Saturday, August 16, 2008

Niles's Girls Marry

Title: Sarah and Andrew

Lot: McClelland.2 - Andrew and Sarah with cats Asta and Rainy

Last Visit: New Lot - Sarah and Andrew will be seen graduating from University in an upcoming blog entry.

A reminder: I have Risky Woo Hoo installed which controls the population in Prosperity Falls. The only time I choose 'try for baby' is if X number of children is needed for an LTW. Risky was not kind to Andrew and Sarah.

Family Tree of Sarah (Strickland) McClelland
Sarah is a Knowledge Sim with the LTW to become a Mad Scientist.

Family Tree of Andrew McClelland
Andrew is a Fortune Sim with the LTW to become a Criminal Mastermind.

Notice both Sarah and Andrew have Giovanni Capehart as their great grandfather. Heh.

*Meow!* It is me, Asta. I have a bob tail. I am a genius, naturally, and I am ruler of all! Especially my humans, Sarah and Andrew. *sigh* licks paw Alright, alright. I will take a moment out of my busy schedule of sunbathing and chasing dust bunnies to enlighten you.

I listen very carefully to Sarah and Andy talk. They often speak of the days before I came to live here. First they were coupled together....humans say..married? If you will be so kind as to pick up that book over there, yes yes, please realize I have no thumbs. It is their photograph album. It has many photos of their wedding.

Sarah and Andy came to live here as soon as they graduated University. They are young, happy go lucky, not a worry in the world. Of course, the first thing they think about, being the way humans are, is, well. I cannot say the word they use. It is not in my vocabulary.

Needless to say, they spent a good long while shut up in their bedroom doing what humans do. Sleeping, I suppose. The same day, they had their wedding.


Mayor Doris (Capehart) Strickland - Mother to the Bride

Heather Strickland- sister of the Bride

Justice Strickland - Brother to the Bride

Karin (Capehart) Strickland - Sister in Law to the Bride

Maris (Strickland) McClelland - Sister in Law to the Groom

Terrance McClelland - Brother to the Groom

Kelsey (werewolf) McClelland - Brother to the Groom

Jodi-Ann (werewolf) McClelland - Sister in law to the Groom

The Ceremony:

And so that was it. How Andy and Sarah coupled. I don't understand it...why would one want to tie themselves down to one? Another strange thing about humans.

Sarah has a great interest in food. Ah, many an evening the delicate smell of salmon wafts through the house, and I can depend up on a tasty morsel for myself. Nay, I would not make myself a glutton over it. As it happened, I left a home in Sim City where I was constantly panhandling for food from my humans. I would hear: "Put that blasted cat outside! I hate all that begging!" *sigh* That was when I started my journey to Prosperity Falls, knowing all the while I would never beg for food again. I sit quietly in the corner of the kitchen like a demure feline should, and Sarah will say, "Here kitty, I have something good for you!" And I get a bit. That is enough for a roof over my head.

I happened upon Sarah one evening whilst she was out watering the lawn. I trained her quickly enough to give me food. She found my tactics endearing. I realized immediately Sarah could be wrapped around my paw. I spent a few precious minutes persuading her I would make a fine addition to the McClelland family. It worked!

She was hugging me close to her and telling me I was the best kitty ever. I knew I had found a new home at last.

Sarah pampered me; and so she should. She combed my coat with a silver handled brush, and hand fed me sardines whilst I lay upon her lap purring. She called me her baby and would hold me close and lay a delicate kiss upon the top of my head.

One day I heard Sarah exclaim to Andrew - "Oh my Andy!~ That kitty is so smart! She is much to smart to be laying about the house." I knew then my days of luxury with the McClellands might be over. I was made to get a job to help pay my way.

I found then that I had a burning desire to please Sarah. After all, I did not want to lose a second home. I decided to put effort into this new job. But whilst I was out working, Sarah had more plans for me. She intended that I should procreate....when I came home from work one day I found not one, but two male cats there waiting for me. Rainy and Sake. I did not like Sake. He was agressive, much like myself.

He would not dote upon me. He constantly reminded me how beautiful he was and what beautiful kittens he would make. He was more than happy to offer me his services. But I would have none of it. I insisted he leave the house. What a mistake I made!

Sake's departure left me in a quandry. I was glad to be rid of him, yet Sarah had fallen in love with him, just as she had me. I was responsible for her sadness! Sarah cried for days after Sake left. I could not live with myself. I resolved at that moment to do my best with Rainy. However, he seemed to be somewhat of a dolt.

