Friday, August 22, 2008

University, Week 16

Ahhh it is that time again...time to announce the graduates and new comers at Sim State University. Whilst I was reviewing the Uni entry for last round, I realized this entry is my first and only University entry in 2008!!! Oh my! There are 71 pictures here. Some of these you have already seen in the last couple of stories here for the Falls.

I accelerated some of the kids through University. I didn't stick to my usual 1 semester play per lot..yeah that really kept Uni plodding along and it seemed like some of the kids were in there forever. I wanted to cut down on the numbers of kids in Uni and get them back to the neighborhood which resulted in eight new lots for round 16. I even doubled up grads into existing houses where ever I could. Pictures are well...I didn't get singles of everyone like I usually do. I was overwhelmed with the pictures I did take to choose the best ones for this entry.


Lot: Greek House Crumplebottom

I wanted to put these two first in this entry. This is Violet Capehart and Marty McClelland, the parents of the future Generation 6. Violet is the daughter of Valentine and Tanu Capehart, granddaughter of Manuel and Vampiress Lillith (Strickland) Capehart. Yes, point your mouse at Violet. She is the first born of Generation 5. When she bites the dust, the Prosperity Challenge will be over for the Falls. Will I keep writing this blog when that happens? I dunno. heh Will I keep playing the Falls? I dunno. Marty is the son of werewolves Kelsey and Jodi-Ann (Strickland) McClelland. Both Marty and Violet were also newcomers to Uni. I played them right through.

When they first came to University, they lived on the Sara and Andrew McClelland lot. (see below) There was all kinds of juicy fruits and vegetables waiting to be harvested.

One day Violet just couldn't help herself; she decided Marty was hot enough to take a break from gardening and gave him a quick squeeze. Yes, impromptu. Heh. I do manipulate the turn ons and turn offs for the citizens of the Falls to help things along in relationships. When the garden had been fully harvested and replanted, the couple moved to the Greek House.

Where they had their first kiss together...awww.....

Then they graduated....they were actually the second bunch to graduate out of the Greek house this round. Yeah, I am a little out of order. I was so excited about Marty and Violet, I put them first.
Eh, Violet grew up in a very domestic looking outfit. heh

Marty looks athletic...errr...sorta.

Lot: Andrew McClelland and Sarah Strickland

You recently read Asta the cat's version of life at Sarah and Andrew's house back in the Falls in the entry titled Niles's Girls Marry. Sarah and Andrew became proficient at gardening whilst in University; they both have gold badges. impromptu serenade flirt. :) I love these two.

What is this? The Garden Club? Well..errr..there is already a wishing well on the lot! That is right, Sarah and Andrew won a second well which they took back to the Falls with them. Right now they have no plans to do additional gardening there, unless their (as of yet unborn) children decide they want to garden.

Sarah's grow up picture. Maxis had mercy on them and actually gave them nice looking outfits when they grew to adult. I just left them in those outfits.

And here is Andrew's grow up picture. Nice looking snowleopard!

Lot: Jim-Bob Strickland, Veronica Capehart, Heather Strickland, Raleigh Bostic, and Sheri Trimble

You have already seen a hint of life after Uni for Jim-Bob and Sheri here. That entry was written way back in December of '07. ERRrrr..yeah. That is how long this Uni play has been in progress. Yeah, I am a TS2 schlepp sometimes. hehe

Here Sheri is in aspirational failure. I couldn't figure out happened as soon as I opened the lot. When this happens to family sims it is usually because somebody died. I want to say it was because Uncle Niles died, but that was last Uni round. I dunno. This might be an old Uni picture from last round because Jim-Bob has on the white face make up he received after the failure of the flux capacitor. *shrugs* In that case, Sheri's asp failure would be because Niles died. Heather and Jim-Bob look on thinking Sheri is crazy.

You saw Heather and Raliegh in the recent Niles's Girls Marry entry, where Raleigh and Heather were married, and Raleigh was lamenting the fact they were having trouble getting pregnant.

Another gratuitous werewolf pic. This guy lives in the same dorm. What I love even more are the startled reactions sims around the werewolf have when they see the transformation at 8 pm. Poor Heather was so startled she had her hand over her heart. *chuckle*

This is Veronica Capehart. She just found out her friend (and round about long away relative) Roz (Strickland) Trimble passed away. She got some cashola from her.

Veronica is a single Pop sim with a want to own 5 top rated businesses. She successfully ran 2 whilst in Uni. I quickly bought expensive statues to fill up her backpack so she could take the booty back to the Falls with her to buy three more biz's to earn her LTW. No, there is no man lined up for her. Right now she gets her kicks out of makin' friends and running businesses.

