Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Alla Them Kids

TITLE: Alla Them Kids

Lot: Strickland.3 - Roz, Shane, Robin, Jenny, Kelley, Rocca and Alexis

Last Visit - Growing Up Alien

Well, howdy hunnies. This chere's Roz, and Ah have to tell ye, Ah'm jest besahd myse'f. All me 'an Shane's kids is growin' up an' moving raght outtna house. Yep, gone with th' wind...to Uni.
Well, Ah reckon Ah kin take comfort in th' fact thet alla our babies are hedin' t' me and Shane's all ma matter.......Sim State University. Thar's only two of 'em left, outta 6. Yep. Alla mah babies. Well, Ah actually only birthed two of 'em. Shane had the other four. Green skinned babies. But well, we loved 'em all jest the same. Looky here. Here is Kelly 'n Jenny's birthday pictures.

See how we done it? Th' twins jest lined up on either end of th' dahning room table. Lordy, there wasn't much room in thar fer all of us to wish the girls happy birthday. We really had tuh crowd in thar.

Them girls would hit the books raght after school with Robin. Mah oh mah. How lucky me an' Shane are tuh have kids that was so serious about their studies! Them girls would hunker raght down after school an' git to it. Why, Ah wanted tuh reward th' girls for bein' so good about ever'thing, Ah sent 'em off tuh town tuh git makovers. They went shoppin' at Cold Issue Clothin' for some new clothes, and went and had thar hairs done too. But mah goodness, they come back with a wild story from Cold Issue.

Thar's a boy thet works down thar, his name is George McCarthy. Well, th' girls 'roun' Prosperity Falls think this boy is it, now hunny lemme tell ya. Blonde hair, blue eyes, the whole shebang. A real looker, if you know what Ah mean. Sorta like, he is wild lookin' . Well, seems the Count Orlando Moniff had his evil eye on the poor boy.

Well, Ah didn' fahnd it hard ter believe this wuz goin' on. The Count loves tuh bite people here. He also bit our local Diva....Vyn Hutchins in thet vary same store. But, Ah have to express mah thoughts. Thet boy George didn' seem too upset about it a-'tall. In fact thet boy smiled throught the whole thing! Lahk it was all enjoyable, lahk.

See whut Ah mean? Ah really don' know how attractive he is gonna be tuh the girls now. GAWD, think of it! Sallow looking skin, red ahs...an' them fangs. Oh well. Tahm will tell, won't it? Lordy, Ah really got sidetracked, didn't Ah? Here are th' twins pictures, after thier makeovers downtown. Mah goodness, but Shane makes purdy babies.

Jenny Trimble
Aspiration - Fortune
LTW - To Own 5 Top Level Businesses

Kelly Trimble
Aspiration - Fortune
LTW - To Become A Business Tycoon

Them two girls are money hunters jest lahk their daddy, mah Shane, and they have already taken off for University, along with mah Robin. Th' last one Ah actually brought inta this worl'.

Buh-bye hunny. Your mamma loves you with alla her heart hunny. *Roz blows a kiss into the photograph* Well really. Ah luv alla th' younguns thet called this house home. Ah really do. Ah em jest feelin' a maght empty raght at this moment. *sniff*.

Well, lemme move on tuh news about th' other two babies of Shane's, Rocco and Alexis. Heh, Rocco is th' only boy thet has graced the halls of this home, not countin' Shane. Shane is a man's man. Mah goodness. *Roz fans herself delicately with her hand* Ah cain't get enuff of Shane.

*Whew!* We really have tuh watch ourse'ves...lessen we embarrass one of th' kids er sumthin' with th' attentions we tend to bestow upon each other at a moment's notice. Oh mah goodness! Ah done it agin! Excuse mah rudness. Roz delicately clears her throat.

On ter Rocco an' Alexis. Agin, Ah am so sorry!

Alexis Trimble
Aspiration - Fortune
LTW - To Become A Business Tycoon

Our beautiful Alexis is the dictionary description of the word femininity. Th' girl has the delicate bone structure of a greek goddess, she does. Mah goodness an' th' girl kin sure pick the clothes that becomes her unusal complexion, an' a hair cut thet jest pulls it all together. An' jest like her two older sisters, she wants ter be a fortune hunter lahk her daddy. Ah cain't say th' same fer Rocco, th' only boy.