After all...just look at him. The feline gods were not with him when it came to his coat markings. I knew my kittens would not be the most beautiful. I might have had a chance for pretty kittens with Sake. Alas, I ruined it all. But my Sarah was unhappy. I would do my utmost to bring her out of this state of misery.

So I did spend time with Rainy, and am now with his kittens. Sarah was happy once again. It seemed once I became pregnant, the gardening woman fell in love with me as well.

She would hold me close and hug me, just as Sarah did. I overhead Sarah and the gardener talking about my kittens. The gardening woman stated she wants to take one of my kittens! I am glad to hear it. Sarah is arranging for my kittens to have good homes. Perhaps they will not have to journey to find a good home like I did.

Oh Andrew? Well I think he can take me or leave me. It is Sarah who takes care of me. Andrew seems to be wrapped up in his job.

Yes, Andrew works very hard. Why some days he is even too tired to talk with Sarah!

I cannot see how anyone can just fall asleep into a plate of delicious salmon! Andrew does find time to do other things, however.

He spends hours and hours watching the skies with his telescope. What does he see up there? I can only imagine.

And so that is all. I will introduce you to my kittens when I see you again. Goodbye.

Accomplishments this round: ???? heh

Title: Heather and Raleigh

Lot: Bostic lot 14 - Raleigh, Heather and dogs Queenie and Jester

Last Visit: New Lot

Raleigh is available for download. Age: teen.

You will see the Uni graduation of Andrew, Sarah, Heather and Raleigh in next week's episode.

Family tree of Raleigh Bostic
Raleigh is a Popularity Sim with a want to be come a Hall of Famer.

Family tree of Heather Strickland
Heather is a Knowledge Sim with a want to become a Criminal Mastermind.

Raleigh here. I remember you...yes I do. I talked with you a while back... *taps finger on chin* Ah yes. It was with Zeon, back at mom and dad's. It was all about the scaring from the grave yard at the house, and the Mission.

Ahhhh...the Mission. Heather doesn't know anything about it. Well, I don't really know how much I am gonna pass on, I just know that all I really have to do is have some children. Mom taught a lot to us, but Java Jan didn't seem to retain much. It seems like the females of the Mission are pretty worthless. Mom just kind of floats around nowadays, and doesn't say much about it at all. Me and Z, well we know we have to have kids. That part ain't hard. The twins KeyWon and KeyKel? They got about as much learnin' in the Mission as I did...we all left to go to University together. I don't think they are much interested in it at all.

Geesh, I never hear from the rest of Them....yah....Uncle Zaed and all of 'em. I still don't get invited to their 'so called' meetings and crap. So I will just go on as if the norm is the NORM..ya know....I will just do these reports. That is the least I can do. 'Cause you never know. I have to act like I am a participant in the Mission. I wonder what they do to the defectors???

Anyway, me and Heather got this nice place. We had plenty of money comin' out of University, so we had a 3 bedroom 2 bath house built, with a garage. I made sure I had room to put those kids. Darn, I don't have a picture of the house. Ah well. Here are some pictures of the wedding though, we got married shortly after the house was finished. The ceremony was held in the living room.

Errr...that isn't the living room. How did this picture of our bedroom get in here??? Gawd. Sorry about that.

Wedding Guests:

Andre Bostic, father to the groom
Yasika (Robbins) Bostic, mother to the groom
KeyKel Bostic, brother to the groom

Mayor Doris (Capehart) Strickland, mother to the bride
KeyWon Bostic, brother to the groom

Justice Strickland, brother to the bride

Karin (Capehart) Strickland, sister in law to the bride

The ceremony went off without a hitch. I did it up right for Heather...I hired a bartend and everything. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen...I just wish her father Niles Strickland could have been here. I know he would have been busting with pride.

Me, I feel like I got something that I don't deserve, I got the Prize. It doesn't matter or not if there is a Mission...I want Heather and me to have a coupla kids.

The next ones to get married in the family will be the twins, KeyKel and KeyWon. They just sorta hung back at the festivities and observed. I do believe KeyKel is relieved to not be settling in the homestead...with the graves of Bostic ancestors there. Yeah, they gave him an awful hard time as a kid growing up. Heh

Even though mom is a direct descendant of Timo Robbins (she is his daugther), founder of the Mission on earth, she acted more like dad than anything...that is a Human. She sat at the table and ate cake and laughed and carried on. I don't know the last time I heard her mention the Mission.

At any rate, the wedding party was great fun. It was soon time to get down to business. Heather had no trouble finding a job in her field.

