Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Chick Witch


LOT: Capehart.1 - Family name McClelland - Kelsey, Jodi-Ann, Jason, Chase and dogs Abbey and Andy.

Last Visit: The eldest son Marty filled us in on how strange it was to have a grandpa that gave birth to an alien and then was later eaten by a cowplant; how his grandma was a vampire that got burned up in the sun, and then how his parents turned into werewolves. It was enough to make a guy think twice, so he left for univeristy. Let's check in on this family and see what other changes have taken place.

Jodi-Ann's family tree

Kelsey's family tree. Failed to include Giovianni's mother, Tonaka.

Marty here. Well, to start off with, not only was it enough for my grandpa Johnson to get abducted by aliens, my dad thought he would try to get abducted too. But it didn't happen for him. Isn't it enough that he is a werewolf? Oh, sorry....I am making this report from college. I know. I should have let Jason do it since he was around to see all this stuff, but he has turned on me too. I am the only normal one in the family! I will do the updates!

Jason watches his mom howl

Dad got mom pregnant again, but bein' a werewolf didn't deter the pregnancy any. It went on like usual. I am like dude, we don't need another doggie in the family. Dad got all miffed about that, maybe I shouldn't have said it. Jason seemed to think that mom and dad bein' werewolves was ok. I knew he was gonna be one of 'them' early on.

I cut classes and came to Jason's birthday party. So I did see some stuff. My old headmaster was there, Korey Jitmakusol. I guess mom and dad invited him to do a pre entrance visit for Jason for private school. Man, that guy got caught up in the thick of things! By the time the party was over, I knew he was sorry he ever even thought about comin' to this birthday party. Here is how it went down.

Marty, Mr. Knowledge and Townie watch Jodi-Ann turn.

Right when we were all gathered around the table singing "Happy Birthday" to Jason, mom and dad did their nightly thing and turned into werewolves. Everybody in the room freaked. Even though I see it all the time, I can't get used to it. The bad thing is as soon as they turn, they wanna eat everything in sight, then they wanna bite somebody. They usully restrain themselves from biting people. After all, not everybody wants to be a werewolf. They do take other's feelings into consideration. Usually.

The next thing I know, there is a savage going on...and Mr. Knowledge is egging it on. Jason's party became a roof raiser....go figure....who was it that got bitten???

My headmaster, Mr. Jitmakusol! That's who! And dad did it......I was stunned beyond belief. Oh, what??? Oh okay. Here is Jason's birthday picture.

Aspiration: Family
LTW: To Become Education Minister

Jason washes Andy the Dog.

Yeah, he thinks he is gonna be a teacher er somethin'. Let's see how well he can teach kids in the get-up of his...oh...I am getting ahead of myself. Uhh...let's see. Shortly after Jason's birthday, mom had Chase.

Yep, another brother. As far as this funky and dysfunctional family goes, I don't know yet how Chase fits in. He is still a little kid and hasn't really had a chance to get involved in anything.

Anyway, here is what happened to Jason....

He met this chick witch at Four Winds Shopping center when he went to buy a cellphone. He told me they talked for a long time....and eventually another one showed up.

Two witches for him to get mixed up with! He had a grand old time with 'em.

Eventually the witches went home, and Jason said he had made pretty good friends with 'em. Just more trouble in the McClelland house, if you ask me!

Jason had to help Chase with his birthday 'cuz mom and dad was too wrapped up in doing you know what. No, not woohoo. Changing. Yeah. Turning.

Awww! I love this picture of big brother and little brother.

So far Chase seems to be pretty normal, even if he does know how to play Peek-A-Boo with a werewolf.

It wasn't long before the witch showed up at the house to pester Jason. She was hiding in the trees out back by the dog houses, and popped out when he went out to feed the dogs.

I have to call Jason Jason the Nice Warlock now. He insists.

He got a hokey looking outfit and everything, which he hasn't taken off since becoming a warlock. So... *counting off fingers* Grandpappy Johnson was abducted by aliens and had my half brother Regis then was later eaten by a cowplant...Granny Tosca became a vampire and burned up in the sun. My mom and dad are werewolves and my brother is a warlock. What else can happen????

At least Jason seems happy. Good for him. he told me he was gonna study his magic while he was away at college. I sure hope we dont' cross paths.

At least I won't have to watch him flick that hokey wand of his anymore. Well, that's it. Talk to you next time. If I make it through this in one peice.


Tosca the vampire scares her daughter in law Jodi-Ann mercilessly

Jayrus cheers the fact his bed is still in the house


After playing outside all day, exhausted Chase crawls in the dog house to sleep


SirenPrincess said...

Oh wow! I've never seen a headmaster turned before! I didn't even know that was possible. That's got to be the most exciting, unexpected thing I've seen in a blog for a while.

Robert said...

great Update, Wen. I laughed when I saw the headmaster as a werewolf. I just got Pets today, but haven't tried it out yet.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

"I am the only normal one in the family! I will do the updates!" That made me LOL. He has a point though. Well, this will make for interesting future headmaster visits, LOL.

Anonymous said...

wow what a great update, so much going on. Never had werewolves and vampires in my game, must try it one day.

Bubbs said...

Werewolves and warlocks! What a great update. Can't wait to see what happens at future headmaster visits. :)

Kerry said...

Hmph--if a werewolf can be headmaster, I don't see why Jason couldn't be education minister. However, perhaps being a warlock will be enough for him. Marty is just a tad judgemental, isn't he! Perhaps all those odd occurrences during his childhood scarred him forever, poor guy!

sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Hah, what a great family! I love knowledge sim families for that same reason, they're willing to try anything! LOL I didn't even know you could turn the headmaster, or I would have done that ages ago! :)

ruby said...

what a fun update! I cant beleive you got the headmaster turned. that is a frist! or at least I've never seen it before. nice job..
Jason is a good witch! I love it. Geez this is one busy family! I cant wait to see what happens with Chase.
Chase crawlign in to the dog house, totally adorable!

M.McMillan said...

How did a toddler play all day outside and not get overheated or cold or something the social worker doesn't approve of

Melissa said...

Fantastic as usual. Haha! I have a PlantSim Butler and now you have a Werewolf Headmaster. heeeheee.

ASimWen said...

To m.mcmillan: I have no idea. I put him out there playing with the toddler table and went on about business of playing the rest of the house. The next thing I better check on the kid...I found him in the dog house. LOL

Rachel said...

THis update was hilarious! This family sure is exploring the different sorts of sims. I think all they need are a servo and a genie lamp. I love they made the headmaster a werewolf!