Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Messenger

TITLE: The Messenger

Lot: Robbins - Xuan, Joy, Malvina, Quartell, Raya, Qrystal and Ruby

Last Visit: Things Ain't Goin' So Well

Editor: This entry features one of the two runners up in the Prosperity Falls trivia contest. Ruby. Welcome to the Falls, Ruby! On with the story!

Ruby: Xuan, it is I, RUBY.

Xuan: And I need to know this because....?

Ruby: I have known about you for a long time, mister.

Xuan: *eyebrows shoot up* I see. Ahhhh.....where do you live, little girl? Did you just move here? Where are your parents?

Ruby: Xuan! It is I, your King! (Ruby's mouth is moving, but a man's voice is coming out of it) Cut the crap, Robbins! Listen to me!

Xuan pees himself.

Ruby: Right. Now I have your attention. Hey, can we go sit somewhere?

Xuan numbly nods, and stumbles into the foyer of the house he shares with the Alien Joy Capehart-Robbins, and the bastard children she had with his Uncle Quavi.

King: Xuan, I am inside the body of a Messenger. Well, I am not really here. But my essence has temporarily been placed here by our scientists so I can speak with you face to face. Not through Zaed or Quavi's computer. I wanted to see you when I talk to you.

Xuan: *stumbling and mumbling over his words* Why are you here? I am being good!

King: Blah, blah, blah. You have been threatened with me over and over again by your father and your uncle. I hear about it every day. "Xuan is not co-operating. Xuan is not teaching others about the Mission. Xuan seems to have authority issues. Xuan is misusing his gifts."

Xuan: Errrr......

King: I found these things worrisome. Xuan. I realized early on you were different than the others. You are 100% human Xuan.

Xuan: How could that be? My father is Anotothain!

King: was the it worked out. You don't have a drop of Anotothian in your bones. You are just like your uncle Martin Strickland. You are more Strickland than anything. Came to ya through your mother Synclare. *The Kings lights up a cigarette* I have always wanted to try one of these.

Xuan: Those aren't good for your Messenger's lungs.

The King takes a long drag on the Marlboro. He waves a tiny hand dismissively.
Ahhhhh...pure heaven. Messengers are disposable. The are food workers here on Earth. On Anatoth we have a cabinet full of applicants for this position. Now then. I had to do something Xuan. To keep from having to...errr....lose you. You know too much about us. About the Mission. I started the GGP with you.

Xuan: GGP?

King: Gift Giving Program. Yep. The mind reading stuff. Telepathy. Mind closure.

Xuan: Reading wombs? Counting fetuses?

King: Exactly. You had to be able to do something Zaed and Quavi couldn't do.

Xuan: Then how come they can use telepathy? And how come Jati can read wombs too, like me?

King: Well, Xuan, you are the first to get these gifts. I overdosed came spilling out to others around you. You were only supposed to be able to pass it on through your genes.

Xuan: You mean I am a guinea pig?

King: Ahhhh....yeah. Xuan. I also made sure you LOVED women. Any of them. At first, it was to try to make up for your lack of DNA. I felt sorry for ya. I realized how much earthlings love to woo-hoo. I tried to make it up to you, Xuan.

Xuan: Hmmm.....yes....I love the girls. Heh.

King: I realized your love of the females would be a great vehicle to pass on DNA. Yep. GGP. Hey, let's move outside. Got sumthin' to show ya. MOVE IT MISTER....

Xuan: Argh! This is back breaking!

King: Shaddup, wuss. Now listen here. You think it is hard to pull weeds? It is harder on a human to live on Anatoth. Why do you think Timo and Kamika had to take on human bodies when they came to Earth? Hm? WHAT SAY YOU, XUAN?

Xuan: Errrr...... *spittle drains out of the left side of Xuan's mouth*

King: Because Pure Anotothians can't survive in the Earth's atmospehre! Humans can't survive on Anatoth!

Xuan: What about the Visits? The earth men getting pregnant with Aliens??? Errr... Anotothians?

King: Them? Ahhh...well....those Anotothians aren't pure....Heck, they don't even look Anotothian. The look like Martians. Heh. BIG JOKE ON THE EARTHLINGS. We had to make them look like something the Earthlings would recognize. Ya know....But they do carry DNA. Yep. We also had to program their bodies to not explode on first exposure to the Earth's atmosphere. Wilbur is in charge of that.

Xuan nods his head knowingly. Wilbur?

King: Yes. Wilbur. Your Queen. My Anotothian wife. She is head scientist on Anatoth. Ehm...there is a couple of more things I want to talk over with you. Ahhh....

Ok. I see you are the DNA donor for Xen.

Xuan puffs up with pride. Yep. That be the first one for me.

King: Ah. The boy is already overloaded with your gifts.

Xen: GAAAa! Goo!

King: That's right, Xen. I know you are a fine Anotothian!

Xuan: Was that him? My little boy? Xuan smiles with fatherly giddiness.

