Sunday, October 19, 2008

Stealing Thunder


Lot: Bostic Capehart 14 - Family name Capehart - Tomas, Roxanna, Scally, Karen, Omy, Janiah, Tahani, dogs Moody, Cleo and Anatasia

Last Visit: The Never Ending Pregnancy - Karen complained that ASimWen had left her with a hidden pregnancy for 9 real life months, later giving birth to twins Omy and Janiah. Tomas and Roxanna tried to get a wishing well from the Garden Club but did not succeed due to a small vegetable garden. Scally made it to the top of the law enforcement career, becoming a Captain Hero.

Karen's family tree

Scally's family tree - Tomas is incorrectly labeled as Scally. heh

ASimWen: Whoa, looks like this round started with a rousing birthday party!

Karen: Yup, it is a birthday party in more than one way!

ASimWen: What do you mean Karen?

Karen: You did it to me again, ASim. You left me pregnant for NOT 9 months this time, but for 10. 10 LOUSY MONTHS I CARRIED A FULL TERM SIM BABY.

ASimWen: Come on now Karen. I gave in to you and Scally's wants to woo-hoo on a Saturday night. That means you will have your baby on Tuesday. There is something in Prosperity Falls called Risky Woo Hoo. It is as dangerous for you and Scally to have unprotected woo hoo as it is in real life. But I will tell you this, do to the arrival of Freetime and Apartment Life since I visited you last, you gave birth a day early.

Karen: Thanks alot of a little bit of nothing! One day! You saved me one lousy day. I will say it again, OH MY ACHING BACK!

ASimWen: At any rate, who's birthday was it?

Karen: It was Omy and Janiah's. My surprise twin babies from last round.

Karen: Here is Janiah's grow up picture. He is Scally's heir.

Karen: This is Omy's grow up picture. As you can see, I am still pregnant in it.

ASimWen: Omy is going to be a beauty.

Karen: Would Scally and I make ugly children, even though I carry them for so long? I think not.

ASimWen: Are you telling me you had Tahani during Omy and Janiah's party?

Karen: Talk about stealing thunder! That is exactly what happened, right in front of all of Scally's family. GAWD. That is really a private thing, you know? Giving birth. Again, THANKS ALOT, ASIMWEN.

ASimWen: Okay Karen, okay. I get the picture. Looks like the birth was a big hit though. The party was a roof raiser.

Karen: *sniff* What else would it be? Scally and I don't give bad parties.

ASimWen: *Wavies* Hello Tomas! He did a great job cleaning up after the party?

Karen: Yes, he did. I will miss dad.

ASimWen: You will miss him....?

Karen: Yes, dad passed away not long after Tahani was born. He did find time to spend with his dogs Cleo and Moody......

And he made sure that Tahani knew who her gandpa is. He spent as much time with her as possible.

He even taught her a cute nursery rhyme. Happy days.

But then he was gone. He passed away during Tahani's birthday party to child. That really affected her.

(Editor: Tomas was the last of the second generation snowleopards. Now Prosperity Falls has generation three going forward).

Dad's passing really stunned all of us right at that moment. But then we remembered we were gathered at that moment to celebrate Tahani. So we carried on with the party.

Scally carried on in Tomas's place as the birthday helper.

Despite all the measures we could take, Tahani did not grow up well. She misses her grandpa...Tomas was retired, so he stayed at home with Tahani while Scally and I worked. He spent alot of time with her.

ASimWen: I am so sorry, Karen.

Karen: Well, his passing affected different members of the family in different ways. Roxanna, Tomas's wife and Scally's mother, carried on with the dogs in Tomas's place.

She never paid much attention to the dogs in the past. But this was Tomas's second home. He loved training the dogs, playing with them and taking care of them. Roxanna just fell into it like she had been doing it all her life.

ASimWen: For Tomas.

Karen: Yes. And speaking of the dogs....

The first dog dad ever adopted grew old. She had one litter of puppies in her day. Dad tried and tried and tried to get her to have more, but one was it.

The daddy of Cleo's pups aged too. He was a difficult dog. In fact, he couldn't keep his job after he aged. He was just too tired.

(Editor: Moody would go to work with his needs bars filled up, and come back after 1 shift like this. Too tired to do anything. So he retired.)

Dad's first dog Cleo realized his passing and didn't handle it well at all. Never one to misbehave...

