Monday, September 01, 2008

This Is How Guys Pee

Title: This Is How Guys Pee

Lot - Wheeler - Taylor, Melissa and David

Last Visit: Melissa was last seen graduating from University, week 16. Nothing really exciting happened there, but she was always very active having lots of parties and such. She graduated from the Greek House Crumplebottom.

Melissa's family tree. She has lots of townie genes in her.

ASimWen: Psst! Melissa! YooHoo!

Melissa: What! I am doing the most interesting thing in the world right now. I am bird watching.

ASimWen: Melissa, your man is approaching. Put those binoculars away.

Melissa: OH yum! *kiss kiss kiss* Hey Taylor, ASimWen just built me a big new house. Why don't you move in with me?

Taylor Wheeler
Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW: To Become A Mad Scientist

Taylor: Don't mind if I do, Melissa. Living as a Townie gets old after a while. Melissa, will you marry me? I mean right now?

Melissa: Taylor, ASimWen put a beautiful patio on the back of the house. Let's set up a wedding party back there and invite my WHOLE FAMILY.

Taylor: Errr...okay.

Big Voice: AND SO IT WAS.

The Wedding Set Up

Instead of taking individual pictures of the wedding guests, I took a family picture. The only other people there was the welcome wagon.

Left to right: (back row) Melissa, Jeannie, twins Rebecca and Randy, Felecia, Lia, twins Elijah and Erin. Sitting, Daddy (Bulldog) and Mommie (Madelyn). Sitting down front: Twins Royce and Rachel.

Yes, this is one of the huge Strickland families, seven girls and three boys. :-)

Big Voice:

ASimWen: Apparently Felecia doesn't like the 'stuff the cake in the mouth' business.

Melissa: Nah, she is just jealous because I am getting married, and she is still single.

ASimWen: She best get Benjamin Long movin'!

Melissa: Once you snag a townie, the rest don't mean a thing!

Taylor: *turns 10 shades of red*

ASimWen: Melissa. I thought you wanted to become a Captain Hero? What is this 'Education Career' crap?

Melissa: Well, Taylor doesn't have the skills to become a Mad Scientist. I wanted to make things as easy as possible on him. Need that bookcase.

ASimWen: What a good wife you are. Putting your husband before yourself.

Taylor: Yes, Melissa is a good woman. I couldn't ask for more.

ASimWen: How about I ask you to get a job? This is a big expensive house. Yeah, Melissa had all kinds of Uni booty in her back pack to pay for having it built, but money needs to be earned to keep it going.

Taylor: *grumble grumble* Sigh. Oh look! Here is a job in the Science field. Thanks for makin' me look, ASim.

ASimWen: Yer welcome.

Melissa: Surprise Taylor! We got pregnant on our wedding night! (Yay for Risky!)

Errr Yay! I guess! *thinks to self:* Man, now I am the sole provider while she takes a break from workin'. Darn.

Melissa: MMM....Veronica (Cox), you feel like the only thing you want to do is eat when you are pregnant??

Veronica: Yeah, too bad I have to carry my kid clear until the end of round 17. You get to have yours during round 16. I guess I will be eating for a long time!

Melissa: EEEwwwooouch! The baby is coming now! Where is that ^%$%*@@@ husband of mine???

Taylor: *calling out from the dining room* I am just reaching top skilling for cooking my love!

Melissa: Grrrrr! there no one else to help this baby be born???

Veronica: Ahhh...errrr.....I think my neice Violet (Capehart) is on the back basketball court shootin' hoops....

Violet: Here I am! Lemme scrub up...there is a birthin' to tend to!!!!

ASimWen: Errr Violet....are you a doctor?

Violet: Nope. But I know I can do this. After all, I wanna become The Law.

ASimWen: Violet. *ASimWen speaks slowly and patiently* I know that attorneys think they are Bruce Almighty. But I hardly think they are qualified to deliver babies.

Violet: Hurmph! Of course I can do it!

Melissa: Too late!!! The baby is coming NOW!!!

David Wheeler

ASimWen sighs with relief...a boy at last after a long string of girls!

Taylor: Great job, Melissa! We have a fine boy now.

Melissa: Yeah. Great. I think I will pick him up off the floor now and go give him a bottle. Honey why don't you go wallpaper the nursery, put down carpeting, and put together the baby crib and changing table? I will be just a few minutes with David.

Taylor: You got it babe!

ASimWen: Why it's that cutie...Rachel Strickland! What are you doing here?

Rachel: It is time for David's birthday. Melissa invited all us Stricklands over for a party. After all, she is a Pop Sim and loves parties.

ASimWen: Makes sense. *nods*

ASimWen: Hi granny Madelyn, hi grampy Bulldog, hi Auntie Lia!

Auntie Felecia: Happy birthday to youoouuu!!!!

Taylor: Ah lookie. My boy has red hair just like me.

Melissa: Taylor, red hair runs in the Strickland family, thanks to my grandma Kirstee.

Taylor: Ok buddy...this is how guys pee....sorta......well you get the idea.

Taylor: And this is how guys walk. Well, maybe after we have had a drink or two. *snicker*

Big Voice: And as we leave the Wheeler residence.........

Melissa: Hello mom? I wanted you and dad to be the first to know. Taylor and I are having another baby! (Yay for Risky again... I think?)

Accomplishments this round: Two new Sims - Taylor and David!


Bubbs said...

The big voice speaks!! *snicker*

That Strickland family picture is very impressive! They have done a good job raising all those kids.

These two didn't wait at all to become pregnant, did they?

Yeah, a boy is born! Another one is coming? Those two a like rabbits...

craterdweller said...

I was wondering where you were going with the title of this installment :)

David's a cutie :)

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Taylor needs not worry. David will learn how guys pee next round. I hope he doesn't get his father's nose though. Hey, if Violet wants to help, I say let her. What's the worst that could happen? *crosses fingers*

Ang said...

I about died over his name. David Wheeler was one of the professors and the campus minister at my college. :-) If you name the next boy Ron, I'll def. laugh again. (Ron Wheeler is another professor there, as well as Dave's brother in law. Haha)

Minty said...

I love Aunty Felicia's hair and Melissa is so pretty! Why no, I'm not shallow.... :D

Melissa said...

Awww! My namesake got married and has a little boy. And redheads at that! How'd you know that I'm partial to redheaded Sims? LOL.

Fantastic job as usual.

ruby said...

*laughs* I love the title and ya I figured it had to do with the young one.
Whew that is one big family reunion!

Rachel said...

I loved her telling him to go completely redo the room for the baby. Very funny!