Saturday, August 09, 2008

Ham and Cheese, Here Kitty Kitty and Bleep Bleep Bleep

Three minor lots this entry.........

Title: Ham and Cheese

Lot: Strickland.5 - Carla, Tyler, Kyle, Dorali - and dogs Melissa and Zeus

Last Visit: Alien X - Carla and Tyler tolerate a visit from ASimWen. Carla tells her husband Tyler that ASimWen is crazy for making references to a set of twins that Carla gave birth to..but in reality there was only one baby, Kyle.

(Editor - There are no family tree pictures for Carla and Tyler. They are both townies. Carla was adopted by Chevy and Kirstee Strickland. She met Tyler in University. I figured it wouldn't be much to look at.)

ASimWen: Awww a cute puppy! Hi there Melissa the puppy!

Carla: Psst! Tyler, that crazy woman ASimWen is back again. Should we let her in?

Tyler: Eh, go ahead. It might be fun havin' her around for a little while. But keep her away from the kids.

Carla: *speaking louder than usual, and slowly to make sure ASimWen understands*. Why yes, ASimWen, that is our new puppy Melissa. I got her to mate her with Zeus, who was given to me by Bubbs Strickland.

ASimWen: She is cute. So Carla, what has been going on?

Carla: Well, I got a promotion at work. I am now the education minister in Prosperity Falls...well, at least one of the education ministers. There is more than one of us.

ASimWen: So I guess money is no longer an issue for you?

Carla: Nope. In fact we were able to add a second story onto the house.

Shortly after Kyle was born, I found out I was pregnant again. That was great! I want to graduate 3 kids from college, you know.

ASimWen: *sigh* ASimWen thinks about the expanding population in the Falls I know. Good for you! Errr...what is that in your hand Carla?

Carla: Eh, I took Melissa to work with me one day. By accident. She jumped into the car when I wasn't looking.

Anyway, Melissa and Zeus got a long really well. I knew they were going to be easy to breed.

See Zeus? Isn't he the cutest thing?

ASimWen: Errr...yeah....cute. *ASimWen scratches her head in wonderment* Doesn't he look a might skinny?

Carla: No! He is not skinny! It is just well....Melissa is fat so when she stands next to him, it makes him look smaller. That's all.

ASimWen: How is Tyler doing these days?

Tyler: *speaking louder than usual* I am doing fine, thank you! I am currently working as a Specialist in the medical industry. My goal is to be Chief of Staff at Prosperity Falls General.

ASimWen: Eh, looks like you had a little accident.

Tyler: No matter. I am fine. The kids are fine. Carla is fine. We are all fine, ASimWen.

Carla: Here is Kyle's toddler picture.

Tyler: Ignore the pink tux. What the *#@@#%!!!* did you put that on him for, Carla?

Carla: Well, I could pass it down to his sister.

Tyler: Dorali wasn't born yet, you didn't know you were having a girl.

Carla: Eh, extra sensory perception??? Woman's intuition???

Carla, changing subject: Here is a picture of Kyle grown up some.

ASimWen: What the heck is wrong with him???

Carla: Uh, I think he is just upset about doin' his homework. He is a really active child. Hates to be still for long.

ASimWen: Ah ok. So now then, births started occuring?

Carla: Yes, Zeus and Melissa had two pups, a boy and a girl. Named Ham and Cheese.

ASimWen: Ham and Cheese? That is errr...unusual names for dogs. Where did that come from?

Tyler: I was eatin' a ham and cheese sandwich when they were born. Seemed logical. Anyway, we didn't keep them long. I called the dog pound to come get 'em.

ASimWen: Ah okay. So I imagine someone in the Falls will adopt them into their home. So Carla, tell me about Dorali.

Carla: She looks like her daddy. Well, she has his coloring. her facial features are mine. I am pregnant again, by the way. The baby is due next March.

ASimWen: Good luck with your third child Carla. It is time for me to go.

Carla: Goodbye ASim. *turns to Tyler* She wasn't so bad this time. ASimWen might just be alright. *nods*

Accomplishments this round: TOC for Carla - Education Minister. One new Sim - Dorali.

Title: Here Kitty Kitty!