King: Yes Xuan, that was him. He is very strong in your gifts. He knows who you are. Now Xuan. I have one more gift I am giving you. One more. However you will not notice it right away.

Xuan: I am afraid to ask.

King: And you should be. You will find out about it on your own. Go shower. You stink. Oh yes. And don't tell anyone you and I spoke today. I am keeping an eye on you Robbins. Don't make me come down there!~

Xuan: One more thing...

Ruby: He is gone. Xuan, I will be living with you as your child and you will call me your child. The KING will speak through me when he chooses. He is right. You stink. Go shower.

Ahhhhh! The baby is coming! *LOTS OF ALIEN CUSSING* Whoops..where did that come from? Xuan Robbins if you EVER do this to me again!!!!!!

Another daughter. I shall name her....errrrr....Qrystal. Yeah. That is a nice sounding name.

Quavi: Ah! Another daughter! My seed is strong! Her womb will give birth to many!

Jati: Congratulations, Uncle Quavi! Xuan, Joy thinks you are the baby's father.

Xuan: Me? The kid's father? Pfft.

Jati: Xuan! For the Mission! You must...

Xuan: Yadda, yadda, yadda. I know I know..... Hey. I have been looking through the telescope like you told me I HAD to.

Jati: Xuan, you are supposed to do it at night. The KING doesn't take us during daylight hours.

Xuan, batting eyes innocently. Oh Yeah? At night? Oh, guess I made a mistake. *SNICKERS*

Jati: Watch yourself, Xuan. I mean it.

Woo Hoo! DO THE SMUSTLE! Wow, what a birthday party! Have fun, everybody!

Malvina Robbins
Aspiration: Popularity
LTW: To Become The Law

It is I, Ruby The Messenger. I will take over this report. The Alien....Joy Capehart-Robbins is clueless to the Way of the Mission. The child of Quavi and Joy has grown to teen, and wants to be a lawyer. She insists on dressing very much like an earthling. I do have some clothing I could let her borrow, but she will not. She said I am 'weird' I know not what that means.

There are three other children in this house, born of Quavi and Joy.

This one is called Raya. She immediatly worked to stake her claim in this household upon my arrival. She proclaimed her beauty over mine. Again, I know not what that means. I am ANOTOTHIAN! And proud of it! One day I will shed this human form for something more to my liking. The child Raya grew to teen, like her sister Malvina.

Raya Robbins
Aspiration: Popularity
LTW: To Become A General

The next child in this household is Raya's twin, "SharpEyes" Quartell.

He tried hard to impress me with his athletic prowess. I did find it somewhat impressive. He stated he has to keep in shape for the spying he does for the Mission. He too, grew to teen.

Quartell Robbins
Aspiration: Family
LTW: To Reach Golden Anniversary

I find him to be physically condusive to the Anotothian is unfortunate he and I cannot mate and make our own children. When I joined this household, I joined as his sister. Here on Earth, we cannot mate. On Anatoth, that is the Way. You joined with your own to keep the genes strong.

Then there is the child Qrystal that was born shortly after my arrival. She is no longer a baby, she is also had a brithday.

She takes after Quartell in appearence. I must say she is a fine addition to the Mission. I only hope all here receive good training.

I am signing off now. Until next time.

Odd Pics Out:

Ever wonder what Xuan's job is?

Xuan gets a gold in gardening

Joy made it to a silver


Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Gardening Life

TITLE: The Gardening Life

Lot: McClelland - Terrance, Maris, Samuel, Sandy and the cat Belle

Last Visit: Who's Da Man?

Hey...pssst! It's me. Samuel. I prefer Sammy. Yeah. Lemme tell ya about the house first. 'Cuz all the good stuff happened at our new place. Yep, our house was not compatible with least that is what dad said. He said the house grandpa Jayrus and Grandma Tosha bought all those generations ago was full of custom content, and the EP Seasons clashed with it. is a picture.

So dad and mom looked for a new house to move to. They bought one that came with the Seasons EP. It is red with a stream right in the middle of the property. Ok. Lemme get on with it.

It was time for me and Sandy to have our birthdays. Yup, that is the first thing we did after we got moved in and got settled. Here we are gettin' ready to blow out our candles.

Sandy McClelland
Aspiration: Fortune
LTW : To Become The Law

Samuel McClelland
Aspiration: Popularity
LTW: To Become The Law

Me and Sandy both decided we would like to go to law school after University and become attorneys. But hey that is a long way off now, isn't it? We are still in Prosperity Falls High School and havin' lots of fun! Well, I do have lots of fun at school. But man, if mom didn't go crazy with a garden after we moved. There was so much more room at the new place, she said, no point in letting it go to waste. She and dad built a greenhouse.

We all worked in it. Me, Sandy, mom and dad. Mom was especially proud of her plants, and thought maybe her garden was prize winning. She called The Garden Club.

That old woman came over and told mom she was gonna get the garden police to come and look things over. Mom seemed to be all over it! She was happy! But I guess it all worked out for her.

