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Xuan Robbins, This Is Your Life

TITLE: Xuan Robbins, This Is Your Life!

Lot - Robbins.3 - Xuan, Joy, Malvina, Quartell, Raya, Ruby, Xenio, Xandi and Xiola

Last Visit: Faded Memories - Ruby and Infinity were sorting out the big personality change in Prosperity Falls, which we know by now was a warp in the Time Continum caused by a breach in the flux capacitor. Xuan was nice, Joy was bubbly and had a boy named Xenio instead of a girl named Qyrstal. Teens Malivna, Raya, and Quartell all grew up thinking they were supposed to aspire to something completely different than what they really had. Xenio knew no different. Ruby and the King were working diligently to bring things back to normal.

And now for your entertainment.... XUAN ROBBINS, THIS...IS....YOUR....LIFE!!!!

(Xuan's Life featuring music by Tears For Fears:
Everybody Wants To Rule The World)

*Queue music....applause*

GAWD! Turn that thing off! I have a headache! *Xuan rubs the back of his neck* JOOOYYY! Turn that TV off! Everybody! To bed! NOW! Gawd..... *Xuan plops down on the sofa with his head in his hands. A lone tear spills out of the corner of his eye and slips down his cheek*

Ruby: Sorry Xuan.

Xuan: What the heck are you sorry for? You aren't the one that just squished out two major watermelons from...from...your ahhhh..... nether-regions...ahhhh....

King: So Xuan....I see you have contributed two more to the Mission. Very good indeed!

Zaed: My son, my son, has been to Anatoth!

Xuan: Wish I could remember it! *lots of alien cussing*

King: A meeting! We must have a face to face meeting !

Zaed: So it will be my liege.

King: On the morrow then.


Ruby: Fini! Did you hear what happened?

Fini: I did indeed, Ruby. Xuan fathered two more children...although they look more human than Anotothain.

Ruby: No Fini! I mean what happened with me!

Fini: What happened to you Ruby? Oh don't tell me....!

Ruby Robbins
Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW: To Become A Media Magnate

Ruby: Yes Fini! It seems just as Anotothians born here age and die here...I have aged Fini! In the most human way! My form as it was when I came here aged to what is known as 'teen-ager hood!' OMG...I am feeling things, Fini! Strange things....I have strange things growing on my body!

Fini: Ruby! Are you....are you...talking about boobs???? Like all the girls in Prosperity Falls seem to get sooner or later???

Ruby: Exactly Fini! I have them...and other things are happening too....

Fini: 'That' thing Fini? OMG....

Xuan: *snicker* Hahaha longer the little evil womrat anymore? Look at you! *mentally points finger*

Ruby: Shaddup Xuan! If I was an evil womrat, that makes you a huge pumpkin!

Xuan quickly shuts his mind.

Fini: That is all you have to do Ruby is point out the fact he is actually going along with the King's plan and producing children, and he will leave you alone.

Ruby: But he also closed his mind to me Fini. *sigh*


The Next Day.....

King: Alright everybody settle down....yes, yes, it is a momentous occasion....there is a special treat in store for all who are here today at the home of Xuan Robbins....errrr....Mrs. Joy Robbins has graciously agreed to supply us with ahhhh....Santa cookies for refreshments....

Joy: Anything for Xuan's friends.

Xuan: Joy, take the kids outside, okay?

Joy: Of course hun. The girls would like to play some.

King: Ohh LA LA! Santa cookies my sweet patootie! Xuan does she always walk around in garb like this?

Xuan: Huh? Oh you mean Joy? That's just her post woo-hoo outfit. Yeah, she kinda does.

Zaed: That's my boy! Conceiving another child!

Xuan: *patient sigh* No father, Joy is not carrying a fetus. She likes to woo-hoo for the fun of it. Yeah.

Ruby: You have no room to talk Xuan! Look at you!

*Joy finishes serving cookies, then exits with the twins in tow*

Ruby: *in a sing-song voice* I know what you have been doing!

Xuan: Ah, you got me. Yeah. Woo-hoo with Joy. Yup.

Zaed: And there is no fetus?

Xuan: No father, there isn't. Isn't it enough that I carried two fetuses of my own, and gave life to them? I not only gave birth to two Anatothians, but I gave you two beautiful granddaughters, Xandi and Xiola! Isn't it enough that I woo-hoo'd my neighbor's wife and impregnated her with my seed? Is it enough that my UNCLE woo-hoo'd MY WIFE and had three children with her? Isn't it ENOUGH that I carry these ridiculous "gifts" of reading minds and seeing the inside of wombs? Isn't it enough....." *Xuan hangs his head in dispare*. Father, when does it end? When can I live?