Rocco Trimble
Aspiration - Knowledge
LTW - To Become A Space Pirate

Our boy Rocco reeks of testosterone, thet one does. No sittin' behahn desks an' such figgerin' whar the next million is gonna come frum. Thet one wants ter git out an' experience lahf, full force raght in th' kisser. Ah really do need tuh be concerned tho. Them two went off an' found them loves...yes they did. Ah sincerely hope thet don' ruin any future plans they have already made. (Editor - Read bout their loves in a future blog entry, coming soon). Him an' Alexis haven't left fer Uni yet. But Ah kin see it comin' . Ye kin bet thet.

Well hun Ah guess thet is about it. Now Ah kin look forward tuh grandchildren, yes Ah kin. It is almost tahm fer our first born, Sheri to come home from Uni. Ah am sooo lookin' forward tuh bein' a granny. Why, mah goodness, Ah will have tuh start a new photo album. Ah. No Ah kin start plannin' it. Scrapbookin' an' all. Ah have plenty tuh do. Hun, Ah will see yuh later, okay? Luv ya, see you soon!

Odd Pics Out:

This is the first time I have ever had fire jump out of the fireplace. I can't tell if the rug caught on fire, or if the book did. Fireman Mitch came in plenty of time to save the day.

Here, Kelley looks none too thrilled to leave for Uni as Rocco enthusiastically waves goodbye.

Accomplishments: Hmmmm....No scorable ones that I can think of. Heh.

Friday, May 11, 2007


Title: XEN

Lot: Strickland Farm v.2 - Kolton, Cara, Mary, Ruby, Xen, Ginn and Princess

Last Visit: The Anotothians Learn Something New

Hey ya. Kolton here. Well, things are alot different then the last time I talked to ya. Man when I first came home from college, I still felt like it was pretty much party city around here. Ya know...havin' friends over, havin' fun. Dating....dating....dating. Yeah. Well, things really changed. Now I feel like real life has hit me right up side of the head. I really am the head of the household now. Well, dad loved his cats.

Especially Ginn. Well, I just kinda tolerate the cats. They are mom and dad's. Turns out me and Cara's baby Ruby loves 'em too.

My goodness, but she was always constantly huggin' on the cats. Her, Princess, and Ginn really got along good. Party on, I say! Well, all good things come to an end. It came down hard around our house. Dad passed away.

I was like, "WOAH!" Now everybody looked up to me. Mom and dad were two peas in a pod, they were...she passed on the very same day he did. Joined by love in life, and death.

Goodbye mom. We didn't handle any of that very well. None of us did, even the cats freaked out.

But like we really needed to get ourselves together. We just started doin' our own thang. Me, I had a party, which was the beginning of the end. Who woulda ever though partyin' would be a bad thing? Well, I knew Cara had her romancin' ways, but I just really thought she had stopped alla that when she got married to me...her hunky man. I thought I fulfilled alla her needs! Boy was I wrong. I made a big ol' mistake invitin' Xuan Robbins to the party. I heard he was a real romancer, that one. We were in University around the same time, and I remember him. He had a reputation.

Oh my gosh. I ended up belting Cara right in front of everyone at the party. Yeah...we are in our underware. We had just worked in a quick woo-hoo before our party guests started arriving. See him? That's Bubbs Strickland. (aka. Mr. Knowledge). See, Strickland walked right over to her and laid a big ol' kiss right on her lips. Well, I couldn't see straight. (Editor - remember Cara is the one who visited Mr. Knowledge at his house and made out with him on the front lawn last round). He is my cousin, as a matter of fact. But hey, after a while I realized what just happened between those two was really nothin'. I don't have to worry about Bubb's bell-bottomed courdory, disco swingin', loud print shirted ways. It was only a kiss. But by the time I realized it, it was too late.

Cara and I was real broken up after all that. I returned to dating, and she did too.

It wasn't long before I counted it all up...I had had 50 first dates. Suddenly I felt like I didn't need to date anymore. But Cara was still mad at me for smacking her around at the party. I decided to get a job, I went into the Culinary Field like Cara. Maybe I could get her attention again. My heart was feelin' real heavy...I lost mom and dad....I did some heavy dating right under Cara's nose...and the cats started fighting all the time.

It seemed like nothing was going right at all. Eventually, Dad's favorite cat, Ginn ran away. Again. He still hasn't come home. Ruby really misses him. Well speaking of Ruby, her and Mary, our adopted daughter, had birthdays. I reckon I can talk about that. Even though we didn't have big parties or nothin'. My heart and soul just wasn't in it.

Ruby grew up to a beautiful little girl. I am just the proudest pappa ever...but I feel like I don't deserve such a beautiful girl.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of the girls. They sure get along good. I am the luckiest guy ever.

Mary Strickland
Aspiration: Family
LTW: To Reach Golden Anniversary

Ah well. She is the complete ssoiu oidjg;....