She was soon a Criminal Mastermind. She came home from work one day and mentioned Zaed uncle. Said she had met him at work. I said, "Heather, Zaed is mom's brother." She said there was other Robbinses there too, like my cousin Jati. She did not know my family was so intertwined with the Prosperity Falls crime syndicate. There were NO Stricklands there....she felt uncomfortable and immediately turned in her resignation to my uncle Zaed. Heather stated he let her go with no problem, with promises that she would not reveal anything she had seen. She then got a job with the SCIA. A complete turn about, if you ask me.

It wasn't long after that the old gypsy woman paid us a visit.

She brought a lamp to us. I wondered, why?

I figured I would bring it in the house, ya know. Even if it didn't fit in anywhere with the decorating Heather did. I thought I could put it in the spare bedroom. Or something. I picked the thing up and immediatly dropped it... a genie came out in a purple puff of mist. He demanded to know what I wanted. I said nothing, nothing at all. I wanted to say, I wish you would go back in the lamp! He scared me out of my heebie jeebies. He went back in the lamp, but not before he told me a few things. He could bring me everlasting most of all, he could bring back the dearly departed. That is totally creepy. Who would want to bring back the dead? I wanted to try it...just see it work. I don't believe it. It is not a good thing to mess with Nature. I am going to have to think this over.

While I thought about the genie, I worked hard. All the while Heather and I are trying to get pregnant. I started wishing the genie could help us with that. I wanna work in the athletic field, but there are currently no openings. So I started dabbling in politics. I am Mayor...well...Heather's mom is Mayor. I was Mayor For A Day. I really didn't like politics..too much politics for me. Hehe. I went into the Oceanography field after this. I quit politicin' right away.

Heather is head of the SCIA now. She went from being a criminal to being a spy. I said, "Heather, do something that is more becoming of being a mother. It might help us get pregnant. Everything you do is so dangerous."

Now she wants to be the City Planner of Prosperity Falls, but her mother the Mayor says there is no openings with the city right now. Because of budget constraints, there is a hiring freeze. Doris doesn't play favorites, that is for sure!

Well, it is all good anyway. Heather and I found out we are going to have a baby, after all. I think my dog Queenie is pregnant as well.

Cool lookin' Raleigh in a stupid lookin' uniform

Me, I am working on the ocean right now. I am a deep sea fisherman. *sigh*. I really wanna be an athlete. Well, until next time. There will be a new little Bostic for you to meet.

Odd Pic Out:

this round: TOC Heather: Criminal and Intelligence, perm plat, TWICE. lol TOC Raleigh - Politics.


SirenPrincess said...

I like how you have the individual shots of the wedding guests and identify them. I should start doing that! Great idea.

The mascara you used on the girls is gorgeous. Wow, they look great.

Thanks for another fun update.

Anonymous said...

Great update Wen, everyone sure is happy now. Niles would have been proud to see his girls marry.

Can't wait for the next new round, we're getting close to it, right?


ASimWen said...

Steven: *Sigh* I had TONS of new graduates out of Uni this round...yeah....lots of new lots in round 16. I still have... *whipping out Excel spreadsheet playlist* 5 more new lots to play this round. Plus the HUGE Uni update for next week. Heh.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Bravo Wen! I like the cat narrating the story. When I saw that, I thought it was one of Mich's cats. The girls are beautiful. And I forgot that the Bostic kids knew anything about the Mission. Oh well, all they have to do is have kids. Good luck catching up!

craterdweller said...

I loved the updates, especially the one from the cat's POV.

*wishing you strength to get through a large university round* (I always have a hard time playing through uni)

ASimWen said...

To Infinity: Rainy is one of Mich's cats. :) It will be interesting to see what kinds of kitties Rainy has with Asta. :)

Melissa said...

Fantastic update. Great seeing "little" Raleigh all grown up!

ruby said...

fun! never seen a cat give an update before
interesting how the women forgot the mission and the guys remember.. well at least Raliegh is doing his part and giving the mission a kid.

Katie said...

Oh no, I thought you closed your blog and that's why my link didn't work! Now I'm WAY behind in reading.
I'm very happy to see you didn't stop blogging.
I fixed the link on my site, thanks for letting me know!

Bubbs said...

Oh no! SIM INCEST!!! I love Heather's hair! Where did you get it from?? I love the cat's view point. :)

Did Risky like either of these couples??

ASimWen said...

For Bubbs: I have no idea where the hair came from. LOL Risky only liked Raleigh and Heather toward the end of the week.

Rachel said...

I love the cat narrating the house. Very clever!