An uncomfortable silence settles heavily around the table.

Xuan: Father. Please. I approached this whole thing...this fun and games all my life. The night I was sucked up into that space ship and taken for a ride....impregnated with alien forms..I realized it was no game. *Alien Cussing* I am not even Anotothian! I am human! *shouting* ONE HUNDRED PERCENT HUMAN! *pounds fist on table* Why are you harder on me than anyone other member of the family? Why can't you just leave me alone!

King: *Ahem* Xuan. Listen to me, boy. I'm gonna make it as clear as I can. You are in fact, not, I repeat NOT....100% human. Remember when I revealed your gifts to you? I told you that you were 100% human...that you had more Strickland blood in you than Anotothian? That I bestowed gifts on you so you could be active in the Mission along with your father and your Uncle?

*Xuan numbly nods*

King: You would never have been able to receive those gifts had you not already had the ability to use them, Xuan. Humans cannot routinely converse in their minds. They cannot view the swollen belly of a pregnant being and know how many fetuses he/she carries. Xuan! Listen to me! These 'gifts' were something that Timo and Kamika came to earth without. Not only did their reproduction abilities switch from male to female, Wilbur removed mind reading and fetus calculations from them.

Zaed: My liege! This is something that is common on Anatoth?

*The King nods* It is so.

Quavi: Why were these things removed from Timo and Kamika?

King: Wilbur thought it best to try to make them as 'normal' as possible. As earth like as

Xuan: Why did you give them back? And why to me???? *Xuan's eyes glitter*

King: Xuan, you are special. You may not carry Anotothian DNA, but you make up for it in paranormal abilities. Why do you think you were able to have all sorts of women sleep with you in college?

Xuan: Errr...becaue I am Xuan! That's why! I am DA MAN!

King: Xuan, you controlled them with your mind. I first noticed it then, when I gave you the love for them. Your mind reading abilities were so strong you could actually control the actions of an earthling with your mind. I decided just to open the gates and see what else you had...and gave you only a sliver of what Timo and Kamika were stripped of....

Xuan: You mean women woo-hoo'd with me because I gave them no choice????

Ruby: *Hugging sides with glee* OMG....Xuan couldn't get a woman to sleep with him unless he probed her mind....this is priceless..... *Ruby falls over with laughter, tears streaming from her eyes*

Xuan: Shaddup Ruby! *Xuan holds his head in his hands* Everything I ever thought I was just went down the tubes...I am nothing....

Jati: Xuan! That is not so! You are Anotothian! You have something valuable to pass along in the Mission. Me, I am not sure my mind reading will pass to my children. But yours do!

Xuan: Well, Ol' King Boy here can just give it away, like he did to me. That's all. Anyone can have it!

Quavi: Xuan, do not disrespect the King!

King: Quavi, it is alright. Xuan has just had something revealed to him that has changed his whole outlook on his entire life. We must let him revel in these thoughts for a few moments. Aye, I did give you the gifts, Xuan. But no, it is not possible for me to pass it down again.

Zaed: Why is that, my liege?

King: Since the breach of the flux capacitor, many things that could be done no longer can.

Xuan: Don't tell me. You also used that gizmo to pass gifts, right?

King: That is so.

*Xuan pauses, realizes he has a trump card* That settles it then. I will no longer woo-hoo trying to concieve fetus. In college, I was amused by the repeated woo-hoo. I did not worry about the Mission, or about 'making' new Anotothians. I woo-hoo'd because it was fun, and I liked it. That is how I profess to live the rest of my life. Yeah, you heard me. I will woo-hoo whom ever I want, and when ever. I tell you, I quit. I quit the Mission, I quit this crappy home life. I am outta here buds.... *Xuan's chair scrapes the floor....*


Zaed: I would not do that, my son.

*Xuan is blown back into his chair by unseen energy*

Xuan: did that happen? *blinks eyes, shakes head*

King: I can do a few things.

Xuan: Huh, is that some kind of 'gift' that I will eventually get?

King: Nay. Only the Royal Family of Anatoth can physically move stuff around with their minds. *Xuan rolls his eyes* So Xuan, fill us in, ya know...what has happened in your home since our last meeting?