Lot: Robbins.3Mich - Mich, Wendy, Saleen, Sweets, Sunny, and Cleopatra

Last Visit: Alien X - Last time the visit to Mich's house was narrated by the thoughts of the Commander of the Anotothian Mission, Zaed Robbins and the King of Anatoth. They were at a loss about the fact that Mich Robbins could not remember a thing about the Mission, or what his part was in the Mission. Mich seemed to have some vague feelings about the whole thing, but speaking in the hard sense, his memory was useless. Mich and Wendy's cat Cleopatra gets pregnant by Cymmi.

Family Tree of Mich Robbins

Wendy: Mich, do you think we have planted enough tomatos?

Mich: I think so Wendy. We will have enough to put away for the winter, I think.

Wendy: That's good, I am getting tired. I am going to go check on the kittens.

Foggy, Misty and Rainy

Wendy: Awww, they get cuter and cuter every time I see them.

Mich: Could you check their food and water? I am gonna go take a bath.

*Alien cussing* Darn this keeps leaking! But wow...I found out I really love to tinker.... Err...where did that come from???? *Mich is confused about the Alien cussing* Oh well.

Alien Chatter....

Jati: Mich still doesn't remember the Mission!

Quavi: Oh my son, my son! Let us only hope he remembers that he was going to implant spy chips in the animals to penetrate the homes of humans to observe their ways!

Jati: He seems to remember the care of the animals. So far I have not observed the spy chips he spoke of before. But he seems to remember that he wants to breed many of them. (Mich's LTW is to raise 20 puppies or kittens).

Quavi: At least he has been busy elsewhere!

Quavi: This is excellent news! My new daughter in law is going to give me a grandchild! Another Anotothian for the Mission!

Xaun: Uncle Quavi, if Mich can't remember to implant spy chips in a bunch of cats, do you think he is gonna remember to train anybody in the Mission? *smirk*

Mich: Hon, you really should be resting. I can tinker by myself. Manufacturing a human drains the energy in no time!

Wendy: Really Mich. Why don't you just say I need to get a little extra rest because I am pregnant? Besides, I like to tinker too!

Mich: Cleopatra has produced another kitten!

Wendy: Awww, I will name him Sunny!

They all look alike!

Mich: Ah the cats are grown! ya go.... *Mich takes each one and implants a microscopic device into the left ear of each cat.* Okay, you are done.

Wendy: What did you just do?

Mich: Oh, those are genetic indentification devices..ya know...errr....?

Jati: It seems Mich is going through the motions....but not knowing why....

Quavi: I knew it! His Anotothian senses are on autopilot to participate in the Mission after all! That's my boy!

Mich: Another cat! I will name him Sweets.

Wendy: I was sad to see Cymmi go! He was so pretty.

Mich: I want variety, Wendy. And I think I will send Misty, Rainy and Foggy to the pound. They will get adopted out to other homes.

Jati: Everything is going according to plan! Wonderful!

Mich: Her name is Saleen!

Wendy: Where do you come up with these names???

Quavi: A new female for the Mission! She will produce many!

Xuan: I wouldn't count my chicks before they hatched, Uncle Quavi.

Sunny looks very much like the first three. Subtle differences.

Mich: My goodness! What a big girl you are! You look just like your momma. Except you have my eyes.

Accomplishments this round: One new Sim - Saleen.

Title: Bleep Bleep Bleep!

Lot: Delarosa - Florence, Heath, and servos Sam and Samantha

Last Visit: New Lot

For the avid readers of the Falls, you may (or not!) remember Sam and Samantha Strickland from the Niles Strickland home. (See the Robot Love entry). Sam had moved in with Florence Delarosa because, well, I wanted her to have a Servo to help run her flower shop. I had been playing that lot on the side some since OFB came out, it was my test lot. When Florence turned elder, I decided I wanted her to have an heir to inherit the business. So she adopted a boy named Heath. I played him up through teenager hood. He has met every teenager in Prosperity Falls, but I never played him, never went back to that lot. In the mean time, Niles Strickland had built another Servo named Samantha. She was irritating to me, constantly following Niles's son Justice around waitin' to make her move. She and Justice had a three bolt attraction. I didn't want to mess things up with Justice and his alien wife Karin, so I had Justice call Sam the Servo over to start a romance with Samantha. I really never intended to play the Delarosa house again.

