Saturday, March 29, 2008

Gardening Is Grueling Work and Camping With Mr. Knowledge

Gardening Is Grueling Work

Lot: Robbins - Baer: Family Name Baer: Kevin, Lynn, Pinkie, Polar, Jonathan and two dogs Maxx and Suzi

Last Visit: Faded Memories - Lynn was reeling from what she thought 'was' getting set straight by Kevin on "How It Is!" No, Kevin was not selling dogs to make a living as Lynn thought, and instead was making a very nice living as Captain Hero. Let's look in.

"Happy birthday to YOUUUUUU!"

Lynn: Oh Kevin, our baby is growing up!

Kevin: Yes indeed. She is a beautiful redhead, just like you honey.

Lynn: Kevin! We must procreate again!...errrr...I mean....hon, can we try to get pregnant again?

Kevin: I can't risk it Lynn. I serve the people of Prosperity Falls now. If something were to happen to me, I don't want you to be left with the burden of a large family to raise by yourself.

Lynn turns away, unhappy. Even though her DNA has been deemed imperfect by her father Zaed and the King of the Anotothain Mission(because of her short life as a vampire) , Lynn still strives to multiply because it has been ingrained in her being all her life to do so. She begins to think of another way to multiply, without Kevin' s help.

Kevin: Oh Mrs. DeLarosa, would you like to buy one of my dogs?

Florence: No thank you, young man. I have a house full of robots now. (Refer to the section titled Robot Love). Don't have time to take care of a mutt what with running the flower shop and keepin' them robots running like a well oiled machine!

Kevin: Yes, Mrs. DeLarosa. You have a good day now.

Lynn: Kids, we keep this garden so we can eat fresh fruits and vegetables and stay healthy and strong.

Polar: Mom, this is lots of fun!

Pinkie: Get a grip, Polar. this is awful! Back breaking....Gahhhh! I wanna get into private school so I can get a good education and not have to work this hard!

Polar: Buh-bye everybody, me and Pinkie are leaving for our first day at the Academey of Prosperity Falls.

Pinkie: Shut up with the cheerfulness, Polar! Nut-SO~!

Pinkie: Pfft. Awwrite. I am finally gonna grow up. Let's see...I want......hummmm......a hawt body. That's right. And I want millions to worship at my feet and copy what I wear, and what I think and how I do my hair. Yep. That's what I want.

Pinkie Baer
Aspiration: Popularity
To Become A Rock God

Editor: Looks like she got her wish....

Editor: Notice the OLD Mission Control in the background. Wish it hadn't gone kaplooey. I can't bear to bulldoze the lot.

Polar: La la la....catchin' butterflies is soooo much fun! Yippeee...and Pinkie is all growed up and she leaves me alone....yay!

Lynn works hard in her garden every day and contemplates her dilemma of having more children. It is apparent that her husband, Kevin, whilst being a family Sim, is unwilling to impregnate her with his seed again. His intetentions are on a quality family, not a quantity family. Adoption is out of the question for Lynn. As they must be of her blood. What to do?

Kevin: You are buying a very good dog, Mr. Scott. Venus is well trained.

Christopher Scott: I am sure I am, Kevin. Thanks a lot. I will take very good care of her.

Pinkie: Whew! Another sneak and dad didn't notice I was even gone. Hehehehe!

Lynn: A plan is starting to formulate in my mind. Yessiree! I will get another child!

Kevin: Whew! What hard work! But me and Lynn have the most beautiful garden in Prosperity Falls! Why, the Garden Club rewarded us with a beautiful wishing well, and some cash-ola!

Kevin: Now Pinkie! We have gone over this before. No going out with friends on a school night, and definetely not out past 1:00 AM! I swear need to think about making better decisions and get your life going in a direction that will benefit you for the rest of your life. I mean it!

Lynn makes it to the top of 'another' career. She was already plat.

Lynn: Things are falling together for me now. I have a great job, a great husband, and I have my plan laid out. Oh yes.

Lynn Robbins-Baer, the first Plant Sim in Prosperity Falls

Lynn: My plans are closer to fruitation! HAHAHAHA!!!!

Pinkie: Bye mom, bye dad! See you sometime! Pinkie stalks off to university very glad and more than ready to leave home.

I wuv you puppy! You are the bestest dog ever!

Lynn: I shall multiply endlessly.....

Accomplishments: Lynn reaches the top of another career, Jonathan the PlantSim is spored. Gold badges in gardening for Lynn and Kevin.

