Saturday, July 26, 2008

Snowleopards Reproduce and Two More For The Mission

Title: Snowleopards Reproduce

Lot: The Gentleman's Club - Markey, Kyanne, Naslie and Meghanne

Last Visit: - Is Time Really Repeating Itself? Kyanne had graduated from University and traveled home to Prosperity Falls right into Markey's waiting arms at the Gentlemen's Club. They exchanged quiet I Do's in the living room, no big wedding. Kyanne had vague memories of having a little boy named Bryce, and was confused because there was no such child in their home. Let's see how things are going for her this week.


Family Tree of Kaynne (Strickland) Capehart

Family Tree of Markey Capehart

Editor: I want to point out something here. You will be seeing this much more in Prosperity Falls. I have endeavored to cross breed the families as much as possible to try and keep the neighborhood at a reasonable size, and to keep the 4 custom skintones the 4 original families started with around as long as possible. If you will notice here, Markey's Great Aunt Kirstee Bostic is also Kyanne's Grandmother. Hmmmm what does that make Markey and Kyanne besides husband and wife? Yes, there are alot of second and third cousins getting married in the Falls.

Editor: Evidently Kyanne was pregnant when I left the lot last time.....

Kyanne: OOOhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Trudy: Just breathe honey...take it easy....

GAH!!!!! Did she have cheesecake? I don't know!

Markey: Twins! Kyanne, are you okay?

Kyanne: Yes, yes I am fine. Here take the first one! The second one is coming!

Markey: Ahhh..okaaaay...gah! She is so tiny! Oh look! She has the skin of a snowleopard! What a beautiful girl! I will name her Naslie!

Kyanne: Aw honey look! Meghanne looks just like me! Oh my two beautiful daughters!

Markey settled right in the roll of father for his two beautiful daughters. Fatherhood seemed to agree with him.

He took time for himself though...being a Criminal Mastermind in Prosperity Falls took a toll on a man. This is a roll he has never felt quite right in, and was seriously thinking of changing his career. Especially since Malcom Landgraab recently came on the scene as the newest Mastermind, Markey felt usurped. His decided he wanted to explore the ocean and become The Hand of Poseidon. He checks the job ads every day for a job in oceanography, but nothing is coming up so far for him.

Due politics at the hospital, Kyanne lost her job as Chief of Staff. She was sad, but Markey was making plenty of money, and besides she had the girls to take care of. She happily decided to be a stay at home mother for a while.

It was soon time for the girl's birthday. Kyanne's bother Kolton, her sister Karen, and cousin Jodi-Ann Strickland came to see the girls blow out their candles. Oh my, it looks like Karen is pregnant...this will be another 9 month Sim pregnancy for her I am afraid.

Naslie and Meghanne got along famously and grew quickly. Both of the girls exhibit the Strickland purple eyes.

Naslie Capehart

Meghanne Capehart

And to finish off the week at the Gentleman's Club, Markey once again reaches a life time want. This is the second time he has done so. Now he is looking for that job in oceanography.

And that is all that happened this week. It wasn't too hard on Kyanne. She will survive. See you next time!

Odd Pic Out:

There is nothing like a mother's love!

Accomplishments: Markey reaches another LTW , Max All Skills. Two new Sims, Naslie and Meghanne.

Title: Two More For The Mission

Lot: McClelland, 123 Alien Way - Jenn, Regis, Yazibel, Ketrina, Infinity Nevermore, and Yomi.

Last Visit: Infinity was upset at the fact that she couldn't figure out what was wrong with Jenn. She could not get inside her mind at all, and commented how things were the same, but not the same. Events were occurring as if Fini was experiencing a case of deja vu, but time was making mistakes along the way. Let's see what happened this week.