Things have a way of changing. I have an OVERLOAD of new girls being born in the Falls. So I decided to make Heath playable by using the Servos as an excuse to add the house to the playlist. He needs to find him a girl in Prosperity Falls. So, this is a very short entry for this lot. It was Thursday when I entered it. I found the servos mediocre to play. Bah. They don't know what to do with themselves if there is no baby to take care of.

Florence: Take that, you so and so!

Sam: Bleep bleep bleep!!!

Florence: You and I had a thang going Sam! I thought you loved me! And you go and get engaged to Samantha. I am offended.

Heath: Yup, who's da man? Who's da man? I am ready for the chicks at University!

Tandem power!

Sam: BBLLLLEEEEEEEEEP! (translation: Help me! I am not having any fun!)

Samantha: Bleep, bleep. (I will help you darling. I am not having any fun either, but maybe once I get you repaired we can robot woo-hoo.)

Heath: There you go Sam. Good as new. Don't let youself get so run down! I know you like to garden, cook, clean and dance in front of the radio and all. But geesh.

And now that you are repaired, I am going to steal some of your skill points! I need to beef mine up so I can get a couple of scholarships!

While I am at it, I will take some of yours, granny-maw!

Robot Marriage

Florence: Good bye Heath! Have a great time in University!

Heath: Yeah, yeah, see ya around, granny-maw.

Accomplishments: None. LOL! I have never seen two Servos have such a hard time keeping needs up. Constantly not having any fun. Even doing chores did not make them happy. They were in constant aspiratonal failure. The only thing that would bring them out of it was robot woo-hoo. heh


Seraphyem said...

So I'm all caught up again! Write more! ;) Anywho, good to see the 'Falls trundling along, with moar aliens than you can shake a stick at! You have far more paitence than I, I think I've only ever created one Servo, and that was well before the Vulcans took over. Never mind the plant-sims and werewolves, and zombies just weird me out, and I feel bad.

Anonymous said...

Wow Wen, that was great. I am liking all of the updates recently, its good the FAlls are back.

I see you got around to playing the Delarosa house, but hopefully its more exciting next time.

Anyways, great job, and I look forward to more updates.


ASimWen said...

To Seraphyem: I know what you mean about zombies. They weird me out. If I create one, it is for a specific purpose in storyline, then I get rid of them. I like all the other strange varieties in TS2 though. I love to play them all. I can't wait for the witches in Apartment Life! Wow...what I can do with the storyline in the Falls with that!

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Well, Carla and Tyler's kids look rather cute. I guess I was imagining huge mouths for them all. Maybe you can get a normal update out of them after all, now that they think you're not as crazy.
Good thing Mich remembered to put the spy chips in, never mind knowing why. If I were Jati or Quavi, I'd step in now while Saleen is a child to teach her about the mission. Mich can't be fully trusted to do his duty.
Cool, a new lot! I don't know if I like that Heath kid. He's mean. Can't wait for the next lot!

SirenPrincess said...

I still love reading your blog. The robots were actually really interesting, since I don't ever play with them myself. I also love seeing how so many of your families are related. Emerald Isle will get there someday.

Anonymous said...

That's just cruel and unusual, simvacing your adoptive parent! Robots is one thing - they have all the time in the world to get their points back.

Simvac tip: Use on knowledge sim. They will lose a couple thousand aspiration points at worst, but will gain a truckload of points if you lock their "max all skills" want when they roll it again, which they do.

ruby said...

LOL I love the shot of Kyle trudging down the steps, too funny!
Whew thank goodness Mich at least kinda remembers in a round about sort of way.. *blinks*
Ya robots can be so tedious and omg how come they cant keep happy. they're flippin robots!

Melissa said...

Fantastic as always. Although I did take slight offense to Doggy-me being called fat! How dare she? Zeus is skinny. ;P

Interesting to see the servos, too. I have yet to get anyone up enough on the table to build a servo. I get bored. LOL.

Kerry said...

I agree- I draw the line at sim-vaccing your folks! I've built a couple of servos, but never actually activated one--they look like a nuisance.

I liked the skinny-dog, fat-dog part. I have a skinny cat and a fat cat in real life, and they each look more so when together.

Give Mich a chance--he's doing the right things, even though he can't remember. The Mission must be embedded at the cellular level!

Rachel said...

Great updates!

Mich doesn't even realize he's helping the mission but at least he is.

Robot marriage! LOL!