Saturday, September 06, 2008

She Looks Like A Robbins!

Title: She Looks Like A Robbins!

Lot: Robbins.3 - Family name Strickland - Joan, Shawn-Michael and Tavoria

Joan as a teen- ager is available for download.

Last Visit: Joan and Shawn-Michael were last seen graduating from University. Joan and Shawn-Michael lived in the small 5 room dorm for quick play, so that meant I sailed through their time in Uni mostly on fast to middle speed. The one thing they did was pass a wishing well as a gift to Lincoln Strickland before they graduated.

Joan's family tree

Shawn-Michael's family tree

King: Aye, another Anatothian marries, so more will be born. Eh. The problem of Alien X still remains, and Wilbur has not finished the repair on the flux capacitor. It will never run as it did, and another cannot be constructed. Who is this Alien X? Why would Alien X want to take away our ability to reproduce? Who is our enemy?

Alien X: Bah. You are attempting to become numerous, infidel! Who are you to think the Anatothians can possibly take over this blue planet? You are but a small handful of pitiful creatures from a rock millinneums away from this place. Your beloved planet will continue to shrink until it is gone; then all will be left is what is here. The Strickland family has produced many more than you! How inferior you are! How you try but never seem to succeed! HAHAHAH! You even have one that you continually batter upon the head forcing him into procreation, even having babies himself to produce more of your DNA. How sorry you are.

Alien X: The Stricklands simply let the children come. Look how numerous they are! You hold meetings, give out 'gifts', spy on your neighbors and even send messengers and enforcers down to make sure everyone does their duty. What has it gotten you?

King: Ahhhh..what are you saying? The whole Mission is a farce? That the Anatothians should just act a human being and there would be no trouble..? We could reproduce if we didn't try so hard?

Alien X: That's what I am saying. No more cheesecake for you!

One of the best houses I have ever built. It is available for download. It has four bedrooms, three baths, dining, living, family room, kitchen, and a small greenhouse built onto the back. (Seasons). All Maxis content version. Would make a great Legacy house. $42,634.

Shawn-Michael: We are home, my love!

Joan: Yes we are, Shawn! The house is huge. It will hold many children!

Shaw-Michael: Errr...yeah. It will! I guess.

Joan: Let's get started right away on having's go woohoo. For the first time in our new house!

*Chimes* (Editor- I didn't let Risky handle this one. It is a Robbins, after all.)

Joan: Shawn, I am going to go shopping for my wedding gown, and to get my hair done for the wedding. Do you wish to come along?

Nah, I don't think so. The welcome wagon is here and needs to be entertained.

Joan: Ah this is better. These hair extensions really set off my eyes, and makes me more becoming to my husband! He will want to woo-hoo constantly to keep me pregnant!


Aazia (Robbins) Landgraab, sister to the Bride

Malcom Landgraab IV, brother-in-law to the Bride

Quavi Robbins - Father to the Bride, Daphene (Strickland) Robbins, Mother to the Bride. Errr...Daphne, no lusting over your son-in-law, please. Thank you.

Mackenzie (Capehart) Strickland- Mother to the Groom and Jim-Bob Strickland, Brother to the Groom.

Michael-Douglas Strickland - Brother to the Groom, and Barry-James Strickland, Father to the Groom

Zaine Robbins - Brother to the Bride, Jessica Robbins - Twin sister to the Bride, Zaed Robbins - Uncle to the Bride, (Quavi again) then Wendy (Townie) Robbins, Sister-In-Law to the Bride

Mich Robbins - Brother to the Bride

Xuan Robbins - Cousin to the Bride

The ceremony area. Having it right in front of the greenhouse ruined one of my shots. :(


Joan, don't lust after your future brother in law when you are about to get married!

Ruined Shot

Joan: It is done, father.

Quavi: My daughter is married, and has added a fine son to our family!

Joan: I also think I am with child already.

Quavi: So quickly! Your husband Shawn-Michael has strong features and already carries some Anatothian DNA carried from Kerris, the daughter of Kamika. Your marriage to him will only give us more strength on this planet. I am proud of you, daughter!

Joan: Father, thanks to Uncle Zaed for finding me such a fine mate!

Leave it to a Robbins to get right on the telescope during her wedding!

Shawn-Michael: Here ya go Joan!

Joan: *Gulp* Oh my, that was delicious cake Shawn!

Zaed: Tell me about yourself, boy.

Shawn-Michael: Well sir, first of let me make it clear that I want to take care of Joan in the fashion she is used to. I have already provided a big fine house for her. I aspire to be a Celebrity Chef, the simoleons paid for that profession will support Joan indeed.

Zaed: Uh-huh. And what about Joan's children? Hmm?

Shawn-Michael: *chokes slightly* Well errr...of course. Of course I will take care of Joan's errr...OUR children. I already have a nursery painted and furnished waiting for the birth of the first little one.

Zaed: You will do boy. Indeed.

Shawn-Michael: *Whew!*

Ms. Landgraab. Have you ever heard the song "Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band?"

Aazia: Mr. Strickland, have you ever done the dance, 'The Charleston'?

Michael-Douglas: Oh mamma! Daphne Robbins is one hot chick!!!!

