Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Vacation, Part II

This is Part II of Quavi and Daphne's Vacation to Twikki Island.

Daphne: Well, here we are back in old cold Prosperity Falls. Quavi! Get on the computer and order some photo reprints so we can put an album together of our vacation!

Quavi: Yes, I will do that. Now.

A week later....the photo album is delivered. Quavi and Daphne look through it.

Quavi : Now there is the life. Yessirreee!

Daphne: I remember sitting in the hot springs at the ruins. Oh my, how that did comfort my cold tired bones. I wish we had something like that here in the Falls.

Daphne: Aww..there is the kiss we shared at the water falls.

Quavi: Ah yes, the mutual sharing of affection on public display.

Daphne: I had so much fun that day!

Quavi: I suppose I did as well, Daphne. I suppose I did too.

Quavi: Heh. There is where we met that old doctor.

Daphne: Quavi. He wasn't a real doctor. He was an island witch doctor. Really.

Daphne: He seemed to be really thankful when you fixed his microwave, television and dishwasher.

Quavi: Yep, takes a man to fix the electronics. He was also thankful that you fixed his bathtub.

Daphne: That was a very nice present he gave us. But I really don't know what we can do with a doll that has pins stuck in it's head.

Quavi: I am sure we will find a use for it! It surely meant something to him. *Quavi thinks it is of no use really at all.* Remember how he made us lunch?

Daphne: He really did do so much more for us than he needed to. The macaroni and cheese was delicious!

Quavi: Afterword, he wanted to hula with us.

Quavi: Heh. I never thought I would dance like that.

Daphne: You danced wonderfully, dear.

Quavi: Back at the hotel, this native islander was trying to teach you something...ahhh...

Daphne: It is called a gesture. I think I got it down. He was very kind and patient with me.

Daphne: You finally got down how to build a sandcastle.

Quavi: Heh. Some kind of fortress!

Quavi: And all your beach combing finally resulted in a nice necklace and earring set.

Daphne: Ah yes, but not until after this unpleasant find! Quavi, why is this picture in our album?

Quavi: Because it happened on our vacation! We have all the pictures, both good and bad!

Daphne: Thank you for the vacation, Quavi. I love you.

Quavi: Your'e welcome Daphne. Anytime.

Later that night....

Quavi: Yes, yes, she is asleep. Come on over love, I need to see you.

Joy: Oh Quavi...I missed you so whilst you were gone to Twikki Island.

Quavi: I missed you too Joy. I wish it could have been you at my side.

Accomplishments this round.....Ahhhh....just a nice vacation. :)


Bubbs said...

Quavi got a gift from the witch doctor - I hope it doesn't explode. Maybe the doll will help him with his problem.

HAHA - Quavi hulas!

OMG - Quavi is calling Joy over! They just got back and he calls Joy...what is he thinking?

Fairy D said...

Shame on you Quavi. I wanted you to call the Island girl. hmph
Maybe the doll will get used on Quavi and Joy. LOL!

Infinity-Nevermore said...

*headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*
I should've known it wouldn't last. I did get my clue when Quavi didn't say he loved Daphne back. I finally got my answer about Quavi I'd been asking since the crash. He hasn't changed one single bit. But I could've sworn she and Xuan were all lovey-dovey at some point. I guess they both got their memories back. I hope Daphne uses it really good on Quavi. I should be used to this, but really...

Anonymous said...

Daphne should use the voodoo doll on Quavi! He deserves it.

Sorry, its just that Quavi is a cheating sim, and I think Daphne will find out eventually. My favorite families are the Stricklands and the Capeharts, so I will defend them.

All the families are great, I'm just biased.

Anyways, great job on the vacation and not being bored. Bad things can happen to sims when the simmer is bored!


Kerry said...

Oh, Quavi doing the hula! I can't contain myself!

Bad, bad Quavi! Joy again! And Daphne loves you so much. I agree--the voodoo doll now has a purpose in life.

ruby said...

ugh Quavi baby, why Joy? not again?! *sighs*
well at least he gave the missus her vaction first

Mandie said...

What a mean, mean Quavi! Bad Anatothian, bad! They just had a lovely and romantic vacation and he blew it for me. Ah well, such is life! Great vacation pics!

Rachel said...

*shocked* they were so sweat on their vacation and Quavi had to invite
Joy over! hummm, loved the witch doctor though.