Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Bostics, Week 17/The Big Skeleton In The Bostic Closet

The Big Skeleton In The Bostic Closet

Lot: Bostic Homestead - Dovie, Andre, Yasika, Zeon, Trudy, Braelen, Briah, Shalanta, and dogs MaryLou and Leroy

Last Visit: They Still Don't Have A Clue - Zaed and the King of Anatoth continued to discuss the problem with Alien X and the failure of the flux capacitor, and Zeon Bostic's lack of any memories concerning the Mission. In the meanwhile, Zeon Bostic and Trudy Strickland became man and wife, and took a vacation to Twikki Island, where Trudy became pregnant, and incidentally ate some cheesecake. The twins were born back in Prosperity Falls, Braelen and Briah. But alas, the house the Bostics were living in was not Seasons compatible, and the twins were constantly threatened with seizure by the social worker because of being cold. They were boolpropped to child age. This round, we see the Bostics in a new house. The Bostics are also the first family in the Falls to reach over one million simoleons cash on hand. I'd say they have been quite prosperous.

Andre Bostic is available for download as an adult.

Trudy's family tree
Trudy is a Popularity Sim with an LTW to become a Holl of Famer, which was met. She now wants to become Mayor.

Zeon's family tree.
Zeon is a Popularity Sim with an LTW to become a Celebrity Chef, which has been met. He switched to the Dance career. He now wants to have 20 simultaneous pet best friends. I don't think so.

This house is available for download. It has 3 bath, 4 bed, music, living, dining, family rooms, kitchen. $76,283. Room to park 3 vehicles. I have all expansion packs and EP's.

This entry starts round 17.

Prosperity Falls Gazette Society Page
by Lotsa Gossip

Hello Prosperity Falls! Well, I have something new and very exciting to offer you this week. It appears the oldest family in Prosperity Falls, the Bostics, have become our first millionaires. Yes indeedy! They have built a fine new mansion on the edge of town, away from everyone and everything. I was fortunate enough to get a tour of the house, shown to me by the butler for the Bostics, Christian Hourvitz.

This house has a music room with gilded walls and a fine marble floor, parquet flooring in the entry way and family room. There are two fireplaces, one in the living room and one in the family room, fine paneling through out, and three lovely bathrooms decorated in a way that only the rich would do. The dining area is restful, done in cool greens with lots of plants. My goodness, a person could eat with their enemy in that room and be at ease! The doorways from room to room remind me of colonial times. So that is it, my friends! If you see a member of the Bostic family on the street, stick those elbows out and get some rubbin' done! Until next time!

Alien Chatter:

Jati: The Bostics are doing well. Our relative Zeon has plenty of room to house many children.

Quavi: Ah yes, but will he? How deep is his memory loss?

Jati: Ah, that remains to be seen at this point. Some have gotten their memories back. Myself, Xuan, and Zaine. Others have all. It seems to be hit and miss. My cousin Raleigh seems to remember.

Zaed: My son, my long as Zeon produces DNA, all will be well. We are becoming numerous now....your problem, Jati, will be running the Mission in the Bostic house without the help of someone who knows about it. My sister Yasika knows nothing, her memory loss started as soon as she aged, before the failure of the flux capacitor. It seems Yasika's children have the mental capacities of normal human beings. There are no gifts there.

Jati: Yes, father it is so. But they have the physical DNA. That is important.

Quavi: I can see it happening, as our kind expand on earth, some of us will have different levels of DNA and gifts.

Xuan: I can't stand this. Why don't you guys just come out and say it already. This Mission is not going in the direction anyone thought it would. Number one, the Bostics are the richest people. Not us. Number two, the Stricklands have multiplied more than anyone in this town. Not us. Number three, the Capeharts, well, they are just plain kewl snowleopards. We are not cool at all. We try to take over people's lives and spy on them and *alien cuss word*. AND....our own Mission equipment doesn't even operate correctly. Look what a mess the flux capacitor made out of everyone's lives.


Why don't we just drop this whole Mission thing and let people live their lives in peace and harmony....have fun, live, and love???

*Alien ears swivel in Xuan's direction. A moment of silence.*

*Xuan mentally chews his nails*

Ruby: You really think, Xuan, the whole mission should be dropped??? GAWD you are too funny!!!! *Ruby grasps her sides in laughter* HAHAHAHA!

Jati: Nay, my cousin. The Mission will go as planned. I will continue to make reports to the King, you will procreate with Ruby and Infinity. Marriages will continue to be arranged. That is all.

*Xuan drops his head in despair. Why can't they see?*

Zeon Bostic here. Ummmm what is this thing? Ah yes. *cough* I plan to keep this virtual journal since we have hit this threshold, and have moved into this grand house. I love living off of old money. Heh. Anyway, here is what has happened with the Bostics lately.

My Aunt Dovie took the cure for vampirism from the old gypsy woman. She was turned a while back by Count Orlando Moniff. But it was all for naught.........

A few days later Death knocking at our back door......

And took Aunt Dovie while she was in the middle of a skilling session with Braelen. Mom thought it funny Aunt Dovie was passing away, and laughed. Mom and Dovie never got along. They fought. But I digress. I am jumping ahead of myself.

One of the first things we did after moving into the house was get the kids a coupole of dogs. this is MaryLou...

And here is Leroy. I hope they have puppies someday.

We use the music room for learning. I have all sorts of Well, they are uhh...mission objects??? What is that? I dunno. Anyway, I started teaching the kids on 'em.

Trudy helped as well. Our kids will be well learned. She keeps this plant light in the kitchen.

Mom took up flower arranging.......

And eventually became very proficient at it. We have all kinds of flowers around the house now.