***** static.....BLEEP, BLEEP, BLEEP****

Xuan: Hahahahah! I did it!!!!!

Jati: It isn't enough Xuan. You know that.

Zaed: Xuan! Explain in detail!

Xuan: Yes indeedy. I was invited by Kolton Strickland to that "Boo-Hoo My Father Is Dead Party." All that was a real downer, but then I saw his wife there...what a hot chick! RWAWRR!

Zaed: Stick to the facts, boy. Whilst a voluptuous body is admirable in a human female, it is not necessary or required to pass your abilities to offspring.

*Xuan rolls his eyes* Alright. I went to the party, and saw Cara there. I checked her out, her womb was empty.

Quavi: What a great ability that is!

Xuan: Whatever. I figured I might be able to do somethin' there. This party wasn't gonna be a total bust, after all.

Zaed: Jati, give us the report about Cara Strickland. I understand the KING of ANATOTH has had contact.

Jati: Yes father.

Jati: Once Cara and Kolton had their arguement, Cara spent much time on the telescope. Which, given her romantic nature, I could only discern she was being directed by the KING. Romance Sims do not ordanairly spend valuable romancing time stargazing.

Xuan: Oh give me a break!

Zaed: Quiet, BOY! It is the KING we are discussing! You never disrespect the KING of ANATOTH!

*Xuan rolls his eyes, again*

Quavi: So the KING had a few words with Cara?

Jati: Yes indeed. Our people came paid her a visit. The KING did see to it that her memory was erased. She recollects nothing about the meeting.

Xuan: Naw, naw, naw.....it was my superior body and gorgeous bedroom eyes....

*Zaed's brows shoot up in silent warning*

Quavi: Ahem. Let me say this....

Awkard silence.

Xuan: HUH???

*Zaed and Quavi look at each other, confused*.

Jati: Xuan, their telepathy just zoned out.

Xuan. Yeah. HAHAHAHA!

Jati: Finish it Xuan. Just give me the report, I will file it with the KING.

Xuan: Okay. I suppose sufficeth to say, yes, Cara was visited by the Aliens.

Jati: You mean...OUR PEOPLE.

Xuan. What ever. Anyway, I found her to be more open to dating and stuff after that. In fact, she called me up on the phone.

Xuan: She called me from the Crypto-Night Club. She wanted me to come downtwon. I was really expecting it. After all, I am Xuan.

*Jati smirks*

Xuan: I had no trouble getting out of the house. Joy was busy with the rugrats. ha.

Xuan: When I arrived, I saw her there. I knew I was gonna get her, that night. I think she knew it too. I could SMELL her eagerness.

Jati: SMELL????

*Xuan glances at Jati fleetingly* Yes. Smell. I knew we were gonna woo-hoo. I am a woo-hoo machine! I AM XUAN!

Xuan: We woo-hoo'd in the photobooth at the club. I immediatley knew...she carried my seed. It quickly became a fetus.

Jati: Very good, Xuan.

Xuan: Yep....my part in the mission is done. *Xuan leans back satisfactorily, fingers linked behind his head.*

Quavi: Xuan! You are not done! You must either pregnate her again, or find another womb!
You are not to be selfish with your abilities. I have sent my son Quartell to keep an eye on Cara and the new Anotothian, Xen.

Xuan: HUH? That is what he is doin' out in Cara's garbage can? HAHAHA! I thought he was just playin' in the trash.

*Zaed quickly glances around the table. He knows he is missing out on the silent conversation*.

Jati: So, Xuan. It is settled. You have managed one. One new Anotothian. You must father more.

*Xuan hangs his head, thinking...will it ever end.....*

Kolton shakes his head* Where was I? Oh yes. Mary is the complete opposite of me and Cara. Cara is a Romance Sim, where I am Pleasure. Mary wants to have a solid family life. More to her, I say. Even though she is adopted, I was sure she would pick up on me and Cara's likes and dislikes, somewhat. Ah well. Such is life.

It wasn't long after the party that Cara realized she was pregnant. I honestly wonder if I am the dad or not. I knew she was going out late at night to the clubs. I stayed home with the girls and studied for my job as Executive Chef. I am bucking to get on TV as a Celebrity Chef. I will make it, just you see.

I could have sworn I saw Robbins come creepin' by the house one night.

Well, let's put it this way. I KNOW he came around. He left a big bouquet of flowers on the front porch. I got rid of those poisonous things before my children had a chance to see them. I knew he and Cara had been together. But, she was already pregnant...and there I was wondering. I am not one to shun the little ones. I would stay right by Cara's side. I wanted to see this child.

