Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Stricklands Wk17/Hoofin' It Home

Title: Hoofin' It Home

Lot: Strickland Homestead - Martin, Joslyn, Sacha, Decotah with dogs Buffy, Prince, Skippy and LuLu

Last Visit: They Still Don't Have A Clue - Martin Strickland lamented the fact that he had to repaper the house and put down new flooring, and repair the graveyard where all the Strickland founders for Prosperity Falls are buried. Joslyn went on a dog adopting spree and the Stricklands were blessed with new puppies. Martin was abducted, but no pregnancy ensued.

Martin's family tree

Joslyn's family tree

Hey it's me - Decotah. Like, I left for University a few weeks ago, but I am here to do this virtual diary entry for dad. He has so much goin' on at the house, like well, I said, "Ok, I'll do it." After all, all I have is classes. Ya know, what is up with that. Well, anyway. Dad is over havin' to repaper the house. He says at his age why is a guy doin' that? It was all mass confusion anyways, I think that is really what dad's problem was. I think it is a good thing 'cuz the same stuff was still on the walls that grandpa Chevy had put on there.

The first thing I have to tell ya is mom became the education minister of Prosperity Falls.

Yeah, my cousin Bubbs Strickland helped mom out with that, not like she needs help with anything, but it don't hurt to be on the receiving end of the Good Ol' Boys system...I guess it was shortly after that I had a birthday.

See, this picture has cousin Bubbs (AKA Mr. Knowledge) in it...then mom, then my older brother Sacha, then dad. I couldn't make up my mind what to wish for, so I just blew out the heck with it. I figured what happens, happens.

Aspiration: Popularity
LTW: 20 Simultaneous Best Friends

After I grew up a little I realized it wasn't kewl to have a chubby belly, so I got to work on the treadmill and got rid of that. I didn't want to go to University and have the chicks look the other way when I came walkin' down the sidewalk!

Speakin' of the chicks....before both me and Sacha left for University, we saw a little action. Sacha was actively dating Briah Bostic. I guess they met through a set up with the Prosperity Falls matchmaker. Me, at the time I didn't have nobody, and I was feeling lonely. So I called up an old friend from my 'play date' days....

Yeah, me and Ketrina McClelland dated at little. One night I took her to the Rapid Rollers Skating rink, and boy I lost my wallet to a pickpocket. This was after my date with Ketrina was over already. Here is what happened.

After gettin' all crazy with me and stuff the guy just tipped his hat, and said "Thank You" and was gone...when I went to call the taxi to go home I realized he had lifted my wallet. I ended up hoofin' it money. Ketrina was already gone.

But the night wasn't a total loss. Ketrina liked dating my handsome self so much she brought me a present. I took that bad boy rack system to University with me, right? heh Me and Ketrina aren't seeing each other at school. I am fallin' head over heels in love with Pinki Baer. But you will see us in University pretty soon.

Ah well. Anyway, speakin' of University. Mom decided that me and Sacha need some better edu-ma-cation before we went to University, so she called the headmaster of Prosperity Falls Private school to come over and visit. Sort of an entrance interview to see if me and Sacha would make their school look good, whatever. *rolls eyes*

This guy was sorta strict when he came over to the house. But I guess he liked us and all, me and Sacha got in his school with no problem. Right after this, mom's dog Buffy died.

That was a real sad thing and all. Mom was at work when it happened, and dad buried Buffy really quick in the family plot in the back yard before mom came home so she wouldn't have to see Buffy like that. The other dogs got real upset.

They howled and howled for the longest time.

Anyway.... *sniff* Dad met a really kewl chick.

Dad is like, "What kind of samples to you have for me to look at??" Turns out it was somethin' really kewl...

That woman gave dad a brand new plasma TV. Well, now it is like dad put it right up on the wall and gave me Grandpa Chevy's old TV. I got it along with the rack system at University. I be stylin' now!

It is the craziest thing. After Buffy died, mom and dad insisted on the rest of the dogs getting jobs. I had never heard of that before.

Mom was real happy the dogs were makin' money. She is like now they can pay for their own food! She said it was like feeding an army with those dogs.

I guess workin' wasn't so hard on LuLu, she still found time to have her and Skippy's pups, Tiny and Teeny. Dad sent 'em right to Animal Control to be adopted before mom could fall in love with them.

It was right about that time that me and Sacha left for University.

Sacha left before I did. Buy-bye Sacha!

Then my sleek well toned self took the plunge and called the taxi to take me to Uni. Here I am now~! But I have to tell you things that happened after I left. It was crazy.

Mom had that 'thing' happen to her that happened to dad last week in the back yard.

Dad laughed at mom about it, but she didn't think it was funny at all. No siree. (Editor - there have been four abductions on the Strickland telescope, and NONE of them resulted in a baby. There was one teen, one elder, one full house that is no room for a baby, and now a female).

OH well, I guess that is it. I have class to go to. See you next time!


A great portrait of Grim. Say cheese!


Ghost hauntings:

HiYa Chevy! What's cookin'? Not chicken, I hope!
Chevy doesn't scare anyone. He stays on the upper level of the house and haunts the apartment he shared with Kirstee. That door is kept locked and nobody can go in there. Thus, nobody sleeps in his bed. He is happy.

The founder of the Strickland family in Prosperity Falls, Landell. HE scares people.

Buffy the Dog

ACCOMPLISHMENTS THIS ROUND: TOC for Joslyn...Edumacashun. She now is in the Gaming Career track. Just for the heckuva it.


Bubbs said...

Love the family trees. :) It shows how much you have played this hood. Plus it is neat to see all the differences between siblings.

Is Grimm trying to kill Martin??? That could have sliced his head off!!

Kerry said...

"Ketrina liked dating my handsome self so much she brought me a present." LOL--especially because in the picture, Ketrina looks less than enthusiastic! I loved Decotah's tone--very authentically college dude!

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Decotah sounds like someone I know, it's funny. Too bad about the pickpocket, but the stereo more than makes up for it. A TV? I really need to get Apartment Life. Four abductions and no pregnancies? That's just not fair! Thinking of Landell scaring people makes me laugh. I can see the old man doing it. Chevy's just too sweet to scare his offspring like that though.

SirenPrincess said...

I enjoyed the update. Loved the ghost pictures!

Melissa said...

Fantastic as usual! Ouch! in deed. Can't wait to see Decotah & Pinki in Uni.

ruby said...

Ha! that boy I swear. no modesty there.. nope, nope .. none
congrats on the TOC yet again. and with a string puller, nicely done!

Rachel said...

Nothing like a sickle through the head. You are so brave to keep the ghosts around. I think mine will be going to the cemetary soon