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Stealing Thunder


Lot: Bostic Capehart 14 - Family name Capehart - Tomas, Roxanna, Scally, Karen, Omy, Janiah, Tahani, dogs Moody, Cleo and Anatasia

Last Visit: The Never Ending Pregnancy - Karen complained that ASimWen had left her with a hidden pregnancy for 9 real life months, later giving birth to twins Omy and Janiah. Tomas and Roxanna tried to get a wishing well from the Garden Club but did not succeed due to a small vegetable garden. Scally made it to the top of the law enforcement career, becoming a Captain Hero.

Karen's family tree

Scally's family tree - Tomas is incorrectly labeled as Scally. heh

ASimWen: Whoa, looks like this round started with a rousing birthday party!

Karen: Yup, it is a birthday party in more than one way!

ASimWen: What do you mean Karen?

Karen: You did it to me again, ASim. You left me pregnant for NOT 9 months this time, but for 10. 10 LOUSY MONTHS I CARRIED A FULL TERM SIM BABY.

ASimWen: Come on now Karen. I gave in to you and Scally's wants to woo-hoo on a Saturday night. That means you will have your baby on Tuesday. There is something in Prosperity Falls called Risky Woo Hoo. It is as dangerous for you and Scally to have unprotected woo hoo as it is in real life. But I will tell you this, do to the arrival of Freetime and Apartment Life since I visited you last, you gave birth a day early.

Karen: Thanks alot of a little bit of nothing! One day! You saved me one lousy day. I will say it again, OH MY ACHING BACK!

ASimWen: At any rate, who's birthday was it?

Karen: It was Omy and Janiah's. My surprise twin babies from last round.

Karen: Here is Janiah's grow up picture. He is Scally's heir.

Karen: This is Omy's grow up picture. As you can see, I am still pregnant in it.

ASimWen: Omy is going to be a beauty.

Karen: Would Scally and I make ugly children, even though I carry them for so long? I think not.

ASimWen: Are you telling me you had Tahani during Omy and Janiah's party?

Karen: Talk about stealing thunder! That is exactly what happened, right in front of all of Scally's family. GAWD. That is really a private thing, you know? Giving birth. Again, THANKS ALOT, ASIMWEN.

ASimWen: Okay Karen, okay. I get the picture. Looks like the birth was a big hit though. The party was a roof raiser.

Karen: *sniff* What else would it be? Scally and I don't give bad parties.

ASimWen: *Wavies* Hello Tomas! He did a great job cleaning up after the party?

Karen: Yes, he did. I will miss dad.

ASimWen: You will miss him....?

Karen: Yes, dad passed away not long after Tahani was born. He did find time to spend with his dogs Cleo and Moody......

And he made sure that Tahani knew who her gandpa is. He spent as much time with her as possible.

He even taught her a cute nursery rhyme. Happy days.

But then he was gone. He passed away during Tahani's birthday party to child. That really affected her.

(Editor: Tomas was the last of the second generation snowleopards. Now Prosperity Falls has generation three going forward).

Dad's passing really stunned all of us right at that moment. But then we remembered we were gathered at that moment to celebrate Tahani. So we carried on with the party.

Scally carried on in Tomas's place as the birthday helper.

Despite all the measures we could take, Tahani did not grow up well. She misses her grandpa...Tomas was retired, so he stayed at home with Tahani while Scally and I worked. He spent alot of time with her.

ASimWen: I am so sorry, Karen.

Karen: Well, his passing affected different members of the family in different ways. Roxanna, Tomas's wife and Scally's mother, carried on with the dogs in Tomas's place.

She never paid much attention to the dogs in the past. But this was Tomas's second home. He loved training the dogs, playing with them and taking care of them. Roxanna just fell into it like she had been doing it all her life.

ASimWen: For Tomas.

Karen: Yes. And speaking of the dogs....

The first dog dad ever adopted grew old. She had one litter of puppies in her day. Dad tried and tried and tried to get her to have more, but one was it.

The daddy of Cleo's pups aged too. He was a difficult dog. In fact, he couldn't keep his job after he aged. He was just too tired.