She took to chewing the furniture. That was stopped really quickly. But as all things do, life got back to normal, as normal as it could be. The kids starting bringing in good marks from school.

ASimWen: Well, that's something.

Karen: Yeah. Both Roxanna and I reached the tops of our careers. Roxanna has been a real trooper through all of this. She is living a little bit longer than dad because she spent some time as a vampire...when she didn't age.

Karen: Janiah sent extra time with Tahani to raise her spirits. She had a really hard time...getting along with anyone. Growing up badly is hard on a sim. I think she is going to have problems. (Editor - Tahani has 8 nice points...but you would never know it by her behavior.)

Karen: I even caught her kicking over our own trashcan.....

ASimWen: Wow Karen, sounds like you had a rough round.

Karen: We will make it. At least you are moving on and I am not pregnant this time.

ASimWen: Abstinance makes for no babies.

Karen: I am not sure I like the trade off.

ASimWen: I will see you again, Karen. Hopefully not in so many months. Good luck with Tahani.

Karen: Thank you ASimWen. Cya.

Accomplishments: Plat headstone for Tomas, TOC for Karen - Education Minister, and TOC for Roxanna - Space Pirate.


Bubbs said...

Generation 3 and on? WOW! You are doing an awesome job Wen. :)

Why do you keep torturing Karen and leaving her pregnant? Do you not like her? Is she another 'special' one??? We have seen what you do to the special ones....

Sniffle...poor Tomas...

Will Karen be seen in other updates kicking over trash cans???

Robert said...

Another great update, Wen. I think Karen won't want any more birthdays the way the last couple turned out.

You are really far along in your Challenge. I love reading it.

SirenPrincess said...

Moody made a real cute elder.

It's always hard when a sim passes. If it's a favorite sim, it's especially sad, but even if it's a sim I'm not that attached to, it's so hard to see my sims upset about it.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Yeah, seeing sims pass on is rough. Wow, so he was the last of the gen 2 leopards? Wow. Poor Tahani. I'm sure she'll be over it by the time they come around next.

ruby said...

Dang Tahani really took his death hard. shame you couldnt get her aged up before Grim came. ah well. kids and their behavior problems .. i wish Karen good luck with the kid too. and ya LOL thankfully she isnt preggers again.

Anonymous said...

I like the fact that not everyone has a perfect upbringing, reminds me of my own sims :)
Imperfection spices things up, we will sure remember Tahani (great name by the way)

Melissa said...

Yes, poor Tahani. Her grandpa dying at her birthday party is certainly apt to cause behavioral problems. You always do have the best names for your Sims. How do you come up with them?

ASimWen said...

To Melissa:
I use a book: The Baby Name Countdown Includes over 100,000 Names by Janet Schwegel. Usually I just close my eyes and point...except when it comes to naming certain children. For instance, all Xaun's kids names start with X. The book is really handy for listing lots of names that start with odd letters.

Kerry said...

Oh, poor Karen! She really held a grudge against you--well, she's never happy! By the end, she's complaining about the lack of woohoo!

I feel for Tahani, too--and it's just impossible when the elders choose to die right at the age transition--no way to fix things at all. But as several people said, it does lend a touch of reality! Great update--PF is moving right along!

Threelakesmountain said...

I keep meaning to read this blog right from the beginning. It's one of the main 'must read' prosperity blogs. I admire how long you've kept it going.

Anonymous said...

Do you use a cheats in your game?

ASimWen said...

To Anonymous: No, I don't, not cheats per se. No mood enhancements, nothing to suddenly replenish energy. I do have a constant run of Boolprop in my game so I can run the SimDNA cheat at will to see what genetics my sim kids are carrying. With that running it is extremely easy to move energy bars up when needed, but I do not. What is the fun in that? I do have a couple of hacks in my game. Risky Woo Hoo to make havin' babies more of a surprise; and various things from MATY to fix annoyances. Such as the lot debugger. I used to have autoyak but I got rid if it. I have things like the hack 'fitness for all' which will make unplayables fat or skinny depending on what they are doing.

Emmy said...

I'm just starting to read your blog now and I think it's really good.
I've made my own blog yesterday. PLease can you make a link to me?

Rachel said...

Wow, all of gen 2 is gone. That's sad but great job. Poor Karen though you kept making her have real length pregnancies. :)