Dad took up tinkering around on an old bench, said he was gonna build a robot.

So far the coolest thing he has built is this sentry bot. It gets the sims that wanna steal our newspaper and knock over the trashcan....... and believe me it seems like we get hit all the time.

Right around this time it was Braelen and Briah's birthday.

Briah Bostic
Aspiration: Romance
LTW: To Become A Hall of Famer

Braelen Bostic
Aspiration: Fortune
LTW: Work 6 Pets to TOC

Right after the twin's birthday, Trudy and I discovered we were gonna be parents again! We are so excited...with the twins nearly grown, it will be great to have a baby in the house again.

Bein' that Braelen decided he wanted to continue making money for the Bostics...and to care for our fortune in the future, he took it up on himself to call the headmaster of Prosperity Falls Private School to do a home visit for entry to the school. Braelen is already showing signs of becoming a responsible young man.

Despite the fact that Braelen decided to wear his bathrobe and slippers during the headmaster's visit, Mr. Jitmakusol found Braelen and Briah to be a good risk for the school.

The kids were admitted immediately! Braelen was relieved. He knew he would need the credentials from that school for college. Briah cared less.

And that was when Aunt Dovie passed away. Even in her death, she left money to Chantell, the child she *ahem* 'gave up' for adoption all those years ago. That is what we call it. We don't talk about all that. That is a big skeleton in the Bostic closet. Aunt Dovie was quite wild in her younger days. What about Chantell? We don't know where she is. She is grown up by now. Maybe she is looking for us.

Our family grave yard is growing....We buried Aunt Dovie beside Grandma Ramey, Great Aunt Pachionetta and Great Grandpa Marquez. Speaking of the family grave yard. Grandma Ramey and Aunt Pachionetta came out to visit us, and to see the new house.

Hello Grandma Ramey!

Great Aunt Pachionetta scared dad over and over again. I wonder if those two got along years ago? Or it could be that maybe Dad and Mom are sleeping in her old bed. heh. Could be. Who knows?

Briah called the same gypsy woman that Aunt Dovie did to get a blind date. I tell you, having old money helps. Briah gave the old woman quite a bit of cash just to date Sacha Strickland, who lives just down the road. They got along very well! Very well indeed. Briah had a good time with him.

I reached the top of my career. I must say, I look good in the uniform. The women swoon over me!

Dad reached the top of his career, *again*. He had made a bad decision about wearing a costume to work...come on dad....and he got a temporary demotion. But he bounced right back, and brought in a nice amount of money for the Bostic bank account. It seems like to me it cost the company more money to demote and promote him, than if they would have just left him alone.

And the big thing that Trudy did was give birth to my second daughter, Shalanta. Ah she has the skintone of a Robbins!!!! The twins left for college...and...I guess that is it! I will see you next time!

Jati: Very good indeed!!!!

Accomplishments this round: Plat headstone for Dovie, TOC for Zeon, one new Sim, Shalanta.


Bubbs said...

Sounds like Xuan is a little jealous of the other families. Doesn't he realize that his family is the best looking family?

Dovie was cured and then died? At least she had a long life. :) HAHA - laughing at the Dovie's death? Too funny...not nice, but awesome picture.

Money to Chantrell...where is she? That is interesting, isn't it? Hmmm...will she pop back up? Will she try to claim the family money?

Robert said...

Nice update, Wen. I just finished reading the rest of your prosperity Falls challenge.
I love the babies you have. Shalanta is really cute.

ASimWen said...

Chantell's character file was trashed a long time ago...but the story line says that Dovie sold her baby on the black market..haha...I was thinking about trying to bring her back to...yeah...cause some trouble. lol So many great hacks out there that do so much now.

SirenPrincess said...

I think you're the first blog I've read with apartment life pics in the story. The jump rope was cute. Briah is one hot chic!

I've never seen a sim laugh when another sim dies. Do they really do that if they don't get along? Or was it coincidence?

ASimWen said...

Robin: Yasika was laughing at Dovie for meeting Grim. I got a kick out of that. Earlier in the day, Yasika and Dovie were doing the 'poke, shove' thing, I checked out their realtionship, and it hovered around zero. I didn't realize they didn't get along all this time. I don't know if laughing when a Sim dies is new or not..I have never noticed it before if it isn't new.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

It's been so long I forgot that dovie was a vampire. Too bad she died soon after being cured. Wow, millionaires? I never would've thought it would be the Bostics. It's funny how Zeon doesn't even realize why he has all those career rewards. Shalanta is cute.
Yasika laughing at Dovie was hilarious. I think that's old... I think I remember seeing that somewhere before.
...You can bring back Chantell? You should totally bring back Chantell! I'm already thinking of the possibilities, and they're all great.

ruby said...

oh yes, bring back Chantell, oh the story that would stir up! Heh!
as for the laughing at the dying. yes. i've seen that before.. erm.. ruby laughed at mandy in cedar park. heh

Oy Xuan really doesnt want to mate w/Finni and ruby, huh. well he is right though.. shame no one will take him serious now that he's complained so often.

Melissa said...

Fantastic per your usual. Briah is a hot chick ...fitting that she rolled Romance. Ha Ha!

Interesting that Dovie's best relationship is with her daughter that she sold on the black market. Shows how mean she is.

I've seen the laughing thing. I think it takes a mean Sim to do it and only with Sims they don't get along with.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm caught up! It's really amazing that you stuck to the challenge for so long.

When I see you cross-bread the families like you do, I start thinking I should do the same in Mattsmyra. I think the amount of sims is already getting out of hand at Gen 3 starting...

M.McMillan said...

That cheezecake can do you in every time

Rachel said...

I don't know that I've ever seen a sim point & laugh when another sim days before. Nice!