Saturday, February 09, 2008

Two More Fly The Coop and Lots of Cat titude

Title: Two More Fly The Coop

Lot: Strickland - Bulldog, Madelyn, Rebecca, Randy, Royce, Rachel

Last Visit - Time Marches On - Bulldog told us about the hormone factory in the Strickland home. Romance twins Erin and Elijah immediately took on steadys which kept Bulldog on 'the lookout.' Royce and Rachel grew up from toddlers.

Bulldog: Well, me and Mommie no longer have any babies here at the house. But I reckon it won't be too much longer before one of the older ones graduates from Uni and comes back home, with a significant other to start the Strickland breeding all over again. Here is what has happened here this time.

Randy Strickland

Aspiration: Family

LTW: To Reach The Golden Anniversary

Rebecca Strickland

Aspiration: Knowledge

LTW: To Become A Media Magnate

Rebecca and Randy had a birthday, and thank goodness for me and Mommie's sanity they didn't grow up wantin' the same thing Erin and Elijah did. I like to thought those two were gonna run me ragged. Randy is a sturdy feller, wants to have a family like me and Mommie, and like his grandparents Kirstee and Chevy. I am mighty proud of the way Rebecca grew up too, wants to make it in the big world. No matter what our kids have aspired to in their lives, Mommie has done a wonderful job helpin' them to achieve it.

Mommie got fired from her job as the Chief of Staff in the Prosperity Falls Hospital. She didn't really care much, she just said it is time to stay home, after all. She spent her life havin' babies and working in between pregnancies, now it is time to stay home and relax.

Since she got fired, she fired the Nanny too. Nanny Tara Danaher gave us many years of fine service. Mommie wrote her a good letter of recommendation to take to the domestic employment agency to help place her in a new home.

Bein' home Mommie was able to plan birthday parties properly for our brood. It wasn't long before Rachel and Royce grew up.

Rachel is a gorgeous red headed beauty like her mother, and has the purple Strickland eyes.

Royce is a typical Strickland, brown hair and purple eyes. Looks a might like his grandpa Chevy as a youngun. Here, I dug up this photo to show ya so you can compare.

What do you think? Have the genes filtered down to my boy? I think so. Royce may have a stronger jaw than dad did.

Well, Randy decided to work on the toy bench, bein' that he wants to be a dad and all. He worked hard at it.

Than a while later....

Randy says he will save all kinds of money makin' his kids' toys. I like the way the boy thinks already!

Well I guess my performance wasn't too shabby either. I finally made it to the top of the education system here in the Falls. I will make sure the children in this community grow up into a fine education. (editor - I just realized Bulldog doesn't have any eyebrows. lol)

Erin had herself one last fling before leaving for University. The boy she went steady with last week, Rocco Trimble, left her for Univeristy and I hear he is with Daphne and Quavi's girl, Jessica Robbins now. Well, he did break my little girl's heart, yes he did, but not for long. Erin pulled herself up by her bootstraps and found this boy, Juan Harris. That romance didn't last long, it was difficult for them to keep up a long distance relationship.

Elijah settled himself down and decided to get a little domestic. Him and Alexis Trimble are still an item, and plan to stay together through University. More power to him, I say, maybe she can keep those raging hormones of his in check.

Rebecca didn't take it like her mother did when she got fired. It really tore her down. She got the job right back though, she stated she really wanted the scholarship money for University. She is a good girl, wanting to help out me and Mommie as much as possible. It is rough on the bank account putting 10 children through college.

Her twin Randy brightened her day by giving her a cell phone to make her feel better. Those two are very close.

Erin and Elijah finally left for college. I was sad to see 'em go, despite all the worry they gave me. Every time on of my kids flies the coop, I feel sad. I don't know when I will see them again. I know once I left my parent's house I was on my own and didn't give them much thought. Now that they are gone, I know I did wrong by not seeing them more than I did in my adult life.

That is all that happened around the Bulldog and Madelyn Strickland house for now. See you later, gater.

Accomplishments this round: Bulldog - TOC education. Randy - Gold in toy making. Oh errr...a nice Headmaster score:

Not the best I have seen other players get, but that is a good one for me. :)

On to the next lot....

Title: Lots of Cat-titude

Lot: McClelland - Terrance, Maris, Sandy, Samuel and assorted cats

Last Visit: Samuel...errr...Sammy McClelland filled us all in on his mother Maris's desire to get into the Garden Club, which caused him a lot of work in the greenhouse. He finally decided to pay a gardener to do his portion of the work, which left him time to make friends that he wished for out of the Wishing Well. The McClellands also became proficient fisherman, and Belle the cat was fed lots of fish.

Editor - This is the first time I played this lot since BV. It started out on Friday, at 2 pm. I always leave my lots between 7 and 7:30 am every Monday. The BV installation changed the time on this lot. So it got played 9.5 days, instead of 7.

It's...*ahem* me, Sandy. I will fill you in this time, since it seems like Sammy is busy with his friends. Me and Sammy are in University now, but I am not too far away to make this report. After all, what is internet blogging for anyway?

I finally got a haircut. I mean, a real makeover. I really like the way I look now. After all, if I am gonna be The Law, I have to look real chic, you know?

Sammy is Sammy, and very lazy. If it wasn't winter time, he wouldn't have changed into his coat and stuff. I swear, he wants to be in his pajamas all the time. He even left for University in his pj's. GAH. Anyway, mom and dad decided our cat Belle needed a mate.

They adopted Sake. He used to live at the Martin Strickland house, but they got rid of him because they decided they wanted to have dogs. Sake and Belle got along real good, at first. Dad really liked Sake. But I will tell you about Sake and Belle later.

