dime, as Mayor. I told you last time, her term was comin' up, well it did all right. It came to an abrupt halt.

Mom made it a habit to visit dad's grave every day in the family cemetery on our property. It happened on a Monday, she was making her usual visit. When she passed away, while visiting dad. How fitting. She was with him in the end.

Ivy Copur was named Mayor Interim until the next election.

She came to the house and we had a meeting, yadda, yadda, yadda....I gave her some keys that mom had. Keys to the mayoral helicopter, the office, the all we have left of mom's time as mayor is some pictures. Ah well. Life goes on. Mom and dad are at peace now...together.

The twins grew up a few weeks later, after mom passed.

Clara Barton Strickland
Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW: To Become A Prestidigitator

Betsy Ross Strickland
Aspiration: Popularity
LTW: To Have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends

Bein' that my girl Betsy is a popularity sim, we had lots of parties goin' on at the house. That was good, it drew Lori and Lincoln home from University on occasion, and that made their mom happy.

Lori tended to bring people with her from school when she came to Betsy's is Braelen Bostic, Andre Bostic's son. Lori sure was a sight for sore eyes. Me and her mom worry about her and Lincoln gone at school.

Clara being the brainy one, preferred to contemplate the current events with folks who could shed a different light on things. I suppose conversing with werewolf Tanu Capehart is as different as she could get.

During one of her parties, Betsy decided she really liked Narcissus Capehart, those two really hit it off....and I found out that she started seeing him at all times of the night!

She was sneakin' out about midnight a couple of nights a week to go out on the town with him! The boy has style..I gotta say that. His family has money; he would come and pick her up in a limousine. I put a stop to that. But all the same. They are both pretty good kids.

Karin took to gardening...even though I hired a butler that did much of the outside work as well as the inside work. She was given a membership card to a society of people who like to garden as well; she has not been to any of the meetings yet, but she surely plans to go. Especially since....

Well, she is a plant sim now. It was odd enough that she had the greenish tint to her skin before, now it is really bright green. She doesn't sleep or eat like she did...something has definitely happened in her body. But she seems happy enough and all the right parts still work for me. *wink* I love her for who she is, not what she looks like.

In the meantime, I mean really...I just couldn't help myself. It is not gossip after all, I saw it happen with my own eyes, I was there.....

Yeah, I told this passer by how the Robbins boy Zerek lost a fight to his sister Haeli. Those Robbinses are mighty mysterious people..........

Jati: They are talking about us!

Xuan: Talking schmalking. Let it go. They are just makin' fun of Zerek.

King: It is embarrassing enough that your son lost to a female, let alone his sister, another in the Mission!

Jati: Yes, my liege. I will work with him.

King: The boy is weak, Jati. I don't know of what use he will be to us. We cannot afford for any type of attention to come our way, Jati. We have enough on our hands with Alien X on the loose, and then the towns people talking about UFO's and aliens.

Xuan: Have you heard anymore from Alien X? *Xuan's head swims*

King: Unreliable intelligence tells us that Alien X has reached earth.

Jati: What kind of intelligence are we using, my liege?

King: Errr.....ya know....satellite images.....

Jati: Surely we have something better than obselete satellite imagery to assist us sir!

Xuan: HAHAHA! Satellite images! Way to go, Kingie Boy!

King: Enough Xuan! Since the flux capacitor...

Xuan: Don't tell me. It was our intelligence as well.

King: Well, yeah. So I can only use what I have at my disposal. Wilbur hijacked a television satellite and is using it to take pictures of the earth. She thinks she has spotted Alien X.

*Xuan sighs. When will it end?*

Well it was right about this time that Clara had the ride of a life time....

Clara came back in one piece, but true to a knowledge Sim, Clara got right on the telephone to find out about scholarship money for her wild ride. And what do you know, the college gives out money for stuff like that!

That added a nice sum to her scholarship nest egg. My girl Clara is going to do something big someday. Betsy on the other hand seems to be the social butterfly....

Narcissus Capehart started dropping off expensive gifts for her. I will let her take those to college with her as she can use them to get her a good start on life later.

Ah well, I suppose that is everything. Mom passed away, and the twins are into life. See you next time.


Trevaus's wife Nichole comes to see how everything has changed around the house.

Doris haunted the upstairs of the house

As did her husband Niles. Here he is comin' to check out his bed.


Did you know the money gained through the fortune perk of investing goes toward the total a fortune sim earns in his or her lifetime? Here Karin reaches yet another LTW thanks to smart investing.

Accomplishments: Karin: LTW - Earned $100,000

See you next time!


SirenPrincess said...

I didn't know you got a scholarship just for being abducted. I thought you had to be an alien. One of my sims will definitely be using his telescope more.

sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Awww, she died in the cemetery grieving for her hubby, how sad is that! :(

Bubbs said...

Oh no! They are gossiping about the Robbins! Poor Zerek, he will never live this down.

I guess I never paid attention to the investment money and my fortune sims. I will have to watch it now.

Kerry said...

Looks like the twins are doing well. I liked when Justice said he doesn't care about his wife becoming a plant sim, as long as she's happy--very sweet.

Robert said...

Clara and Betsy grew up nice. Alien X is coming huh? I wonder what he will look like?

Minty said...

Sad that the best thing they have to gossip about is two kids fighting! Oh well at least it wasn't "OMG, Such and such started a FIRE!"

ruby said...

congrats on the abduction, the twins are absolutely adorable.
And a plant sim! goodness, are ya gonna go for a plant baby??
Oooo and Alien X is on Earth..
dun dun dun....

Melissa said...

I got The Baby Name Countdown book in the mail today. I'm sooo excited! Thanks for the recommendation.
Melissa from the Prosperity Group

ASimWen said...

to Melissa: Your'e welcome. I find that book to be great fun and of a big help to me when it comes time to name a sim. :)

Rachel said...

Nice job on the scholarships for Clara. Her and Narcissus Capehart should make some nice looking kids.

Chrissy Brown said...

Ha go Karin! and Betsy and Clara are beauties! :)