But even though mom got the prize, the wishing well, that didn't stop all the hard work in the garden.

It never stopped. Ever. We had to go out there and check things twice a day to make sure there was no weeds or plant sickness. Well, I finally got tired of it and decided to do something about it.

I started paying a girl to come around and do my share of the work. That left me time to do other things. HAHA! Man, I was really clever with that.

I found out I could wish for friends with that thing. I would throw a quarter in, and three friends would automatically appear. Right there in the yard! (Editor: With Samuel being a Pop Sim, he constantly wanted new friends.) That well is the best thing ever. Now I don't think the garden work was all that bad.

Dad tried his best to get some fishing done in the pond in the back yard. But he kept pullin' trash out of there.

Eventually, we all figured it out, and started catchin' some fish. Great big catfish and some bass.
Mom would grill them, and our cat Belle liked them too. I would just sorta leave one layin' around, like, and she would eat it.

Belle is a big eater now. She can eat one of those fish up lickety-split.

I have friends over pretty often. Here we are havin' a discussion about video games. Err, I should mention this was also during the visit with the headmaster. Yeah, me and Sandy got in to private school. She is the one that wanted it. Yeah, I guess it will help us in University and Law School. Mom was busy doing other things too when there wasn't any gardenin' to do.

Mom got a job, and is now an Education Minister. Yeah. My mom the teacher.

I guess that is about it. Me and Sandy won't leave for University for a little while yet. See ya later.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS this round: Maris reaches TOC - Education, Garden Club membership and Wishing Well.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Time Marches On

TITLE: Time Marches On

Lot: Strickland - Bulldog, Madelyn, Elijah, Erin, Randy, Rebecca, Rachel, and Royce

Last Visit: Not To Mention.....

Bulldog: Well, time marches on, doesn't it? We all grow, we all contribute, we all age, we all die.
Where did that term come from anyway? "Time Marches On." Ah well. The last time I spoke with you, I expressed concerns about my Melissa taking the car out for the first time. All of my kids are different, each one has presented me with a different worry. This time it is Erin and Elijah.

Since I spoke with you last, alot has happened. Birthdays and births. Yes, we Stricklands tend to have alot of children.

Elijah Strickland
Aspiration: Romance
LTW - To Be A Rock God

Erin Strickland
Aspiration: Romance
LTW: To Become A Celebrity Chef

They both grew up telling me they wanted to go steady with someone right way. Of course, that is the normal thing for teens I guess. It would be good for them to date a little before they settle down with their intendeds. But I kept an eye on them. Yes I did.

Seems Erin met Rocco Trimble. The boy looks a might different. Well, he lives in the same house my sister Roz Trimble lives in, but the boy ain't relation. She hasn't been real forward with anyone where Rocco came from, nor another one from her house, Alexis. Elijah latched on to her.

I reckon it was love at first sight for those two. They were fairly inseperable once they got to know each other and went on a couple of dates. (Editor - these two will be a couple).

I watched that boy. I sat him down and had the birds and bees talk with him. Told him how you treat a girl. I can only hope it sunk in. There's alot of hormones racin' around the house right now and I wonder how me and Mommie (Madelyn) are gonna gonna survive it.

Speaking of Mommie. I told you she was pregnant. She went after some of that cheesecake again. Seems she craves it. The last two pregnancies she had she at it like there was nothing else in the house. She had twins each time, and this last time was no different. She gave me another boy and girl.

We named the boy Royce, and the girl Rachel. This is it for us. Me and Mommie have had all the children we want. We did the same as my parents Kirstee and Chevy. We had 10, that is a nice number.

Here are pictures of Randy and Rebecca. Very Strickland looking. They were next to age after Rachel and Royce was born.

The tend to wear the same colors all the time. They take their 'twin-ness' seriously. heh. Kids. But, after that it was me and Mommie's turn to age. Seems Rachel and Royce was born just in time.

Now we can say we are in our golden years, time to retire and move to Florida. But I don't think so . We still have 6 younguns in the house, two of 'em still in diapers. The two youngest have grown up a little bit, and do go to the potty on their own, but we are always prepared.

In the meantime, I will keep an eye on the homone factory going on around here....Erin and Elijah...

And teach the younguns. After all. That is what Stricklands do. Have kids. See you next time.


Lots of good pictures this time. Not much happened this round except births, skilling, and birthdays. Hard to write. Here are a couple of more intersting pictures that I didn't work into the story.

Bulldog "keeping an eye" on Erin and Rocco.

Elijah dosn't think much of studying

Rebecca is a good little helper and is constantly cleaning.

Erin meets Xuan Robbins and gets some Romance pointers from him.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS THIS ROUND: Bulldog - LTW - Have Golden Anniversary, -TOC - Top of Education Career. Madelyn - Became Chief of Staff - Bulldog and Madelyn - Impossible Wants - 10 Kids - 2 New Sims, Royce and Rachel