(Editor: Moody would go to work with his needs bars filled up, and come back after 1 shift like this. Too tired to do anything. So he retired.)

Dad's first dog Cleo realized his passing and didn't handle it well at all. Never one to misbehave...

She took to chewing the furniture. That was stopped really quickly. But as all things do, life got back to normal, as normal as it could be. The kids starting bringing in good marks from school.

ASimWen: Well, that's something.

Karen: Yeah. Both Roxanna and I reached the tops of our careers. Roxanna has been a real trooper through all of this. She is living a little bit longer than dad because she spent some time as a vampire...when she didn't age.

Karen: Janiah sent extra time with Tahani to raise her spirits. She had a really hard time...getting along with anyone. Growing up badly is hard on a sim. I think she is going to have problems. (Editor - Tahani has 8 nice points...but you would never know it by her behavior.)

Karen: I even caught her kicking over our own trashcan.....

ASimWen: Wow Karen, sounds like you had a rough round.

Karen: We will make it. At least you are moving on and I am not pregnant this time.

ASimWen: Abstinance makes for no babies.

Karen: I am not sure I like the trade off.

ASimWen: I will see you again, Karen. Hopefully not in so many months. Good luck with Tahani.

Karen: Thank you ASimWen. Cya.

Accomplishments: Plat headstone for Tomas, TOC for Karen - Education Minister, and TOC for Roxanna - Space Pirate.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Capeharts week 17/ Dissillusionment


Lot: The Capehart Homestead - Jessie, Gertrude, Molly, Lovelle and Honey

Last Visit: Jessie's mother, Michelle, passed away, and was buried on Capehart Mountain. The eldest child Jon-Luc wished for love out of the wishing well and was rewarded with a three bolt attraction. However, *sigh* he did not want to date her in University. He revealed that he had fallen madly in love with bug lady Carmen Patch who had popped out of the wishing well for him at Uni. Twins Molly and Lovelle grew to teen, and Lovelle did not have the same good luck with the well that Jon-Luc had. She received Mrs. Crumplebottom instead who actually went into fisticuffs with her! Baby Honey grew to toddler. Before Jon-Luc left for University, he was abducted by the aliens like his grandfather Tryce.

Jessie's family tree

Gertrude's family tree

Gertrude is available for download.

Molly here. Me and my sister Lovelle are living in a dorm at Sim State right now. Dad asked me to write an entry for the Capehart family journal. So here I am. I guess the only thing I can talk about is what happened before me and Lovelle left for college.

My thing is I wanted to get into private school. (knowledge sim) Lovelle was always looking for love. (romance sim) So I took it upon myself to invite the headmaster from Prosperity Falls Private school to the house for supper. I made the meal and everything. Lovelle didn't care about it. In fact, she would have gotten out of going to college if she could. She wanted to do nothing but find boys.

It was an easy thing to get the headmaster to agree that the Capeharts would make a fine addition to his school. We are an old family in Prosperity Falls. I am sure he feels fortunate the Capeharts decided to choose his school to attend.

Honey didn't care one way or another. The only thing she said was she didn't have to worry about what to wear to school. haha!

Lovelle tried once again to get love from the wishing well, and as aways it did not provide for her. She decided not to try for several days, she was tired of seeing Mrs. Crumplebottom.

While Lovelle pursued males, I got mom to help me study for entrance to college. I just don't see the point in wanting to date all the time, what Lovelle and I do now will make us the people we are in the future. So why is she carrying on like that? I want to soak up as much knowledge as possible so life will be easier for me later. Poor Lovelle! She is so disillusioned.

Right now all Honey does is stuff kids do. She wants to have fun.

Dad still spent bunches of time in his garden, he has alot of pride in it. After getting into the garden club and winning the wishing well, he works hard to keep everything up.

When he isn't gardening, he his fishing. Sometimes he invites people over to fish with him, as none of the rest of us are really interested in it. I don't know who this guy is, but he came walking by the house one day, and dad and Honey took an instant liking to him.

He and Honey had a long conversation! He seemed to find her very intersting.