That's not to say she isn't interested in men....

She became a feather in romance Sim Michael-Douglas Strickland's cap. (You will see him as a newcomer). But it was mutual between them...they both wanted woo-hoo! hehe So no, Veronica will not be a member of Virgins Anonymous. Who knows, with Risky Woo Hoo in my game, she might become a mother anyway.

Lot: Florentilla Capehart, KeyWon Bostic, Zaine Robbins, Nicholaus McClelland, Robin Trimble, and Theresa Rauscher

Gad, it seems like forever since I have played any of these guys. I did find a couple of pictures I took from the last play.

Woah! Who is Zaine proposing marriage to?

Why, the alien Florentilla Capehart, of course. Won't Zaine's daddy Quavi Robbins be beside himself when Zaine brings his alien bride home from Uni??? Yes, Zaine and Florentilla will be taking over the Robbins training compound. heh These two have a natural 3 bolt attraction!!! I picture redheaded green skinned kids in their future. :)

Townie Theresa Rauscher and Nicholaus McClelland settled in with Nicholauses's parents Terrance and Maris (Strickland) McClelland so you won't see them until round 17. KeyWon Bostic and Robin Trimble went home to the Trimble mansion where the only inhabitant is the streaker Shane Trimble and his two dogs. If you remember, his wife Roz (Strickland) passed away this round. Shane was really upset. There is plenty of room for lots of new Bostic babies in this house! Again, you won't see them again until next round.

Lot: Diane and Woody Strickland

Diane and Woody are two of the adopted children of Chevy and Kirstee Strickland. Diane is a romance Sim who wants 20 lovers, and Woody is a pleasure Sim who wants 50 first dates. eh. Not exactly the morales Chevy and Kirstee usually instill in their children.

Diane has been very industrious meeting people through the wishing well. She has woo-hoo'ed a few, but I was kinda waiting until I got her back to the Falls to just troop the lovers into her house one at a time until the 20 loves LTW was met. It will be a blast...being that I have silent Risky Woo Hoo installed, I can't wait to see who she gets pregnant by. I don't intend for her to get married.

Woody has been spending the simoleons with the gypsy to get his 50 first dates in. He hasn't met that goal yet. But during a date with this lovely gardener, they both spun up the want to get engaged. They have a natural 3 bolt attraction. Who am I to argue with Sim love??? As you can see, she is a romance Sim. This should be a really fun lot to play in the hood.

Woody's fiancee sure appreciated spending time with him. hehe

Diane's grow up picture. She is beautiful. However, Maxis threw her those awful aviator pants. I will change those clothes when I get to her lot this round.

Woody grew up in a pretty normal looking outfit. Woody and Diane are living together on a new lot. There will be a wedding to celebrate for Woody and his gardening lady... (can't remember her name) then we will see Diane and all her loves. hehe

Lot: Claire Capehart

Claire is the adopted daughter of Tomas and Roxanna Capehart. She is a family Sim. Gad. I can't remember who she is engaged to. *firing up game to go look*

Woah! No wonder I couldn't remember. She isn't engaged to anybody. She is a fortune Sim with a want to earn $100,000. Well not too hard these days in The Sims. She does have a two bolt attraction to one of her dormie guy friends. Hum. Maybe they will get together. She has a lot to herself, you will see her again this round.

Lot: Greek House Crumplebottom - Melissa Strickland, KeyKel Bostic, Felecia Strickland, and Lia Strickland

Melissa Strickland is an active Popularity Sim, and is engaged to townie Taylor Wheeler. You will see them on their own lot this round. You have already seen Felecia starring in The Failure where she is dating Benjamin Long. They are both knowledge Sims and have a two bolt attraction.

Ohhh shiny!

I nearly let KeyKel Bostic and Lia Strickland graduate without getting engaged. hehe They have moved in with Lia's parents, Bulldog and Madelyn Strickland. Right now there are still too many people in the house for KeyKel and Lia to multiply right away. We will see what happens, next round!

Lot: Shawn Michael Strickland and Joan Robbins

Errr..what is this? Why it is Shawn-Michael Strickland giving a gift to his cousin Lincoln Strickland. You will see what it is later during Lincoln's newcomer announcement.

Yeah, I was pretty lame...didn't get a graduation photo of Joan and Shawn-Michael. But I did get their grow up photos.

I will definitely change their clothes when it is time to play their lot. They are starting out fresh, and you will see them again this round.

That is all the grads! Now for the newcomers!