*Xuan sighs, hangs head for just a moment, then begins to speak*

Well, I had morning sickness. And LOTS of it. This was after the visit to Anatoth. That was one unpleasant thing, let me tell ya. I can truthfully say now, "I know how you feel" when a pregnant woman throws up. *Chuckles are heard around the table*

I had insatiable appetite. I wanted to eat all the time!

Zaed: You were eating for three, my son! When your body becomes a temple for new Anotothians, you become spent very easily, and must eat to feed the little ones.

King: That is right Xuan. You had two Anotothians. Did it work? Did you test the cheesecake?

Xuan: Yes, I tested it. Yes, it is still working at this time.

King: Good. Alien X has not made good on his/her promise to render cheesecake useless to us. At least, not yet.

Joy decided to get her first job ever, since I was knocked out of the loop for a while. She got a job in adventure. She seemed to like it all right, and managed to work up to warhead disarmer.

Malvina left for college.....

Raya had a romance with Sammy McClelland....

Jati: That is unfortunate...Malvina is set to couple with Mr. McClelland. Raya is set to procreate with Randy Strickland...

Xuan: Hahaha...Ruby advanced in age to teen-ager hood! Look at her!!!!

Ruby: Hrumph!

King: Ah, that is something I needed to bring up Ruby. Fini, you listen as well....

Ruby and Fini *in unison*: Yes my leige!

King: seems that your position as Messenger and Enforcer are permanent on earth...effective immediately....

*WHAT???* *Ruby and Fini can't believe their ears*

King: Since the Flux Capacitor is temporarily operating at 50% it 's former ..ahhh..capacity, we cannot gaurantee you will arrive back on Anatoth in one peice when your assignment here is over.

Fini: But that means since Ruby has aged, I will too...and that means we will become earth Adults....then Senior Citizens...then...then................

King: That is so.


King: Ahhh...yeah....something like that. The Division of Personnel on Anatoth extends it's deepest condolences, and is currently offering a severence package, if you wish to end your Mission now. Or, you can continue in your current positions until your powers subside.

Fini: Ah, might we have some time to think it over, my liege?

King: Of course. Take your time. Let Danny know.

Xuan: Danny?

King: Danny is the Head of Personnel. She supervises all Messengers, Enforcers, and sees to it that all Books of Life are recorded permanently on Anatoth. Xuan, continue with your report.

Xenio Robbins
Aspiration: Fortune
LTW: To Earn $100,000

Xuan: My boy Xenio had a birthday.

Xenio: Yeah dad, like I wanna make lots of simoleons.....and I guess have some Anotothains too.

King: Xenio! Have you tried counting fetuses?

Xenio: So far, nothing is there. Oh well. It's kewl just to be able to talk with my mind though. Uncle Jati, like, who is my bride to be?

Jati: You get the lovely second generation Alien, Lori Strickland.

Xenio: Kewl.

King: Well everybody, I think that is all. Xuan, you take care of those new little girls. They will grow up to provide the Mission with many new Anotothians!

Xuan: *mumbles* Yessir.

Zaed: Meeting adjourned!


Berry Nosey: So Xuan, have you thought about it?

Xuan: What are you talking about, nosey reporter?

Berry Nosey: Remember our conversation many moons ago? I suggested to help you with the cheesecake issue, and you would give me an interview?

Xuan: Oh yes.....I scratch your back, you'll scratch mine...right?

Berry: Yeah, yeah you got it. So, should I get out my tape recorder?

Xuan: Not on your life. Stay way from me, and my family.

Berry: Awww...come on, Xuan. I know what you guys are about. Spaceships, DNA, takin' over the would you like me to just write the story without your input? Hm?

Xuan: The cheesecake is working fine, thank you.

Berry: Well, I ain't gonna jump to any conclusions here. I will give you one more chance, Xuan. Just one. We'll see.

Xuan: Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Odd Pics Out:

Lots of great pics this round, couldn't work them all into the story.

Gratuitous werewolf picture: Tanu Capehart turned whilst Ruby was shopping for clothes on a community lot.

Xuan and Ruby teaching Xandi and Xiola how to talk.

Again, Xuan and Ruby feeding the girls together. Joy didn't have much interest in them.

Xenio runs out to meet his dad upon his arrival home from work. Xuan is actually a loving and attentive father and husband. This mean old author just makes him out to be a sap.

Joy holding one of the girls. Both of them have Xuan's slanted brows. I haven't looked to see if they inherited their grandpa's pointy ears. It is entirely possible since they picked up custom skintones from Xuan's family tree. I do not mind that they don't have the alien skintone. Prosperity Falls has enough of it!