Skyliana Robbins came by one day and tried to tell me there was no such thing as aliens and rocket ships...and I told her no way! I told her I knew there are aliens because my grandpa and my brother had been abducted...sucked up into the sky and gone for hours. She told me I was addle brained and left....I don't believe her, not a word. She is the one who is addle brained.

If there are no such things as aliens coming to earth and taking people for rides, how did my Aunt Joy get born? I mean, look at her. She is different. Nobody in the family has really said anything about it, all we know is that Grandpa Tryce got abducted, and a while later Joy was born right around the same time Aunt Josyln was born, and Granny Michelle didn't have twins! Mom even has talked about when she was abducted by aliens when she was a teenager! Come on! Of course there is such a thing as aliens!

Alien Chatter:

Jati: The townfolk still believe in what they think are aliens.

Quavi: Yes, it seems so. It is hard to try to convince them otherwise when what they are seeing is the truth!

Jati: Aye. And there has not been any communication from Alien X as of late; it is almost as if 'it' has grown weary of earth and moved on.

Quavi: I would not look the other way Jati. Alien X may just be trying to fool us......

It was the oddest thing.....Lovelle left for Sim State before I did. Hum. I had to get a bit of last minute studying in. At the end of life at home, she acted like she was just rarin' to go. Mom was sad to see both of us go, but then Granny Kirstee and Grampy Chevy had to be the same way when she left for college.

Then it was my turn, it was a solemn occasion. I felt like I would never return home again. Now here I am on my own at Sim State.

And boy am I havin' a blast! See you next time at Sim State!

PS - Eventually Lovelle did get a nice boy out of the wishing well. I don't know his name. But he delivers newspapers on the other side of town.


"Grampa Tryce" inspects his son's garden.

Woah! Calista the Gardener! Haven't seen you in a while! How are things shakin' up on the mountain? Boy you look mad!

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Nada. Just lots of fun.

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The Robbines, Week 17 / The Passing


Lot: Mission Control - The Robbins Homestead - Zaed, Jati, Samarah, Brax, Skyliana, Haeli, Zerek and Zinn

Last Visit: What Happened, Part 1 and Part 2 - There was a central meeting of the key figures in the Mission at Mission Control with the King of Anatoth. It was determined that the flux capacitor would never work again the same as it did. There was great concern about the roll Alien X was playing in the Mission and how that would affect it. Xuan suddenly got his memory back and berated Berry Nosey for interefering in the lives of the Robbinses and still rebuffed her offer for 'help'. Future leader of the Mission Brax, grandson of Zaed, reported the townspeople of Prosperity Falls were talking openly in public about the recent rash of alien abductions.

Jati's family tree. Accidentally left off Landell, founder of the Stricklands.

Samarah's family tree. This is the first time I have put Tonaka on the family tree, mother of Giovanni. Being that she was a CAS elder and didn't live very long, I tend to forget about her and treat Giovanni as the Capehart founder. She appeared in the background in pictures in the blog entry here in case you are curious.

Editor: It is always tough for me to write a blog entry when one of my favorite Sims have passed to the great Sim beyond. I had a hard time letting Zaed go. His family didn't even gather 'round when Grim came. He was alone.

Zaed Robbins

It is I, Jati! Son of Zaed, grandson of the great Timo, founder of the Mission on earth to spread the DNA of our people, the Anatothians. Our planet is in more peril than ever with Alien X still on the rampage, we know not who he is. We do know what his mission is, and that is to stop the Anatothians from multiplying on this blue planet. My father Zaed has granted his human body to the earth. His body has been placed beside that of my mother, Synclare Strickland-Robbins, along with the great Timo, and his wife Meadow Thayer-Robbins under the breadfruit tree on the Mission property. I am now the head of the Mission on earth in my father's place, just as he took the place of Timo. And so it shall be, that my son Brax will take my place when the time comes.

Zaed's last days on the earth were fill not with Mission business, but with family concerns. It is almost as if he had forgotten all that the Mission was about; or perhaps it was only his mother Meadow Thayer-Robbins taking over his thoughts momentarily, as he acted much like a human. Zaed was there when...........

