Friday, September 05, 2008

Hello Generation Six!

Title: Hello Generation Six!

Lot: McClellandCapehart - Marty, Violet, and Darrien

Last Visit: Marty and Violet was last seen entering and graduating from University. There they fell madly in love, moving from the dorm to the greek house, where they shared their first kiss. Now they have left the academic life behind, and have become the parents of the first child born in generation 6 in Prosperity Falls.

Violet's family Tree. She is traceable as the first born generation five through her grandfather Manuel Capehart.

Marty's family tree

OH mah. Here Ah am a'standin' near 'bout on the beach in Prosperity Falls. Ah surely did love this lil' ol' plot of land with a magnificent view of the light house on Prosperity Bay. See mah man there? Marty? Why, Ah think he is more magnificent than any panoramic view of th' ocean. Whar are mah manners? Mah momma Valentine taught me better than this! Mah name is Violet Capehart-McClelland, th' first born of the fifth generation of Prosperity Falls. Some tell me thet that is sumthin' ter be proud of, but others whisper it is a curse. Some say thet Ah will never know 'bout the curse 'cuz Ah will be dead anyway. Th' way Ah see it, Ah win either way. Anyways, lemme tell yuh how it has come about since me an' Marty graduated from University.

Marty n' Ah didn't waste no time gittin' hitched. Here are some pictures...


Narcissus Capehart- brother to the bride, and Jason McClelland - brother to the groom

Werewolf Tanu Capehart - Father of the Bride

Valentine Capehart - Mother to the Bride, and Werewolf Jodi-Ann (Strickland) McClelland- mother the groom

Veronica (Capehart) Cox, Aunt to the Bride

Vampiress Lillith (Strickland) Capehart, grandmother to the bride

Werewolf Kennedy Cox - Uncle to the Bride

Werewolf Kelsey McClelland- father of the groom


Mah goodness, Ah was so happy about weddin' Marty thet Ah broke out in song raght there under th' weddin' arch. Marty tol' me Ah had a voice like a songbird.

Marty nearly stuffed thet weddin' cake in my mouth. But it was all in fun anyway. An' Ah will add thet the cake wuz delicious! It had a velvety smooth cake with buttery icing..mmmmmMM!

Marty took a few minutes and became reacquainted with his little brother Jason. Ah thought it was so cute th' way th' two of them sat together on the kitchen floor and discussed manly things! Jason hadn't seen his older brother in a long tahm...why...Marty was away at University for 4 years, then when he graduates he doesn't go home a'tall...he came here with me to start a lahf. Little Jason surely does look up to his older brother.

Mah grandmomma Vampiress Lillith Strickland Capehart made repeated dashes for the ladies restroom...she says she believes she is 'with child'. Ah suppose with an immortal lahf one kin make as many children as they want. Grandmomma will be young forever. Goodness. The thought boggles mah mahd. Ah will have an aunt or uncle much younger then me.

Well honey, the weddin' party was a huge success. Despite all th' werewolf activity. Ah didn't realize how many werewolves we have in th' family. Ah really wuz sorry to see the party end, but then on th' other hand Ah was might glad to start mah lahf with Marty.

It wasn't very far into mah married lahf with Marty when Ah realized Ah was with mah own child. Yes, Marty and Ah were gonna have our own sweet little baby.

When Marty found out Ah had a little bun in th' oven, he commenced makin' me all these vegetable health food drinks in th' blender. Well honey, Ah had mixed emotions about thet. On on hand Ah appreciated mah Marty fer bein' concerned about th' health an' welfare of me an' th' babe. On th' other hand...oh mah.. *Violet presses a delicate hand to her breast, lowers voice* Well, let's just say these health food drinks weren't th' best tastin' things in the worl'. But Ah did it. Ah drank ever' single one down. Fer' fer our child.

Yes was woohoo.........

With your husband...........

That resulted in your child labor!!!

WELCOME Generation 6
Darrien McClelland

Me an' Marty became the parents of a beautiful baby boy. Ah wuz so happy. Thet wuz th' main thing that happened fer me an' Marty after we got married. Other things went on too.

Marty had gotten a job with a law firm, after all, he wants to be The Law, jest lahk Ah do.

Thet was a hard thing, gittin' fared an all thet raght when a new little one had been born into our lil' fahmily. But it wuzn't a day er two and he was able ter git his old job raght back. Marty's boss decided he had made a rash decision in lettin' Marty go before.

Me, Ah decided not ter git a job raght away...Ah wanted to stay home with mah darling baby boy. But Ah did fahnd a way to make a few simoleons to help mah Marty out some with the household finances.

Ah became an author of a best sellin' children's book! Ah wuz never so happy in all mah lahf!

Ah also gained admittance ter an exclusive book club. Ah have yet ter visit the meetin' place whar the club members go, buy you can bet yer sweet patooty Ah will soon.

Finally it was tahm fer me an' Marty's handsome baby boy to grow up some. ah jest couldn't believe thet he was two already!

Ah did spend many hours readin' mah best selling novel to Darrien. The darling would sit patiently and listen to every word with such an intensity! Mah goodness! Ah really do think he will be a reader when he grows up!

Darrien sports the Robbins eyes......for you avid readers of the Falls out there...who did he inherit them from?

Well, Marty an' Ah have been tergether fer a while. An' we have another babe on the way. Ah couldn't ask fer anything more, then to be a momma again. Until next tahm, ya'llses!

Odd Pics Out:

The King Of Anatoth..........

Pays a visit to Violet and Marty to....

Play Kick The Can. I guess he is a naturally mean Sim. He hasn't spoken to anyone in this house.

Accomplishments this round: One new Sim: Darrien


Kerry said...

Oh, wow, those are impressive family trees! Wow.

Oh, I feel for Violet, all those veggie drinks! Good girl, she drank them up!

Oh, my goodness, the king! He looks so funny kicking over the can. That's a very un-royal behavior!

Bubbs said...

Love the family trees! Hard to believe you are close to being done. The bride sure does have it all in her family, all she is missing is a ZOMBIE!!!

Why did the King kick over the trash? What could he be upset over???

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Wow. Generation 6! Amazing! it's all so cool Wen. That's a lot of werewolves. Darrien's cute, with the chubby cheeks. And I know where he got the eyes! Kamika!
Maybe the king kicked the can cause he fears his time is coming to an end?

Melissa said...

Yes, I was gonna say that I don't think that Marty's got the Robbins eyes, but he is related to them through Kamika. Darrien sure is cute!

ruby said...

as always great looking sims make pretty babies!
great update and congrats to the happy couple!

Rachel said...

Wow gen6, just wow...

Chrissy Brown said...

When I saw Kelsey in Marty's family tree I thought he was scary