Awwww! Cute...I can't close a blog entry without lots of baby/toddler pics.


Ruby: Where oh where are you?

Accomplishments this round: Two new Sims: Xandi and Xiola

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Two More Fly The Coop and Lots of Cat titude

Title: Two More Fly The Coop

Lot: Strickland - Bulldog, Madelyn, Rebecca, Randy, Royce, Rachel

Last Visit - Time Marches On - Bulldog told us about the hormone factory in the Strickland home. Romance twins Erin and Elijah immediately took on steadys which kept Bulldog on 'the lookout.' Royce and Rachel grew up from toddlers.

Bulldog: Well, me and Mommie no longer have any babies here at the house. But I reckon it won't be too much longer before one of the older ones graduates from Uni and comes back home, with a significant other to start the Strickland breeding all over again. Here is what has happened here this time.

Randy Strickland

Aspiration: Family

LTW: To Reach The Golden Anniversary

Rebecca Strickland

Aspiration: Knowledge

LTW: To Become A Media Magnate

Rebecca and Randy had a birthday, and thank goodness for me and Mommie's sanity they didn't grow up wantin' the same thing Erin and Elijah did. I like to thought those two were gonna run me ragged. Randy is a sturdy feller, wants to have a family like me and Mommie, and like his grandparents Kirstee and Chevy. I am mighty proud of the way Rebecca grew up too, wants to make it in the big world. No matter what our kids have aspired to in their lives, Mommie has done a wonderful job helpin' them to achieve it.

Mommie got fired from her job as the Chief of Staff in the Prosperity Falls Hospital. She didn't really care much, she just said it is time to stay home, after all. She spent her life havin' babies and working in between pregnancies, now it is time to stay home and relax.

Since she got fired, she fired the Nanny too. Nanny Tara Danaher gave us many years of fine service. Mommie wrote her a good letter of recommendation to take to the domestic employment agency to help place her in a new home.

Bein' home Mommie was able to plan birthday parties properly for our brood. It wasn't long before Rachel and Royce grew up.

Rachel is a gorgeous red headed beauty like her mother, and has the purple Strickland eyes.

Royce is a typical Strickland, brown hair and purple eyes. Looks a might like his grandpa Chevy as a youngun. Here, I dug up this photo to show ya so you can compare.

What do you think? Have the genes filtered down to my boy? I think so. Royce may have a stronger jaw than dad did.

Well, Randy decided to work on the toy bench, bein' that he wants to be a dad and all. He worked hard at it.

Than a while later....

Randy says he will save all kinds of money makin' his kids' toys. I like the way the boy thinks already!

Well I guess my performance wasn't too shabby either. I finally made it to the top of the education system here in the Falls. I will make sure the children in this community grow up into a fine education. (editor - I just realized Bulldog doesn't have any eyebrows. lol)

Erin had herself one last fling before leaving for University. The boy she went steady with last week, Rocco Trimble, left her for Univeristy and I hear he is with Daphne and Quavi's girl, Jessica Robbins now. Well, he did break my little girl's heart, yes he did, but not for long. Erin pulled herself up by her bootstraps and found this boy, Juan Harris. That romance didn't last long, it was difficult for them to keep up a long distance relationship.

Elijah settled himself down and decided to get a little domestic. Him and Alexis Trimble are still an item, and plan to stay together through University. More power to him, I say, maybe she can keep those raging hormones of his in check.

Rebecca didn't take it like her mother did when she got fired. It really tore her down. She got the job right back though, she stated she really wanted the scholarship money for University. She is a good girl, wanting to help out me and Mommie as much as possible. It is rough on the bank account putting 10 children through college.

Her twin Randy brightened her day by giving her a cell phone to make her feel better. Those two are very close.

Erin and Elijah finally left for college. I was sad to see 'em go, despite all the worry they gave me. Every time on of my kids flies the coop, I feel sad. I don't know when I will see them again. I know once I left my parent's house I was on my own and didn't give them much thought. Now that they are gone, I know I did wrong by not seeing them more than I did in my adult life.

That is all that happened around the Bulldog and Madelyn Strickland house for now. See you later, gater.

Accomplishments this round: Bulldog - TOC education. Randy - Gold in toy making. Oh errr...a nice Headmaster score:

Not the best I have seen other players get, but that is a good one for me. :)

On to the next lot....