Camping With Mr. Knowledge

Lot - Strickland.1 - Bubbs Strickland, (AKA Mr. Knowledge), Keith Bigfoot, dogs Pepper and Apollo

Last Visit: Faded Memories - Mr. Knowledge sets us straight on the facts. NO he didn't marry Joy and have a boy named Lonnie. Why, he is interested in his dogs Pepper and Apollo. After all. Mr. Knowledge left a hint for us at the end of the chapter what he wanted to teach us next. He was digging up a map! Let's see what he is doing now!

Mr. Knowledge, I see you have built another building on your lot, right beside your house. What's goin' on there?

Mr. Knowledge: He followed me home from the mountains. I swear! He just wouldn't LEAVE!

ASimWen: What are you talkin' about? Rather, who are you talkin' about? I don't understand.

Mr. Knowledge becomes a bit exhasperated. See, I took Joy to the mountains. Yeah....I hired a nanny for Pepper and Apollo and off we went.

Joy came over to the house and I thought she was the most gorgeous thing...I could picture her and me in a tent...ya know.....

ASimWen: I don't need that mental picture.

Mr. Knowledge: I had been diggin' in the yard. I found this:

I figgered, I would see where it leads too....and take Joy too! Ya know...kill two birds with one stone.

I just asked Joy if she wanted to...**bleep** the mountains, and she whipped out her suitcase and was more than ready to go.

ASimWen: So you didn't have any problem convincing her this was a fun thing to do?

Mr. Knowledge: Oh no. A guy just has to know how to talk to a chick.

ASimWen: You took her camping??? Come on now, Mr. Knowledge. You are talking about someone soft and feminine, a helpless female.

Mr. Knowledge: Joy told me she liked to 'rough it'. I told her I did too! A guy has to be ready to more than accommodate what ever his chick asks for.

She was all over me the minute we got to the campgrounds. I have developed a blatant sex appeal that she finds irresistible.

ASimWen: That doesn't have anything to do with wearing an undershirt with dribble down the front of it, does it?

Mr. Knowledge glances down his front. Ah..... didn'tnoticethatwasthere. *shrugs shoulders*

I couldn't put off my chick any longer...we got right down to business..... Then ya know..after that, a chick is hungry.

See, ya wanna show your chick a good time, and feed her too.

ASimWen: The way to the heart is through the stomach, right?

Mr Knowledge blinks. Uhhh....I believe the way to the heart is to follow the complicated human circulatory system. The human heart is a muscular pump. While most of the hollow organs of the body do have muscular layers, the heart is almost entirely muscle. Unlike most of the other hollow organs, whose muscle layers are composed of smooth muscle, the heart is composed of cardiac muscle. All muscle types function by contraction....

ASimWen: Okay, okay, I got it! GAH!

Mr. Knowledge: Ah, okay. Anyway, after we ate, I decided to take Joy on a tour. See, there was this guy that kept following her around.

So the best way to get this guy to quit looking at my chick is to remove her from the area...yeah...a tour....

ASimWen: What kind of tour did you take her on?

Mr. Knowledge: Err...we went on a nature hike. She loved it, she really did. She was already to try something else after that.

I did some impressive things for Joy...a guy should remind his lady from time to time that he will always be there to take care of her by showing her his physical and mental prowess.......I rolled logs for her....

I ceased every opportunity to show her my hawt body everytime there was a chance to do so..

I studied tree rings....

She was particularly impressed with my ability to throw a bulls eye every time with axes. That is something every guy should be able to do.

I showed her my physical agility by slap dancing....

And I learned the local language...

Then we ended our busy day with a friendly fishing match. Yeah. I was showing Joy that she would never have to go hungry if she knew how to fish.

ASimWen: Wow, sounds like you were really letting her know that she is worthy of your attentions. Who won the fishing match?

Mr. Knowledge: Ehhh...... Idon'tremember. Anyway, there is one last thing I need to pass along.

ASimWen: Oh?

Mr. Knowledge: A guy should buy his lady lots of presents.

Jewlery is best. Really turns the chicks on. There is nothing like turquoise to light the fire in your woman's eyes.

ASimWen: Errr..yeah. Turquoise. Set in hammered silver?

Mr. Knowledge: You betcha. Only the best.

ASimWen: So Mr. Knowledge. We have learned all about how to please a lady whilst camping. You still haven't told us about why the second building was built on your lot back in Prosperity Falls.

