Friday, July 25, 2008

Being In Love

Being In Love

Lot: Aazia and Malcom Landgraab - Aazia, Malcom, Thurston, Richie and Buffy

Last Visit: Is Time Really Repeating Itself? - Ruby and InfinityNevermore mulled over the prospect of whether or not time in Prosperity Falls was repeating itself, and Ruby was aghast that she still could not get inside of Xuan Robbin's head. Infinity was faring no better; she was amazed that Zaed's daughter Jenn seemed like a normal housewife instead of the daughter of the Commander of the Anotothian Mission on earth. In the Landgraab home, Aazia uncharacteristically complained of having to give birth a third time; Zaed and the King began to work on the Big some remembered, and how some did not. Let's see what is happening now.

The family tree of Malcom Landgraab

The family tree of Aazia (Robbins) Landgraab

Yes, I like the way Rachel of Prosperity Point does this. It helps me to keep track of things there. I thought I would start it here in the Falls, as the hood is getting so big.

Aazia: Whoop! Get down! Uh-huh!

Thurston: Yeah!

*phone rings* Aazia: Hello? Oh, hi dad. Yes, yes, it is tonight. The kids are going to have a wonderful party. You and mom be sure to come. Cousin Xuan is coming too? Great! The more Robbinses here, the better. I miss you too dad. See you.

Alien Chatter:

Xuan: Yeah, I will be there all right.

Jati: Xuan, it is your duty.

Xuan: Why don't you go?

Jati: Since Zaed will be there, I must stay behind and run the Mission.

Xuan: Yeah, sorry excuse.

Jati: There is nothing more than I would wish to see, but more Anotothians coming to age. You, on the other hand, must still watch for any opportunity.....

Xuan: *Sigh* Isn't it enough that I have given birth to two for the Mission? Must my seed still seek?

Alien chatter dies out.......

The guests begin arriving at the party. Out on the front entry of the Langraab mansion...

Daphne: Your shoulders are tight, my love.

Quavi: There is naught but your touch to make me feel better, Daphne. You are the best.

Zaed: *thinking to self* Synclare. I miss you so....

Xuan: Alright. Da Man is here! Where is the party? *sigh* GAWD...what a chore....

Malcom: My only baby girl is growing up today...happy birthday dear Buffy!

Thurston: Hey Dad! What about me?

Malcom: Yes, yes, you too boy! Blow out your candles!

Happy Birthday dear ThurstonandBuffy! *Lots of party noises*

Malcom: Ahh. Like father, like daughter. She looks just like me!

Malcom Thurston Landgraab V
Aspiration: Fortune (fitting)
To Earn $100,000

Thurston: Dad, I am ready to join the family business!

Malcom: Ehm, son, I am not entirely sure about that. (Malcom reaches his LTW later).

Quavi: So, my grandson, have you decided upon your part in the Mission?

Thurston: Mission? Errr...what do you mean by that, gran-dad?

Xuan: He doesnt' have a part in the Mission! HAHAHA!~ This is priceless!!!!!

Zaed: Quavi, don't forget, Aazia has little to no memory of events before the failure of the flux capacitor! Her part in the Mission is little at this point. Her children are Landgraabs. The best we can do is be the best human relatives we an be to them!

*Quavi shakes his head, blinks a couple of times*
Ahhh son, I only meant...errr.....Your mission is life. Yeah, that's it. Are you going to go to college, boy? That is a mission now!

Thurston: Of course, gran-dad. I want to run Landgraab Enterprises someday.

Richie: Hey gran-dad, I am gonna go to college! I wanna be smart like you!

Quavi: That's my boy! Taking after me! I am Quavi!

Richie: Huh gran-dad?

Quavi: Errr....I, Quavi, attended Sim State University. I assume that is where you will attend the halls of greater learning as well.

Richie: Well yeah, gran-dad. That is where all Landgraabs go to college.

Weeks later...................

Richie: Yippee!! No school. I can stay home and play basketball all day!

Quavi: I thought you loved studies! I thought you wanted to go to college!

Richie: Uhh.....I must be imagining things. I was sure I just heard gran-dad tellin' me off....

Buffy: La la la la...peeing in the potty.....