Family Trees:

Family Tree of Jenn (Robbins) McClelland

Family Tree of Regis McClelland

Infinity is writing furiously in a diary: My time finally came in the McClelland household. Since the King of Anatoth ended my job as The Enforcer to Jenn McClelland, I found myself waiting to grow up just as Ruby, The Messenger to Xuan Robbins, had. It seemed like everything happened to her first, and I was on the sidelines watching. After she grew up, she then was called for a date with Richie Landgraab. However, Richie and Yazibel are slated to mate, I understand. So she can't keep him.

Jenn goes into labor

I am so used to making reports to the Office on Anatoth about the McClelland family, Jenn, in particular. Since I am no longer required to do that, I will keep this diary. I will live as the adopted daughter of Jenn and Regis McClelland. I shall miss my family on Anatoth. Being that the planet is steadily disintegrating, I have to think I am better off here. It is a great thing that Ruby and I still have the power of telepathy. It is my thought that she and I should join the Mission with the Robbinses.

Ruby: What are you saying, Infinity? Join the Mission?

Infinity: Why not? You and I are from Anatoth, just as the founders of the Mission, Timo and Kamika were. They arrived on Earth the same as you and I did.

King of Anatoth: What a splendid idea! I am glad I thought of it. Right. Here it is. You both shall mate and create, thus spreading our DNA so that our race might survive. You both are back in, do they say it on earth? You are in like Flynn!

Ruby and Fini in unison: "Mate and create? Have babies?"

King: Well, yeah. First you must attend University like all the other Anotothians before you have. You must not be derelict in your duties to the Mission. Jati!

Jati: Yes, my liege.

King: Add Ruby and Infinity to the rolls for the Mission. Ahhh...and I have just the man for you to mate with. Jati!

Ruby: Really? Who? *suspicious*

King: Jati, add Xuan as the father to the children of Infinity and Ruby, both. He is not related to either one of them. This will be an excellent opportunity for him to add his DNA and paranormal abilities to their already strong Anatothian DNA.

Xuan: Whaaaa???? You gotta be kidding! Me and ...... *choke* RUBY????

A firestorm of chatter ensues....

Jenn gives birth to a son, Yomi

Xuan: NO NO NO!!! Infinity, Okay. But RUBY?????

Ruby: NO NO NO!!!! Not Xuan Robbins! How can I mate with him after being his conscience for so long??? I know exactly how the man thinks!

Infinity: Me and Xuan? Okay. At least I know him. I don't know any other earth males.

King: Settle down everybody. It will be fine. Ladies, you will take separate residences after you finish University so there will be maximum room in each home for you to raise plenty of Xuan's children. Xuan, you no longer have to look for wombs. There are two right here.

Xuan: *sarcastic* Well gee, thank you for small favors. pfft.

Jati: Xuan you must support both households. With Infinity and Ruby focusing on having your children, they will not be able to work. My advice: start amassing simoleons to build them each a home, so when they graduate from University you will have everything ready for them.

Ruby: Hahahaha! Xuan the contractor!

Xuan: GAH!!!!! No you can't mean it. Me? Support Ruby?

King: You have already supported her for a number of years Xuan while she lived in your home as your daughter. What is the difference?

Infinty and Yazibel have a birthday

Infinity Nevermore
Aspiration: Popularity
LTW : To have 20 Simultaneous Pet Best Friends

Yazibel McClelland
Aspiration: Popularity
LTW: To Become Mayor

Xuan: *grumble* None I suppose. GAWD!!! I am gonna end up with more kids than Uncle Quavi!

Quavi: What? Did you just disrespect my Army of Anotothains?

Xuan: *sigh* No, Uncle Quavi. I didn't.

Jati: It is settled then. Xuan, you can take a break from the Mission for a while. Take a vacation while Ruby and Infinity attend University.

Xuan: What? What is that I just heard? Did you say..."Xuan, take a vacation?"

Jati smiles. Yes, you head correctly. Go on now.

Ruby: La la la la! Me and Xuan, sitting in a tree... K- I- S- S- I- N- G!!!!

Infinity: Oh Ruby, I am so excited!