The day came when my son Xen was born. XEN??? What the heck kind of name is that? Cara just sort of scribbled it down on the birth certificate before I had a chance to help her name him. He looks like me....sort of....we are the same color. But doggone it! He has those peculiar yellow eyes. Robbins' eyes isn't like that. so I really don't know where they came from. He has blonde hair. Blast it!

Well, Cara and I are talking again. She is as lovely as the day I first met her. She acts like she doesn't really remember much about the last few months. She smiles and cuddles Xen like he is priceless. Because of that, I love him too.



I am here tonight to report about the drama unfolding at the Strickland residence. It seems that Cara Olshfski-Strickland was abducted by Aliens on the Strickland lot some months ago. That's right!! ABDUCTED. The Alien abductions which were front page news years ago have resumed in the quiet unassuming town of Prosperity Falls.

And is it any surprise, that one of the Robbins clan has been seen around these parts? That's right, Xuan Robbins has been spotted at the home of Olshfski numerous times, seemingly courting the very married executive chef. It seems like we can connect the Robbinses with the Alien appearences.....

This is Berry Nosey...the chick with a Nose For News.....signing off on WeSIM!

ACCOMPLISHMENTS this round: Kolton -LTW - 50 first dates. Fraiser and Camryn - died in plat. One new Sim - Xen

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

And Then There Was One

Title: And Then There Was One

Lot: Strickland.1a - Barry-James, Mackenzie, Shawn-Michael, Michael-Douglas and Benny

Last Visit: My Three Sons

Hey, yeah...it is me Jim-Bob again. Like I said last time I talked to ya, I was leavin' for University. But bein' that I will probably be the one to come back home with a wife to take care of mom and dad when they get old, I guess I am the reporter for the family. Ahem. Alrighty then.

Even though I don't actually live here anymore, I live in the dorm at Uni, I still come around and get alla the gossip. See there? That is our dog Benny in the back yard. See the flower beds behind him? Well, something strange happened there. That is where my grandpa Marc-Henry and granny Kerris was buried. I say was. Well, apparently they did come out to haunt one night.

See, there they are. Don't ask me how dad got their ghostly bodies on film. Heh. They passed away when I was around 10 years old or so, and mom and dad just started a family grave yard in the back yard. I suspect they think they were gonna be buried there too. As a kid I was a little creeped out by a coupla graves in the back yard. I had to walk right by 'em to go visit with Benny in the dog house.

Shawn-Michael Strickland
Aspiration: Popularity
LTW: To Become A Celebrity Chef

Well, I don't wanna get ahead on things. I digress. My brother Shawn-Michael had a birthday. Yeah, he really helped me through a rough patch when granny Kerris died. Anyhow, he said he wants to be sure to be known by lots of people like dad, and wants to be a chef like dad once was. I guess he really looks up to him. But that is when I came home to get caught up on stuff, I came to Shawn's birthday party. That is when I found out the problem about the graves disappearing.

Mom was really worried about it, and didn't know what to do. She had heard of a grave being robbed years ago, in the Strickland family. It was my great-grandma Brandi's grave. And then there was the disappearance of Shauntasia Strickland's grave at Sim State. She was grandma Brandi's step granddaughter. So now there are thoughts that maybe somebody has it out for the Strickland family. That is kinda far fetched, but it does make one stop and think, doesn't it? Four graves stolen all in the same family.

Mom said she thought she heard somebody back there in the back yard one night, but Benny wasn't even barking or anything so she didn't have dad go look. She said she was too scared. But, the next day the graves were gone. Just fresh earth was there. Mom feels guilty now, if only she and dad had come outside, they might have been able to stop it. That is when Mom and Dad decided to put the house up for sale.

The house didn't sell right away. Sluggish market. So life just went on for a while. Michael-Douglas had a birthday soon after mine. He still wears those silly feely heart things on his head. Mom had them on his head constantly as a little kid, and he wont' stop wearing them now. I think it is like his security blanket or something. Shawn-Michael said it must be a Strickland thing. Kirstee Strickland wore them too.

After Michael-Douglas grew up, he took over feeding Benny. At least he could walk in the back yard and not deal with the graves being there all in his face and everything. In fact, Michael-Douglas is workin' hard to fill in the shoes that both Shawn-Michael and I left behind.

He is the man about the neighborhood visiting the pretty girls that come by...

He is the toast of the town making great dinner conversation....

And you might as well say he is the greatest speaker Prosperity Falls has ever seen. Maybe he wants to follow in the footsteps of Granny Kerris someday and become Mayor. Well. That remains to be seen. He is just bein' a kid for now. And that is enough.