Samarah gave birth to a fine son, Zerek. I am concerned about Zerek, you will see why later on.

He gave grandfatherly comfort to the little one, Haeli, right before.....

she grew up into a fine young lady. She will provide many for the Mission.

He gave Brax last minute instruction in the Mission right before Brax departed for the halls of higher learning.

It was right around this time Samarah revealed to me that she was with another child.

Xuan: That was no secret!

Jati: Xuan, you did not make it your business to inform me of this before she began to show. I do not have the gift you have, of counting fetuses. You are to inform me right away of any new pregnancies in the Mission as soon as you learn of it.

Xuan: Hahaha~! I know before the mothers do! That is just too much!

As I was saying. Eh...

The boy Zerek had a birthday, and grew to toddler...and I am ashamed to say, I do not think he will be strong in the Mission at all.

The boy is perpetually unhappy and always asking for attention. I can clearly see he carries our DNA, but he has no mindset at all for the task at hand. He acts more human than I can imagine. I suppose he must take after his mother, Samarah.

Dad did his best with the boy by spending 'quiet camaraderie' time with him. Dad knew there was a problem, but kept it to himself. His time was nearly up at any rate, it would be up to me to work with Zerek.

Skyliana Robbins
Aspiration: Pleasure
LTW: 50 First Dates

Skyliana grew to be a fine young woman. She will be leaving for University soon.

I spent as much time as I could with Zerek. He seemed to need more attention than any new born Robbins that I can recall being discussed.

We started a garden in the back yard, I learned this in University. I think it will be a fine character builder for Zerek.

Brax and Haeli did not find the garden to be hard work. This garden is for Zerek.

It happened one day whilst many of us were in the back yard enjoying the atmosphere, and the garden. Dad was doing his usual daily visitation of Snyclare's grave. I was with my daughters Skyliana and Haeli.

Dad did it quietly and with out a fanfare. He had done it before we realized what was happening. It was very startling for everyone, even though we knew the time was coming. (Editor - I knew 6 pm was approaching...but I was so busy looking at what Jati was doing with his daughters I missed getting any good Zaed and Grim shots). Perhaps it was because this was his second time passing, he knew what it was about. The news spread quickly about Zaed's death.

Xuan: It is sad. I will miss dad, despite everything.

It is only his body that is gone, Xuan. He lives still in our very own faces and our blood. His writings prevail in the historical journals he kept about the Mission. Do not despair.

He is my dad! How will I continue on without his guidance? Where will I go? Who will keep me in line????

Don't worry about that boy. There are plenty of us to do that job.

Ruby and Infinity: Don't forget about us!

Xuan: *hangs head* I will miss dad.

Quavi: Stop acting so human, Xuan. *rolls eyes*

Xuan: Just stop it! I am human! I am! *closes mind* I was saying... *chokes*

Skyliana and Jati








Erm, I hung the last two paintings on the wall that dad did while he spent time with Zerek. He stated the clowns should cheer the boy up. The other one, well, it is meant just for Zerek to have. To remember his grandpa by. I don't know what dad was is very unAnatothian to leave such mementos behind. *tear* Goodbye, dad.

After dad passed, Zerek took to staring at the fish tank for hours on end. I did not have the heart to tear the boy away from it. It seemed to calm him. He no longer cared for playing with the toys that were his favorite when he spent time with dad.

In due time, Samarah gave birth to another son.....

Zinn. He carries our DNA, just as Zerek does. I do not know why the big difference in the boys.

Shortly after Zinn's birth it was time for Zerek to grow up. I took care of his birthday myself, I wanted to see to it that everything went smoothly. But despite my efforts, it did not.

Zerek had a poor growing up. He apparently never rebounded from Zaed's passing. Dad was Zerek's favorite Robbins to spend time with. do you say....just doesn't have a clue. In fact, I think he may be on the 'slow' side of academic abilities. I know certainly he will not be a great Anatothian warrior.

It was a sad evening as Zerek and Haeli were outside playing, the girl Haeli began to taunt her brother, saying he was an 'idiot'. That hurt the boy's feelings and fisticuffs ensued.