Lot: Greek House Crumplebottom - Samuel McClelland and Malvina Robbins

Well, we know you can't start out life in Uni at the Greek House. This is Sammy McClelland, being escorted to his house by his mom Maris. You last saw lazy Sammy in Lots of Cat-Titude. Sammy and Malvina Robbins originally moved into a house, but was invited to live "The Greek Way" when the last of the grads were preparing to move out.

Woah! Whatta hunk of sumthin' Sammy turned out to be! But lazy as always...look at that. He has something spilled down the front of his undershirt. hehehe

Malvina didn't grow to young adult hood looking much different than she did as a teen.

You guessed it...these two are an item. :) It will be interesting to see their kids. I'm thinkin' really high and prominent cheekbones.

Lot: Jon-Luc Capehart

Jon-Luc is the heir to the Capehart homestead. His parents, Jessie and Gertrude(Strickland) Capehart sent their boy off to college full of hopes and dreams for the Capehart family and fortune. Little did they know their boy would hook up with a walking talking chemical bomb....

Yes, Jon-Luc is a Family Sim, and was so lonely one evening in the dorm, he decided to try out the wishing well. Who should pop out but a three bolt match.... Carmen the bug lady. At first I was like OOhhh NOooo!!! But then all kinds of great story line started churning through my head.

Yeah. I wasn't lyin'.

Well, one thing lead to another...........


Boy, are you out of your ever lovin' mind????

"OOhhh is that for me?" hehe

Yep, there is no turnin' back now folks. Nobody gets divorced in Prosperity Falls.


If you all remember, Jon-Luc was abducted as a teen. Now we find out he loves to stargaze. He fulfilled the Science hobby in 2.5 nights stargazing all night long. Ohh maybe he will get abducted again back at the homestead! Which leads me to think...I have never had an abduction at Uni. *shrug*

Lot: Mary Strickland, Heath DeLarosa, Michael-Douglas Strickland and Sandy McClelland

Ahhh the notorious good looking Romance Sim, Michael-Douglas Strickland, youngest of Barry-James and Mackenzie (Capehart) Strickland. He has hit on many of the females at Uni. I love him too.

Heath just saw him in Bleep Bleep Bleep! Yes, actually I had plans for him. I remembered that as a teen, he had three bolts for....

Yup, Mary Strickland, adopted daughter of Kolton and Kara (townie) Strickland. Mary was actually a newcomer in a different dorm, but I moved her here so she could be with Heath. It didn't take these two long to get to know each other again.

The other newcomer in this dorm is Sandy McClelland. Here you see her naturally hitting on Michael-Douglas. And oh lookie! There is Sandy's twin Sammy McClelland looking on..who was an unplayable on this community lot. Err...well...Sandy and Sammy don't look much like twins do they? LOL

Go get 'em tiger! hehehe

Yeah, I had to wait for a time when Michael-Douglas wasn't harboring a fear of getting engaged.

And Sandy is the intended. I don't know how faithful Michael is gonna be. I really enjoy playing him.

Lot: Lori, Lincoln and Erin Strickland

Ah needless to say, I changed Lincoln's clothes. Tight low riders just don't look good on him. See the Wishing Well? That is the gift that Shawn-Michael was giving Lincoln a few lines up. Yup, Shawn-Michael and Joan had earned the extra well, and given it way. How nice. But since this lot has a wishing well, I have no motivation to develop a gold gardening badge for everyone there. heh. So they work on their hobbys. Errr...but it is slipping me at the moment what they are. Lincoln and Lori are twins of Justice and Karin (Capehart) Strickland.

Erin Strickland, daughter of Bulldog and Madelyn Strickland. She and Lincoln are second cousins...but have a blast sleeping together. heh.....They are pegged to get hooked up.

Another picture of Lori. Just because she is the prettiest alien I have ever had in my game. Let's not count the fact she is a second generation alien. hehe

And a not-so-great picture of Lori. She got struck by lightening in the hot tub whilst visiting the Robbins twins Nacarlos and Nacarlius.

Lot: Elijah, Mary , and Ruby Strickland and Alexis Trimble

Elijah Strickland, another on of Bulldog and Madelyn's. He apparently hit the same pants sale that Lincoln Strickland did.

Here is Elijah falling in love with the third inabitant of the dorm, Alexis Trimble, daughter of Shane and Roz (Strickland) Trimble.

Mary moved to a different dorm to be with Heath DeLarosa. Here she is pictured with her half sister, Ruby Strickland. Their parents are Kolton and Kara Strickland.

Lot: Pinkie Baer

Pinkie is the eldest of Kevin and Lynn (Robbins) Baer. She wants to be a Rock God. For the moment she is living alone until her pre destined mate, Decotah Strickland, comes to Uni. As you can see, she sports the golden Robbins skintone. Decotah is heir to the Strickland homestead, his parents are Martin and Joslyn (Capehart) Strickland.

