Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Failure and Meaness

200th Entry

Title The Failure

Lot: Strickland.4 - Jeannie, Remington, Felecia, Tony, Tonya, and dogs Demeter and Dameon

Last Visit: Alien X - Jeannie is fresh back from University, and penniless. She relied on gifts from her friends which she immediately sold at a yard sale to get money to buy furniture for her new house, which she shared with Demeter, a dog that was given to her by Kevin and Lynn Baer. While on an outing, Jeannie met Remington Toyonaga, whom she fell in love with and invited to move in with her. She got pregnant, (as sims are want to do) and had a little boy named Tony. However, right before labor was due to start, Jeannie and Tony exchanged nuptials, so she was legally married before little Tony made his appearance.

The Family Tree of Jeannie (Strickland) Toyonaga

The Family Tree of Remington Toyonaga

ASimWen: Hey Felecia Strickland! What are you doing here?

Felecia: Well, Jeannie is my sister. I am moving in with her and Remington. It is too crowded at dad and mom's house, no room for me.

ASimWen: You graduated from University??? *ASimWen quickly skims through University entries....doesn't see Felecia graduating...* Err...when did this happen?

Felecia: You don't have it blogged yet ASim. But it is comin'.

ASimWen: Oh, that's right. There is gonna be a HUGE Uni entry here in the next few weeks.

Felecia: Yeah. Hey, I think I need to go to town and get a make over.

ASimWen: you mean you are going on a manhunt?

Felecia: That too. University was not kind to me in that regard.

Later at Four Wind Shopping..........

ASimWen: Great hair-do Felecia!

Felecia: Hey thanks. OOooohhh! Is he hot!

ASimWen: No no no! He is off limits! He is Remington Toyonaga, your brother in law!

Felecia: Darn. How about him?

ASimWen: Benjamin Long? Ah, ok. You are both knowledge Sims. Ol' Bennie is known to treat a woman alright.

Felecia: Huh?

ASimWen: Ah, never mind. Benjamin Long would be fine.

Later back at home...........

Felecia: Ohh hehe...hahaha! Bennie you are such fun!

Jeannie and Remington


Felecia: Come on Demeter, you are stinking pretty good. Rub-a-dub dub! You are such a good doggie! You have got to be clean for work tomorrow.

That's right Demeter. Shake! Shake!

ASimWen: Hey Remington, lookin' good.

Remington: Yeah, I am feelin' a mite fat these days...GAWD I feel bad.

ASimWen: I don't think it is overeating that is makin' you feel bad, Remington.

Remington: Err, what do you mean, ASim?

ASimWen: Tell me what happened last night on the telescope.

Remington: That is the strange thing. I don't remember much except wakin' up on the sidewalk. I went to the 'scope to get some logic skill. Hopin' some stargazin' under my belt so's I could be in a better mood for work....then I blacked out.

ASimWen: Lemme show you what happened:

*Shaking fist* ALIEN SCUM!!!!!!

Hysterical Alien Laughter ensues........

Mysterious Voice: There will be only one!

King: Who goes there!

Mysterious Voice: MMmmmm! Boy do I love cheesecake!

King: Xuan! How many does he carry!

Xuan: Hey, I'm on vacation. Jati told me to go on vacation.

King: Concentrate boy. You can do this from Twikki Island!

*Xuan sighs, sits up on his beach towel where he had been sunbathing, looks around. Sees beautiful island girl walking by. *
Heyyyy babe! You and me? Six o'clock my room?

*Joy's eyes slit open where she is on a towel next to him.*
Sure and me.....

Jati: Xuan! Get on with it boy!

*Xuan sighs. He shuts his eyes in concentration, and pictures Remington Toyonaga.* Hey, I remember this guy from University. My cousin Jeannie married him? Pfft. She could have done better...errr....he carries one. One fetus.

King: Gah! Only one! Jati, see to it that he gets some cheesecake!

Mysterious Voice: It won't won't work...

Alien Chatter dies out......

Remington: No way! You have got to be kidding, right?

ASimWen: Nope, I am not kidding. You are the next expectant parent by abduction in Prosperity Falls.

Remington: Waaah! I have heard about this, but I was in Uni. Ya know..those urban legend things you hear. It's true???? Men can get abducted and have green babies in Prosperity Falls?