Did I say earlier that Michael-Douglas is filling in the shoes that both Shawn-Michael and I left behind? Yup. Shawn has joined me at Sim State. Here are some of the things he got accomplished before he left.

He and dad discussed manly things like skilling so he could properly provide for a family. I guess you might as well say this was Shawn's birds and bees talk. Not like he really didn't know where Sim babies come from or anything. You know how it is. Parents just seem to think they have to have this discussion.

The day Shawn turned 18, he took dad's car to Cold Issue Clothing to get some new duds. Down there he met up with Martin Strickland. He is head of the Strickland Clan now since Chevy died. Shawn thought maybe he could get some info about Granny Brandi's grave being stolen, but Martin said that was way before his time. Chevy never said nothin' about it. I guess the fact that his sister's grave stolen too had an affect on him. Shauntasia. Shawn told Martin about Kerris and Marc-Henry's graves disappearing. Martin said there definitely needed to be an investigation. He would see to it.

Shawn was also on the phone talkin' to the girls. There was one girl in particular he was talkin' to. One of the Robbins girls.

Jessica Robbins (Quavi's daughter) seems to had caught Shawn's eye. I don't think he kept up with her after he went to University, but they sure had it good in the meantime. They were goin' steady and everything.

Well, eventually he left for University just like I did. Shortly after that, mom and dad sold the house, and moved into a brand new two car garage brick rancher. It has a workshop in it for dad, and mom has plenty of yard space for a garden. I haven't seen it yet, I guess I will be able to show it to you next time.

I am sure Benny will like living in the new house too. No more sleeping in cramped corners for him. Until next time. This is Jim-Bob signing off!


BERRY NOSEY REPORTING! I am at the home of Barry-James Strickland. It seems two graves disappeared from the family graveyard the Stricklands had erected in the back yard behind the family garage.

"Mr. Strickland, tell me in your own words, what happened to the grave of the former mayor of Prosperity Falls, Kerris Robbins-Strickland?"

Barry-James - "Well, one night my wife Mackenzie Capehart-Strickland heard noises outside. Like it was comin' from the back yard. She didn't bother gettin' me up to investigate because the dog wasn't barking. She thought she was just hearin' things. The next day when my son went to the back yard to feed Benny the dog, he reported the graves were gone. Just like that."

Berry Nosey - "I see. But Mr. Strickland. The Strickland family has a strong history of graves disappearing over the last 3 decades. Didn't you think maybe it was happening again?"

Barry-James - "No, I never gave a thought to it. I never thought anyone would want the bones of the former Mayor, and those of my father, former Captain Hero Marc-Henry Strickland. I mean, who would want them?"

Berry Nosey - "Mr Strickland. Is it true Vampiress Lillith Strickland-Capehart has been seen in these parts lately, late at night?"

Barry-James - "I suppose so. We never had any trouble out of the Vampires in the Strickland family. Lillith Strickland-Capehart is one of the daughters of Chevy Strickland. In fact, she is a Mad Scientist, and has helped many in this town overcome illnesses and worries."

Berry Nosey - "So let me get this straight. You don't find it odd that a Vampire who is also a Mad Scientist has been hanging out around your yard lately? And don't you find it odd, that a member of the Robbins Family, Jessica Robbins has suddenly made friends with a member of this household?"

Barry-James - "No I don't. I don't find it odd that a Vampire who is a Being of the Night, was seen on the corner in front of my house at midnight. Jessica Robbins is Kerris Robbins-Strickland's distant cousin. I don't find it odd that she has befriended my son Shawn-Michael at all. I really don't think I like what you are insinuating. I think you should take your *blankety-blank* note book and tape recorder and get the heck offa my property. NOW!"

Berry Nosey - Well, readers, there you have it. A Vampire who is a Mad Scientist had been spotted snooping around the Strickland graveyard shortly before the graves disappeared. Kerris Robbins-Strickland ancestry has never really come out in the open, but then we see her cousin Jessica comin' around the Mayoral mansion all of a sudden. Jessica's heritage is questionable as well. Her father, Quavi Robbins, is Kerris Robbins's cousin. Hmm. The plot thickens.

Dear readers, I would like to announce I will be quitting the Prosperity Falls Gazette as the Investigative Reporter. Next week I will be starting a position as Investigative Reporter for a new upstart television station in Prosperity Falls, WeSIM. See you next time on the big screen! This is Berry Nosey, signing off!

Accomplishments This Round: Mackenzie reaches TOC as a Rock Star.