Malcom: *SIGH*. What a chore for Bluewater's newest Criminal Mastermind! This is so beneath me...but I must keep a low profile.....

Malcom: Lest one of Prosperity Fall's many Captain Heros finds me.........I can't afford to lose everything I have..Aazia and the kids, the many businesses I own. I only wish Malcom Thurston did not want to go into the family business. Perhaps I will bequeath to him the bar and electronics store the Landgraabs have!

Gypsy: Ahhh....young man...I see the perfect girl in your future!

Malcom Thurston: Really? The PERFECT girl??

Richie grows up party for him....

Richie Landgraab
Aspiration: Family
LTW: To Marry Off 6 Children

Richie: Oh Wishing Well, the Gypsy brought Malcom Thurston the perfect girl. Bring me one too!

Richie: Ruby? You say your name is Ruby? You are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen...

Ruby: Infinity! What is going on!

Inifity: Ruby, it is the same thing that happened to the King. Remember he was called to the Strickland Vampire woman for a 'date'. It looks like the same thing has happened to you! Girl, I say ride with it!

Ruby: *being muffled by a kiss* But..but....mmmmmm!!!!!! Mebee..mmm...... *slurp*

Infinity: Oh Ruby! I cannot wait until it is my turn! Maybe I will get called to date, as well!

Xuan: *mentally pointing finger* Hahaha! Look at you! Look at you! Who is enjoying the evils of human flesh??? Hahaha!

Ruby: You have a lot of room to talk, Xuan Robbins!

Xuan: Hrumph! It is my Mission after all. heh

Ruby: Oh Richie...that was...was....the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me...oh ohhhhh.....

Xuan: *sarastic imitating voice* Oh Ritchie...Oh Ritchie..... hahahaha!~

Ruby: Get outta my head, Xuan Robbins! This is personal!

And so we end the week at the Landgraab mansion. Everyone is in love....

Malcom: are still the most beautiful and kind woman I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and falling in love with.

Aazia: Malcom.... oh Malcom...!

While others definitely inherited the Landgraab genetics.... poor poor Buffy! See you next time!

Odd Pics Out:

Right after he aged to teen, Malcom Thurston 'broke wind'....Xuan thought this was disgusting....

I love this picture of Malcom talking to his boys.

While Aazia Robbins Landgraab has a classy sounding name and seems like quite a Dame....she is really a slob.

Accomplishments this round: LTW for Malcom - Criminal Mastermind. Perm plat. Wishing Well won.


Bubbs said...

What is this? An update on the Falls? *faints* I love the family tree pictures.

Does Richie have the hearing power? Hmm, that could be interesting since their blood is thinning out some...

HAHAHA! Ruby might start to enjoy her mission a little. I hope she doesn't get sidetracked.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

*sniffle* I miss Synclare too. So Aazia was one of those whose memory got wiped. Too bad. But at lest eh boys grew up well. Yeah, poor Buffy.
Richie has telpathy too? Cool!
HAHAHAHAHA! Ruby, you lucky devil. Oh well. I can only hope I snag a Robbins or Strickland man somewhere in my future.

ruby said...

Happy birthday kids! *cringes* ooooh Buffy .. harsh .. poor thing.. lets hope you grow out of that look.. *shudders* ew..
Well i reckon its only natural that the kids don't know about the mission, seeing who their mom is and she has no recollection..
Oh how funny! Woot, there is hope with Richie!
Congrats on the LTW for Malcolm! *applauds*
LOL the look on Richie's face! Priceless .. he doesn't seem to like the idea he got jipped out of a b-day party.
OH.MY.GAWD! I'm going to marry a Landgraab? eeps! and he's a family guy that wants *faints* 6 kids?!? egads woman!
d'oh Buffy bangs are your friend .. cover your face girlie girl.. *shudders once more*

Kerry said...

Ruby's in love! :) That's too funny. I kept waiting for her to reach for a cigarette. I wonder if she will gradually forget her original mission and personality and dwindle into an ordinary teen.

Good to see them back!

SirenPrincess said...

Oh, I'm so excited to see an update! Good job, Wen.

Rachel said...

I can't believe I got so far behind! Thanks for the shout out on the family tree pictures, it really does help. Great update! Ha Ruby got called by the well!