Saturday, September 13, 2008

Minor Times Two

Title: Minor 1

This week I have two lots with minor characters in the neighborhood. So this is a facts only entry. I might say, this also wraps up round 16. Next week we will start with round 17, the Bostic Homestead.

Lot: Capehart - Claire with dogs Marcus and Cheese

Last Visit: Claire was last seen graduating from University where life for her was pretty unremarkable. She is a minor character in Prosperity Falls as an 'accidental' adoption from the Tomas Capehart house.

Claire Capehart's family tree
Claire is a Fortune Sim with an LTW to earn $100,000.

Claire wanted to spend her time doing what new move ins usually do when they first come to their new house, and that is bird watching. That was about to come to and end for her. Being that she wanted to earn $100,000 for her LTW, she decided to get to work on that right away. It didn't matter what job she got.

I decided I didn't want her to follow the normal path...get married...have kids and all that. So she adopted Cheese from the litter at the Carla and Tyler Jeffries house.

Cheese was dropped off by the humane officer and life was good for everybody. Claire loved Cheese, and Cheese loved Claire. All this took place before the Welcome Wagon Showed up.

Here are two members of the Welcome Wagon. Hehehe Werewolf Kelsey Capehart and Kyanne (Strickland) Capehart. Kelsey turned into a werewolf much to Claire's surprise....

Kyanne found the whole thing to be very frightening. Zaine Robbins didn't notice...just continued his ballet exercises on the barre.

Speaking of the barre, Claire's hobby is music and dance. So that gave me something to work toward for her.

She took the first job on the computer in education.

Claire was finding it difficult to keep her needs up to work on her hobby and educate children, so she made a trip to Just Flowers and More to pick up some snapdragons. Whilst there, she ran into the bug lady, Carmen Patch. Carmen bragged to her how she had gotten Jon-Luc Capehart to fall in love with her.

Who is this? Why it's Florence DeLarosa! She runs a flower shop out of her home. What a spy!!!!

Then it was on to My Muse for a dance contest. Here Claire competes for the huge prize of $500 against fellow citizens of the Falls (and twins) Sandy and Sammy McClelland, along with the owner of My Muse. I don't know her name. Notice they are all doing the Smustle, while Claire is not.

That really brightened her day! But as soon as she got home, she spun up the want again. Bah.

It wasn't long after she reached The Zone.

Cheese grew up right around this time and turned out to be a very rambunctious little chubby dog. A troublemaker. While Claire was at work......

Cheese chewed the trashcan........

Rolled in filthy puddles...........

And ate out of the trash can, making a mess.

Finally Cheese realized there was a water toy in the back yard to play with and went to clean up after playing in the trash.

This is the day Claire reached TOC in education. She got out of the car and smelled the trash on the sidewalk that Cheese left.

Claire made Cheese get a job to keep her busy and out of trouble...and......

Cheese got a playmate.

Who turned out to be a troublemaker as well. hahaha That hole is bigger than the dog!~

Claire reached the top of the Entertainment Career next. And that is where I left her.......

Oh my goodness I love this costume!!!!

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: TOC in Education and Entertainment.

Title: Minor 2

Lot: The Orphanage - Adopted kids of Chevy and Kirstee Strickland - Diane and Woody along with Woody's wife Robin, then their child Royal...with Diane's children, daughter Zakel and daughter Revyn.

Last Visit: Diane and Woody were last seen graduating from University where, like Claire, life was pretty unremarkable. Diane used the wishing well numerous times to make friends to help fufill her want to have 20 lovers, and Woody has a dream to have 50 dream dates. He dated a few women to dream date status, but is saving most of them for Robin.

Diane's family tree.
Diane is a Romance Sim with an LTW of 20 WooHoos

Woody's family tree,
Woody is a Pleasure Sim with an LTW of 50 dream dates.

GAH. The bird watching again.

This is Robin the Gardener. She was seen dating Woody in University, and left him numerous date gifts. I put the statue she left Woody in his backpack.

Here is Robin leaving the statue. When I unpacked Woody's backpack, there was a different bust.

Heh. In fact, he had one, and Diane had one too. I love glitches like this.

At any rate, Woody and Robin are a natural three bolt couple. Woody met Robin through the Matchmaker.

Robin (NPC Gardner) Strickland
Aspiration: Romance
LTW: To Become A Celebrity Chef

So friends, that means in this house we have two romance sims and one pleasure sim. Which means, lots of woohoo'ing. Which, when combined with silent Risky WooHoo, well, that means that the pitter patter of little feet are soon to be heard.