Unfortunately we had guests in the house at the time, Melissa Taylor and Justice Strickland, they witnessed the whole thing.

Zerek was soundly beaten by a female, his sister. Yes, I think Zerek is a 'special needs' child. I will see to it that he gets the attention he needs and deserves. I will find a way that he can still be productive in the Mission. I wonder this could come from my loins, then I remember that he has a high percentage of human blood in his veins. That explains it.

Zinn grew to be an exceptionally handsome young man. I would say that he would have no problem attracting a female, but I have him suited to marry Dorali Jeffres. Zerek is suited to marry Tonya Toyonaga. Perhaps mixing with pure Anotothian blood will prevent any of his inefficiencies from passing to his children. Tonya will be a strong enough female to carry this through.

It was then that Brax left for Sim State University, where all Anatothians go for higher learning. It is all really a show, as we have all we need to know already upon the verge of growing up to adult. We must keep it as normal looking as possible.

This is were I bid goodbye...until next time. I will give an update on Zerek. OUT.

Zaed and Synclare, together again.


It is me, ASimWen. Upon Zaed's passing, it came to me that I really missed having Timo and Meadow's ghosts roaming the Mission building. Their graves were left behind when I installed Seasons, and the Mission Contol building continually crashed on entry. Thus, a new house was built for the Robbinses. I thought I would try to bring their graves over from the old lot to the new Mission Control using this method: Pixel Trade: Restoring Lost Tombstones. I don't remember who posted this link on the TS2 Challenges group, but I thank you. I had success. Witness:

My first attempt was to bring Timo over. I followed the directions precisely.

Hiya Timo! *wavies*

Success! Timo is laid to rest beside Zaed and Synclare.

Meadow was another story. Not quite so successful.

Attempt no. 1. Yeah, she has some ghastly face paint on. I must have given her a beauty mark or something that was lost in the reformat I had to do a while back... (that caused the Anatothian flux capacitor to break..hahaha) No tombstone would appear. That is Timo's tombstone behind her. So I thought maybe there wasn't room for her tombstone to spawn. I moved Timo to the family grave yard, left the lot, came back.

Leave lot, come back in, attempt number 2. No tombstone would appear for her. I began to think it was her grave that had borked the original Mission Control building.

One more try. No go. I figured I didn't like the face paint and the hair anyway, so I took the hard route to get her back with Timo....well...hard for the other Sims on the lot, anyway, but fun for me. heh

Erm, yeah. Jati paid Grimmie $10,000 simoleons for a perfect resurrection. I wanted to make sure Meadow was perfect.

GAH with the face paint! She went right to the mirror for a makeover.

This isn't the exact hair she had before, but close to it. Out back to the graveyard.

Spawned the tombstone of life and death....

Buh-bye, Meadow~

Yay! A complete Robbins family graveyard. Like some Simmers, my ghosts are important to me. I love them.

GAWD Zerek! Get over it~! You didn't even know Meadow~! She was only in your life for about 5 seconds!


This is werewolf Jodi-Ann Strickland carrying baby Zerek. Hmmmm...I wonder if that is what is wrong with him? Did his brain get damaged by having his nose buried in the armpit of a werewolf? FYI, Jodi-Ann doesn't exhibit the werewolf hairiness because she has a custom skintone that over rides it.

GAH!!!! It has been a while since I have played Jodi-Ann....and I have seen her ALOT since I DID play her last. I hadn't seen this. Apparently I left her pregnant. lol It will be interesting playing a pregnant werewolf!

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Uhhh...plat headstone for Zaed. Otherwise...nuttin'...but TONS happened. It was a great lot to play this round.

Tribute to Zaed:

Zaed's parents marry

The first born is a son, Zaed

He grows to be a very smart toddler

Zaed meets his future wife, Synclare Strickland.

Zaed grows to a handsome teen-ager.

He arrives home one evening as a YA to advise his little brother Quavi and.....

Comfort his mother Meadow upon Timo's death

After University: Zaed and Synclare get engaged and get married.

Zaed is abducted and has a daughter, Jenn.

Zaed ages with his lovely wife Synclare.

Until next time,