Mr. Knowledge: Well, Joy and I finally got around to following the map I dug up in my yard. Yeah. It led us to a cabin in the woods. I wondered what was there I could impress Joy with.

It was pretty unassuming. Had a great lake for fishing, Joy immediately started fishing. I decided to look around. Then I saw HIM.

ASimWen: Him? Him who?

Mr. Knowledge: The biggest human like creature I have ever seen in my life. Keith Bigfoot. I was immediately enthralled with the idea of making his acquaintance.

ASimWen: Bigfoot? Really? Do tell!

Mr. Knowledge: Mr. Bigfoot was the fun loving type. He liked to tell jokes and listen to jokes.

He enjoyed throwing water balloons....

And especially enjoyed being splattered by a balloon...

He enjoyed tickle fights....

Giving Bigfoot hugs...

And even shared with me points about his personal life. Like he wished to develop friendship with me. Oh had I had a chance to study this before coming to his god forsaken cabin in the woods...I would have known what was coming next!

ASimWen: What happened next??? *ASimWen begins chewing her nails in anticiaption*

Mr. Knoweldge:
Misery for the rest of my life, that's what!

Mr. Bigfoot started telling me he was leaving his cabin....he was lonesome...

He followed me home, just like a stray dog. Yeah. Followed me right home!

ASimWen? He followed you back to the hotel where you and Joy were staying?

Mr. Knowledge: Well, I didn't see him right away. I got back to the hotel, and Joy was there. She had gotten tired of fishing and left Mr. Bigfoot's cabin. I was so shaken by my encounter with Keith Bigfoot, I decided it was time to end the vacation and go back to Prosperity Falls.

I had impressed Joy so much she couldn't stop thinking about me and about our woo-hoo! I had all but forgotten my encounter with KB. I was just glad to be with Joy again. Even if was only for a few minutes. But, when I got home, the second building had been built, and filled with a hammock and various things like a flower making bench, and a toy making bench. Apparently KB liked to make things with his hands.

ASimWen: Why didn't you ask him to leave?

Mr. Knowledge: I just couldn't. He had made himself at home buy building his own space and all. But, dag nabbit...he thought he had to be just like me!

ASimWen: Oh? How so?

Mr. Knoweldge: He built a house that was just as small as mine, he arranged this landscaping the same way I had mine, he got the SAME job I had. All in all, Keith Bigfoot was worshipping me! Only my lady should feel that way about me!

ASimWen: Tell me about this! How intriguing!

Mr Knowledge: Pepper seemed to like KB. She really didn't pay him alot of mind. What she was concerned with, was her new litter of pups.

Yes, she and Apollo had been at it.

ASimWen: Sounds like you are a master dog breeder now.

Mr. Knowledge: Thank you. Apollo and Pepper make it easy. Anyway, KB didn't interfere with any of that. GAH. He showed me up at work! Why, all my coworkers gave him presents for doing a good job, and for me..NUTHIN'.

One time they gave him a beautiful plant which he put in HIS house...didn't place it in mine. The KB uses my cooking facilities, and raids MY refrigerator.....believe me, that guy ain't cheap to feed.

Another time they gave him an outdoor cooking grill. He did build a patio out back and placed it back there for us both to use.

ASimWen: Well, that's something.

Mr. Knowledge. Yeah. Something. Anyway, I am learning to tolerate his presence here. He has been making flower arrangements and made a sprinkler toy for the dogs to play with in the yard.

ASimWen: He isn't a total drag, is he?

Mr. Knowledge: I guess not. I had to figure out what to do with all these pups Apollo and Pepper blessed me with. I gave Zeus away...

Carla Jefress is one of me and KB's coworkers, and she lives right here in Prosperity Falls. She is a family Sim and was real happy to get Zeus. But oh my gosh...when the rest of Apollo and Pepper's pups started growing up, I decided to get rid of 'em.

ASimWen: Why?

Mr. Knowledge: They were...*shudder* deformed. I gave them away to the animal shelter.

ASimWen: Awww... I am sorry.

Mr. Knowledge: Anyway, I did manage a promotion where KB did not show me up. I am almost through with that guy....

ASimWen: Well Mr. Knowledge, my time here is up. You showed us how to have a great vacation this week. What are you going to teach us next time?

Mr. Knowledge: I will show you all about my new hobby.

ASimWen: I am intrigued! Until then, and thank you for having me over.

Mr. Knowledge:
See ya.

Accomplishments this round: Bubbs reached TOC in education.