I started out fullfilling Woody and Robin's want to woohoo, naturally.

Heh. She did not get pregnant here. But I did send her to the computer to find a job, and on the first day Celebrity Chef came up. She is almost skill-less. I plan to use the String Me method to work her up through the ranks.

Then I started Diane on her 20 loves quest. She woo-hoo'd 5 times in Uni already. Remington Toyonaga, (Jeannie Strickland's husband), Goopy Gilsboro, Christopher Shankel, Weldon Perry, and Kennedy Cox.

Here is what we have so far for her here:

No. 6 - Benjamin Long (Oh what will Felecia Strickland say??)

No. 7 - Armando Wheeler

No. 8 - Joe Carr


Robin gets her first promotion, and also brings home a coworker who she immediately began to schmooze so she can get her first String Me promotion. It is Julien Cook from Freetime. That meant I had to move him out of the Sim Bin and into the neighborhood. Heh. I will not be playing his house though.

Awww...Woody and Robin were constantly at it. Hehehehe

Another game glitch. Diane was chatting with Sandy Bruty on the computer when she invited her over. Ehm. After all, Sandy is of the female preference in my game. And Diane needs another lover.

What is this???? Diane and Sandy are talking about Diane's pregnancy. Who do you think the daddy is??

No. 9 - Sandy Bruty

One of Diane's lovers leaves her a piano. I don't know who, I didn't see it.

No. 10 - Paul Denning. A random townie I made.


Woody had been dragging his tongue around in the dirt because he just would not shake his want to marry Robin. And so it was. Now he was a happy camper.

No. 11 - Professor Tyson Gothier

No. 9 lover Sandy was visiting when Diane went into labor. She immediately left.

Zakel Strickland

I guess her skintone gives you a pretty good idea of who da daddy is.

Woody reaches the top of his career. YAY! We need somebody makin' some real money around here. Robin is in the low levels of Culinary, and well Diane is getting some pay every day as an unatural crossbreeder while being on maternity leave but is not getting the promotion bonuses.

Sandy leaves a stereo for Diane for the good time.

No. 12 - Goopy Gillsboro - no picture. :( Well, the woo-hoo in Uni was a public woo-hoo. This one was a private one so it counted toward the 20 loves LTW.

Robin and Woody have their son Royal. Between all the dream dates Woody requires and the woo-hoos Robin requires as a Romance Sim, they woo-hoo as much as Diane does.

Zakel's toddler pic. Hmmmm...think you know who the dad is???

Another head shot to help you. :)

What is Robin telling Woody? Who is pregnant?

Royal's toddler pic. Well, okay. It is Diane that is pregnant again. Still hasn't set a foot inside her work yet. hehehe

Ohhh OUCH! Here is a werewolf I forgot about. He came home in the carpool with Robin. He is a townie. heh

I also forgot he is a vampire as well. I thought back on it...and he was bitten by both the Contessa and Jodi-Ann Strickland in the same night.

Awww...Royal and Zakel playing together.

And here I leave you with Diane feeding her second daughter Revyn. It might be a little tougher to guess who her daddy is. heh

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: TOC for Woody - Entertainment Career - 4 new Sims - Robin, Zakel, Royal and Revyn.

Ooh...oh.. okay. The dads of Diane's kids...

Zakel - Benjamin Long
Revyn - Goopy Gilsboro

Sim On!


Ang said...

Wow....that does she keep all of those lovers straight???

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Bad dog! I love that female prestidigitator outfit too, for some reason.
Robin looks nice. And well, Diane is enjoying herself. Man, I was voting on Paul to be Zakel's father since she doesn't have the scary nose. Had no idea about Revyn.

SirenPrincess said...

It seems like you accomplished an awful lots in those rounds for "minor characters."

It was fun to play "who's the daddy?" I should do that with more romance sims.

ruby said...

good fun and lots accomplished, well done! Shame you didnt get many promotions 'string me' style. give it time i reckon eh?

Melissa said...

Well, Benjamin Long is obviously Zakel's daddy since he's the only white boy that Diane had woo hoo'd she she got home from Uni. I also guess Goopy for Revyn's daddy. He was the only lover you mentioned after Zakel was born. A furtile one isn't she? LOL.

Bubbs said...

Looky two mean puppies! They like messes also!

Who's my baby daddy?!? How many kids does Benjamin have now? Goopy? HAHAHA!

Rachel said...

Claire's exercise hair is SO cute. Do you know where you got it? Cheese is such a cute doggie.