She immediately went downtown and got a make over. Then she thought it a great idea to go out in the garden in her heels and new hair do and do a bit of badge development. This is the same garden that Sarah and Andrew McClelland left to Marty McClelland and Violet Capehart...who left it to Pinkie.

That is it for newcomers. OK, let's hit the lots that didn't have graduates or newcomers. ;)

Lot: Rocco Trimble and Jessica Robbins

Rocco and Jessica are living happy as a bug in a rug at Uni. They have only one semester to go before they graduate. Ah, young love.

I did manage to get them to change into their formals before Rocco proposed engagement to Jessica. Then they launched right into telling jokes. Rocco is the son of Shane Trimble, and Jessica's pappy is Quavi Robbins, her mother Daphne. Again, Quavi will be beside himself at getting an alien son in law.

I love this picture. See Quavi up there on the wall looking down on his daughter having lunch with a bunch of aliens. :)

And now for the last lot............

Lot: Nacarlos and Nacarlius Robbins, Kelly and Jenny Trimble

I was pretty lame with the pictures on this lot. Nacarlius is a Family Sim, and went into asp. failure when I opened the lot. I don't know what happened in the hood that caused this. Probably somebody's death. His brother Nacarlos looks sternly on.

Did I say stern? Nacarlos is a completely serious Family Sim. He doesn't find much to be funny at all. But I love his look. I am thinking of something special just for him in the storyline. heh There in the back ground is the Trimble twins, engaged to the Robbins twins.

Yeah, the Christmas tree caught fire....yeah...the fireplace wasn't even lit. So I have to say it was the tree by itself.

And Nacarlius snuggling up with his bride to be, the lovely alien Kelly Trimble. Everyone in this house has only 1 semester go to graduation.

And that is it! I am caught up to play! See ya next time!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a lot of grads. I'm impressed.

Where is Sacha? I thought he went to Uni. Anyways, great job Wen.


Bubbs said...

Violet can't die! Prosperity Falls CAN'T end!! NO!!!!!

ARR! Carmen Patch! She is marrying into that family? Those genes!! *snicker*

That sure was a bunch of sims you ran through Uni...

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Finally caught up! Congrats Wen! I know it's hard to tear yourself away from playing sometimes. But I did notice a tidbit that confused me. Isn't Violet Valentine's daughter, making her Lillith's granddaughter? Lori is the most beautiful 2nd gen alien, but if I had to pick a first gen, it would be Alexis, Kelly or Karin. The comment about Lincoln and Erin cracked me up. I can't wait for the fallout from Jon-Luc and Carmen's engagement back at the Capehart homestead.
Don't mind me, I just have to mourn the hot Robbins men that got away. Zaine... Nacarlius... okay I'm done.

ASimWen said...

Fini: *smacking self in forehead* You are right! I have corrected that. With 171 Sims now born or married into the Falls, it is hard to keep up who was born to which parents. LOL Thanks!
I am very excited about Jon-Luc and Carmen. I can't wait until he graduates and brings her home. I do think her stronger features will look good with the snowleopard skintone. *keeping fingers crossed their kids have it*

Narrator MD said...

Wow, you handle your large uni groups so well! It takes me forever just to finish mine when I have 6 there...

Melissa said...

Congrats! I do hope that bringing Carmen Patch into the mix works out for you. *snickers

I'm a sucker for my Sims though I usually let them have whoever they want. I guess that's why my Sims aren't very attractive!

ASimWen said...

To Narrator MD: Yeah, I have something that helps me keep everything is called
EXCEL. LOL Yep, I use a spreadsheet.

To Melissa: Yeah, I am kinda getting that way. Especially since I have so many more girls than boys. The chicks are beginning to find them Maxis townies. I think Carmen will do very well...but the Capeharts might have problems with her! She has a fight on her hands....

Chloe said...

Wow, your neighborhood is so, so impressive! I can't believe you've managed to keep writing/playing the same families for three years. I can barely stick with mine for a few weeks!

Your blog actually inspired me to try to start one of my own based on Belladonna Cove (I just got AL which is preventing me from using hacks, so I thought I'd give a prosperity neighborhood a shot). Check it out if you get a chance!

chloecirocco said...

Oh crap, sorry... I forgot to leave you the URL! It's

SirenPrincess said...

I love reading your blog. It gives me ideas for how to start managing my hood as it gets larger.

I loved the Quavi pictures on the wall, too. That's a neat idea.

ciyrose said...

That Carmen is just scary looking. lol...but Lori is a beautiful alien. I'm getting close to catching up, I'm so excited.