Title: Lots of Cat-titude

Lot: McClelland - Terrance, Maris, Sandy, Samuel and assorted cats

Last Visit: Samuel...errr...Sammy McClelland filled us all in on his mother Maris's desire to get into the Garden Club, which caused him a lot of work in the greenhouse. He finally decided to pay a gardener to do his portion of the work, which left him time to make friends that he wished for out of the Wishing Well. The McClellands also became proficient fisherman, and Belle the cat was fed lots of fish.

Editor - This is the first time I played this lot since BV. It started out on Friday, at 2 pm. I always leave my lots between 7 and 7:30 am every Monday. The BV installation changed the time on this lot. So it got played 9.5 days, instead of 7.

It's...*ahem* me, Sandy. I will fill you in this time, since it seems like Sammy is busy with his friends. Me and Sammy are in University now, but I am not too far away to make this report. After all, what is internet blogging for anyway?

I finally got a haircut. I mean, a real makeover. I really like the way I look now. After all, if I am gonna be The Law, I have to look real chic, you know?

Sammy is Sammy, and very lazy. If it wasn't winter time, he wouldn't have changed into his coat and stuff. I swear, he wants to be in his pajamas all the time. He even left for University in his pj's. GAH. Anyway, mom and dad decided our cat Belle needed a mate.

They adopted Sake. He used to live at the Martin Strickland house, but they got rid of him because they decided they wanted to have dogs. Sake and Belle got along real good, at first. Dad really liked Sake. But I will tell you about Sake and Belle later.

Anyway, Sammy liked to run out to the front of the house every time somebody came walking by. He wants to meet everybody. The population of Prosperity Falls has grown so large I don't think Sammy will get to meet everybody. But he tries. This girl was really strange..looked strange...strange eyes....

Said her name was Raya Robbins. Hmmm... I think her mom and dad are Xuan and Joy Robbins. They are a strange bunch, those Robbins people. I see them around all the time, and they just seem to be looking at everybody. And now they are comin' over to our house. I wonder what is up with that? But Sammy said he thought Raya was all right, but not real great or anything.

Anyway, Belle and Sake got along real good at first. Good enough that Belle got pregnant. But it was like, she was mad at Sake or something because she was gonna be a mommy cat. She would pick fights with him all the time, but maybe it was just the baby blues. Belle started the fights, almost every time. But she wouldn't always win. Sometimes Sake would.

Finally Belle had her kittens. I was hoping this would stop the fighting between the two, but it didn't. You wouldn't think there would be enough time to fight what with havin' kittens to take care of. Belle had two males and a female. The female was named Whimsey.

Belle was a good mom cat. But I really don't think she will have any more kittens. She is too mean. (Belle rates high in independence and agressivness, as did Sake).

Another Robbins came by and talked to dad. This one was Malvina, Raya's sister. She said she wanted to meet Sammy, but he was at his after school job at the time. Dad let her in the house and they talked for a while. I think they are all weird.

Eventually mom called the Animal Adoption people, she hated having three kittens running around the house and tearing things up. Goodbye Whimsey and Ron! Doodle stayed on and grew up. He has his mom's build, and his dad's coloring.

Yeah, he is a great big ol' tom cat! Huge! Dad turned Sake back into the Animal Adoption people since he didn't think he would be able to get him and Belle to mate again, and adopted a little female named Sunny for Doodle. So far Doodle isn't paying much attention to her, but maybe after she grows up a little he will. Dad is hoping to get them to mate.

Mom had her birthday, I think she is pretty at her age. Some people don't age well. Mom did. She looks soft and feminine.

Dad aged right around the same time mom did. He is ruggedly handsome in a Senior Citizen type of way.

Unlike Sammy, I did not pay anyone to do my work in the greenhouse. I managed to get a silver badge in gardening. Here is a pic of me getting my bronze.

Mom got her gold in gardening. Now she can talk to plants, and keep them healthy. She is really into this gardening stuff.

Raya Robbins showed up one day just to hang out, she said. She brought her sister Malvina with her. I found out later on that Malvina wanted to meet Sammy so bad, she got her sister to bring her over to our house and introduce her to him. Sammy thinks Mal is all right, and all that. But he says she isn't really hawt or anything like Raya is. GAWD...what is it about Sammy that the girls wanna meet him so bad? Look at him! Hangin' out in the front yard in his pj's! And the girls are all over him!

Anyway, it was time for us to leave for Uni. I was ready to go! I couldn't wait.

Sammy, on the other hand, came schlepping out of the house in his pajamas, and no suitcase. I guess mom and dad will have to mail his stuff to him. Pfft.

See you next time.

Accomplishments: Maris: Gold badge in gardening.