Daphne: *doesn't have a clue*

Xuan: Father. I wish to talk to you about Ruby and Infinity.

Ruby and Fini *in unison* What about us???

Zaed: What about them, my son? You are to support the two women in a house of their choosing and father their children. The king in his benevolence has seen fit to assign them to you so you will not have to travel Prosperity Falls looking for wombs. They will be able to provide many for the Mission.

Xuan: Yes, but Ruby and Infinity? *whine*

Ruby: What is the matter Xuan? Afraid of me? *taunts*

Xuan: No! I am not fearful of you, at all. I just....

Zaed: What is it! Speak up!

Xuan: Nothing.

Infinity sighs dreamily. Ruby laughs hysterically.

Michael-Douglas : Man oh Man! Would I love to marry her!

Barry-James: Hey, don't mind if I do. I love wedding cake.

Barry-James: Well Mackenzie, the first of our three sons has gotten married. Soon it won't be long before they are all married, and have provided us with many grandchildren.

Mackenzie: Yes Barry, I can't believe it. We will be grandparents. It seems so different.

Barry-James: Ah well. Time marches on, my love. Yes it does.

Michael-Douglas: I wonder if she will play water balloon with me???

Jessica: OMG. Look at this house that Joan got. I wonder if Rocco will give me one this nice???

Mich: Uhhh....what did you say Jess?

Jessica: Err....nothing. It won't be long before I graduate from Uni and get married too.

Mich: Yup, you will be a married lady pretty soon.

Zaed: Iyaya....another wedding done. This is getting time is coming soon.

The next day.......

Joan: I am so sorry, Shawn. They did not believe you!

Shawn-Michael: I wish I could find a job in Culinary! Oh Joan! I think you are starting to show!

Joan: Yes, the baby is getting bigger every day. I eat more every day too.

Shawn-Michael: I will work as hard as I can love. For you and the baby. I won't make any more blunders! I promise!

Joan: I knew you could do it!

Shawn-Michael: It was hard work, that is for sure.

Joan: Congratulations! It is time to celebrate.

Shawn-Michael: I kept my promise to you Joan.

Joan: You sure did!

Eating contest....

Tavoria Strickland

Joan: We have a beautiful daughter, don't we Shawn? She only the first of many children we will have. She looks much like a Robbins!

Shawn-Michael: She looks like a Strickland! (remember, Shawn carries the same DNA!)

A Robbins!

Joan: Bzzt! Bzzt!

Tavoria: *GIGGLE!*

Shawn-Michael: Whoosh! Whoosh....! I will get that achievement plaque from the fitness center even if it kills me.....*sweats*

Hon, can you take time out of doing yoga to come to Tavoria's birthday party???


(Grandparents Barry-James and Mackenzie Strickland with Quavi and Daphne Robbins attended the party, along with a carpool co worker)

Quavi: Yes indeed. Happy birthday to Tavoria~ This puts you one life stage closer to fertility!

Looks like she has her daddy's high cheekbones, the Robbins eyes from both parents...heh

Joan: *air in...air out...*

I don't even know why you are bothering getting your shape back if you want another baby, Joan.

Joan: I have the same interest in fitness that you do, Shawn. I want that achievement plaque!

Shawn-Michael: In due time my due time


This is the fist time I have ever seen both parents praise the toddler for using the potty. Gah. New parents. Let's see if they both do it on child number 3 or 4. lol

Both grandfathers joined Tavoria at the Bunny Head during her birthday party.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS this round: TOC for Shawn-Michael - new Sim, Tavoria.


Kerry said...

Tavoria is very cute. You can certainly see those genes coming out.

Bubbs said...

Another 6th generation family! Impressive. :)

Joan looks a lot like her sister Aazia. What a great family reunion this group has at their weddings. :)

Zaed approves of Shawn-Michael...yeah! I guess he wasn't prepared to get questioned at his wedding.

Quavi: Yes indeed. Happy birthday to Tavoria~ This puts you one life stage closer to fertility! - HAHAHA!

Minty said...

How on earth is Pao Mellon still alive? I love that house!

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Zaed and Quavi crack me up. Sorry Shawn-Michael, the Robbinses had those features first. Actual Stricklands, look more like Daphne. Speaking of, if Quavi's got something on the side, I don't see why Daphne can't too.

Melissa said...

I was also surprised to see how much Joan resembles Aazia. Joan is still a teen townie in my game and Aazia is married in. Wasn't until I saw Joan with the longer hair that I really saw the resemblance. Gosh, they are both beautiful!

KeyKel69 said...

I see the Robbins DNA is going strong. I can't wait to see how my namesakes turn out as I think they've finally survived UNI.

You aren't going to stop Prosperity Falls just because of a little rule saying you're done, now are you? I've enjoyed their stories so much...

ruby said...

bwahahaha Daphne hasn't a clue and Xuan is totally unhappy with the arrangement.
Infinity sighs dreamily. Ruby laughs hysterically.
I love it .. great update. Joan is beautiful and yes that hair style does flatter her a lot. Welcome to the mission Tavoria!

Rachel said...

lovely wedding. Joan's dress was gorgeous! Tavoria is a cutie!