ASimWen: 'Tis true!

Remington: I ain't gonna wake up in a bathtub fulla ice with my kidneys missin' next, am I? *panics*

ASimWen: Naw Remington, you are gonna be okay.

Jeannie: Aww! What a cutie-pie puppy you are, Dameon! I hope you and Demeter get along! I want you guys to have puppies!

Tony wuvs Dameon!

ASimWen: Felecia, I thought you wanted to be Chief of Staff?

Felecia: Prosperity Falls General doesn't have any openings for a doctor right now. So I got a job in the lab working on stuff for the sake of Science. Bennie is in Science too. *gushes*

ASimWen: Good for you! Jeannie, what have you been up to?

Jeannie: Well, dad finally got over being mad about me and Remington living together, then getting pregnant before we were married. Him and mom came over for Tony's birthday.

ASimWen: I see Melissa is there too. *Wait, wasn't she in University the last time I saw her???*

Yeah, she just graduated from Sim State. Her and her man have a house.

ASimWen checks play list. Oh yeah...a new lot this round. Heh.

Jeannie: Dad couldn't stay away from his grandson any longer. Suddenly, it seemed like everything was okay.

ASimWen: I am glad you guys have made up.

Tony: Woohoo! I grew up from being 2 years old to 10 years old! Just like that!


ASimWen: My goodness, but you are a ferocious looking little doggie! *checks stats* Ouch! You are an aggressive one! *has doubts about mating Dameon with Demeter*

Remington: Oohh! Ohhhhhoooooweeeee! I think I am gonna pop!

Tonya Toyonaga

Remington: That's my girl! It wasn't so bad after all. I wuv you, you cutie you!

ASimWen: Well, I guess that ends my visit here. You all have a great time, now!

Felecia: Wait! I have to tell you one more thing!~

Bennie gave me my first kiss!!!!! *gushes, again*

ASimWen: Congratulations, Felecia! heh

Accomplishments this round: One new Sim: Tonya

Jati: The cheesecake failed....

Title Meaness

Lot: Capehart.4 - Vonfirmath, Java Jan and Java Joe

Last Visit: - Alien X - Java Jan (Bostic) and Vonfirmath Capehart held a wedding in their new home in Prosperity Falls shortly after graduation from University. Their son Java Joe was born without a brain, then one day his whole head miraculously became whole. Let's see what happened this week.

Family Tree of Java Jan (Bostic) Capehart

Family Tree of Vonfirmath Capehart

Java Joe here. Yeah, that is my baby picture. I seem so nice and cute there. Huh. That picture doesn't show the real me. Mom says I am meaner than a rattlesnake. I dunno. She just says she hopes I grow up to be okay.

They are busy workin' so much these days, I am kinda left to my own devices. I guess I can take a few minutes from my busy schedule to fill you in on what is goin' on. Well, first off, mom and dad both reached the top of their careers. Again.

Mom got a job as:

And immediately made it to the top.

Then she decided she didn't wanna be a lawyer after all and decided to:

Go into the the Entertainment industry. I don't know what she is thinkin' there.

Dad decided to try journalism. Hahaha I can see him doing that!

Yeah. It seems like they have to pursue every job they see in on the job websites. Dad decided to stay with this job a while. He says there aren't many journalists in Prosperity Falls, so this is good job security for him.

Gah. The day of my birthday, Bubbs Strickland just walked right in the house. Mom and dad didn't even know him. He went around calling himself Mr. Knowledge, and told me he could teach me a thing or two about how to go camping. I am like, dude, you are deluded. I am not gonna go camping while I have my video games here. So, then he decided it was a lost cause and started giving his girlfriend attention.

I am like, dudes! Get a room! But the didn't pay any attention to me or mom and dad, and they went outside and had a snowball fight. Good riddance I say, get rid of 'em.

Yeah, this is my birthday picture. Mom says I look like I am keepin' a secret. I don't know what she is talkin' about. Well, we all decided then to take up a, especially since he wasn't gonna switch jobs no more. I decided to take up painting, but I can't decide if I like that or not. (editor - I still haven't figured out Java Joe's hobby).

Dad decided to take up restoring old cars.