Xuan: Shaddup, all of you. *Xuan closes his mind to all*.

Alien chatter dies....

King: Ahhh...I feel like I could take a vacation as well. Jati!

Jati: Yes, my leige?

King: You keep a close eye on this situation. Xuan did not seem open to the idea of fathering Anotothains with Ruby.

Jati: I will see to it that he does, my King.

King: You see to it. You are the Commander of the Mission now.

Jati: *bobs head reverently* Thank you, my liege.

Zaed: My time is almost done. You will do a fine job, boy.

Infinity writing in her diary: I am going to be a mother! And mother to the children of the most wonderful Anotothian that ever walked! Xuan Robbins.....I shall do my best!

See you next time!

Odd Pics Out:

Lots of great pics this time that just didn't fit into the story line:

Great Headmaster score

Ketrina McClelland
Aspiration: Family
Aspiration: Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens

Infinity partook of much of Yomi's care.

Yomi carries the Anotothain skintone and yellow eyes

Yazibel delights in gossiping with her cousin Xenio Robbins about Infinity.

Accomplishments this round: Jenn reaches another LTW of the Education Career. One new Sim, Yomi.


Infinity-Nevermore said...

Yeah, why does ruby get to do everything first?
Babies? Did you just say babies? *choke* And with Xuan? I think my simself is on for a long ride. I think she needs a head check too. Xuan=not okay.
...Wow. I love the clothes. Hippie-style. *big grin* Ha, popularity is like my polar opposite.
Yeah, she definitely needs a head check. But hey, it's my new mission, and if you're doing a mission, do it well. Aye-aye, cap'n!
Hey kid, at least I'm smarter than you; you thought we were having babies together... ungrateful children.

ruby said...

LOL nothing like going in to a house to find a pregnant sim giving birth.. oh wow twins! cheesecake? who knows heh .. the sims do but they're not talking *winks*
they're adorable and one of each, how lucky!
woot congrats on the IW
aw i love the odd pic out, too sweet!


"However, Richie and Yazibel are slated to mate, I understand. So she can't keep him." what?! *sighs* my first love is slated for someone else? pfft no fair... wait, that means i dont have to have 6 kids .. never mind i guess i'm okay with this news after all..
ha! i love how Fini is annoyed things happen to me first .. uh huh, cause the house i am in is played first *giggles*
Gah Fini! *beats head on keyboard* mate and create .. we're cattle.. you and your big mouth *giggles*
Oh.My.GAWD!!! Wen you're killing me .. *laughs hysterically* Xuan has to plant his seed in us both.. Too funny! oh hey .. does this mean i'm going to end up with more than 6 kids? no no no, send me back to Richie LOL
I have tears streaming down my face from laughter .. welcome back Wen, its great reading your stories once more

Bubbs said...

Whoa! Infin and Ruby are going to have kids? Hmmm, wonder who they will get to marry???

Kerry said...

Oh, my--I wonder if this means Xuan will get to get even for all the mean stuff Ruby did to him--Fini seems all too content, though. Almost sickeningly so....

Poor Richie! This isn't good news for him. Although Yazibel is cool looking.

Melissa said...

Welcome back, Wen! It was so wonderful to read the Falls again. I have missed your stories. Many of them are running around in my neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

Wen's back. Its great to hear from you again.

My I ask how exactly you plan on have Xuan "mate" with Ruby and Infinity? Won't they be family?

Anyways, its great to hear from you again.


ASimWen said...

Steve - Ahhhh The wonders of SimPE.....I have already broken the father/daughter relationship Xuan had with Ruby. Now she is just like a houseguest in the Robbins household. Xuan was never related to Infinity.

Narrator MD said...

A fun entry, as usual, and great to see that you're updating again!

Rachel said...

Naslie & Meghanne are adorable. Hurray for violet eyes!

Ha Xuan is going to father children with Fini and Ruby? Wow!