Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Capeharts week 17/ Dissillusionment


Lot: The Capehart Homestead - Jessie, Gertrude, Molly, Lovelle and Honey

Last Visit: Jessie's mother, Michelle, passed away, and was buried on Capehart Mountain. The eldest child Jon-Luc wished for love out of the wishing well and was rewarded with a three bolt attraction. However, *sigh* he did not want to date her in University. He revealed that he had fallen madly in love with bug lady Carmen Patch who had popped out of the wishing well for him at Uni. Twins Molly and Lovelle grew to teen, and Lovelle did not have the same good luck with the well that Jon-Luc had. She received Mrs. Crumplebottom instead who actually went into fisticuffs with her! Baby Honey grew to toddler. Before Jon-Luc left for University, he was abducted by the aliens like his grandfather Tryce.

Jessie's family tree

Gertrude's family tree

Gertrude is available for download.

Molly here. Me and my sister Lovelle are living in a dorm at Sim State right now. Dad asked me to write an entry for the Capehart family journal. So here I am. I guess the only thing I can talk about is what happened before me and Lovelle left for college.

My thing is I wanted to get into private school. (knowledge sim) Lovelle was always looking for love. (romance sim) So I took it upon myself to invite the headmaster from Prosperity Falls Private school to the house for supper. I made the meal and everything. Lovelle didn't care about it. In fact, she would have gotten out of going to college if she could. She wanted to do nothing but find boys.

It was an easy thing to get the headmaster to agree that the Capeharts would make a fine addition to his school. We are an old family in Prosperity Falls. I am sure he feels fortunate the Capeharts decided to choose his school to attend.

Honey didn't care one way or another. The only thing she said was she didn't have to worry about what to wear to school. haha!

Lovelle tried once again to get love from the wishing well, and as aways it did not provide for her. She decided not to try for several days, she was tired of seeing Mrs. Crumplebottom.

While Lovelle pursued males, I got mom to help me study for entrance to college. I just don't see the point in wanting to date all the time, what Lovelle and I do now will make us the people we are in the future. So why is she carrying on like that? I want to soak up as much knowledge as possible so life will be easier for me later. Poor Lovelle! She is so disillusioned.

Right now all Honey does is stuff kids do. She wants to have fun.

Dad still spent bunches of time in his garden, he has alot of pride in it. After getting into the garden club and winning the wishing well, he works hard to keep everything up.

When he isn't gardening, he his fishing. Sometimes he invites people over to fish with him, as none of the rest of us are really interested in it. I don't know who this guy is, but he came walking by the house one day, and dad and Honey took an instant liking to him.

He and Honey had a long conversation! He seemed to find her very intersting.

Skyliana Robbins came by one day and tried to tell me there was no such thing as aliens and rocket ships...and I told her no way! I told her I knew there are aliens because my grandpa and my brother had been abducted...sucked up into the sky and gone for hours. She told me I was addle brained and left....I don't believe her, not a word. She is the one who is addle brained.

If there are no such things as aliens coming to earth and taking people for rides, how did my Aunt Joy get born? I mean, look at her. She is different. Nobody in the family has really said anything about it, all we know is that Grandpa Tryce got abducted, and a while later Joy was born right around the same time Aunt Josyln was born, and Granny Michelle didn't have twins! Mom even has talked about when she was abducted by aliens when she was a teenager! Come on! Of course there is such a thing as aliens!

Alien Chatter:

Jati: The townfolk still believe in what they think are aliens.

Quavi: Yes, it seems so. It is hard to try to convince them otherwise when what they are seeing is the truth!

Jati: Aye. And there has not been any communication from Alien X as of late; it is almost as if 'it' has grown weary of earth and moved on.

Quavi: I would not look the other way Jati. Alien X may just be trying to fool us......

It was the oddest thing.....Lovelle left for Sim State before I did. Hum. I had to get a bit of last minute studying in. At the end of life at home, she acted like she was just rarin' to go. Mom was sad to see both of us go, but then Granny Kirstee and Grampy Chevy had to be the same way when she left for college.

Then it was my turn, it was a solemn occasion. I felt like I would never return home again. Now here I am on my own at Sim State.

And boy am I havin' a blast! See you next time at Sim State!

PS - Eventually Lovelle did get a nice boy out of the wishing well. I don't know his name. But he delivers newspapers on the other side of town.


"Grampa Tryce" inspects his son's garden.

Woah! Calista the Gardener! Haven't seen you in a while! How are things shakin' up on the mountain? Boy you look mad!

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Nada. Just lots of fun.

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SirenPrincess said...

I like the way that Lovelle and Honey look. The hair looks cute on them. Sometimes it's fun spicing things up with the romance sims. Were you pushing the wishing well too much? Is that why you kept getting Mrs. C?

Bubbs said...

Love the family trees!!!

HAHA! Lovelle got Ms. Crumplebottom! That's what they get for going to the well too much, haha!

Hmmm, has Honey met her future love? Could be a secret love...

Does red hair run in this family??

Robert said...

nice update Wen. glad to see that Lovelle found someone nice.

ASimWen said...

To SirenPrincess: I was having Lovelle try the wishing well every 24 hrs. She did it three days in a row with Crumplebottom the result every time. So she waited until the end of the week right before she left for Uni. :) Success! In the meantime she was really sad until she finally found romance.

ASimWen said...

To Bubbs: Yes, red hair runs in the family. Lovelle and Molly's mom is a Strickland...whose mother was none other than?? Kirstee (Bostic) Strickland... who passed that custom hair the girls have. I changed both Molly and Lovelle's hair in Uni. I will see how Honey grows up with it. But I have always changed it in the past.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Wow, I haven't seen these kids in a while, but I did remember that one twin had the leopard skin and one had regular. So Lovelle grabbed a paperboy? Usually a Knowledge sim, more accustomed for someone like Molly. Whatever. Good luck with the kids at University.

M.McMillan said...

So that's what happens when you use the well too often. That's a kick. I'm going to have to try that sometime.

Kerry said...

Poor Lovelle! You'd be sad, too, if you were geting pasted by Mrs. Crumplebottom every day like clockwork! :)

Honey is cute.

ruby said...

Ha, she kept getting crumplebottom. Too funny! Glad she got at least one BF out of that well.

Rachel said...

Poor Lovelle had such a hard time finding love. Nice that she got paperboy Derek. I always liked that kid