Man he would work on that thing every single spare minute he had. Me, when I wasn't painting I would find other things to do. Like building snowmen.

I think they look kewl like this.

I also worked hard on my grades. I guess that is okay. Mom got real proud of me and all mushy and stuff when I brought home that first A. I am like, so what.

Dad finally decided on a color for the car. He kept talking about how he had always wanted a 'muscle' car what ever that is. He was finally gonna get it. Mom took up fitness, she was constantly on the excer-cycle. One day she got on there and cycled until she was red in the face. Then she decided to go jogging...on top of that. When she got back home she passed out, dad said that was from heat exhaustion. We were all so busy dousin' mom with water to get her to come around, no pictures got taken. She said she was gonna take it easy after that.

Dad finally finished the car, and was real happy and stuff. Then he knew he didn't know how to spend his time anymore. So he decided to go into robotics. ???? I am like that must be kewl.

So now instead of being in the front yard in the driveway workin' he was on the back porch piddling around with that work bench. He has built several toy robots. But like, not all of them work right, so he gets to fix those too.

So it is like he is tinkering all the time! Mom is always running for fitness....

Me, I paint. I am like I can sell my pictures for a few simoleons. Mom likes that 'cuz she is really into fortune. She is teaching me all about saving money and stuff. She gets on the computer and gives financial advice to people who don't know any better, she says. hehehe

I met this girl named Naslie Capehart. She is kinda wierd looking, but she is fun. She likes to throw a football.

Sometimes my aim wasn't so good and I hit her in the head.... *smirk*

Then she would get all mad at me and stuff and throw the ball back really hard.

HAHAHAHA! She wasn't good enough to hit me in the head. She would get my legs or somethin'. She needs practice!

She finally said, let's do somethin' I wanna do. So I am like, well, okay. She wanted to play patty-cake. That didn't last long, lemme tell ya. Girls. She finally went home.

Well, I guess that is all. I am gonna go paint.

Accomplishments this round: TOC for Java - Law, TOC for Vonfirmath - Journalism.


SirenPrincess said...

Those angry football throwing pictures were priceless.

This was a very entertaining read, as always.

Anonymous said...

That was great Wen. I'm still glad that the Falls is coming back with updates. Great read.

Congrats on the 200th update.


Infinity-Nevermore said...

Congratulations on 200 entries! Wow!
It's nice that Felecia found someone. I dont' have a problem with Ben as a person, it's just that nose. Hopefully any kids will have hers. Bad (good) luck Remington! Alien babies are kewl. KHAN!!!
So many Stricklands, I have a hard time keeping track of them all. All I can tell is that Naslie has some Capehart in her. That Joe is a real meanie, but oddly entertaining.

Bubbs said...

Felicia and Ben might have nice babies. :) That puppy grew up growling? HAHAHA!

ruby said...

wow 200th? congrats!


oh wow. so the cheesecake failed! holy smokes.. i reckon it was a matter of time, i mean we were warned but wowzers! the threat came true!
welcome to properity falls Tonya.. and aw for felecia, congrats on the first kiss!


LOL I love Java Joe, he's such a character! And for the record, there is nothing wrong with 1 nice point! *nods* oh that is unless he becomes a family sim, then he could have trouble .. heh

Melissa said...

*Hi Melissa! waving. It's great to see my namesake even if she wasn't the star of this update. LOL.

Just noticed that Vonfirmath and Java Jan have the same skin tone, so they must be related somewhere back there. Funny that Java Joe has a completely different skin tone. LOL.

Awww! Naslie is a cutie. Her name reminds me of my daughter, Ansley. ; o

I know it's all about me! *smirking

Loved the update, Wen. It is so wonderful to be able to read the Falls again.

Melissa *not really self-centered

ASimWen said...

To Melissa: Yeah, Java Jan and Vonfirmath sure do have the same skintone. Their grandmas, both Bostics, are sisters. lol Kirstee and Remy.

Anonymous said...

Only six weeks behind now!

I love the freckled skintone of the Bostics, it's my favourite of your customs.
Too bad Java Joe doesn't have it

Rachel said...

Welcome alien baby Tonya! Ben Long is a good sim. Nice choice for Felecia.

Java Joe really is as mean asa rattle snake. I do always laugh when they chuck the ball really hard. Poor Naslie.