Anyway, Sammy liked to run out to the front of the house every time somebody came walking by. He wants to meet everybody. The population of Prosperity Falls has grown so large I don't think Sammy will get to meet everybody. But he tries. This girl was really strange..looked strange...strange eyes....

Said her name was Raya Robbins. Hmmm... I think her mom and dad are Xuan and Joy Robbins. They are a strange bunch, those Robbins people. I see them around all the time, and they just seem to be looking at everybody. And now they are comin' over to our house. I wonder what is up with that? But Sammy said he thought Raya was all right, but not real great or anything.

Anyway, Belle and Sake got along real good at first. Good enough that Belle got pregnant. But it was like, she was mad at Sake or something because she was gonna be a mommy cat. She would pick fights with him all the time, but maybe it was just the baby blues. Belle started the fights, almost every time. But she wouldn't always win. Sometimes Sake would.

Finally Belle had her kittens. I was hoping this would stop the fighting between the two, but it didn't. You wouldn't think there would be enough time to fight what with havin' kittens to take care of. Belle had two males and a female. The female was named Whimsey.

Belle was a good mom cat. But I really don't think she will have any more kittens. She is too mean. (Belle rates high in independence and agressivness, as did Sake).

Another Robbins came by and talked to dad. This one was Malvina, Raya's sister. She said she wanted to meet Sammy, but he was at his after school job at the time. Dad let her in the house and they talked for a while. I think they are all weird.

Eventually mom called the Animal Adoption people, she hated having three kittens running around the house and tearing things up. Goodbye Whimsey and Ron! Doodle stayed on and grew up. He has his mom's build, and his dad's coloring.

Yeah, he is a great big ol' tom cat! Huge! Dad turned Sake back into the Animal Adoption people since he didn't think he would be able to get him and Belle to mate again, and adopted a little female named Sunny for Doodle. So far Doodle isn't paying much attention to her, but maybe after she grows up a little he will. Dad is hoping to get them to mate.

Mom had her birthday, I think she is pretty at her age. Some people don't age well. Mom did. She looks soft and feminine.

Dad aged right around the same time mom did. He is ruggedly handsome in a Senior Citizen type of way.

Unlike Sammy, I did not pay anyone to do my work in the greenhouse. I managed to get a silver badge in gardening. Here is a pic of me getting my bronze.

Mom got her gold in gardening. Now she can talk to plants, and keep them healthy. She is really into this gardening stuff.

Raya Robbins showed up one day just to hang out, she said. She brought her sister Malvina with her. I found out later on that Malvina wanted to meet Sammy so bad, she got her sister to bring her over to our house and introduce her to him. Sammy thinks Mal is all right, and all that. But he says she isn't really hawt or anything like Raya is. GAWD...what is it about Sammy that the girls wanna meet him so bad? Look at him! Hangin' out in the front yard in his pj's! And the girls are all over him!

Anyway, it was time for us to leave for Uni. I was ready to go! I couldn't wait.

Sammy, on the other hand, came schlepping out of the house in his pajamas, and no suitcase. I guess mom and dad will have to mail his stuff to him. Pfft.

See you next time.

Accomplishments: Maris: Gold badge in gardening.


Infinity-Nevermore said...

Well, now i remember which Strickland kid had 10 of his own. Rachel is going to be a heartstopper. And wow, Royce is almost a carbon copy of Chevy, but that's ok. I like Chevy. Are you leaving Erin and Elijah Romance?

Wow, Malvina. Stalker much? I'm with Sandy. Why is Sammy such a chick magnet? He's not uber-hot or anything. Oh well. I had the same question about Xuan. Maybe he'll surprise me.

SirenPrincess said...

I'm still really enjoying your blog. I'm glad you are sharing it with us.

I really like Rachel. You should put her on your downloadable sims. She's very pretty.

Bubbs said...

So the other twins have grown into teens? Doesn't Bulldog understand that just because they aren't romance, there will still be the other sex sniffling around? *snicker* Royce sure is a Chevy clone, huh?

Oh, Sammy met ones of the Robbins girls! Is it destiny? Oh, there is Malvina! Robbins are trying to take over this family! Is Sandy a little jealous of all the girls who want to meet Sammy??

Kerry said...

I think Royce does look a lot like Chevy, although the nose is also slightly wider. Love those purple eyes!

Wow, the Robbins are on a mission--umm, another mission! :) to conquer a Strickland boy. Perhaps Sammy has irresistable charm in his manner, or wears a really good cologne--maybe it's pheromones!

Oh, those kitties! Doodle is really cute, though. Hope you get more kittens out of him.

Melissa said...

Rachel is gorgeous with her red hair and purple eyes!

Wow. Raya is pretty, too. I have Malvina in my game. I like how you did her make-up. I struggled with her a bit. But she hooked-up with an heir that had make-up as a turn-off. Oh, and Wen is his mom ... LOL. So, Malvina is your daughter-in-law in my game. hee hee

Enough about me. Love the update. Sammy the slouch is a chick-magnet. Love it!

Rachel said...

is it just me or does it look like Juan is gropping Erin? Awe Rachel is pretty.

I hate it when my cats fight after getting pregnant. love the kitten names!

ruby said...

gosh i'm behind in the falls!
Oh wow Royce looks so much like Chevy! He's so handsome.
LOL What happened to Bulldog's eyebrows!
I always loved Bulldog, and he's got a very nice looking family.


I love Sammy, and all the girls love his purple jammies *laughs*
Sandy just doesnt get it because she's his sister..
Terrence and Maris aged well, Sandy's right, not everyone can be a good looking elder but these two managed it just fine.

craterdweller said...

Yay for updates!

My pets have the same hostility problem, LOL, guess that's part of the fun.

Love Prosperity Falls and glad to see it moving forward.

Chrissy Brown said...

I so agree with Ruby! and awesome update(s) :)